7th grade girl forced to deny God exists. Testifies to school board

7th grade girl forced to deny God exists. Testifies to school board


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So, who is this teacher and where does she live?

I thought that's what you guys believe yourselves, faith not facts

Who cares faggot

based teacher getting christcucks butthurt since 2009

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because your people's children go to the same schools as them now…. it it's just a reiteration of the liberalism taught in schools now. I remember being targeted by a teacher for being a bright young boy. Now they just push the opposition to specific ideas en-masse.

inject your sons with hormones, spit in the face of god.

why is this an issue? Why is this considered OP material on a politically incorrect board?

Awful lot of presumption there. Don't care about non-whites bro, especially women

And what? Christcucks won't do shit. If the girl was a muslim the teacher would be dead and the school bombed.

She's a qt though

A very good question, user.
More people should be asking this.
I do not know but I'll do some research.



Yeah, let's murder all the militant atheists!!1 Zig Forums is full of retards who only want violence, don't care about the source.
Go and be a football hooligan, it'll suit you better.

"First they came for the non-white heathens, and I did not speak out—

Because I am not a non-white heathen."

You know, faggot, the ZOGlaw is an equal opportunist oppressor. I hate shitskins more than anyone, but I recognize that both myself and the non-whites are ruled over by the same ZOGbots using the same ZOGlaws.

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wow did everyone see how white this guy is?? hes so hardcore!
fuck off all you kikes and mutts. you will never be white.
only non whites dont feel empathy like that for a goddamn little girl and have to go out of their way to slander christians. Eat a bag of foreskins, you curly headed, camel faced parasites.

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bible sales fall
church donations fall
this is apocalypse

That implies it is human, which it is not… it is a shitskin invader brought here by the kikes.

I SAID You know, faggot, the ZOGlaw is an equal opportunist oppressor. I hate shitskins more than anyone, but I recognize that both myself and the non-whites are ruled over by the same ZOGbots using the same ZOGlaws.

Learn to read, nigger.

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Just sue the school for religious discrimination.

We should attack spics for worshipping god, especially the catholic god. He looks like a woman, and he's in complete agony. Why would anybody worship that? Pussies.

sup, jew?

howdy kike

kikes don't worship Jesus Christ. nice try, though, rabbi.

This is from 2015.
What are you sliding, Moshe?

um what

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Where have you seen beneficial mutations(like immunity to malaria,HIV where genes for receptors gets broken and then these receptors prevent the disease from entering) create new genetic material on a DNA/genetic level? If not then evolution where one species turns into another one like whale into a cow is a lie if it can't be observed.

Yes, catholic jesus is an effeminate, weepy powerless god. Sorry, tootsie. We should assault spics with propaganda geared to shame them for worshipping a fag jew.

Learn how to post invidio.us links, niggers. Fuck jewtube.
for those that don't know, invidio is what hooktube used to be. That is, the site rips youtube videos, comments, and video metrics, and displays them without giving the video a view or tracking via google analytics

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It's just a presumption that the state applies it's rules to the entire system, especially Whites? Kill yourself kike. I was sent to the office once for arguing over whether Christmas was exclusively a Christian holiday by an atheist teacher.

Day of the Rope will come, you think it's a joke, but you will swing for this. There is an actual interesting thread and all you shitposting kikes can do is disrupt.

You know this story is 4 years old right?


Right here, christcuck: newscientist.com/article/dn14094-bacteria-make-major-evolutionary-shift-in-the-lab/
tl;dr E Coli evolved the beneficial ability to metabolize citrase by pure chance and time

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What's interesting is that I've found the catholic spic, and its impotent to stop me from spitting on it's nigger church's kike god.

I don't see what the teacher did that was wrong to this little spic

The important thing here is that your average SJW teacher is now doing shit in the open, more and more.
I hope there's more cases like this. It'll serve as proper redpilling on ideological conditioning in schools.

Inb4 teacher is islamaphobic

Yeah, but the teacher is probably a kike.

white presenting atheist kike confirmed

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Isn't that essentially what the sickle cell is?

That's why niggers wound up being valued as slaves in the Americas. Initially they were using white slaves but the biggest cash crop was rice (rice + beans = complete compliment of amino acids necessary to human life, perfect long term storable food) and rice is grown in swamps full of malaria. Thus niggers with their provisional malaria immunity were able to survive working in rice paddies on American slave plantations.

But I'm no expert in genetics; is the sickle cell in niggers the result of a providential mutation?


