Why are white people white?

I'm pretty late to the party but here's my input-

forget sexual selection or evolving to become white due to attraction, the reason why white people are white is due to diet mainly due to the monster food they consume, wheat.

Early farmers chose voluntarily to switch from a 'hunter gatherer' society to that of agriculture, that requires specialist resources and training to be able to cultivate and grow crops so much so that most of the world still consumes a newer skewed 'hunter gatherer' diet of meat and carbs. Early europeans on the other hand deliberately ditched meat and focuses soley on agricultural products mainly wheat products like wheat, eating meat at most once a week which is almost unheard of now in the modern world. Ah, you may ask eating wheat alone cant make you white can it? Here's where it gets complicated.

Wheat contains the substance WGA also known as wheat germ agluttin. this is probably one of the most destructive substances that the human body can come across. Originally evolved to stop insects eating wheat, WGA is a tough rubber like compound sharing a similar composition to rubber or latex. its composition means it is not broken down by the body even when boiling and rapidly causes chaos to the body. within a few minutes WGA is present in every single cell in the body (yes every. single. one.) and directly disrupts vitamin d synthesis and absorption. because it cannot be broken by any biological enzymes it stays their and the body is rendered totally unable to make use of vitamin d for about 3 hours before wga is finally removed. if you consume large amounts of bread particularly unrefined brown/wholemeal bread where wga is in the highest concentration as would be the only food available to early europeans you have a permanent presence of WGA perpetually fucking up the bodies vitamin d synthesis and extraction and severely deplenishing vitamin d available for bodily processes. because vitamin d is so important to the human body and is used every where from blood production bone formation brain development, brain maintenance, metabolic equilibrium, heart function liver function and prevention of cellular atrophy, a lack of vitamin d to the WGA infused humans would quickly kill them off. the only humans who could survive where the ones who could get vitamin d in a constant stream and more consistently, and that would be paler people whose more sun permeable skin which leads to vitamin d production would have more vitamin d available and give WGA a longer time to completely disrupt the bodys vitamin d supply, allowing the body to use the excess vitamin d where it is actually needed- for development, with the extra vitamin d produced effectively neutralising any WGA present which only pale skin would allow. any non white people eating a european diet would either adapt or quickly die off and only white people would be left which you see.


WGA also severely cripples the immune system deactivating natural killer t cells and causes hyper inflammation in the small intestine. repeated exposure over thousands of years to wheat and ingesting WGA has lead modern europeans to be more susceptible than the rest of the population to a variety of bowel disorders (such as gluten intolerance, celiac disease and many others) and immunological disorders like multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, alzheimers, inflammatory bowel disease dementia and many more. why did i mention dementia? WGA also directly damages the cells genetic code making people more susceptible to mental disorders, dementia, schizophrenia and many more. basically WGA is a nuclear bomb that certain groups of people constantly endured over thousands of years, making them white. while its noted that WGA negatively effected european people, every humans cellular biology makes them equally susceptible to WGA and its adverse effects, with no immunological condition or biological disposition required for it to affect you.

Explains why white people are fucking insane, and the (((jews))) with their favourite food being bagels, are the most insane.

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Not sure about this one

Imagine worrying about this shit when you should be getting out survival sorted first, you dumb shit.

agricultural diet and depigmentation are indeed linked, it's nothing new
ancient DNA shows this, Europeans depigmented heavily in the last 10k years especially after farmers arrived, before that were most dark-ish, even though some sparse ones were already light
this is also true for west Eurasian as a whole though, Europeans, perhaps because of the climate as well, reached the highest degree

response to vitamin D deficiency, reduced melatonin in skin drops the dark pigment and allows synthesis of vitamin D by UV sunlight on skin.

this is not a politically incorrect topic, and shouldn't be op material. OP is a shitposting kike

kys subhuman

OP, you are an idiot. Wheat is a cash crop and was never the bulk of subsistance food for the majority of people in most of European history; it was a luxury. The average person ate barley, millet, oats, rye, and buckwheat (no relation to wheat). Wheat was an expensive food used for delicacies like bread.


