Hamas are the modern NSDAP

Hamas is the closest thing we have in the world right now other than Syria, Lebanon and Iran, to a real National Socialist armed force. Obviously, they’re not perfect, and most people think that they’re hopeless against Israel. Well, not really. Here’s what somebody close to Hamas had to say about their stealth when fighting in the December 2008 - January 2009 Gaza War.

"They fired rockets in between the houses and covered the alleys with sheets so they could set the rockets up in five minutes without the planes seeing them. The moment they fired, they escaped, and they are very quick."

In fact, in 2011 (and in 2012), they had over half a million Israelis hidden in bomb shelters because of some 64 rockets they had lobbed from across the border. Hell, even the Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah joined in by saying "the resistance was able to force a million and half a million of Israelis to stay in shelters". One of the occupiers even died during that rocket strike. Just this year, their rockets have killed 4 Israelis and injured 125 others. In fact, between 2008 - 2018, 33 people died and over 668 others were maimed as a result of Hamas’ rocket attacks. Over 731 experienced shock and had to undergo therapy for acute stress disorder as well as loss of land, property and even animals were killed in some attacks. And while that might not sound like anything when compared to the number of Palestinians killed by Israel, but that’s still nothing to sneeze at, because despite Israel’s tanks, attack helicopters, f16 fighter jets and their multi-million dollar laser-guided missile defense systems, being armed only with zip guns and their crude, unguided rockets, they still managed to hold all of Israel at bay for decades. Despite constant air raids of tunnels, high security and surveillance, Israel’s superior technology and weapon capabilities, and weapon confiscations during smuggling attempts, they can still outsmart the Jews, because even when their tunnels do get discovered and targeted in strikes by the UAF, they’re rarely in them when they do and rarely ever kill a single resistance fighter even if they’re in it. They’re smart and are capable of contingency, ration and cunningness and are always two steps ahead of them. Before, they were suicide bombing Israel to death during the Second Intifada, which resulted in the border wall between Israel and the West Bank to be built along with the security checkpoints in Gaza. In one attack, 21 jews were killed and over 100 others were left wounded after a suicide bomber (Saeed Hotari) detonated his vest outside a nightclub in Tel Aviv, killing mostly children. Literally Ben Garrison tier. They can play psychological warfare against a people who feed off that. Even their structure is very similar to Atomwaffen’s in that it’s decentralized with no real leaders.

These people may be sympathized with by people on the left, but the difference is that the left hates Zionism but not Jews while Hamas hates both Jews and Zionism. And it’s not “because they’re white” either, because some of their leaders have been very sympathetic towards Hitler and the Nazis. Even Assad hasn’t praised Hitler, as far as I’m aware. And Trump sure as hell hasn’t either, nor has Putin. So they are sympathized with by both commies because they’re brown and Nazis because they hate Jews and attack Israel. So it’s a win-win for both sides of the political spectrum. But at the same time, we need to support these people in the same way commies support the YPG. The Palestinians not only face the same struggle that we have, but a lot of them even have white blood and aren’t even Muslim. Support our comrades!

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Fuck off sandnigger loving scum. You sully National Socialism and The Führer. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. The only halfway tolerable Muslims are Shia Persians.

The only people worthy of National Socialism are the Aryan people. Fuck this "Every country can have their own National Socialism goys! National Socialism in Zimbabwe!" cuckery

The Muslims of the 1930s knew their place. If they had been overrunning Europe, raping white children and blowing shit up as they do tofay I guarentee you the Führer's opinion wouldve been QUITE different.

also does anyone have the video that was posted in a troll thread last night of some guy in Iran with a chanting crowd singing about ISIS and the US all being controlled by Jews etc? Shit was pretty based

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Hamas is Mossad-backed controlled-op to make the Palis look like dumb savages

That is what I read too.

No, that honor belongs to "The Party of God", the only organization to have successfully defended itself from the IDF terrorists. "Golden Dawn" is probably second.

If they’re already dumb savages why would the Jews need to make them look like dumb savages? I don’t get it.

You sound butthurt. No srsly, I never said to let them in our countries, I believe they should be let into the jews’ country, because it was theirs and the Jews got it over the ashes of the gentiles. You must think I’m some kind of shill trying to push some weird “inclusive NS” narrative. That’s not even the case. I think Palestinians, along with Iranians and the Lebanese are probably the least bad out of all West Asians. The Romans even conquered that region, so some of them might have some lingering Roman DNA (the Romans are even the ones we got the name “Palestine” from). Most Palestinians in Chile are Christian and some percentage of them are Christian in their homeland too. I don’t get what your deal with them is. At least they’re not T*rkroaches.

I didn't say they shouldn't have that land. They should. Absolutely. But they are not friends of the Aryan people. They would saw your fucking head off if they got the chance. Glorifying them because they hate Jews is ridiculous. Most niggers hate Jews too, you wanna praise them as well?

Sounds pretty Bolshevik to me, kike. They existed in Germany in Weimar too. The National Socialists shipped their asses off to labor camps or threw them in prison.

Hamas is actually a terrible organization, that is specifically anti-nationalist. As far as Nationalism goes, the ones who actually had a Nationalist line were the PLO. They would openly tell people that all Arabic-speaking people belong to a single Nation, and used this line to mobilize a war against the government of Jordan, because a "Jordanian" is just an Arab that doesn't do shit to help his fellow Arabs being against the Kikes.
The English-speaking European Nation is in a very similar position to the Arabs, and our greatest foe is religion, just like them. It is well documented Hamas was nurtured by Israel as a way to divide the Palestinian. Hamas hasn't even been capable of pulling off the same stunts that the PLO were capable of in their heyday.

