Let's fuck up these UK army Cucks

the UK Army is asking for people to watch out for and snitch on their peers who might be "Extreme right wing". In the name of safety, Let's flood their email with some fun stuff. Maybe try and get a back-and-forth going to maximize the time waste. and don't be a retard, use a VPN.

email : [email protected] (wow what a stupid handle)

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Why even have an army

There are gay niggers in the trees. Don't you see that? Why the fuck are you all acting like they aren't there??

why should I use a vpn if I dont live in cUcK

ah, hold up guys. I think it's probably be fake. . hard to tell these days, goddamnit. delete.

I was thinking its a fake too

Describe one of your comrades as hating gays, jews, and inferior races. Say they are a nationalist.
At the end, mention how the comrade is a fan of Stalin and claims to be left-wing.

It's some deeply Orwellian shit.
"Refers to political correctness as some left wing or communist plot" … yeah it's from the Frankfurt Schools plans for the long March to socialism, as you commies well know.

email bounces back. Mods should delete. sorry, me am a dummy.

Spread your efforts around.

> legalinsurrection.com/2019/05/uk-police-proposed-islamophobia-definition-to-undermine-counter-terror-operations/
> The legal adoption of the term could hamper law enforcement officers from going after terrorists and those spreading jihadist propaganda, UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), a body representing country’s police chiefs, said.

This is the only opposition left with any authority. Make phone calls and send physical letters demanding that they make arrests of the high level traitors making these policies and the NGOs that are defrauding the British taxpayer with bogus research that maligns all law-abiding Brits as extremists.

Meme warfare is working

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Yes, anyone who values their nation is clearly a threat to their nation.

british police trips

Because they're slave wranglers and not an army?

Are these kikes even TRYING to be sneaky anymore?

Instead of spamming them with bullshit, make believable accusations against everyone and everything. Use this witch hunt as an opportunity to get rid of the cucks in the army.

they exist to protect the ruling class, from you

No, it sounds like them actually redpilling people. Normies dont even know those issues, but here you go, patriots are bad, traitors are good, national identity bad, losing neighbourhoods to others good. Big redpill for people about the reality. Hopefully army will wake up.

that's pretty cool

You probably live in a country that open shares intelligence with the UK. Countries that are in the '5 eyes' are allowed to spy on each other's citizens.
If you're posting on Zig Forums and you're not even attempting to hide your identity, you deserve the gulag.

I knew the "patriots are different from nationalists" narrative wouldn't last long.

What we should do is make exact copies of this but change the email to an account that we control.
This way the (((rats))) will out themselves.


Airstrip One was predicted almost 100 years ago user. No surprise then, ofc. The only real surprise will be if the story turns out any differently. Say, if all the upstanding Aryan men rise up and throw the filthy International Jews ruling over them currently out into the ocean where they rightly belong.

The only good thing about this insanity is when they turn the armed forces loose on the public it will be nothing but a bunch of shitskins and affirmative action hires. Mass incompetence and unqualified idiots will be what they weaponize against the white population.

Brits are completely unarmed and totally cucked.
Armed shitskins in the streets in not a joke.

You want to learn something not-quite-so-esoteric yet widely unknown on this board?
Dominion of the British Empire on which the sun never set (i.e. spanned the globe)
'Imperialist' America. Technically America doesn't recognize the existence of its empire, but controls the world anyways as the dominant hegemon. For now.

Go to libgen.io and type in the words 'New World Order'. The truth is all out in the open, academics who are in the know write about this shit daily and yet because of the Ivory Tower disconnect with the masses, nobody realizes this. The world govt conspiracy is not something to be found in a shadowy penthouse somewhere in Manhattan, it is in your very libraries, and now with the internet, accessible anywhere in the world. The New World Order isn't 10 men in a room, it is an ideology shared by humanists all the globe over.

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We're all sons of the Patriots now.

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True, I'm admittedly thinking from the perspective of a burgerlander. You are right the Brits would be in real trouble if/when that comes to pass. They aren't completely disarmed though, some Brits do have weapons even if the laws there are nuts, like worse than California even but they aren't totally disarmed.

Unless your plan involves a widespread assassination campaign, it's worthless. Stop having bad ideas.