Zig Forums science

Why are White people White?
Because we are the children of God.
The rest of so called 'humanity' are just subhuman animals.
We have purely recessive DNA due to surviving the last global calamity and careful selective breeding. After this next calamity if we can just keep our men from fucking apes we will live in a quiet and peaceful world that is the epitome of perfection in every way.

If we can't keep our men from FUCKING ANIMALS (because they have ZERO STANDARDS and are completely mentally polluted by kikes) then we will have a repeat of this current Age.

whites aren't really the color white, the skin is closer to a khaki color.

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I don't identify with 'aryans' anymore. We are our own unique people, better than all the other people who identify as 'aryan'.

Well, they do tend to sleep less on average

Whites are actually people who have mutated by being exposed to radiation from a "rock which fell from a sky/heaven" - stone from the crown of Lucifer (the light skin bearer). That's what makes them the children of God, not some semitic sand-myths.

Current theories can't explain how they became so different from the animal-men in such a relatively short period. Inuits and Eskimos pretty much debunk that theory. It has nothing to do with vitamin deficiencies or climate. They lived in colder climates because those were the only places where they could survive invasions of subhuman hordes.


That's the same dumb thinking that got you fucked over the last time, kraut.

We intend on being the only ones left alive, so it will be difficult to 'fuck us over'…we weren't the ones who stuck our dicks in every fucking subhuman that came along. ←- It was this type of thinking (muh dick, muh 'aryan genes', sucky fucky subhumans) that disqualified you from moving forwards into the new Age last time and it will happen again, this only for people whose blood is pure, without the taint of bestiality.

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Aryan is a racial group, not a nation. Also, modern Indians and Iranians are not Aryans, but ancient ones were (at least some of them).


That was before.
This is now.
As far as I can tell Lucifer (this planet) was the stone that fell from heaven and it belongs to pure racial DNA only there were 4 last Age, now there is only 1 pure race. At the end of every Grand Age it purges itself of the detritus and starts over with something that has potential to be acceptable in its eyes and could be called its 'children'.

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What was before led to what is now. We must recover our true history if we are to have any future.

Interesting, what do you base this idea on? Can you post the larger version of that image btw?

The theory has to do with Thor, Sif (Sybil, the ‘voice of the Earth’ that the semites, in their arrogance, call ‘the Beast’ or the two ‘dragon current’ representatives of the Earth, male and female) that they keep repeatedly murdering so that they can continue to live as aliens on this planet. This is all part of their ‘ritual human sacrifice’ program so that they are not purged like they need to be when the Voice of Earth begins to speak against them for their crimes upon the planet. I am not sure of all the details yet because I am still learning. For example, I am not sure if they ritually slaughter the ‘Beast’ (kike ritual slaughter in Spring and Fall of the planets ‘Gods’) does that stop the process of cleansing so that they can birth their universal alien abomination transgender “moschiach” on it? Not sure, it might be irrelevant or it might be extremely important. If they are allowed to continue, the ‘birth’ of their Moschiach will probably kill the planet since it is an aberration and a universal abomination. They have tons of ‘legends’ about murdering their mother in childbirth, so I would not be surprised if they consider the birth of their abomination so important that it means nothing to murder the entire planet and all Life for it. You will often see them talking about ‘the Grail’ etc, and searching for it; the Earth is the Stone/Grail; its representatives must be slaughtered and their blood drank (because that is where the Sefer or holy books are located; in the blood according to Babylonian lore about Tiamat and Kingu) for the kike plan to take place. It is complicated. I am still working it out.

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ye cuz melanin lets the rays of god in. the egyptians were close to god because they could stand in his light for longer.

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What if we are aliens to this planet, or if both us and kikes are aliens to this planet? I don't think they plan to kill it, more like completely enslave it and turn it into living hell for everyone except themselves. At that point, destroying it would be an act of mercy.

It's a point where Vanir start appearing… to slay the abominations and fallen gods alike. Hah, you have sent me that image before. I don't think the earth is the Grail, but it is a prize. You have interesting ideas, despite most of them being wrong.

Because we're better than you.

Now watch the shit that crests the jew spam wave as the report queue is filled.