A belief in God may be a superstition but it's a good one if adopted by women. It keeps them moral, so they don't run out and become shameless tattooed coke snorting nigger fucking jew sucking whores.

if you knew how right you are right now

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You couldn’t scream that you are filthy Semitic trash any louder.

Violation of the First by public officials. Law suit time

Nothing based about being a nigger. Get raped.

Almost agree wkth all lf that.

Remember public servants don't pay taxes, but they should.

Not a surprise. The teacher has probably murdered a handful of children in the womb and is not totally invested in satan.


It's a shitskin but it's literally against the law for any agency to force you to state such.


how would go about proving a deity doesn’t exist?

This is an anti-theist violation of the Establishment Clause. Somebody needs to contact the Freedom From Religion Foundation to get them on the case, as they are experienced with such cases of Establishment Clause violations committed by Theists..

This act violates the Law.

Video is three years old but it's pretty bad to force someone to reject their own God and tell them they'll be punished if they don't.

This post is a Zig Forums Creationist diversion/derail attempt.

It's just something to rile up boomers, both old and young. Much like the whole abortion debacle, it's an attempt to shove the immigration debate into the distant background and have this political theater rule the news cycle and be the new hill to die on.

Dont fall for it.

It's not just "pretty bad", it's illegal.

It's not exactly politically correct to try to force people to reject their own religion. They could have used almost anything as an example but they had to pick 'God' as the subject of fact/opinion/myth. It's obviously been chosen deliberately to cause offense to religious folks.



Yeah ok kikes, go fuck off back to cuckchan

Don't tempt me, kike

Even if this was real I wouldn't have a problem with it.

this video is like 10 years old

this video is like 10 years old

this video is like 10 years old

this video is like 10 years old

this video is like 10 years old


Christcucks btfo!

Eliminate all jews.

Mutated genes can cause gigantism but it does't equal new genetic information.

No mention of new genes being responsible for this at best this is adaptation.

Escherichia coli bacterium is capable of utilizing citrate as an energy source but only when there is no oxygen present(anaerobic conditions).
To do this it utilizes citrate transporter gene(Cit) that codes for a transporter protein rooted in the cell wall which allows citrate to enter the cell.
Mutations damaged the regulation genes(operon) so that the bacteria takes citrate in no matter E.coli's environment.

This case is no different from the ones i
mentioned above.
And this experiment is old news.
No evolution that i mentioned was observed.


go back to reddit faggot.

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When's the last time your church fought for the Aryan? Keep praying.

Looks like there's some killing that needs to be done.

Teachers are not the brightest bunch.

Fuck me, should've checked.

Not really they weren't think that far ahead with niggers it was money issue, they stopped using White slaves because their ships carrying White slaves were getting attacked by mercenary pirates and the US government created a navy to start sinking jew/Ottoman ships as a fuck you for enslaving White Christians.

Also jews started exclusively only buying niggers as slaves so the USA (((slave auctioneers))) could cut out the Ottomans completely from the slave market who sold the European slaves.

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Were not all jews here.

the christian "god" is a kike creation and doesn't exist.

… changes … observed and are heritable. They may be adaptive, they may not be adaptive in a given environment. If they are adaptive in a given environment they will function that way.
Really, that is the basic principle of evolution. Incremental changes over time are differentially inherited. Upon those mutations, mutations may be added. Subtraction of a gene or suppression of a gene can constitute a change that occurs in the evolution of a lineage.
These changes continue over long periods of time. The mutations are observed, the differential effects in an environment can be observed, the responsiveness of this process to environmental conditions can be observed and it's large scale effects can be observed over a long process of time.
The creationist finagling over the definition of information is vapid. Call it what you like. The inheritance of replicated structure is well established, as is your ignorance. "A whale into a cow." Good grief.

Remember that this seemingly innocent girl will grow up to be an opinionated, anti-white latina; popping out babies and draining welfare and/or propping up the illegal activities of her deadbeat, tattooed, gangster-wannabe greaseball boyfriend. As she wants to proclaim her faith (she won't go to heaven being latina though) let her suffer for it. Have the teacher give her a thorough bare bottom spanking with a small pencil case sized wooden ruler. Then execute the teacher for liberal sentiments.

we know you hate your father no need to bring God into this

I don't love a Volcano, or Moloch.

My dad hates religion too, he was the one who introduced me to national-socialism. Meanwhile my mom remarried a nigger because he was more "behaved" (read: jew controlled) and he beat her to death.

wow i didn't see that coming. have you considered joining stalin's league of the militant godless?