Rallies as Economic Warfare


Today's event in Dayton gave me an idea, Zig Forums. Is it possible to use rallies as a form of economic warfare against cities? A group of only 20 klansmen were able to force the city to spend over half a million dollars that they have little hope to recover easily - all to provide security so they could stand there for a couple of hours and make leftists scream themselves hoarse.

Could this be replicated elsewhere often enough to force more cities into financial strain and bankruptcy, all to virtue signal that "hate isn't allowed in MY city (but meth and chimpouts are okay)"?

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user, I don't think you get it. Just 20 KKK members bled over half a million dollars from a city that's roughly 40% black. These aren't rookie numbers

Good way to bleed the system of resources. Make them pay for "security."

It's an idea, but keep in mind big rallies are what sets up false flag/propaganda ops like Charlottesville.

I agree that pozzed tiki torch rallies are subversive for us, but so many resources from the right were poured into publicizing it that it's clear now how big of a honeypot it was. This klan rally had almost no publicity from the KKK or other rightwing groups. It was only exhaustively covered by the local news and antifa-type groups.

They expended so many resources on an event that lasted only a couple of hours, and that the people participating put barely any effort into.

Those half wits (niggers) are the least of our problems. Women are the main issue and feminists like you are the main issue among men

This works for niggers. They constantly get concessions when they threaten to riot. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are famous for this scam. Similar to how the ADL/SPLC operates.

The problem is that what they do is technically extortion. Since the enemy runs the courts and are fundamentally dishonest you could face charges for extortion or get a repeat of c-ville where they allow niggers to attack you, then charge you with 100 felonies for defending yourself.

As strictly a tactic to drain money from cucked cities however this is pretty good. Just get a permit and make them set up security then no show 9 of 10 times. Often antifa will riot anyway.

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The real opportunity is in getting these counter protests massed and then machine gunning them.

get the permit and then just not show up at all

The goal of these rallies absolutely would not be to spread our message. The crowds they'd attract would be too bluepilled and volatile, anyone sympathetic would be browbeaten into submission. Any attempt at actual polemic would probably land the protest organizers in a world of shit.

Draining money from cities, diverting it away from actual programs is the goal here. Of course, organizers would have to be sure that the city won't come after them and sue them for security costs.

After all, we wouldn't want anyone to get hurt :^)

And have drones livestream it so everyone can watch for lolz.

And also body cameras.

Doing something like this not only drains money from the government, but it also drains money from antifa

*antifa's parents


Insert many small groups across the cucked cities to drain their accounts even more.

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>BAE gets 4.7B, 90% of which goes to dey (((black projects)))
Yea, we fukkin showd dem!

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wew. You can't make this shit up

This is a good plan. I would however modify it by suggesting target cities should be those with massive pension liabilities on the verge of bankruptcy. It might be just enough to accelerate the collapse, or at least force the city to drastically increases taxes/fees hammering the leftist populations.

That’s a better idea.


Quads confirm, and unbelievably unchecked till now.

(((Leadership/apologists/media))) lol forever .

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If anyone does try this it should be under these parameters, good call.

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The real goal should be to cost the enemy money directly. Material destruction and such. Draining tax money is meaningless if its all schlomo's loan money anyways. This is difficult to accomplish legally, as the left controls the cities and their courts/LE. What you are proposing has no real major impact on the left's ability to function, as the extra-governmental forces of the left are largely insulated from city budgets. The city will be impacted, but all the leftists living there have to do is move like the subhuman vermin they are. Worse, it could backfire entirely, and lead to retarded laws like having to pay for your own protection and such.

A better way is an illegal but low risk tactic: flash mobs. No permits required. Overnight or over a short period of time during the day, random leftist owned businesses/property are either vandalized or otherwise fucked with. This puts pressure on the non-governmental left, the one that gives support to orgs like antifa on the street, as they are targeted for supporting leftism. Likewise, the city is forced to beef up security indiscriminately. There is no contained protest zone to concentrate police, the entire city is a potential protest zone. Likewise, leftist groups have to strain resources to determine where the next strike will be. This means that you can a set a city on edge by using nothing more then social media. Local news will get word of "nazi flashmobs" terrorizing leftists and simultaneously cause both panic in the civilian population while prompting city gov to spend more "beefing up security". Whether the flash mobs materialize or not is up to whoever organizes the mob.

Other tools include simple lone wolf action like vandalism (keying cars, guerrilla gardening, graffiti, etc) or even more kinetic action (assaulting lone antifa while they are going about their business for example). Either way, don't expect legal means to get you far. The jews make up the script and law as they go. Just because its legal today doesn't mean it will be legal tomorrow.

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I wonder if she's related to this kike.

Would be interesting to figure out how many politicians come from connected families at the municipal or state levels. They love hiding in obfuscating midlevels.

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Spread the word to the leftist media.


Will Chicago work, for starters?
I just had the bright idea of hammering them every month with one, and then when no more protesters show up, start to actually show up in force

Why not amplify and reflect existing problems?

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Why not both? Employ every method that would bankrupt the cities.

OP is on to something. I've thought of this tactic since Milo/Berkley. No one even has to show up. Simply flier the Hell out of a heavy Antifa zone with a date, and highly triggering propaganda, maybe even show up the night before, and litter the area with Swazi flags and shit to give the little bastards something to do as they run around town getting increasingly angry, eventually doing what they do best. Attack innocent folks, and riot.
And then as stated with so much genius, wait until after Antifa has blown their load a few times to then REALLY show up en masse, and clean their shit town up for the frightened people (a la that one Volunteer Community Service thread that keeps getting shoah'd)
You are the Hero. Yay.
Make it to the Winchester by tea time for a pint.
Aryans rule the world again.

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So they needed security from the feds of for the feds?

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Thanks White Nationalists.

Millions of Whites are suffering from poverty, unemployment, sickness, homelessness, despair and agony.

They have no where to go, no one to help them as Whites have no one representing them. The State tells them to fuck off because they are White. I see this first hand daily in real life.

You did this White Nationalists/Alt Right

with your larping, Nazi porn, vulgar mentally ill politics and doxing/derailing every attempt by Whites to create something that would work. You are the real enemy of Whites. You created the political climate for this to happen. And you continue to give aid and comfort to our enemies who wish to exterminate us by forever denying our right to self defense.

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