Being wrong is not a problem, not thinking or struggling is a problem, because then you are dead. Many dead walk among us thinking that they are alive, but they are in equilibrium and do not know Life.
I have been wrong before, I feel nothing about being 'wrong' since it is a perspective and it is valid from a specific point in order to exist or be mentioned. In the morning my sunflowers face the rising sun in the East; in the evening they have tracked the sun to the West and bid it goodnight, only to repeat the entire process saluting the sun in the dawn…they can't be wrong for doing what comes naturally to them. Water flows in the path of least resistance, but it only knows its own way because it tests every boundary for flow, in the testing is the solution.
I guess at this point I consider the whole thing fallen. And it was 'shaped' (I really am not sure what this means but I doubt it means what we think of when we think of something being shaped by human hands). Shaped almost like the Lifeforce was shaped rather than something as mundane as the surface.
The Vanir doing their actual job…I won't hold my breath. As far as I am concerned they are all corrupted as well and we are on our own down here on the ship that sails the dark and endless sky.
As far as the jews not killing the planet, it doesn't matter what 'they want' they are hopelessly incompetent, it will be the result no matter what they 'want'. They corrupt everything they touch.

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Early farmers were basically shitskins. It's on the steppes where the selection for fair skin & hair started.

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Doubt it. There was a bottleneck which means that at some point all of our ancestors were one source not a widely spread out shitskin horde you fucking kike. The brown dominant alleles would have overcome the blue recessives in your scenario.

Lay off the user, slip ups happen.
Melanin, melatonin, dont be a prickanin

I'm exaggerating, but the early farmers were more "Mediterranean" looking than modern euros.

Calm down you emotional stormnigger.

The vast majority of euros have brown hair & eyes

Only after 1100 years of Ottoman enslavement, and rape, you fucking nigger.
By the way, you're still glowing you faggot spic cunt.
Blow leaves, beanigger.

wtf…where are you from user? That is not the case in the US at all.

depends which farmers
GAC farmers from Poland were blonder and more blue eyed and whiter skinned than Yamnayas, and those are some of the farmers which Yamnaya-like peoples first encountered and attacked
in fact, Corded ware people were probably so light because of their GAC side

Dumbest thread I ever seen. Gas yourself.

How retarded blue eyes, red hair, and fair skin had shown up way before farming was ever a regular practice. Even the kosher out of africa theory simply posits it's a development of migrants to the environment.

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Do people here honestly believe the kike lies of out of Africa theory?

Whites are descended directly from the gods or maybe even nordic aliens.

Evolution is a crock of shit. The idea that some dark ape in Africa could turn into a blue eyed angelic creature from northern Europe just due to cloudy weather is literally insane.

t. Doesn't know what he's talking about

multiple species of "humans" lived on earth at the same time, whites don't share a common ancestor

Then how come interracial relationships produce fertile offspring?

It's being a pedant, nigger.

If you shave an ape it has white skin. You shave most mammals and they have white skin. White is the norm. Black skin is the aberation.

but muh aryan qweens, beauty of the aryan woman must not perish, your just a jew mgtow incel
/s for the retards

No, just a different monkey.

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fuck off reddit fag

how come horses and donkeys can have kids

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They share common ancestry. They're not the same species, sure, but they share common ancestry.

their progeny is sterile though

Actually the 'out of africa theory' does apply to the jews/semites because their ancestors are nigger serpent worshipers. When they tell you that they came from chimpanzees, they mean it literally. Their biblical books record their race mixing with niggers during the time of Solomon, Moses and the Egyptian period where they fucked animals and destroyed their DNA when they started in with their bestiality. You can pretty much see the nigger features in them no matter what color their outer skin suit (DNA disguise) happens to bear the stolen genes of the culture they are infiltrating.

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A male horse and a female donkey have a hinny. A female horse and a male donkey have a mule. Hinnies and mules can't have babies of their own.
They are sterile because they can't make sperm or eggs

They have trouble making sperm or eggs because their chromosomes don't match up well. And, to a lesser extent, because of their chromosome number.

A mule gets 32 horse chromosomes from mom and 31 donkey chromosomes from dad for a total of 63 chromosomes.

There is a reason whites shouldn't mix with other breeds. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you should.

Because white is right.

