"Rural America on Verge of Collapse"


No shortcuts.
Blood and soil.
There's a reason Hitler traveled unrelentingly to awaken Germania:

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Worth pointing out that Hitler and NSDAP were elected because Darre brought them the "Peasant Party" vote.


We never had these problems before the North decided to destroy the South and then the West. If we were a white ethnostate we'd never have any problems

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What you guys think of canarmor.ca/products/NIJ-III%2dA-VIP-concealable-stab-and-bulletproof-body-armour-(Black).html ?

Lately I barely even read Zig Forums because basically I got so fucking fed up with ZOG that I started talking about IRL and not holding back and I didn't care if I got arrested or killed and what ended up happening is fucking everyone around me agree with everything I say, start calling chinks chinks, niggers niggers, and wanting to get down to pulling off a real resistance. Everyone is in a "civil war is around the corner" mentality where I am in Canada and I just putting my time and money towards getting ready. Anyone else experiencing this?

Those distressed communities are full of spics and niggers, with the exception of Appalachia. What's the problem?

I have seen some knives that go through body armour like it was butter. I think you would be ill advised to let them get that close to you.

Why the hell did we ever let women vote? Aside from her traitorous beliefs, she thinks the president is some kind of dictator.
End women's suffrage.

Wear plates dumby, that's what they are for.

I always carry a fixedblade and most likely would be engaging most fights up close, I don't really have a choice to fight any other way.

Anyways the bulletproof vest would primarily be to stop bullets/projectiles. I could wear chainmail for knives but I'm not really worried.

It says, 'stab proof'…just sharing what I have seen. Also I would never try for a body shot that would involve that protective gear anyway. Much better to hit an artery in the neck or arm if you can.

What does Zig Forums think of stuff like that?

Thankfully Trump is bringing in 100s of thousands of illegals to revitalize the rural economies!

There's no such thing as remotely stab proof body armor aside from the areas where plates are in bullet proof armor. There is good slash and cut resistant armor good for arms and neck.

Trump doesn't care. Look at his business plan for Amtrak which would eliminate all their rural routes in favor of urban ones, since they are more (((profitable))). When this was brought up by the handful of red state Dems left, Trump pushed them back and got upset because they won't stop their colleagues from investigating his (((businesses))).

If you think it's bad now it'll get much worse. Dems are the only group that gives even the slightest shit about rural peoples' quality of life, but they're also pozzed up and only want to keep unions on the government dole. Trump is obviously not the type of person who'd ever agree to that, so expect deadlock and logjamming as our nation continues to crumble or is simply sold off to Israeli banks that fill the areas with muslims.

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It's hilarious that they simultaneously accuse Trump of behaving like a tyrant whilst proclaiming that they will effectively turn America into a police state with concentration camps for conservatives and force them to play their little hate-crazed ideological games.

I think you might be responding to bait. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a woman at all…fuck if it doesn't read EXACTLY like that GLOBOHOMO fuck who spams Zig Forums with all his hatred of women. You know as part of the GLOBOHOMO agenda to D&C White men and women? It is A FUCKING TWIT-TURD ACCOUNT FAGS…I expect more from you Zig Forums

To me the writing style sounds EXACTLY (not a little bit and not slightly) but EXACTLY like the mind that wrote Swifts homosexual manifesto.

They are gassing rural America so that they have a large group of recruits for the next kike war.

They are gassing rural America so that they have a large group of recruits for the next kike war.

idk. I'm honestly a moderate on this issue. Female behavior as of the last 100 years has made me very suspicious of womens' ability to engage in politics. However, realistically it's not like we can just make it go away. Even Hitler didn't end female suffrage.

I will concur that women prefer the gender role of being the bitch.

I like meritocracy. Most women, if judged without bias would not qualify to vote, but then, most men would lose their voting privilege as well. I have met number of idiots in both sexes, so I don't think it is an issue of sex as much as it is an issue of retardation. If it was based on meritocracy no niggers, no poos, no muslims and no jews would be allowed to vote and I would be fine with cutting out the average 80-90 IQ range from the ballots…

This is an accurate take. Trump is 200% neoliberal asset strip globohomo, as is the ENTIRE republican party [and it ALWAYS has been], but they are fortunate that most of their voters are among the dumbest people to ever coalesce into a loose group in history.

