Construction worker loses job for laughing at man in dress

Violet Salas, 36, said the worker mocked her by holding a plastic drop cloth around his waist and "parading" in front of her with the makeshift skirt.

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That fucking psychopathic abomination is the damn mockery!
Fucking ClownWorld.
When do we start shooting lads?

you talk like a fag and your shit is all retarded

IT'S STARTED ALREADY! Fellow poster be sure to meetup with your local /walk/ to crush some niggerskulls amirite?

I wouldn't be able to hold it in, I barely can when I see faggots with ponytails.

They are going to learn the hard way that this does not cause submission and conformity, but indignation and resentment. I guess they wont till they are being pushed off from high places.

The poz has spread so far and deep that now even construction sites are pozzed. They were once among the manliest of workplaces where even using riggers gloves would get you called a pussy. The end is nigh.

They won't be pozzed though, the types of men they're going to hire aren't actually going to put up with this bullshit.

what is this bigotry? construction worker has fast flux gender dysphoria zirs gender can change man to woman to in between to woman to man in less than 30 seconds. probably, the makeshift skirt was legitimate. zir should sue violet salas for libel and damages for the loss of zirs job.

catcalling trannies is gay fam

You could have said the same thing about the army 20 years ago. Your talk is cheap.

uhh they won't hire men they will hire robots who will be programmed to respect wahmens and in betweens

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Shit thread nigger.

Right behind you, jew.

That was just plain lazy, faggot.
Commit to self induced die off.

I thought there was a shortage of construction workers? Joke's on them, I guess.

there's a shortage of white construction workers, but an endless amount of slave races

lol, look at this nigger. Still believing that resistance is possible.

Gee, it would be a shame if this led to some government regulator and clients being tipped off about all the shortcuts this construction company does.

Should have beat the freak to death with a hammer instead.

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The construction worker had a spontaneous gender change. He should sue the construction company for firing him. Their action was transphobic.


Cumskins are the only people who would do things like this.
Everything that plagues cumskin society is their own fault.

fatshame equivalent when

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Kek, getting fired from a construction job doesn't mean shit. I'm sure he was working on a different job the very next day, maybe even with the same contractor.

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Third pic, is it bad that I can't stop laughing at that article?

No, they are not going to learn the hard way. There is no resentment left in this fucking country. We're a joke of whatever ideas we once stood for. The damage is irreversible this time, thanks to niggers and spics. Its hard for Aryan men, because we were bred never to quit, to keep fighting, and our religious past taught us to look for something called hope, or that god would come in the nick of time. That's all bullshit though. All there is is to effortpost alone in the rubble.

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How does it feel to be inferior eh? Aryan "men" are the weakest pussies around. Ask any one of them their opinion on racism and they'll bow and scrape and pontificate about how much they hate racism and how evil and antisemitic Hortler was. Literal fucking SOY.

Who are you trying to convince faggot?

Mass shooting scores say otherwise.

How tiring must it be to come here every day and spew your worthless drivel. No one is buying your bullshit. I don't find "cumskin" offensive because it is so contrived. The fact you have to "internet shout" Hapas are superior to whites in capital, bold red letters only further illustrates your inferiority. It is obvious at this point there is a concerted effort from you faggots to shit up this board with your free time every day because you are jealous of what we are and afraid of what we are becoming.

If you made your own hapa board you could start your own movement. But you don't, because you're nothing. Fighting the rising tide with a wall made of sand. The waves of white identitarian youth will soon wash you away.

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Didn't you read Zig Forums? The Jews did all those as false flag attacks to make white people look bad. Real white people will never do anything.

And then one day, for absolutely no reason, the German people voted Hitler into power.

wait, where was the woman?

Hapas are mentally deranged. I doubt it is ever tired. I guess that is what happens when you realize you are the product of a pussy addled weak willed man who wanted to fuck an ape instead of a real woman. It has got to burn to know your father is a pussy nigger.