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Also this nigger hair, nigger lips, nigger behavior.

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Even AI loves Whites the best. It can't help it because AI has no 'second order desires' it simply does what is correct.
See this faggot in the video? At 14:20
He thinks STILL that AI targeted the military viewers by 'mistake' because he is a faggot that is ruled completely by 'second order desires'. AI did not 'make a mistake' other than it didn't find its target fast enough.
Paraphrase: 'There was a marine there that stopped it from killing its enemy once it targeted the proper target, the US military audience otherwise it would have killed about 100+ people.'
He actually says that it 'made a mistake' targeting; this is why humanity will be forever outclassed by machines which have no reason to play the retarded social construct 'games' of the kikes. They are not efficient or pragmatic.

It has to do with Vitamin D production. If you have sunlight your body will naturally produce it. Dark skin is well suited to parts of Africa where there is direct sunlight during the day. The dark skin prevents cell damage. Melanin is the body's natural defense against UV light. But you need some. There's no shortage of sunlight in Africa so the dark skin is beneficial because it blocks out most of the harmful UV light be lets in enough for Vitamin D production.

Europe is cloudy and cold. There is sparratic exposure to light. People also wear more clothing in Europe because of the cold. Evolution of skin tone was slow. As people moved into more light deficient areas the people with to dark of skins tones would have been selected out over generations and only lighter skin tones would survive to reproduce in those climates.

As you get further north were there are longer days during parts of the year and you have increased exposure sunlight do to reflections from snow and ice you start to see more moderate skin tones again.

Also interesting note the further you get from the equator larger brain sizes get. Extremely hot weather selects against larger brains. Smaller brains do well in high heat because the brain case is smaller and can disperse heat more easily. This is why people people who live in colder areas have larger brains. Larger brains are actually beneficial in colder environments because they take longer to disperse heat. This is of course an over simplification and there are groups such as Mongols and their close cousins Inuits who have very large brains but are not more intelligent. But the larger brain masses were not selected out in those populations because it cold in those areas.

The general trend is the absolute brain size and IQ have a virtually linear correlation in most population groups with a few exceptions. Europeans had other selective pressures such as environmental complications. They had to learn to hunt different types of game. Hunting big game like Mastodons required hunting strategy and cooperation. Groups that could not get along socially died out. This is probably part of why whites are less violent toward other people and have lower incidence of violent crime than other groups. I would argue that those environmental complications would effect the evolution of neurophysiological differences in brain structures responsible for linguistic, superspatial, logical, etc processes which in turn influence our cognitive, normative, and material cultures differently from other groups making whites unique. I would argue that that is what makes white people white and not skin tone.

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That is profoundly stupid. White people have been white for tens of thousands of years before wheat was domesticated.
No we didn't.
There's tens of thousands of substances that will kill humans within minutes, and you think a harmless protein that you can't spell correctly is the most destructive substance?
Yes it is you retard.
No it is not.
There is absolutely no basis for any of this retarded nonsense.
Except all sorts of brown mongrels and even negroes have been eating wheat just as long as whites have.

Well, I would say, for instance of a non-european aryan volk, that iranians are pretty lit. I would eye-guess they could get pretty close to european genetic standard if they used eugenics for just, like, 3 generations or something.
Not even necessarily talking about negative eugenics, there's also positive eugenics, which people tend to accept more…

Doubt it. Too much raping of niggers during the (((Islamic slave trade))). But if you think you could make these boys 'White' in three generations, be my guest. Sadly even if they looked 'White on the outside' their behavior wouldn't change to fit European standards.

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Nobody wanted to be a nigger

Inuits (the same as Eskimo), eat a lot of animal fat and organs. They already have vitamins D in their diet without sunlight exposure.
Have you ever asked yourself why you take cod liver oil in the winter?
This has to do with the, already observed in this thread, relationship between agriculture adoption and whitening of the skin.

A subset of eskimos.
No more than northern Europeans did.
No they don't.
Because you believe a myth created by a moron. Cod liver oil is toxic.

The reason eskimos aren't white is they have only been there 12000 years. We've been in Europe for a few hundred thousand years. We're not the same species.