Cities are fucked already. Piles of shit, garbage, and homeless.





That is probably because you like cock in your asshole.

I was hoping that Russia would nuke them.

Fear porn.
The democrats are distilled down to the pure crazies base. The EU is collapsing. A shitstorm is brewing about Google/Facebook censorship. Some huge ass anti trust shit is likely going to blow the fuck up in a few years. More and more people recognize the 2% problem. Boomers are starting to die off, Thank you Jesus.
Gen x is low density so a crash inevitable. Fewer people to buy shit. And the internet generation has the greatest access to information in recorded history, and apart from the mentally ill furry Zig Forums homo's, are the most redpilled.
If rural America collapses, buy some rural land and figure out how to make a living through the internet.

"The happening is coming any day now" - the american right for the past 60 years

That's fair. Another system of voting that one might consider would be a sort of merrit based enhanced voting system. Whereby men and women of exceptional character have special status voting IDs that effectively get counted more than people of lesser quality. In example; say a doctor of exceptional character who has participated in the community has a special ID that gives him, say, 5 voting power on election day. That way instead of a great mass of dumbasses carrying the day every time, you have a political elite that cater to a slightly more intelligent and perceptive group.
That said, allowing the masses to continue voting acts as a counterbalance so that things don't become too elitist.

From who?

Nope, open to cheating and fraud. Just cut out the low IQ subhumans and retards. It is less complicated. Or the real solution, Ethnoglobe. No more problems ever again just endless potential, prosperity and advancement.








But very little abandoned property. Follow the money, half a city's population could be homeless and it'd still be fine so long as it has 100% occupancy and existing ((((landlords)))) kike everyone into a police state. This was not the case in the latter 20th century, which is why cities melted down as vacancies caused property values to fall then tax revenues then effective police.

It is exactly what is happening to rural areas now: people die and property is never revacated, and is usually ruined beyond repair after the first winter without heat (note: sometimes this happens before the tenant dies, because the god damn kikes would prefer to let men freeze then loose a few dollars). Property values decline, causing property taxes to decline and thus the Sheriff finds himself understaffed. In this case he either simply lets the lawlessness escalate as people arm themselves, or he lobbies the GOP to buy some Mossad drones to monitor the entire area while he goes in with a handful of deputies in a swat team. This is exactly, EXACTLY what Israel does and Netanyahu has been trying to export it to America and Mexico for the past two decades.

Dems are aware of this too, it's why they keep demanding an electronic border system because it's 100% Jewish. Republicans making a fake fight over the border wall (something Trump could build right now with the military contingency fund, but nope he's spending that on new mideast deployments instead) is just a distraction from their general approval of this, and desire to see the entire country under 24/7 aerial surveillance. Even NASA is in on it, the X-57 is a demo unit for their attempts to make laser/wireless power rechargers to allow for 24/7 drone surveillance. It's little surprise that an IDF subsidiary is contracted to do it's software, too. Republicans fully support this and want to see the entire country covered in it, controlled from Israel of course. Trump literally signed the agreement setting up/paying for the special Israel-only sat network last month.

And what's going to be left at the end of it? The point is to make rural life so hard and difficult that the goys must flock to the cities and be homeless or near homeless so they can be perpetually cultiavated. Because that's all jews see us as: cattle.

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Oh I don't even consider a future where we co-habit with shitskins.

child marriage is rampant in rural america, thousands of children in each state every year.
let those yokels have it

Literally too stupid to comment. You must go back!

The military is 'going along with it' so that is the future of the nation.

Rural America is a bunch of parasitic rednecks whining about the socialist programs they use.


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in a nutshell

Don't forget to catch aids from a nigger and spread it to whitey so it can get to China Ffs

I am not inciting, condoning, or advocating violence when i put forth the following hypotheticals:

- what if someone sprayed a group of spicnigcucktrannyfags with the urine of a mare in heat and then turned a herd of stallions loose on them and livestreamed the result?
- what if military, law enforcement, and farms all collaborated in every state to prepare for possible EMP's that could kill power to America's most degenerate cities this winter?
- what if roving hordes of frozen and starving spicnigcucktrannyfags get hired by free range hog and gator farms… and then millions of human teeth are found months later in lagoons, swamps, and forest subsoil?

