U.S. judge blocks Mississippi 'heartbeat' abortion ban

U.S. judge blocks Mississippi 'heartbeat' abortion ban
Carlton W. Reeves
Last November, U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves struck down an earlier Mississippi law that would have banned most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, ruling it "unequivocally" violates women's constitutional rights.
"Here we go again, Mississippi has passed another law banning abortions prior to viability," Reeves said in his latest ruling to block the "heartbeat" abortion ban.


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How many niggers would you like to see born?

This was expected to go all the way to the supreme court

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That 49% white statistic includes spics and sand niggers as well as whites.

Here we go again, lets throw 4 white baby's into the same blender we just thew 8 nigger babies into, it's called winning goy. We know all 8 nigger baby's are going to be incarcerated in adulthood, what a fucked up un- homogeneous…. there is not winning,. except for the jews who exploit each and every fracture point in society for their own financial benefit.

Mississippi is literally the niggerest state in the entire US.

incorrect jew
At the 2010 U.S. census, the racial makeup of the population was:
59.1% White American (58.0% non-Hispanic white, 1.1% White Hispanic)
37.0% African American or Black

A women deserves to have a choice in what happens to her body.

fuck you

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My caucasoid

the choice is made during sex

Exactly. If she chooses to have sex & get pregnant its her choice. So society should not have to pay for her poor choices. You are totally right.

Hello Christ-tard, do you think downs syndrome babies should be brought to term? Or is that a baby which should have to suffer its entire life (and cause misery for the family) because jesus lubs all da babies even the retarded ones?

If the mother is a drug addict, that can cause irreparable harm for the child. It does not benefit the white race to have fetal alcohol syndrome babies.

Honestly guys, do you think the kind of women who get abortions or want to get one are women who should be getting pregnant to begin with?

really the kind of women having abortions - you don't want them reproducing

And the only state or territory that's niggerer than Missippi's 37% is Washington DC at ~50%.



plenty of good people come out of whore mothers. if the baby is heath and not brain damaged the mother shouldnt be allowed to kill it

lol what? what good came from a single, drug addicted WHORE coal burner of a mother?

I would agree with you if there was a wholesome white community at large that the child would grow up in. In Hitler's Germany for instance, the child would be given all of the advantages to succeed despite the mother's transgressions. Those opportunities do not exist in modern America, where white families have to fend for themselves.

Yeah yeah those numbers look nice, but if you lived here you'd know ain't lying. And if you do live here you should know that it's hard to throw a rock without hitting a nigger


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I'm a democrat now.

That is a really stupid poster, with absurdly flawed logic.

The name's nate higgers
I check dubs and you know what else?

how so? "not your choice" is an opinion, "abortion is murder" is not currently legally true. but otherwise, it's 'sky is blue'-tier

this man, is the most anti-black man in Mississippi, god bless

Abortion should be mandatory in all of the following cases: Rape, Incest, high likelihood of congenital defects.

Abortion should be encouraged for all non-whites, in fact there should be cash incentives for black women to abort, and greater rewards or black men and women who undergo sterilization.

The two do not exist in a vacuum. The woman's body undergoes very obvious changes in carrying a child, so pretending that pregnancy is somehow separate from the woman's body is ridiculous.

*for black men…

that doesn't change the fact that there's another person living inside her that perhaps doesn't want to be killed


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My statement is that the image is logically flawed, and I'm glad you tacitly agree.

All living creatures strive for life, but that isn't always optimal. Does your opinion change if the baby is non-white, or if the baby is congenitally impaired?

obviously, I'm not some christcuck retard. I just want more white people and less non-whites

We see what happens when women have choices, society falls to shit. That said, niggers get more abortions. Without abortion, we would have even more niggers. Its all a numbers game at this point, and abortion doesn't go far enough. We need postnatal abortions of babies, mothers, and nigger daddies.

Yes, but that is going to be a hard sell. I think it's more realistic to pay niggers to under go voluntary sterilization, in accordance to a plan William Shockley proposed. (This won't be news to many, but Shockley co-inventor of the transistor).