What if you are attempting and failing?

They need an army to die for israel.

it’s unknown because it’s a lie. Go fuck yourself, yid.

best answer right here, honestly

George Washington was Catholic!

we have guns,

and what excatly have the american gun nuts done with all their guns?

You retards can't even buy a plastic spoon without an ID

You only require ID if buying spoons made from metals.

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Alan Heath, giga-boomer motorhome traveler, possible closeted homosexual, and devote adherent of the religion of Holohoaxism, was a member of the British Army.

There is no such thing as "UK Army" nigger OP.
Those Cuckistani cucks cucked out last year to become "EU Army" when their PM signed them away, and their Queen took it.
Anyone left in that cuckland shithole that isn't sufficiently cucked suffers state persecution for not being cucked enough. Even their royal family is blacked.com.

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The British Army is fucked already anyway. Also,…

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Gee report people to the government for doing this list of things none of which are illegal. Don't have the wrong opinion or get arrested!

With the way things are going in the UK, I wouldn't be surprised if such things were going to become illegal soon.

All of those things are illegal. The UK laws have been elastic since at least the 60s. Anything you do is illegal, anything the commies do is perfectly fine.


You're too stupid to be here.

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I love it when they slip up and reveal the truth accidentally.

You are an incompetent faggot but the document is real and has been covered in the MSM.


Also, if your IP isn't in the UK they might filter you email.


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Posts Hitler for them

I think you misunderstood me, fren.

I was merely pointing out that by leaving out the word 'inaccurate' from the point about kikes, they have implicitly confirmed our generalisations as accurate.

No, you just want everyone to accept your Nazi larping. And you will continue to do it even though it will never work.


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This is literally that "warning signs of Fascism in children" meme but real.

Trips for utterly judaized. Bongs without their guns is like pudding without rum. C'mon lads.

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Silly user, FVEY don't need 'cooperation'.

Also, judging from my meetings of ex vets here, this initiative is simply going to end up an MoD suicide of the funniest calibre.

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Actually the reason this was released was because the army is full of right wing troops, and it's pushed from top down. Politicians interfering with the forces. This is what happens when you let women lead.

It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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that casts a very wide net

"If you're on the way to Buzzfeed, why not submit an anonymous tip and grass on your army buddies who are evil Nazi racist homophobic xenophobes?!"

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It's funny watching you faggots oust yourselves. I bet you think you're tolerant and stand for freedom. Ha.

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We do including the freedom to tell you (((Nazi))) cancer to fuck off.

You think freedom is supposed to mean accepting your White Nationalist mental illness.

And what does a shabbos goyim such as yourself suggest? Importing more shitskins, letting them gangrape your daughters and getting imprisoned for as much as complaining about it? After all, accepting anything less than that is evil White Nationalist/Supremacist blahblah etc. ANUDDA SHOA.

>We do including the freedom to tell you (((Nazi))) cancer to fuck off.

You are in a thread that points out how they are trying to purge the army of "far-right" dissidents you absolute fucking niggerbrained fucktard. You have no freedom, except to get pozzed by faggots, invaded by shitskins, getting ruled over by kikes, that kvetch about "White priviledge oy vey" while actively replacing your people everywhere running your fucking shitshow called Cucknited Pozzisdom for you.

Race does not matter, there is only liberty and free trade. We have the freedom to something called the free market and an amazing, wondrous and flawless invention that's called Democracy thank you.

Democracy has defeated Nazism and Stalinism, and is the best working system today which has lifted millions from oppression/poverty. Ultranationalism has killed millions, Democracy has never killed anyone.

Democracy/Free Markets crushed National Socialism and it will do so again.

And I don't want an 'alpha male Monarchy' thank you, or Fascism or Stalinism. All of your systems or the men you call 'alpha male' whenever they have reigned have killed millions of people.

We believe in the free market, democracy and freedom of immigration.

Also you should watch this

Good God, that green text fuckup. We got a live one here folks.

Hey, faggot. News flash fo you. Only whites care for freedom. All other races want big government and certainly not free exchange of goods, ideas or otherwise. Race is all that matters as ideology and culture is downstream of race. Now kill yourself.