How much money will you have to make in order to prevent your daughter's ovaries from getting blacked by nigs in college? Your dollar bills are your ballgag, wagecuck, and your mortgage is the pussywhip with which your bank whips your ass. Everyone on opioids and meth cannot be trusted. Better start thinking like a warrior and doing triage in your mind. The federal reserve got us into this mess. Only blood and soil will get us out.

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Warren Buffet owns the railways and wanted too much money. He’s cabal as you know.

SF and LA don't get cold enough where people would freeze without heat in the winter. Same for Miami, New Orleans, and Austin.

most niggers are naturally violent and all women realize this, it's why BFWM relationships have lower divorce rates because black women know their men are fucking worthless and would only hurt them. Same for spics - it's why they keep hopping the border to the US rather than having families in a country where men are allowed to beat the shit out of their wives. Whatever happens next, feminism in it's current form is unlikely to survive.

They're all in on it. They are all kikes or kike enablers.

I sure wish the Filterman Jonestein was as blunt as you explaining Agenda 21.

Trump has mentioned electronics. The Canadian border has censors (but the traffic, aside from Chinese snakeheads goes north).

Kinda like how you need to know Italian to play music, you need to know how to schmooze to play (((bank))).

So nationalize them.
So kill him. Either don't want to or can't. First means he's in on it, second means he's weak and not worth getting behind.

Jewish control over infrastructure. You can't kill that with a gun.

There probably won't be a military intervention and if there was they would never return us to the Constitution which is what the kike/semites have worked so hard to destroy all these years.

Sure you can. Kill the jews. But why would he kill his own family? That's the point: there is no fictional alternate history where Trump is this super anti-jew crusader being bogged down at every turn. It is not a coincidence that almost all of his closest allies are kikes and all of his greatest enemies are NOT kikes [despite his 24/7 JIDF troll force trying to pretend otherwise].






Think outside the box.

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Is the whining about all those aborted black babies a form of virtue signalling considering they hate urban demographics? How many of those conservatives go to black churches?

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Maybe if rural americans larp some more as being simple people who don't understand anything, then maybe the world will magically become a place where you don't have to understand anything in order to defebd a decent culture within your territory.


Not just one. Many.

Wow he actually did something for whites for once

lol no it's not

everybody who wishes to impose (((their))) will unto you. They'll try to accomplish this with the Chinese surveillance system being imported all over the world, then they'll try to shill their (((crypto))) social currency (like facebook recently tried starting) so they can have their dystopia where mob mentality rules and (((they))) make the rules.
Only problem for them is that beyond the complicit sheep there's a growing faction of anti-kike sentiment, and the already present anti-establishment ex-prisoner population who'd both love to brick Shekelberg's skull in and use his entrails as a fur coat.

Knife fighting is fucking retarded.

You forgot your "natsoc goons.png"

What are you even talking about. The US is twisting almost every nations arm right now to get them to stop buying Chinese Tech.

Oh you're a boomer never mind

This is all part of a plan to consolidate populations into cities and the rewilding of rural areas. Leftists have been systematically sabotaging rural economies for half a century.

Destroyed timber industry with spotted owl bullshit. The pretentious claims about old growth forest.
Old growth trees after so long stop making cones. They are not making baby trees. They also get heart rot and become dangerous. Not to mention being the tallest tree and partially dead and drying out because it's tall it will be struck by lightning and catch fire. Do you know how much work it is to put out a fire in an old growth tree standing and burning. You have to precisely fall it so it doesn't catch everything else on fire then you have buck into small enough pieces so the fire crew can work on putting the fire out that is burning inside it. Old growth trees are also taking up the light that smaller trees need to grow.
Hogs light from other trees.
Fire hazard and windfall hazard.
Isn't making baby trees anymore.
Boomer trees need sawed the fuck down.
The biggest gripe people have with cutting down old growth trees isn't the trees. It's the undergrowth. It's pretty rare that during reforestation efforts timber companies most just replant trees. Here's the thing. We can do more. Replant the ferns, moss, lyken, underbrush, etc. Actually reforest the entire forest and not just the trees. Everything comes back, not just trees. Their argument was the spotted owl. There were never many spotted owls. That whole thing was a bunch of city slickers who never even go to the forest trying to tell rural people who to live. You can always tell city slickers when they go to the forest because they dress like they are going on safari for a 5 mile hike. Pathetic. I can rant on about how the left sabotaged mining, ranching, commerical fishing, etc. But you already know. Let's do some more research on this and expose the plan.