I get what you’re saying, but when taken in the literal context of that, there actually hasn’t been a single beheading done by Hamas. Not even of a Jew. There has been stabbings, mostly by lone wolf Palestinians who already live in Israel under oppressive conditions, but Hamas has never beheaded anybody. And to take from what said, beheading videos are one of the telltale signs of a Mossad op. Al-Qaeda did it with Nick Berg, ISIS did it with multiple people, several Chechen militias (which are funded by NATO) and many other smaller splinter cell Islamic fundamentalist groups. Not once has Hamas ever beheaded somebody for being a Shiite, much less a white person for being “kafirs” or just anybody in general. They’re also not Allahu Snackbarists either.

What do you even by this? Are you talking about the NOI or perhaps some Black Hebrew Israelite clowns? The majority of black people who hate anybody it would be white people. I’m pretty sure that nignogs identify closer with the Jews due to their imagined oppression by the Nazis rather than associate with white people. And while this is just a theory, but there are a lot of those BHI types that come to Israel and join the IDF. If they’re the ones committing the air strikes, Hamas might even hate niggers as well. So you have that little factoid too. And some victims of Hamas’ rocket attacks have been niggers, so… But yes, I understand they’re not white, but I would still help them take back Palestine from the Jewish occupation.

Sure thing, OP, sandnigger master race, Heil Muhammad!

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The PLO always reminded me of the NSLF, but this is probably the best reply to this thread so far. Hamas being controlled op I always thought was a stupid idea. Because their argument basically goes that Israel loves it when they throw their rockets at them and they need them so that they can garner sympathy from the international community and so that they can justify the slaughter of Palestinians. What many people don’t realize is that is what you’re supposed to do if you’re at war. What is a war without fighting? How do you win that way against a people who are driven by thousands of years of racial hatred against you and are hellbent on ethnically cleansing your entire race from the gene pool? And not only that, but you’re not even recognized by the UN. The time for peaceful resistance is over (assuming there ever was a time for it). Hamas fully accepts both the black and whitepill philosophy in that nothing is going to change unless you act before it’s too late and are confident in their successes at the same time.

Have you ever spoken or been around niggers in real life? Most hate Jews as they see them as the worst of the "rich white man" holding them down. Yes, we know that Jews aren't white but they don't.

I'm talking about your average nog, not political nogs because they do tend to see kikes as allies. Nor the type in groups like the Black Israelites either, they're just agent provocateur clowns.>>13319242

Kys terrorist cock sucker

Maybe so. But unlike modern Americans, Germans, Anglos, and Swedes, HAMAS is actually fighting back. They're very well organized and have a population that supports their efforts against the jew

Yeah, I don’t hang around blacks too much (and mind you, I live in one of the blackest states in all of the US). But Hoteps I’m fine with because their “antisemitism” is not intersectional. Non-intersectional antisemitism. Let’s make that our new word, since antisemitism is starting to become ambiguous. I wonder if that’s the reason why Jews are always into anti-Zionist groups like BDS. So that they can hijack the meaning of antisemitism from us and water it down.

And honestly yeah, in an ideal world, like one where the west was dominated by a National Socialist super power instead of kiked US, I would agree that we should help the Palestinians take back Israel and drive the kikes out.

Perhaps I was being to broad in the beheading comments. I know they hate America and the west but that may simply be due to our support of Israel. Perhaps if a scenario I described happened they would be productive allies. Same for Iran.

Ideally I think a Middle East under the influence of a strong Iranian/Persian/Shia sphere of influence would be best. The biggest danger is always the sectarian bullshit which is why I think all salafi and wahabbis should be exterminated. Sunnis who do not want to blow themselves up, kill westerners or Shias would be tolerated and even worked with at times but aware that they are not equal to the Aryan peoples and their role in world affairs should always reflect, though not to a degrading level

If you are help the muslims you are more a traitor.traitor.the muslims have a good religion,and their attacks in europe and against non-muslims is good.
That is how god it want to see.the Christians also got to do it.
But it is not that the muslims are bad.the muslims protect their religion en doing WHAT the lord asks of THEN.
But white sharia now . Let the europeans be muslim without race mixing.but when you help Hamas that is not good.if you have destroyed Israël,THEN the muslims start with europe race mixing.they want a war.
Muslimisering without war or race mixing.then the muslims have a new race territorium again.so don't help Hamas.
If you do you are not a real NS'er.pseude national socialist.
NS is better then muslim.

Sieg heil.

Long live racism.

>You have to pick one of our tribes!

don't forget about the 6 gorrilion rockets retard savages managed to launch into Israel every with no actual casualties, goyim.


This is really an absurd thread that Israel and the Jews really underestimate.
This can be insulting to Jews, because the Jews are a super race. They are one of the best races in the world.
Instead of taking an example from the Muslims, no.
The white superiority feeling is really scandalously exploited.
Listen, the Jewish race is a super race and a Jew is even better than such a treacherous right-wing extremist who wants to support the Jews.
So be a normal racist: anti neger.anti mongloid.
The Jewish race is a super high race that (they are smart) could destroy all Arab countries.
So help the Jews better.
Death to antisemitic white's.

You want to help a Negro race to get territory. The world belongs to the whites and Israel belongs to the Jews.
Help better enlarge the white territories.

Hamas was created by pissrael, OP. Fucking read something you dumb cunt.