Trump Advocate Luke-Jones Latest Right-wing Convert to Islam

The front man for Make Britain Great Again, and former UKIP member, Luke Nash-Jones joins a long line of former conservative figures who have converted to the Muslim faith.

Former UKIP member and advocate for Donald Trump, Luke Nash-Jones stated, "Why do you count from 1 to 10? Who invented algebra? Much of the foundation of modern mathematics was developed by a Muslim scientist called al-Khwarizmi. He was one of the most intelligent men to have ever lived, and he had a far higher IQ than many who throw slurs at adherents of his faith."

He expressed his newly-found admiration for Islam, explaining that, "Most adherents of any faith are merely looking for some traditional family values in a world overrun by hedonism. There are numerous competing writings and interpretations that form Sharia, but most people in any faith are simply drawn to ideas such as respect for parents, community, love of neighbours, and so on. "

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Why should I care about what Britstand thinks?

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Based and redpilled.

Jews take over control over islam just like they took over christianity or right/left wing. Shapeshifting.

LOL, not even close. The Foundations of MODERN mathematics were developed by Northern Europeans. Newton, Leibnez, Euler, Weierstrass etc. The key part which makes the statement so wrong is the use of modern, which is quite different to the math of the Arab world. That isn't to dismiss their contribution, but Europeans have taken it a quantum leap forward.


These gadflys were never serious about righting western/white civilization. Trump never was; whatever idiotic e-celeb they trot out is not and will not be serious
It’s literally nothing deeper than “lol troll’d the libs so hard! XD” taken to its logical extreme. If he’d done any actual research, he’d find out, same as me, that islam was created by jews once again to destroy peaceful pagan neighbors. Some things never change…

The irony here is that he's correct that there were many brilliant Muslims centuries ago during their Golden Age, but likely one reason that the Middle East fell behind was inbreeding due to Muslims imitating Muhammad. Today, they are a mostly dumb fucking people. If you find geniuses in their countries, they are far more likely to be members of the non-Muslim minority.

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Who is this swarthy fuck fooling?

Why did we count from I to X? Although if he meant it literally, let us thank India.

India with some Greeks thrown in this case.

The Persian Zoroastrian born who learned from Indian and Greek manuscripts? He isn't even the greatest mathematician. That title belongs to Euler, an extremely highly devout Christian whom destroyed the fedoras of his day.

Bandwagoneers also get the rope.

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It's also important to note just about every mathematician produced by the mudslimes was a 1st gen convert (or usually not even a mud) and often of Greek, Syriac, or Persian in origin.

The whole "Islamic golden age" is a bad joke if it is seriously examined.

Muslims will share the same gas chambers as the Jews do. No point in coating the place with bacon grease and pigs blood twice. We can save on the pigs.

That will be the inevitable outcome, if people don't start to act violently against the jews and their goons.
Whatever is written or told in islam, it is all irrelevant to the fact (and main reason behind the current massive converts) is that islam can be used as an excuse for one group to kill their enemies and those that they hate. especially considering how the degenerates are protected by corporations and the media.
If people can't rightfully kill faggots and jews simply for being the degenerates that they are, people will kill faggots and jews "in the name of Allah" or whatever name the mudslimes preach.
It is a means to an end.
Either the white race fight and kill it's main enemies, or most white people will simply move towards whatever system allows for the white race to kill it's main enemies, even if it means pretending to be a convert for some sandnigger religion.
The lack of violent action against the enemy is a lot more infuriating than the actions of the enemies themselves. Anything goes, if it facilitates for white people to kill jews and other degenerates.

This guy gets it.

Best post I’ve seen tonight. It’s operating time in grand theft auto.

Based. Join Islam, like every sane White man did already. This is the true redpill.

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European faiths allowed that too. But these reject the special status od the kikes so they are suppressed by the system.


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No mention of shitskins. Curious.

Not for a minute do I believe you are White, but let's assume you are for a moment…

Do you as a White Muslim support the immediate deportation of your fellow non-White Muslims?

I've asked this question a few times, yet to get a reply funnily enough!

More proof, if any were needed, that the mainstream Right is trash.

This is why you can't spell cUcK without the UK.

nice (((bait))) m8


Is this dude saying we should adopt white sharia?

Traitors will be amongst the first to die.

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Even old math was developed in ancient Greece, Rome, white Egypt and Aryan India. Shitskins made some minor contributions but that's pretty much it.

Only the most niggerish and degenerated of Whites would fall for the white sharia meme.


we literally have a pro europe party called Change UK (CUK)

wasn't Islam created by the Catholic church to destroy the other christian sects and various minor religions in the middle east area?

Bongistan is official now?


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