I keep getting banned for posting memes

I keep getting banned for posting memes.
Iraq is mad..
Why does chan love Islam so much they ban and anchor any Islamophobic comments on the board??

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Bad pic.
I made fun of Isalm on Neinchan and got a permanent ip ban.
This is my last chance to wake you up.
Chan is controlled by Islam to create hate and so Antifa can believe there are Nazis so they can hate Nationalist
It;s a clown world and we are seeing clowns pretending..
Wake up…

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muhammad was a loli connoisseur

god, i wish this were true

You posted a gay porn vid bro

Proof I posted. I have proof I keep getting attacked for make Islamic jokes on chan..
Delete me now.

Watch… Pay attention to the post…

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maybe he is an Iraqi atheist?

please post le proof, i is mod

You mad muzzy.
I have just started playing.

Watch the thread.
It will be deleted.
Let me help it along.
I can;t prove deletion.
But you can watch it happen..
The chan folks have been watching and will give their opinion.

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OP is a faggot

Fuck off Mossad. Jews are the main enemy, not Muslims. You are shilling for war against Iran.

yep, Iraqi

OP is posting retarded memes but you can go die in a fire too faggot. Fuck Muslims

I make fun of Isalm.
Yet you get mad.
Everyone is seeing this. I signed sillycat so they would remember for over 6 months. Zig Forums knows me.. I never post Porn just Islamic jokes. .
I got made fun of it for it. Bit it owned your Iran ass. You suck at chess.
I pointed this out first..
I am a god..



You aren't getting banned for making fun of Muds you retard. You're getting banned for offtopic shitposts and derailing threads

you know jim?

You don't have to be Mossad to hate Muds you know? Its actually quite easy considering they're all mentally retarded suicide bombing goat fuckers

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MOSSAD confirmed
It's because these are MOSSAD psyops
Go back to 4cuck, jew

I got so much copy pasta.

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When the fuck did you need to be a payed agent to hate Muslims? Are you mental?

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Kill yourself, go back to Facebook.
You don't contribute anything here except distraction from the Jewish question.
The JEWS brought Muslims to the West, the JEWs are destroying our culture, without Jews Muslims would be far less of a threat against our racial survival.

oh and
You're glowing.

post it to reddit, i believe in you

I sighned sillycat so everyone will remember me.
Tried to delete me.
You learning.

Your insults are tiny pieces of dirt hitting me.

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go away with your "we must liberate Iran" threads.
we all know that MOSSAD tries to manipulate the West into war with Iran.
Muslims are completely fine as long as they are in their own countries.
We do not need your crosscuck breivik ZIONIST larp

That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my shitposts

Fair enough but I can still shit on them if I want too. Niggers are fine in their own countries too, but they're still niggers

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The OP's gambit of distracting from Jewish tyranny by pointing at Muslim subhumanity is a trademark ZOG tactic.
For the leftists ZOG focuses on pushing diversity and equality, while trying to suppress their hatred towards banks and Jewish capital.

For right wingers, ZOG points out Muslim terror and barbarism, but from the viewpoint of Israel. The race question is mostly suppressed, and instead a contrived civic nationalist worldview is imposed, based on cultural values and social assimilation, while ignoring inborn racial differences. This is how right wingers are kept brainwashed into supporting Israel and fighting wars against Muslim nations.

Don't fall for Mossad distraction tactics

With no anti-Iran memes.
Iran is good and enemy of Israel
Saudi Arabia is a Zionist shithole

Muslims kill jews so they are okey.

I let you throw shit on me while you watch me fuck your mom.

Jew kill Muslims so they are ok.
Kill them all. Fuck them..
Fucking idiot.

okay, but why?

So you can eat the cum I throw in your face.
Don't get mad. It is funny.
Fun fun fun…
I get deleted on chan for making fun of Islam/
Answer me this riddle..

Fuck off kike.

The (((muslims))) on this board are actually a cointelpro psy-op.

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Go away CIA

1 billion of iran money paid for that comment?
Your family is going to starve when the war comes. You should flee. I am trying to save your family lives. RUN>>>>

Notice how quickly they counterattack on this slow-as-fuck board.


Nien I have never posted gay videos.
Please review.

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op, are you a mod too?

What a waste of a thread.

Some paranoid kike that believes if someone hates Jews more than they hate muslims it must be an Iranian shill.

Because this is UKIP/UCUCK meme-tier and is also pushed by Israel. Why not spend your time fighting jews instead of their minions/enemies?

you mad because I exposed you?
Been dropping it for awhile. Let Chan decide.

Delete this for gay porn…

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Who do you think was behind all the "Based Assad" threads? Certainly not Syrians who are too poor to even afford an internet connection or an education to give them an ability to speak, write and read English.

My Ip is going to be deleted soon.
I am not going to be able to help you anymore.
the easy path is the devils path,,…



Go fuck a goat..
It is the greatest pussy off all time a muzzy can get..

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For much of their history, muslims have been the shock troops and the forward strike force of the jewish menace. Any country that the jews want to destroy, the muslims suddenly start attacking unprovoked. This was true in the ancient times, and it holds true today.

take your lithium OP