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I've seen it all.

If that's true why don't all people who are East Slavs, Central Asian or Half White and Half Asian all support Stalinism then? Why do some support democracy?

Why are there black people, and asians that support democracy? Why don't they all support dictatorship or tribalism?

Whites once all supported Monarchy

Look at the Haitian revolution, blacks fought for democracy.

That's not true.
Whites supported monarchy when it meant having a strong counterweight to local tyranny.
And all early European kings and emperors were "elected" (well roman emperors were proclaimed by their men rather than elected). Hereditary nobility really took off at the end of the middle ages to a spectacular explosion at the end of the renaissance.
And even back then slavery was ill regarded (enslaving foreigners was always ok. It still is, let's not kid ourselves that's what 99% of the migrants are).

I approve of this action

Extreme Blue Pilled (XBP) Indicators & Warnings
Look out for collectives of individuals who…

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Nothing will change until leftists start getting hurt for openly supporting leftism. Nothing will change until leftists are beaten back down into the shadows and forced to go back to begging for fairness and mercy.


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Haitian revolution for one or the democratic revolutions in non-white countries

Inciting hate against people for their race is not democratic also, so thus it can still be democratic to crackdown on Islamophobia.

It's okay when it's done to Whites doe, right?

Translation: Imprison anyone that says so much as a one thing muslims don't like for MUH LIBERTY

Again, as I said here, your "liberty" on the current year consists of :Getting pozzed by faggots, invaded by shitskins, getting ruled over by kikes, that kvetch about "White priviledge oy vey" while actively replacing your people everywhere running your fucking shitshow called Cucknited Pozzisdom for you. As is stated on my previous post :

And to address (presumably) your previous post:>>13347448

Every race has their own political groups that explicitly stand for their interests, except for whites, because you know, that would be "races". You have problems with mexicans in murrica for not wanting to speak english, muslims and their bombings, demanding sharia law etc. tl;dr you are full of shit, open your faggot eyes.


citation needed

Having bunch of impressionable retards under direct jew controlled academia/media influence decide over a few jew financed and jew media dependent puppets is blatant retardation, not "flawless" as you put it.

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New idea: print slightly-modified alternatives of these posters and place them in every scenario you can think of.
Do you have XRW in your workplace?
In your neighbourhood?
Your local swimming pool?
Among your family and friends?
Simply report them to [slightly-different legit MoD email address].
Stick them all over Rotherham, Telford, Bradford, Keighley, Tower Hamlets. And everywhere else. Let the people know that if they express any sentiment that contravenes the social engineering efforts of New Labour, Big Brother is going to be having a word with them. Bonus points for sticking images of eyes over all of the posters.

For the record, we are not 21st century Germany. There is a tension here that our hypernormalised media complex fails to adequately cover, and rather than demoralising us into total inaction or even self-flagellation, it merely tips the citizens ever closer to that instinctual boiling point. Eventually we are going to run out of football leagues to substitute for a legitimate outlet for our growing youth alienation.

A tactical success and a tactical 'failure' here are one in the same, and would simply be differing degrees of effect. A success, and the ubiquity of our ever-growing surveillance state becomes obvious to even the most passive normie. A failure (inevitable if done on a wide enough scale to catch media attention), and the clear satirical intent behind the posters would accomplish the same thing, only with a slightly smaller tension as people acknowledge they are not 'real' (but potentially higher if people recognise that they soon might be). And the obvious resulting action from the left would be the doubling down on all of the logic in the poster, erasing legitimate concerns among fence-sitters and once again accomplishing the same goal.
And at the least, we'd probably give the Ministry a nice few emails to sort through.


Brits left the EU by law on 29th March 2019
Businesses should run with certainty since they are following the law and sue the shit out of their gov if they decide to change their minds later.

8ch or Cloudfart is blocking the webm being uploaded. Uploading gets to 100% but doesn't get posted - as if it is being (((checked))) and shoahed automatically. 5th attempt to get this through via tor embed instead.

I don't know UK law but the EU is a commission, and it's illegal in most common law countries to operate on a secret commission. It is in Canada, s. 426(1) of the Criminal Code. (I use this against mason cops.)