Millions of Whites are suffering from poverty, unemployment, sickness, homelessness, despair and agony.

They have no where to go, no one to help them as Whites have no one representing them. The State tells them to fuck off because they are White. I see this first hand daily in real life.

You did this White Nationalists/Alt Right

with your larping, Nazi porn, vulgar mentally ill politics and doxing/derailing every attempt by Whites to create something that would work. You are the real enemy of Whites. You created the political climate for this to happen. And you continue to give aid and comfort to our enemies who wish to exterminate us by forever denying our right to self defense.

You forgot your swastika dildo that will save the White race.

This online environment was created for them to do it.

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If people didn't say what they wanted to say in the first place we would be saying the things we want to say. We would be fighting for the right to say the things we want to say like they are doing in the UK.

Without open discourse nothing positive will happen. It doesn't matter what your political opinions are. Free expression is of paramount importance for nationalists. This is important for you to learn so you can be on the same page as everyone else.

Just report him

go research who funded the civil war

what if you tie the knife to a stick?

AF UAVs in Nashville Airport

Is this memeable?

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Already begun the dildo wars have.

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Guns are still superior, spearchucker.

The irony is that they voted for it and will even defend it.

Kill yourself you jew fuck. Farmers are also doing just fine.

People will just begin avoiding federal law and refusing to pay property tax and it will spread from rural up to outer cities. Our entire country is controlled by NYC, Chicago, Southern Bay of Cali, and various areas on the North East Coast. Once the boomer generation dies and gen Z gets a dose of how fucked things are there won't be much for them to depend on.
>hope to have 10 solid years of (((retirement)))
Pretty fucking awful life.

look at the individual counties and racial populations you faggot.

In your imagination.

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Everyone's doing better here.
Most small farmers have switched to selling direct to the consumer, and farmer's markets are very popular.
I don't believe everything I read, so I question Zerohedge's sources, on this.

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Provide proof.

Trump is releasing a ton of subsidy money to tide them over, unfortunately the ones with all the globalist contracts are fucking factory farms, which SHOULD disappear.

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I buy from them every week.

Leave it to the shitskin to expect the authority figures to take care of simple problems instead of going out there and cleaning the mess up himself.

Anecdotes can be made up, statistics can't. Find me proof or shut the fuck up.

Appalachia is not ‘distressed’ though. They are going to live through everything because most of them live humbly, stick with kin and know the old ways of doing things. Trust me, they are not distressed like niggers and spics are ‘distressed’.

Why is the name blacked out?

Whatever cums out of those is bound to be deadly.

Nobody tracks farmer's markets, as most of the sales are done in cash.
Just open your eyes and get out of your basement, and you'll see them multiplying all over.
I buy all my beef from a local farmer, and my milk, as well.
And the crowds at all the farmer's markets I go to are huge, while the local mall is shutting down.
Others I speak to, who are from diverse areas all over the counry, tell me the same thing.

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I've lived there longer than you have and I can tell you that's a load of shit. There are fucking walmarts in almost every county, and they don't "stick with kin", they move either east to Tennessee or west into Asheville, Charlotte or Raleigh for jobs.

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can you convince them to abandon USD and start selling for alternatives so the city slickers can't buy from them?

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Appalachia is hurting badly, anyone claiming otherwise is delusional.

So no proof then.

More like close my eyes and accept your bullshit on blind faith and made-up anecdotes. If you can't provide proof then you should shut the fuck up.

Seriously though, why is that cunts name blacked out? Is that a fake post or what?

4th pic, please, get this message out to all the voters.
Even Democrats will balk at your plans.