Australian public school "taxes" students who don't support LGBTP

Greystanes High School in New South Wales announced in a Facebook post and a letter sent to parents that on “Rainbow Mufti Day,” any students caught not openly participating in the “International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia” would be expected to double their supposedly voluntary charitable donations to the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

In short, children who don’t explicitly celebrate LGBT+ lifestyles will essentially be taxed.

A copy of the physical letter was obtained by Caldron Pool, which reads, in part, “Students may also elect to attend in full school uniform. But if a student is out-of-uniform and does not donate they will be chased up until they pay up.”

“We would like to clarify any misunderstanding from a previous letter which was distributed to parents at Greystanes High School,” the school said in a follow-up Facebook post after deleting the original. “Please be assured that students who did not donate a gold coin will not be pursued for payment. Donations to this cause and to future fundraising causes are voluntary… We would like to apologise if you received the impression that students ‘must pay’. We acknowledge the school has played a role in creating this impression and that the letter was poorly expressed.”

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This isn't worthy of our attention.

Someone should sue the hell out of that school.

Hahahaha fucking faggots

Wear a shirt that says "I support Islam and faggots are cancer" along with a headress scarf thingy. Wantch their dissonance


So if you dont support mentally ill trannies, you double your contribution to helping the mentally ill?

Muslims taxed Non-Muslims. Now a school is doing this.

So who decided to do this and where do they live?

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We need to have Nazi rallies and everyone is wearing rainbow flags.

Please, I need the rainbow to be banned, like really bad.

SO if kids wear their uniform, they don't have to pay any donations right? It says right there you have to pay $1 if you wear faggot scarfs out of uniform and $2 if you wear anything other than a faggot scarf or a uniform. Sage for shit thread; just wear your uniform and laugh at the faggots ffs.

These are the questions that need answers, Anonymous.

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Why the fuck would they donate?

do you get a pass if you already have AIDS?

Recommended rainbow patterns.

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You have to be careful though not to say anything to indicate you've converted or they'll murder you when you become an apostate.

I think we're noticing it because fags lied to us.

They have been pushing, "We're trying to keep it in the bedroom! Love is love! We're not trying to force it on you!", as an excuse to push gay marriage. Unsurprisingly, after gay marriage was legalized, they start becoming militant by claiming that they want "everyone to know that they exist".

It's not enough that you tolerate faggotry, your kid has to worship sodomy while pretending to like it in order not to be considered homophobic/transphobic. Fuck these lying subhumans. If this is the outcome of gay marriage, then it should be reversed entirely.

Doesn't matter, they're forcing their unnatural lifestyle onto others when they said that they wouldn't. Give an inch and they will take it to a mile.

Eat shit.

They absolutely lied, but the thing to remember with all this pervert shit: It's all about raping kids. Fag acceptance and fag marriage is about fag adoption, which is about raping kids.

Whenever someone talks about drag queens, trannies, fags or whatever, bring it back to pedophilia.

< No, I absolutely do not support child rape.

< No, we should not be tolerant of pedos.

Always be prepared to back up with the fact that most pedos are fags and most fags were molested as kids.

Their identity is entirely sexual and pushing it on kids is an excuse to sexualize kids. If you're a parent or student at a school that's doing this kind of shit you should accuse everyone who's pushing of being a pedophile.

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Fuuuuuck. That thing in the pic looks like something you'd see in a shitty horror flick.
Also reminder that russians don't make a difference between fags and kidfuckers and call faggots pederasts

I'm calling it now; at peak clown-world people will be charged money or sent to prison when they refuse to support pedophiles raping their kids.

Openly and literally said.

Why wouldn't they wear rainbow colors?

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They legit do this same shit when its just a normal "mufti" day btw. I dont remember exactly but you had to pay. This was when I was young and didnt have faggot shit like this. Its just another way to extort money from parents, the virtue signalling is just a bonus.

Gas yourself immediately.

I got mad for about 2 seconds, then I saw Australia. Then I thought, ha! those faggot welfare queens are at it again…..with their nanny state leftism.
It truly must be a trait within the British DNA to be such cucks to leftism ala NZ and Bongistan

One of my friends growing up was a faggot, I think his dad and uncle did it to him. Anyway, the selfish queer just ghosted me after I got to a certain age and liked girls more.

This was 30 years ago. Still, I gave them a chance. Now, with tranny kids, pedo acceptance and the SJW mutaween squad enforcing fag supremacy, I’ve been learning more about bogs.

“The solution for misogyny in response to feminism is moar feminism.” —Lewis’ (((Law)))

Tell me how that works out, meanwhile I hope Vlad will be accepting “anti-pedophila dissidents”

brenton tarrant 2 when

Australia is turning into a dumpster

My DACA friend is laughing at this

Not expecting this to be out west, honestly thought that this shit would happen in melbourne or inner-west sydney

also nice fax machine number


Oh shit


Ausfag here, this is entirely voluntary

Of course, this shit should have no place in a publicly funded school. That's a given.

Don't want to fund the globohomo? Wear the fucking school uniform, you retards. It's those caught out of uniform that are expected to pay.

What the hell can they do if a kid just turns up in his own clothes and tells them to shove their payment up their ass?

Back in my school days they introduced a fingerprint system to pay for school lunches, but I never used it or bought from them, I’d only ever bring my own packed lunch so when the staff and sixth form bumlickers demanded my fingerprints I told them to fuck off and that there is nothing they could do to make me. They did nothing, the teachers did nothing.

Christ back in my day god. This was in 2009 and I was 16 kek

Fuck you nigger.


This user gets it.

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To think those cunts wouldn't collect cash for some hyper-underprivileged kids whose families struggle to make enough money for schooling needs in the first place.
Just to tax and penalize students to give it to some yuppie-fascist-schitzo-AIDS-faggot-glow-paraders.

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Fuck off ya poof.

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Daily reminder that gays, transgenders and traps are mentally ill.

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This is why conservacucks lose. Because they keep conservacuckery in the bedroom.

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If it's a donation, then kids should just donate half the fag rate

fags can't be based, they already cucked to the Talmud.

Us slavs call faggots "pedarass". Guess why

Kiked first post as always. But yes, this is worth attention because are actively trying to blackmail people into supporting their degeneracy. It's called bringing attention to this so that other parents see it and push back. But you kikes would rather claim 'nothing to see here', and then kvetch when you're ignored.

Its voluntary but I have to pay it and pay more if I don't smilr?
What the fuck is wrong with these 'people'?

We need to have a real conversation about the legal limits to taking action to disrupt this kind of shit.
Whats the actual potential penalty for a young man who say, shows up and knocks over all this gay shit and steps on it?

In Australia? Suspension for a couple of days and probably be made to write an apology for optics' sake (and shaming).

We will single out your own child if you don't make them dress up for faggot day and if you disagree then your own child will become an example of what happens to wrongthink, and you WILL pay for the war effort to destroy the minds of your children.

We need a million more Tarrants in the world right about now, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

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Looks like a good time to dust off the ole clown shoes.

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Australia is more fucked than I thought.

Not even in Swedistan did such a thing ever happen. That says quite a lot. I think we underestimate how cucked Australia is.


Can't you just not donate? How does that even work?

I think you're on to something there. After all, the instruction is…
wear an item of rainbow clothing
So you could wear…

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whoops, forgot to format one. I actually like this because it's subtler

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cucks all over the world are stepping over each other to virtue signal. They need to constantly outdo each other to be satisfied, but eventually they're gonna push too hard and a threshold will be crossed where regular folk aren't gonna accept it anymore