How many nigger babies are worth one white baby?

I say all of them are not worth even one white baby. You Jews and edgemaster fedoralords lost the argument in the eight other fucking threads we had about this topic. You wanna go for nine?

In a democracy? It's 1 for 1.


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The slashes in that text are very unsettling.

That's what I said to dalton valentine. Get out of my head

minimal percentage, not to be used to effect the whole, weak argument

see above

all women get pregnant, weak argument, may apply to 3% of live births

Another jew, like all of the above………….. you don't stand a chance goy, abort you babies

It's an american success story, hell it's a european success story, a child born in adversity, succeeds, no chance of that happening if you kill it in the womb.

jews on top of jew promoting genocide, bemoaning the 6 grizillion for shekel bucks

another jew

thank you yaa 60's throwback, tie dye and all.

fairly good point, he should be aborted from the bench

Abortion is the #1 cause of death for blacks in America.

Anti-Abortion is code for Pro-Nigger.

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…Or maybe he wants to make sure people never find out he's having sex with underage girls.


White babies who are aborted belong to liberals and scum who are active impediments to our goals and whose children will become active impediments to our goals because political affiliation like all other behavioral predispositions is 93% inheritable. Abortion only helps our cause because only shitskins and whites who hate their own race abort.

Currently white conservatives have a birthrate of 2.7, white liberals 0.9, jews 0.8, hispanics 1.7, blacks 1.2, and “others” 1.3. The only demographic in any industrial nation which is breeding at or above replacement level are right wing whites in America. That is why they are so desperate to import more non-whites, without that importation by 2050 America would be 75% white again and the vast majority would be voting so "conservatively" that the GOP would not have been politically viable by the 80s. Similarly we see fecundity of shitskins tank when they are imported into Europe, down to 1.6 which is little better than the native population as an aggregate. Certainly the cause seems to be hedonism and distraction of all types even abstract intellecution distractions we don't commonly consider hedonism. Remember that in the past most leisure activity was social and thus it would introduce young men and women with one another increasing the rate of contact between compatible mates. Remember than in the past society coerced them into breeding and caring for the offspring. Remember that in the past there was no option to engage in regular sexual activity(not counting sodomy ect) without the possibility of procreation. In the paleoenvironment selective pressure did not strongly apply to hedonism as it did not impinge upon fecundity; not only were ancillary distractions rare and expensive due to the material poverty but what distractions did exist where tied to familiar and community life which to an extent facilitated reproductive activity rather than interfere with it.

I'm feeling white pilled now


That's not even close to the correct ratio. That's why you nigger-loving faggots aren't taken seriously.

My fault. user is sub-100 IQ.

stop the d/c you jew

Dindus are the ones getting shoahd by abortion for nearly 5 decades.


There would have been 100 millions dindu Hillary voters by 2016, christard.

Pretty much all the miitant abortionists are ugly feminists skanks. The very same that incel christards wants to die alone with cats for not sucking them off.

jews out number anons on this board since april 1st 2018 when it was shut down for NSA - FBI - LAW ENFORCEMENT purposes. It's a simple fact that while anons post freely in their spare time, the jew that work this board are well paid by the ADL and the SPLC, in conjunction with multiple NGO'S and the JDIF.


Abortion is the #1 reason the whole of the US is not Shitcago, London and California just yet.

Boomertards, christards knows that most of the aborted dindus and beaners and 56% faces would have voted democrats and reproduced too, resulting in tens of millions of new democrat voters, handing them complete control of the US by 2010.
"Jeeshush lubes babies of ALL rashesh and if Whites are destroyed, it doesnt matter if we go to heaven! Stop being so materialistic!"

do things to them in minecraft?

In Mississipppi black women account for 78% of abortions

Christcucks just want to see more blacks being born while making sure whites pay for them.

Don't forget the votes. Dindus voting for gibs have kept the dems relevant for decades.

Also, remember how long abortion has been available, 46 years. Dindus that were aborted would have reproduced and in turn, their spawns would have reproduced as well, millions and millions of them would have voted.

okay schizo

The absolute state of amerrycunts.

found the white jews
they act exactly the same as the jews and white genocide the very people that they condemn making them no better

Who's getting all the abortions there?

