Proof California deserves to rot

But there’s more to the story.

So let me see if I’ve got this right

>degenerate kike principal (((Joy Epstein))) lets him get away with it
>straight white gentile male has had enough of getting mocked by other students because of this degenerate kike tranny (((Larry King’s))) bullshit and decides to shoot him in class

Wow, great job California. You’ve got a faggot kike principal and a kike kid who learned to be degenerate early and now you’ve got another kid who’ll be in jail until he’s in his 30s at least. Imagine a more cucked state.

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Frankly I'm confused. I take it the color photo is of the jew tranny and the black and white photo is of the guy who was being harassed. Why is there anything sexual in school time? School is for math, physics, chemistry.

Left (black and white) is Brandon, right is Larry (sorry, LATISHA).

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Eh he'll be out by his mid-late 30's, possibly sooner.
If he plays his cards right with prison he can leave with a degree, ripped, and sealed record.
Then he can bury the past and the tranny stays dead, win-win.

honestly, this. he'll normal his way through that shit. kid looks reasonable, taking the tough path for doing a not-wrong thing.

have you ever considered a career in detective stuff?

Instead of recording a video and then using it in a sexual assault case (which CA law did and does require schools to suspend students over, cunts abuse it constantly) he went straight to violence and did it in a way that is traceable to him. Stupid is as stupid does. We have technology now - those who fail to understand how to use it get to sit in jail for 5 years before being released on probation.

He can score a wife before he is even out of prison. This is really making the murder/prison situation start to look attractive. The only bad part of the equation is nignogs blocks your path, what do?

Because sex ed is required because otherwise niggers would be murdering gays on sight for fear of AIDS, as is done back home in africa. Also schools can't discriminate on sex, and CA schools especially couldn't do it considering the state banned gay marriage in 2008 (overturned in 2013 thanks to Obama's court) which caused Arnie to instruct schools to be nice to gays.

Although even independent of all this, sex is an inherent part of biology and is where Eugenics comes from. This part is never talked about though, because (((some people))) don't want their agenda questioned. Christfags go along with it because they would rather have 50% nigger school instead a single faggot.

I started reading, got to some shit about someone in high heels, then stopped giving a fuck. What is this dumb shit? Is it really so difficult to report facts instead of making blog posts?

New Jersey too. Living in this state makes me want to rope daily.

Look at this soulless motherfucker. Also,
>assistant principal (((Joy Epstein))), noticing McInerney's reaction, wagged her finger at him
Go figure; the proper response is to pull the mentally ill tranny aside and warn him that he's going to hell unless he straightens out

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You missed the part the kike principal was turning a blind eye to this tranny prototype harassing students?

Frankly it's a miracle that any white kid can get through a california school without ending up in juvie or a psych ward.

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A soul that has been stolen and taken away by the spiritual jew, can only be re-claimed with the blood of actual jews and spiritual jews

This. I have family that went to school down there. They came out looking like they've seen a war. Their faces had changed in a way you usually only see in military vets and ex-cons.
Everything west of the Rockies needs to sink into the ocean tbh.

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Why are two Aryan brothers fighting???? NO MORE BROTHERS WARS!!!!!

I bet all the other trannies in the school kept their mouths shut afterwards. We need more of this, There have to be consequences for flaunting your mental illness as if it's normal

This. There are still good people in prison, and its basically free college and board. Nothing like what hollywood portray it, at least in the US it isn't. The only two men I know who've been didn't join gangs though. I could be wrong, but if you join a gang in prison you might as wellkuss your freedom goodbye.

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Fucks sake.

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Serves him right – he stayed in California.

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California, never again.

These kikes made the list.

Looks to me like a face that has had it up to here with this shit ergo zero fucks given

Seriously read this shit with clown music in the background.

Remember his name. He is Brandon McInerney, still imprisoned until 2032.

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the kikefaggot is dead
the aryan killer has earned his stripes
he'll receive hundreds of marriage proposals in prison
i dont see what's wrong with this happening

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not anymore my good goy

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the principal is to blame
without his kike faggotry the student would have have other means than lethal violence to defend his integrity

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In old norse law, if somebody accused you of homo, you killed them to prove it was untrue, or you left town in shame forever.

weak men are a drain anyway

I get called homo here at least once a month by random, dumb niggers. So I should start killing you guys to be a man again.

Now, that is one based Mexican right there.

Killed more (((sex offenders))) than I have. The trick is to find the jews on the books, that way zogbots let you do it awhile before trying to catch you.

This, smart lone-wolfing can be very effective. Just look at serial killers, the smart ones can bag tenths sometimes up to a 100 people. Alaskan avenger is also a great example.

Over-escalation is a serious tactical error. Kids just are not educated in how to deliver an ass beating these days. Juvenile detention and California public schools are six of one and half a dozen of the other anyway though.

Gotta love it when the media can barely keep up with this leftist insanity