"Irish slavery was a myth."

"Oh, the Irish were never oppressed and enslaved, goyim. They were White, too, you know. They would never know oppression and prejudice unlike POC. So being prejudiced against White people who mostly have non-colonialist/slaver ancestors is A-OK! :^)"

t. Professor Adam Shekelgoldbergstein of Social Studies at UC Berkeley

Help me out here, anons. I lost my infographics about this topic. It was, however, a very huge redpilled for me, back then.

Also, who's willing to bet that kikes, leftists, Marxists, and "progressive" liberals will secretly downplay the colonialism of The Eternal Anglo when it comes to what they have done to the Irish? I know that commie IRA organizations exist. But it always feels like the Marxists in the West are practically starting to not even care about the potato munchers.

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This is 4chan tier run-of-the-mill d&c bait. Notice how it adds nothing to the discourse on this site.

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irish protestants were treated no worse than britons on the island, they weren't "oppressed" for their race but for refusing to dump their stupid good goy religion

Fuck Anglos. The kikes most loyal servant is the anglo mercenary.


>still using the ancient and multiple times changed (((guide)))
At least update it kikey. Links don't need to be broken and haven't for years.

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Average life of an indentured Irish? Seven years, no offspring. A slave negroe? Full life with natural death and many offspring. Reason? A negroe could be exploited forever and their children too. An Irishman had to be fully used up in seven years.

Shut your fookin' mouth you little bitch. I'll smack the fook outta you ya mad backwards cunt. I'll bounce your head off the ground with me left hook.

Nothing of value comes out of the UC system anymore

Says the gay Anglo. This isn't grindr

Don't bother OP. The guy is insane. There's tons of documents from things like slave auctions. I dislike Irish cunts too but they were fucked over and it's not indispute by anyone whose sane.

I thought the kike narrative was that Irish were oppressed because they weren't considered white? Are they just denying the oppression even happened now? Why do kikes hate Irish people so much?

What about the Scottish?


that was the most jewed shit i have read all month besides the dancing israelis foia shit

goddamn, its another day where i yell to the yonder…


Reported for anti-Hibernianism

Fuck bots, as in send them to the Holocoaster.

The Irish were actually more like tourists. To sustain their vacation they’d teach people to speak Irish, but they’d do farm gigs to make ends meet or simply for extra dosh.

mfw my irish great great grandafther fled to the USA to avoid being drafted in a kike war

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Fuck potato niggers, The English were the ones who did everything, Irish never did jack shit except drink and die

Trump is probably actually legitimately smarter and more grounded in perceiving a long term mental standing and methodology of retaining the country than literally this entire Board combined with a fucking oracle. And I'll fucking VPN spam this comment. because its Literally true. Fuck yourselves. This literally has fuck all do with sided anything, but to do with the sheer fact that this board remains cohesively bankrupt for 20 hours out of the day. running around in fucking circles. You fucking Dog Fucking mess

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Daily reminder that Irish weren't considered "white" and they were sold to slavery to a lower price than nigger slave.
All because the Irish were Catholics and the WASP elite was protestant.

anglo shill spotted

Red legs were one of the the names for poor irish indentured labourers in the carribean.

imagine going to every thread to spam a shitty kike copypasta

Wow, what a fucking shocker that we used to be white when protestants still ran the show, but of course Catholicucks ruin the western world and suddenly claim it was Protestants who did it and not them. It's maximum irony. We were white when we were protestant

try this one

lol, absolute non sense.
The WASP did an unholy alliance with the Jews and that proved their own wicked undoing.

Just a reminder to the Irish, Oliver Cromwell was bankrolled by jews from Amsterdam to kill king Charles 1st and allow the Jews back into England after Edward 1st kicked them out in 1290.
They also hand Picked William of Orange from obscurity and married him to Mary to fuck with english law further and subvert James 2nd.

Katey Sagal's Ancestors Were Indentured Servants ("Slaves")
There is an episode of TLC's 'Who Do You Think You Are ?' where she reseraches it with the show sponsor and creator 'Ancestry.com'.
Watch it faggots.

