West Point Graduating Class the most diverse ever

The class graduating today includes 223 women, the largest number since the first female cadets graduated in 1980. The class has 110 African Americans, double the number from 2013, and the largest number of Latinos, 88.

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Can they beat Iran?

And people are offended when I name them Amerimutts instead

Themz nigga mammies may nots be able to beat dat Eye Ran but dey sho can beat dat bitch down in the housing projects.

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ayy yo fam, you dun get it mayne
wes gonnna haves the gals show dem eye rans theys ass n titties
theys avert their eyes so fast theys wont see ous boyz comin

I mean seriously, who would join the army now? Even if you were homeless, you're better off being homeless say in LA than being in the army taking orders from some hate filled sassy mammeroo like that and being exposed to depleted uranium dust from the ordinace.

Look at Magnus Walker; he was an illegal immigrant from Britain apparently and he was living on the streets and then he started buying used clothes, altering them and reselling them on the streets. He was a homeless bum and now he's a fucking multi millionaire with a huge stable full of rare old Porsches and Porsche even invites him to their headquarters for advice on styling their latest models.

Homeless bum > being a soldier in the army.


Iran is done for

The military is a joke. A lot of them are fat in addition to being chimps.

Evvabuddy luvz da big booty, faggot.

"If soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them would remain in the army."
~Frederick the Great

haha good one. Frederick also said to one of his generals, when reviewing his massed troops, "I hope the enemy is as afraid of them as I am".

he also had a army of big dick soldiers. with a network of agents across europe and if they got any clue of some peasant with a huge penis they will kidnap him and ship him off to prussia to serve in the huge dick corps and it was mostly ceremonial but would set them up with a house and family and they were expected to learn the language and could never leave

Why is the background music louder than his voice?

There's no music at all. You sure there's not a hidden window running some music on your desktop?

Well yeah they had big dicks but they were giants 6'4" and more that he collected. Frederick was a notorious faggot and in fact if you look at his portraits he's definitely a weird bug eyed pervy looking guy himself.

Another nut who had to invade Russia only to get totally crushed by them in the end. As one German woman said afterwards; " I can understand them (the Russians) raping all the women but they didn't have to rape all the men too".

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A big dick army? Are you memeing or was that real?

it was real they were his pet project and personal bodygaurds but mostly ceremonial. sometimes they will kidnap you and you will die in transit to prussia.

Anyone who thinks they will be sent to the front to fight iran is laughable, they will give them busywork on the homefront and conscript white men to die as collateral in iranian bombings.

Got to find a way to buy that Charger or Camaro.

Like I said they were giants, and so yeah they had big dicks they had big everything.

But if you get that Camaro then you get the hot bitch and you can marry her. She can live in base housing while you're deployed. Then you can have the pleasurable drama of finding out that the slut is fucking everybody and that she even got angel wings tramp stamp cum target on her back on your paycheck before she dumped you.

Yeah, the more "diverse" the military becomes, the worse it'll function, and troop morale will be in the gutter. Any white man in the US military is just serving for a brown america ruled by commes and jews.

It was his father who did that, you fucking retards.

This picture really captures the insanity of a dying culture. None of those women can fight, and I doubt any of them have an IQ above a hundred. They're useless.

They be da future generals and sheit. They tell you wut up yt boi.

I hate to disappoint you but I can assure you that they are much much worse than useless. If they were useless you could just ignore them and continue about your business untroubled, but they are pickaninny mammies and so they will cause you no end of vexation.

well, negroid women are closer to the men than white women. i'm sure they can fight just as-well as a angry monkey

niggrs are the most disgusting pos on the planet.


Great a sheboon army

Dont mind these amerimutts, they are just jelly because obviously their forefathers werent picked for the big dick troops.

Imagine fighting against these apes. It would be enough to set a trap of some speakers yelling NIGGER and a landmine at the entrance and you'd win the war in 1 week.

I hate to disagree with you but they're in a close competition in the race to the bottom with chugs, Australian abos, and the kind of spice monkeys that take big liquid shits in the sinks of public washrooms because toilets are unclean.

