Report Shows Online Ties Linking HuffPost, the Guardian, and SPLC to Antifa

Color me surprised. These news rags have gone full (((leftypol))) now.

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In other news; niggers are black, and jews not be trusted more at 9.


Already a thread, faggot.
Also, user did the same for (((BASED RIGHT-WINGERS))) and showed they're all linked, with connections into (((MGTOW))), (((VEGANISM))) and other profit-making "communities", pointing to centralized control by a media conglomerate.
Funnily enough, the exact same type of evidence used to show that (social networks), which is now being held up as "proof", was pretty much rejected as "coincidence" in that case.

Notice that the full data wasn't provided by that Twitter shill.
Want to guess why?
because it would show that the whole "left" and "right" is working together as controlled opposition

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Stop looking at the post before,, Punch.
Look at me. This is stupid.
Forget what you saw…

Not surprising at all but definitely good to get into the normieverse. Good way to expose the nose.

No there isn't.

Lying piece of shit

Thanks for distributing the awareness.

MIC isn't this shit.


But thank God we have /ourguys/ in the media like those good jews at PJ Media r-right?

Just read the wikipedia page for the website you linked to, and if you know anything at all about out struggle and the jewish problem you can see where they stand. "Right-wing" Trotskyites aren't any better than "left-wing" Antifa. It's all the same semitic shit.

Embed is from the PJ Media jewtube channel.


Good to know.

Good GoyBoy

What an half assed news report. Real news would be uncovering how these antifa terrorist groups are funded by Hillary/Pelosi or their cronies.

Checked and heil'd.

Back to reddit.

5 years ago I used to read The Guardian, now I want every last motherfucking one of them hanging from a lamp-post with a severed jew-cock in their mouths. Funny how things turn out

the guardian has a staff writer who is portland antifa

Just imagine if the retards who shot up synagogues and other pointless shit went after SPLC members homes instead? Or these propagandists groups like HuffPo? Or Buzzfeed? Or Now This? Or AJ+? Just imagine…..

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how does this work?
even greatest story never told is on the middle left what am I actually looking at here?

How many lies can one fit into a 3.5 ,minute video?

MGTOW doesn't deserve triple parenthesis, while there is a subset that wants to give up on reproduction altogether, it's not a law or anything.


The "Socialist Revolutionaries" are on the side of the entrenched System, who would have thought.

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neither have done shit.

A leftist made that image. Alt-right is full of faggots like filterman and PJW.

National Socialism isnt Socialism.
Rent Free.

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It doesn't. Its a combination of disinfo and schizo/boomer rambling designed to derail threads.

Neither of those two are directly involved in Antifa. Antifa has existed for a long time, it began in Europe. The branches here in the US where created by University brain washing. After university kids lost interest nameless proxy groups paid people in minimal cash to go and cause a ruckus. There is more connections to media than politicians.


SPLC, now there’s an org I wish I liked, but they were part of the darvo “anti”-bigotry push in gaming that did such ridiculous damage to inclusivity in my nation.

Generally though, this isn’t shocking. If you want to control an organization’s violence levels, it’s vital to maintain connections with them. If you want to quell Antifa, you have to reach out to them. Be the voice that is a bridge.

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Reports say road work niggers think they aren't niggers