And nigger slavery was a joke.

They just hate beauty

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Funny how Zig Forums faps to Rhodesia despite the fact it was founded by a lapdog of the Rothschilds

Rhodes was a City of London dog and butcher of Boers, but the country still served a purpose. If Rhodes was around today, there'd be one more front against the invasion of Europe. It had to fall like Algeria had to before it, and later Libya.

The second Rhodes is supposed to be Rhodesia.

Irish are descendant of the "Nephilim" the kikes try to demonize in their bible bullshit.
Likely, they are the "White" people that circumnavigated the entire planet, building Atlantis style civilizations all over the world. From the temples in S. America (Blonde, blue eyed Quetzalcoatl, and Paracas skulls of Peru) the Mound Builders, and hidden shit in the Grand Canyon of N. America (Red Haired Giants of the Hopi legends), Pyramids of Egypt, China, and Russia, etc., and how this may tie into Tartaria, and the MudFlood.
I truly wish this board would deep dive this subject, because I believe this, plus the pedophilia, are the two weakest links in the kike control Matrix. But every thread I've seen on this gets deleted.
Who runs Zig ForumsTown?!
Apparently, (((they))) do now.

Nephilim are demons.

…says the kikes, you fucking moron.
Snap out of it. It's time.


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You're the one saving that faggotry on your drive, nigger.
HEHEHE, indeed, dipshit.

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Not true, this was actually a myth created by a guy named Noel Ignatiev to "prove that whiteness is a social construct". In reality the Irish were seen as white, but they were also seen as lower-class. It's like if someone said that rednecks aren't considered white because they're held in low regard by the rest of society, it's retarded.

Ireland never had a draft for either World War.

Britain did, Ireland was excluded from it.

WHAT if some one of Zig Forums really is going to shoot on negro apes now?

That will be Amazing.if he shoot on 30 apes and Kill his self THEN.then he come's to the valhalla.

I am visiting Boston for the first time, they have several monuments for the potato famine. Several of them talk about how they "wish to donate stuff to the Irish in the hopes that they would stay in Ireland." And that at large "Irish are not welcome, and need not apply for jobs here."

Noel Ignatiev was actually an agitator in Northern Ireland back in the 1960s and 70s.

There were more Irish slaves/indentured servants in the US than total number of niggers (actual nigger slave numbers were somewhere below 400,000. ever).

Goes to show that niggers weren't even really oppressed under slavery. Black by and far do not feel as put down or saddened by being in lower social states or in shit jobs as shitlibs and jews would like you to believe. They only feel bad when propagandized to. There is nothing in the ignorant negro that cries out in the face of injustice like a white man would.

I just had a look, facinating.
Jacob Sr can not be respected for insisting that his sons not resist the invading Indians when they desperately wanted to defend the family, leading directly to their mother being stabbed to death and other family members scalped and tomahawked…Katey and her distant cousin not wanting to pass judgement on the native Americans for butchering and enslaving/kidnapping and their ancestors and blame shifting to the French is also pathetic.

It really makes you think, when out of the goodness of our hearts, we try to improve the lives of native people e.g. fixing childrens teeth in remote communities, we are met with charges of imperialism/white supremacy/racism. Meanwhile, historical records of non-whites doing the things out of pure malice whites are constantly accused of having done, however implausible the claims can be, - are completely glossed over or omitted from the discourse - . I'd like to think my brethren would break free of the guilt they've been burdened with should they be met with FACTS and LOGIC but considering the cucked response of Peggy Bundy to the egregious barbarism her ancestry were subject to I'm not overly optimistic. There was a ray of light at the end where she was like "uhh idk maybe I'd defend my children to the death", I suppose that's as far as she would go on tv (we all know who's paying her bills) but could be attributed to an empathetic reflection on what she holds dear.

When the kikes lose the Irish it's all over for them.

Just like your holocaust.

The kike fears the Irishman.

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