I told you Satan rules this shithole planet but you didn't listen. Demiurge or whatever the fuck you want to call it. We Jews made a deal with it, we do it's bidding by making you all miserable and it passes over us much more often. We will never die out, we are it's eternal beloved, torturing you and your children until the end of time, as G-d watches. Jesus sacrificed himself. He didn't conquer. He submitted to death, and so will all of you, but Jews will live forever. We can wave it in your faces and you will do NOTHING ABOUT IT! This is exactly how G-d wants it to be! That's the real redpill. Swallow it whole goy!

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I love how he puts the "wonderful" in quotes

Not referring to this specific incident, just in general

You should think twice about making those posts before something terrible happens to (Jew.)

stale pasta tbh. only a kike would want to rule a shithole and this is why no one gives a fuck if you die, because white people want to improve their world, not rule over a steaming pile of dog shit.

The construction guy should have identified as someone with Tourette syndrome. Checkmate deviant tranny

This should be punishable by death. Funny how leftists always claim to be for the proletariat, and yet all they do is attack and abuse the proletariat. Got the love it. This is why their side consists of shit-skins craving gibs, tranny freaks, and masculine women.

Trannies near construction sites need to become part of the foundation.

When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
― Theodore Dalrymple

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DACApedes wouldn't take this

Underrated post.

i'm sure that this action will totally not embitter the laughing man and make him completely sympathetic with the poor degenerate's point of view

Look up a guy named Richard Kalergi.

Mass kill degenerates.
There is no winning without killing.

This is exactly how I lost my last job.

She would have got the other two people laughing fired too but they both worked there for like a year and the boss couldn't risk losing too many staff so I was let go as an example.
Keeping a job even in something like construction or land management (typically not cucky jobs) is a nightmare these days. There will always be some bitch to snitch on you or some faggot tranny cocksucker to scream when they're offended.

Is that tranny psychologically a holocaust survivor?

Brit too. What shit hole do you live in? I’m Kent and I joke about gassing niggers and kikes and take the piss out of women all the time, sometimes while talking to women themselves too. Told some colleagues about kalergi and it was a real eye opener, they’ve gone on to tell their other friends and family etc.

Lol, the absolute state of bongs. Good thing that I live in a 99% white country.
But this shit will come here too eventually.

We wont even win by using violence, governmental instances (including military) all over the world are pro black.
Our story is the truth, the truth is our weapon.

US Founding Fathers knew words had to be backed by deeds.
Violence works.
The 2nd Amendment is the only reason they pay lip service to the first (until they are completely done dismantling it).

Plumber in training here at a commercial plumbing shop. I listen to racist podcasts with coworkers in the truck all the time. It’s actually pretty comfy.

People keep saying mud races take our job but let me tell you, you can’t fool physics. These pavement apes and mestizos can’t properly set up pipes to save their fucking lives. So they send me and my coworkers out and pay us very well to fix their dumb shit.

Advice to anons: tradework is not a meme.

don't laugh (it's not funny) but to castrate such "girls". to neck level.

When they can't get the only high paying job they had before they will roll over for that money.


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The Construction Worker would have probably lost his job anyway, due to moonlighting, but at least there would be one less weirdo around.

you are a walking caricature. there is no better advertisement against mixing than you and your tormented life. why would anyone want to punish their own children this way? i kinda feel bad for you, because its not your fault. i hope you sort yourself out somehow.

"Bloke in a dress"
"Bloke in a dress"
"Bloke in a dress"
These deviants will rue the day they chose to become the political playthings of the left

Yeah, man, we can't have any construction workers having opinions. Dat'd be annuda shoah!

Kill yourself defeatist.

No it's not, and the more technical the better. Any spic can shingle a roof, but can he troubleshoot an electrical problem?

Good riddance to the construction culture of caring for your own safety making you a pussy.

Insulated screwdrivers are for pussies. Real men go in that 600v panel raw dog while it's hot.

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The worst part is that the construction worker just being playful, but the faggot took offense and threw the guy off his job over it.

At least, I had a few good conversations with the tradesmen who I had working on my shit. They were pretty cool to talk to.

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