Everyday I hate Christ more and more.

Jew! Found the jew! I can't proveyou wrong so I will call you a jew!

Christianity is your only hope, Pol! Everyone who disagree with me is a jew of fedora-tipping, morbidly fat largan!

Holy fuck.

I don't care who the niggers are sacrificed to, as long as they die.

Most white women that get abortions believe their aborted fetuses are mixed race. Black women disproportionately have more abortions than their actual population. Most abortion clinics are near urban areas for a reason. Sometimes there are several in the same block.


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Found the abortion clinic owner who just happens to be identifying as a jew.

IKR Abortion clinics are filled with negresses and mudsharks aborting velcro scalped fetuses. Why are the (((incels))) so concerned about these mongrel monsters existing?

How many white people would you like to see born nigger?

So true. Even the white women that are getting abortions are mostly mudsharks that don't want to be a single mother with a mulatto anchor tied to them.

Nation-wide white women get more abortions the niggers. You pagan larp cucks need to stay on cuckchan where you belong

Is that nigger judge one of obama's plantations?

You are either shills or retards caught in the fantasy that kike pushed abortion isn't aimed at whites and that niggers aren't given incentives in the form of welfare by the government to shit out more kids. No, that can't be. The statistics tell us they do get them! Just turn off your brain and be as dumb as the niggerest nigger instead.

You niggershills are being too obvious.
It's as simple as this; your people should be your number one concern, and since shortsightedness can be very dangerous to your people, it would be wise to think, atleast a tiny bit on this whole retarded issue, before sperging and larping about values and bullshit abstracts that simply lock you in the jewish sOciETy chain. Fucking newfags.

Every aborted White Child would have grown up to be an unwanted white nigger wannabe anyway. Basically, a Trump Supporter

Then abortion is a good thing

Yeah it's more like 10 nigger babies for every 1 white baby. And the white babies that are aborted are thotspawn. So, fewer niggers and fewer shitty whites.

You're acting like a kike who's organ trafficking scheme is being put in jeopardy.

Really? Where's the stats for that?
< … you fat, virgin larpagan cucks!

Larpagan, larpagan! Fedora! Woman! Fat! Jew! Reeee!

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None, that's why I hate lifecucks

The ratio is actually 1:4 even higher in some states

You realize this is going to get overturned in the supreme Court and the entire country is laughing at you boomers

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this x 100

Imagine if there ever was a president as intelligent and courageous and thoughtful as Shockley. That would be heaven on earth.

Time to dox and target these kiked commie judges. (in minecraft)

Hahaha. What sort of demonic entity would even be satisfied with a nigger sacrifice. "This? This is what you bring me? Nigger babies? You will suffer for insulting me."

(1) and done. Did you really win any arguments in those "eight other fucking threads"? Based on the arguments you and your cohorts are presenting in this one, it seems unlikely.

Shills completely ignored this, because they know that their entire premise about abortion killing niggers in large numbers hinges on statistics coming directly from jew sponsored and controlled abortion centers. They know that it means you having to trust what the jews are telling you about which babies are being aborted and they also know that niggers want free gibs which they get more of for every baby they shit out in America.

The real reason the nigger population is kept in check is because they are dumb and kill each other on the streets and in prison. This statistic the kikes try to hide, but not the abortion statistic all the shills in here want you to believe.

The Qlarp brought in a wave of T_D boomers and other such types.

14th amendment. If women get abortion, men must get the option of Legal Paternal Surrender. Until men get this, abortion must be banned.

OP is a massive faggot.

Race of Women Obtaining Abortions in Mississippi

Black - 78%
White - 20%
Other - 2%


That is only the race of the woman, not of the father. Add in rapes, mudsharks, and retards, and you are probably up to almost 85% of abortions being of undesirables.

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You're acting like a kike who's organ trafficking scheme is being put in jeopardy.

I guess that's the line you were programmed with.

Big pickaninny jewdge.

What a joke

First abortion free but comes with enforced tubal ligation.