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High School Spends $53,000 To Reprint Yearbooks After Students Flash Racist Symbol
While the intent of students at Oak Park and River Forest High School remains unclear, the photos were jarring enough that administrators withheld the books.

>The racist adaptation of the “OK” hand sign began on 4chan ― an anonymous message board frequented by racists, trolls and extremists ― and has since been co-opted by prominent white supremacists who often use it to signal their presence to like-minded extremists. It’s prominent enough that those who use it have been fired from their jobs or faced other consequences ― recently, a Chicago Cubs fan was banned indefinitely from Wrigley Field after flashing the hand sign behind a black reporter during a live broadcast.

>We’ve been made aware that this year’s ‘Tabula’ yearbook, which has not yet been distributed, contains several photos of students making a hand gesture that has different meanings. In some cases it’s used in what is known as the circle game. However, the gesture has more recently become associated with white nationalism. Regardless of intent, the potential negative impact of this gesture has led us to decide that we cannot distribute the yearbook as is. We are looking at alternative options, and in the coming days we will share further details about distribution plans. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and support as we work through this situation.


Remember when a few years back half the shills here said it would never become a real white power symbol?

No clickshekels for jew.

It would be verrrr-y interesting to know just how many people world wide do come to Zig Forums
It must be a fuck ton..

le ebic
Never change, anons.
Never change.

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Goddamn lads.
We need to make the anti-White System hemorrhage cash every single day. Bleed them dry and crash this evil monstrosity.

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today has been a good day

It still hasn't. The kids were probably doing the circle game.

fuck yes, let's take the middle finger next. there isn't really a white person version of the islam pointer finger and the commie fist (except the roman salute obviously)

you have no proof for either and you chose the kike side

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Sure it has, asshole. We don't have to believe it, but that's the power of symbols and memes. BELIEF.
If the NPCs believe it's a White Power symbol, and react out of irrational fear to the point of destroying themselves, then it's "real".
Just like it doesn't matter if some want to push the "Tarrant is Mossad" angle. Doesn't matter. The BELIEF has surpassed any propaganda that may have been planned, if it was a false flag (not).
Now, onto creating an InGroup Preference among the Volk…

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I can’t believe people think this is actually some sort of “ebil racist hand-signal”.


meme magick is real

All hand gestures are White Supremacy!11


It was just some nonsense shilled by the gaystream media, trying to make the ridiculous claim Trump was making coded WN symbol gestures with his "A-Ok" hand finger signs. People latched onto it and now it has become a real WN symbol, or at very least a "fuck you neo-liberal establishment" symbol.

The dubs demand it

Just wait until they find out their yearbook contains hashtags.

won't someone protect the children from that 400 pound hacker

1. We must secure the existence of our people
2. We must secure a future for white children

OK it just sunk in for me that the OK hand sign is considered racist now. I'm 36 years old, self-employed, so I live in my own world pretty much apart from my acquaintances. Ummm, I didn't know how real the "OK hand sign is racist" thing is, but its fucking real, this story proves it.

Ya this society is totally insane, I'm just glad I'm out of school now and don't have to be subject to the insanity. When I have kids I am definitely joining the PTA so that I can at least try speaking against the insanity.

Older white people and younger white people need to stick together and help each other out, we need white solidarity, and I mean real white people, not these race traitors. Race traitors are not real whites.

I still want the peace sign and the thumbs up to be co-opted too.

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Stupid sheboons running all the schools are responsible for this. They think curses are being summoned.

Why do we never mention that we meme'd the ok hand signal into a racist dog whistle as a joke… and it actually became a reality.

Has everyone forgotten or are we supposed to act like we didn't..

Yea we tricked the fucking retarded niggers on the left to believe that cartoon frogs, milk, and the OK hand symbol are all racist.

lol yeah I don't think so jew

Does't matter. The end goal is to push the authoritarian hand of the Commie kikes, in order to wake the Sleeping Aryan.
It's working.
Clown World is no fucking joke, user.
Meme wisely.

This shit reads like a fucking redditor wrote it

So, you're retarded then? What the fuck does that even mean, faggot? How does this read?


You seem awfully upset

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Upset? I'm not the one fucking your mom.

Oy Vey

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