In the Korean war there were companies of niggers (it was still segregated then) that would get caught sleeping in their bivouac bags by the chicoms who would then run around gleefully bayoneting them in their bags.

Not to different than hearing some kike roposessed your shit while overseas.

Frederick was an interesting ruler. He once offered to give all or East Prussia to Russia in exchange for peace but the boy-king who hero-worshiped Frederick gave him peace for nothing.
Imagine how different things would have been if Peter III had taken him up on his offer. Russia would have gained another warm-water port in east Prussia.

what a faggot

It would break my father's heart to see his school ruined, but these sheboons and chinky spies make me take heart. These are the future leaders of ZOG. They will enter MIC and fan out in all fields. I can't wait, and everyone here should celebrate, because our enemy is growing weaker, fatter, and dumber.

Deploy them all to iran

Some of them are pretty hot, wife tier

Imagine the reek of their funky pussies.

This is good for us. Just like the Roman legions were slowly degenerated with foreign soldiers who were not loyal to the Empire, these niggers will be horrible officers. If the Jews get their way and attack Iran, the United States will lose, the economy will collapse, and in the ensuring chaos people will start to listen to us.

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That or it'll end up as a Spanish Civil War situation where the army officers on the red side were all picked for political loyalty rather than ability. Only this time it'll be "diversity".

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They will be used as a recruiting tool here in the USA to show that the military is friendly to niggers and spics so they can try to get more shitskins to enlist.

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Even better.

learn to archive, faggot

Always kill military recruiters in your White area. Kill them and never think twice about it.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. What a joke of a country. You can't have a military that's diverse because then no one gives a shit about it as they don't represent the people

'murrica is being set up to be replaced by China, and has been since at least the 1960's nya~

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But China is researching genetically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership. nya~
They even have an animu schoolgirl car Bestune T77, nya~.

Sound like more fetus to make soup, famalam.

223, the most women since West Point started requiring cadets to wear panties — or is it the most women ever?

Bet you none of those negresses can use those swords.
God they're all so ugly.
Why do they all look like the Uruk Hai?

Wouldn't this explain why a lot of army veterans are homeless?
Either way. If you wanted to join the military, you're going to be a homeless nigger sooner or later.

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Attached: Indigenous graduates take first steps towards police career (Indigenous Police Recruitment Our Way Delivery (IPROWD)

How suprising

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We're going to look so stupid to future historians.

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There is no future.

Great, they are easy to recognize then.

Wow now I understand that these people can't be allowed to live. Can we get this thing started fellas before we start getting rounded up in camps?

I mean starting my internet for minecraft



No. Israel will never defeat Persia.

By mongrelizing the armed forces, they are simply making it much easier for us to defeat the US army, while making it all the more likely that most white soldiers and perhaps many white military officers will defect.

We might as well take some of the women in the OP as our wives, we won't be stopped

Most of them are fatties.

Why? They'd all protest over it saying "dats rassis!" And the military would capitulate.

Almost like 'diverse' is code for antiwhite or something…

Time stamp confirms.

No future for you and your fellow rat people, maybe.

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Around niggers, prepare to pull the trigger.

Well at least they kept the trannies out.. (for now)


But soon Corp. Klinger will be promoted and leading our troops.

The Iranians are so going to kick our asses.

Using the military as a social experiment lab is a big mistake.

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What the fuck makes you think Israel is going fight Persia? That's what American Goyim are for.

The Precious chosen people don't shed their blood when they have a shabbos goy super power at their beck and call.

soon American will die by the thousands in Iran.. and the Christ-cucks will tell them they are blessed for blessing Israel.

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Oh yes, nigger wenches giving white men orders on the battlefield. The mind boggles.




This can't be fucking real. Most of these apes could not even run up that stairs without getting out of breathe. What in the fucking fuck is this?