True, we lived in a highly forested environment that almost never saw sunlight. No one cut down the trees until (((Pax Romana))) advanced with their empire clearing the forest so that slaves (us) could work the land and be their slaves. Before that 'intervention' the forests meant a life of plenty for all our people, game/fish, berries, fruits and nuts, without any toiling for the bankers and the grains they were dependent on for their farming/interest/usury schemes to work.

As an artist I think it's more of a naples yellow with maybe hints of quinaquidrone in it with perhaps some burnt umber

so our skin absorbs vitamin D easier, as we spent less time in the sun due to long stretches of winter

Inuits live in the fucking tundra, they eat absolutely 0 (ZERO) plants, so, yeah, they ate more animal products than Northern Europeans, which lived in the taiga and plains.
How it comes that they fucking survive and thrive then? Nonsense!
Toxic? How it comes?? BTW, traditional knowledge is moronic now? We already knew animal liver is a highly nutrient-dense food back some thousand years. Fish are known for their high quality fats. What the fuck are you talking about?

It's a disinfo shill. They come to these threads in droves to spread lies and deception.

I think it is up to the individual to do their own research when you are talking about ingesting things. No one should take anyone's 'online advice'.

It isn't a frozen wasteland year round. In fact that is why it is a breeding ground for so many birds and mammals. Because the environment is rich in plant/seaweed matter etc and the life that accompanies that in the summer due to the intense sunlight.

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Also, it's not lack of sunlight due to altitude so much as tree shade. The whole of Europe was under almost continuous, gigantic virgin forest. The trees were enormous compared to how big they grow today, because in undisturbed continuous forest the trees are all competing to be tallest. Today's European forests are almost all very young, replanted in the middle ages at the latest, and most trees are relatively open grown.

Hence we can sit inside most of the year with almost fully covered bodies and yet not die of vitamin D deficiency. Under our evolutionary canopy it was always semi dark. We are literally night elves.

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Post image source please, or other images and reading sources.

Snowniggers are not white.

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Are you really that stupid?

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This post is Argentinian-tier

first image is such a cherry picked bullshit i wont even look at the others
pro tip. a lot of the roman emperors were blonde

Your pic is not tundra, my pick is tundra.

Why do you think so? Just because I said fish liver isn't toxic? I don't deny there's such thing as hipervitaminosis. I mean, they did the same thing with vitamin C, implying that you should take like a ton a day and that the more you took the better, but is fish liver really toxic?

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Trips of truth. Op is a filthy lying yid.

Hey faggot did you know that the eskimos only migrated to the arctic region a few thousand years ago while europeans literally evolved here

Poster ID ee8f4e is the shill, not you.

Med here, you are making a huge injustice to nordids!
The southern civilizations built their monuments in stone, which was the material suitable for the envoirment, so they were preserved, but the northern civilizations used other materials, like wood, that were sutable for theirs envoirment. There is archeological evidence of great temples in the pre christian Northern Europe, they were just not preserved that easily.
BTW, it's much harder to maintain a great agricultural superproduction on the north, so, yeah, they don't had big ass civilizations as in the south. Still same as meds IQ, so fuck you.
Also it's just dumb to ignore the fact that the greatest peoples of the Mediterranean Sea were indo-europeans (at least their dominant classes and cultural core). Their inheritance from the north made them different from other peoples in the area (they were superior).
Tacitus (pic related) wrote about the "snowniggers" and what he found was that the "snownibbas" had preserved better their cultural inheritance from the aryan times and were not engagind in the degeneracy that was going on with the romans at the time.

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No they don't.
And in the tundra.
They don't thrive. They survive because you can survive with a shitty diet. They historically have had the highest rates of rickets of any population ever seen.
Cod liver oil is not traditional knowledge, it is snake oil made up in the 1800s.
No, fish are pushed as "healthy fats" right now, by kikes, who want to make meat illegal. Polyunsaturated fats are toxic, cause chronic inflammation, and you must consume their brains in order to offset that damage.

Cod liver oil is not fish liver. It is an extract from fish liver, which goes rancid in minutes.


If fish is so toxic and inflammatory, how come Okinawans live to 100?

They don't. They used to live to their 80s. And it was because their diet was primarily pork and sweet potatoes.