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I never understood Klingers character, it's just some tranny in the army after one episode because the entire series is just him wearing dresses knowing full well he ain't getting out and in reality they'd have just shipped him to the front lines to die anyways for being a fag

If USA propels itself in another reddit tier War, the americans can call themselves the most retarded drone people on earth. Go to war, so Jamal breed your sweetheart camwhore gf 24/7, until you are back to her divorce rape, to raise 2 kids with tyrone, since jamal beat her and robbed her from your money.

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Jesus fuck…

Build the fucking wall.. close the border.. deport all the fucking illegals.

Then you recruit for the military in latin American.. promise them citizenship in return for ten years of military service..

Bang.. You got endless gun meat for our wars abroad.

The romans did this,, and it worked for a century or two until the barbarians they trained turned on them and sacked Rome.

Both MASH the movie and MASH the TV show were really remarkable for having absolutely nothing to do with the Korean War while ostensibly being a devastating moral critique of the Korean War. You could watch the entire movie and every single episode of the TV series and know nothing of that conflict whatsoever. And somehow everyone adored that fucking idiotic show. When it finally ended there were big parties the night of the final episode. People came dressed as a character in it. When the episode ended they were all drunk and stoned and everyone got all teary eyed and sentimental, embracing each other and saying like robots "those were good years we had together" even though they'd be in fact getting drunk and stoned together at another different party in a few days. I knew a stock promoter who showed me a picture of himself at such a party and I said to him; "how could you get into that, it's pure shit". He replied, "yes I know it's shit but it gets you laid".

And that's life in modern America folks. Not a single one of those people at those parties could have understood what the fuck you were talking about if you'd mentioned Douglas MacArthur, Harry Truman, Chosin Resevoir or the Inchon landing.

Great analysis. In a way, it's the perfect mirror neuron for the American viewer back at home – literally, putting a Clown World giggle-sheen front to keep people distracted and entertained; so that when they thought "Korean War," their brains were more likely to jump to MASH, and not their tax dollars being spent to smear dinkle dingding bing bong chong huang bang bang brains across some gay jungle

No fucking way do those fatsos meet the physical requirements. Glad to know our congressmen are always up for recommending these promising young heroes to what used to be a prestigious military academy.

Pic related is Robert E. Lee's last surviving descendant. He is also descended from George Washington, via Martha Lee.

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Absolutely based. Every day White Americans tarry with starting the race war the odds are stacked more against them.
I foresee the end of the White race in America.

China and Russia must be laughing their ass off…. The military has always been a make work program for niggers and other slavestock but West Point was supposed to be where the real military people came from. General Sheboon isn't going to cut it once China retakes Taiwan or Russia moves on Poland/Estonia where ever. This is how 'pc' shit costs lives. That and graduating other monkeys as doctors which is going on down the road from this place. The future is unofficial slavery in a third world, shithole.

They're unlikely to be able to beat Iran, but they as hell won't be siding with whites when the last tatters of the constitution fall into the fire pit that is western civilization.
These will be good goys, you can tell. They'll follow whatever orders they receive from their kike masters.

Won't stop media from doing so

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It won't happen thanks to White Nationalists fucking up White meetups and tribalism for the Jews.

It's so weird you know? It's like you have to learn how to think perversely like a devious jew nowadays.

Instinctively you say; "If the jews get their war with Iran it'll be a disaster, oh woe".

OTOH it would be kind of cool to see a vast armada build with jewbucks, carrying an immense invasion force consisting of old flappy mammy niggeroos and lisping faggots and transvestite soyboys funneled into a malestrom of death and destruction.

I can truly fap to this.

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Not to mention the starry eyed Scofield Bible ChristianZionazis dreaming of escaping to the bosom of a bearded jew carpenter in a moment of divine rapture.

Niggers and subhuman trash are not 'our people' the Iranians are welcome to kill as many as they like.

It's so weird you know? It's like you have to learn how to think perversely like a devious jew nowadays.

Instinctively you say; "If the jews get their war with Iran it'll be a disaster, oh woe".

OTOH it would be kind of cool to see a vast armada build with jewbucks, carrying an immense invasion force consisting of old flappy mammy niggeroos and lisping faggots and transvestite soyboys funneled into a malestrom of death and destruction.

I can truly fap to this.