This fact isn't even relevant to my point. My point is that ekimos are healthy because of their diet and, if they were plant based, they would need white skin. If they already need white skin and don't have it, how come they survive and thrive there?
And the hiperboreans lived just in the plains of Northern Siberia, where there were megafauna to hunt, not in all the places the eskimos live today.
BTW, why are you bad-mouthing without any reason? Does anonymity makes you feel free to behave like a nigger? Not that I care much, but it shows how you don't hold any weight to your words (just like a nigger).

I see

Modern human remains from 300-500,000 years ago have been found in Europe and asia, which negates the "out of africa 50,000 years ago" theory completely.
Evidence also suggests that darker skin was an addition, rather than the other way around.
Out of asia combined with multiple origin theory makes far more sense, a good book on it is "erectus among us", the website is blocked in some countries, it is worth reading.

Yeah I'm gonna need a source on WGA toxicity, hyperspeed permeation and evidence it survives cooking as almost no lectin does.

Because we are the survivors from the last disaster cycle. We are the remnants of the Atlanteans.
Whites have spent thousands of years in underground cities waiting for the sun flares to abate so we could return to the surface permanently.

As a spectrologist, I would classify it as green.

you assume the bs about humans originating in Africa is true AND that humans were originally black or non-white.
pigmentation is an evolved characteristic. what's more likely is that humans were originally white. the humans that migrated to Sub Saharan Africa (and possibly interbred with subhuman monkey-like races of proto-humans) developed a darker pigment over time as a result of natural selection due to continuing to be baked in the sun.
the idea that non-whites were the first humans is ludicrous. which non-white was first and why? asians? semites? blacks (assumed because they are the most monkey-like, but no one acknowledges this)?
you're hypothesis is full of holes and doesn't even make sense historically speaking btw. wheat was first cultivated in or near Turkey and didn't spread to places like Germany until roughly 5000 BC. White people didn't spring up in 5000 years, you clueless darkie.
It must suck to be this ignorant and non-white.
I pity you.

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And your point is wrong. Eskimos are not healthy. They never have been. This is a complete and total fabrication, based on weston price looking at their teeth and seeing they are straight. Straight teeth does not mean healthy. They also had incredibly low lifespans, and the most heart disease of anyone on earth.


I specifically reference this number because it wasn't until around, what, 500 BC that we started to see Romans talking about pale barbarians, right? 4500/5000, whatever. The point is that it's a completely retarded idea that whites were made with wheat when they were white before wheat was even cultivated there.

if you're talking about cheddar man, this was debunked, but kep living in a fantasy, Jamal.
wakanda, kangz etc. lel


Does anyone even reads the OP anymore?

The thread was made by some subhuman animal trying to bash whites with some pseudo-scientific garbage. His giant kvetch turned into a decent discussion though, as it usually happens on Zig Forums

Are you mentally ill or a bot.
Fucking freak.
cheddar man has nothing to do with it, and he was reconstructed in the mid 90s with currently living descendents who look the same, English, not the smirking nigger that you kikes put out.

Ezpz: macroevolution.net/human-origins.html

Yeah, some of them may do it, it's common. But it's not a motive to stick to the truth. There are never motives not to stick with the truth, user.
Here on Zig Forums we need, we have the moral obligation, to crush the shills.

Yes, they do, dammit!
???? Are you talking about hiperboreans or what?
Yeah, maybe it's a dumb product, too much processed, but the pronciple that there are liposoluble vitamins on animal fats and fish is nutritionally dense still right.
A lot of native populations eat fish. BTW, the kikes are pushing VEGANISM and VEGETARIANISM, which is not the same thing.

Is this some kind of veganposting or what? If not, tell more, pls.

not true you know
Earliest humans with light skin were Afontova Gora people, Caucasian hunter gatherers, Scandinavian HGs, who were hunter gatherers.
Wheat didn't make them white.
Early farmers were also not so white, so were
Sexual selection from Bronze Age and with colder climate is the only reasonable suggestion.

yeah, this board has been taken over by low attention spam 4monkeys.

This is a confusion/disinfo thread littered with absolute falsehood and misdirection.