German Jews warned not to wear kippas after rise in anti-Semitism

Jee I wonder why..

No wait.. (((they))) have it solved already

'Why is anti-Semitism on the rise?
Jewish groups have warned that a rise in popularity of far-right groups is fostering anti-Semitism and hatred of other minorities throughout Europe.'

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Anyway good news

It's just the bunch of shitskins and sandniggers, no one in Germany is really growing more antisemitic.

It's almost like nobody likes Jews? Why is this always the case regardless of time period? Hmmm???

Aren't Germans just slavs now? That would explain it. No but really wtf has become of you Germans? You find people closer to Nazis in America.

1945 happened and amerikikes took over the government.
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Hate to break it to you, but most women that were raped either dies or the children died, so your cuck fantasy doesn't hold true.
Most of the rape was in Berlin, but to your little brain it's of course the entirety of Germany.
Shit that only an Amerikike can garble, amazing.

Kippa or not kippa, they still run Germany.

Haha so many inferior Eurocucks telling the superior American off. That's funny. I think Europe is fit for our home. They have a lot of women and no men. Why should the muzzies get all the fine European women?


It was likely the only think keeping muzzies from fucking with them like white people. Bold move, jew.

Why are whites in Europe so weak? If this was happening in America there would be dead muzzies everywhere.

You're brain damaged. America is overrun by niggers and spics and no one does anything.

Yes but they don't openly attack whites in their own neighborhoods. This would cause a mini war. Whereas in Europe you all take it like a bitch. I'm starting to wonder if all the real Europeans went to America and they left all the serfs behind.

The amerimutt's on full damage control already, I see.

This doesn't happen but keep inflating the fantasy in your head of glorious Europeans. You all thought you were superior because you had faggy looking royals while Americans were busy conquoring the wilderness. We are much more manly than you because we lived on the frontier while you lived in stone houses. in the cities. You Europeans are afraid of the shitskins. It's quite embarrassing.

The US has always been the safety net for you fags to make sure you don't go extinct. Don't worry, when the shitskins take Europe from you faggots we'll take it back and put a nice big ol' Murican flag in every city.

There's no chance it might be the Moozies because heebs and mudslimes get along so very well.

Until they are dead.

No chance of that happening. Only Eastern Europeans have what it takes now and that's dwindling as well. Western Europe is lost because the people living there have been neutered by the US. After the war the allies decided to psychologically and physiologically castrate the Germans. The French had already had that happen and Spain who gives a fuck about Spain they're basically mexicans.

Knock it off, lads. We have the same blood, and THIS is what we fight for.
Keep this petty bullshit up, and the Volk here may begin to accuse of you being D&C, Hegelian Dialectic shills, derailing yet another thread.
You can wrestle each other in the bear pit AFTER we're the only ones left on OUR Earth.
Now, suck it up, shake hands, and kill jews.

They're paid to post here and allowed by the mods to do so. Zig Forums is dead.

They do, yeah. You're a fucking brain damaged lunatic and you're paid to post here.
Proven false.

Not really. It's moving out of the basement and seeps into society. You know this, right Abe?

Words of truth. Do not have infights within your race. There is only ONE enemy, and it's the Global Jew

Germany needs to bring back the tolerance tax

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No they don't. The Porshe family pretty much controls that entire government. Along with the Daimler Group.

Germany's entire economy is controlled by the owners of the production.

The government would change almost overnight if these companies wanted it to.

You're clinically fucking insane.
60 million illegal spics. Even more "legal" ones. Niggers everywhere. White commit almost zero crime. All nonwhites are slaughtering whites every day. No one does a thing. Get the fuck out and shut the fuck up.

No, they happen everywhere. You're not even trying now.
Just niggers and spics, yeah.
So go do it you won't.
Isn't that cute, moishe.

But guess what they don't want thag precise change. They let the poor German Whites being robbed by the Jew and stabbed by the mud.
So I assume there is something (((above))) these families you describe who prevent them to do what is needed.
This something is a three letter word : Jew
And in any case, they deserve the same bullet for their race traitour behaviour.

You can tell nothing.
It does, yeah.
Nope, because it has and no one did anything.
Isn't that cute, moishe.
Nope, Americans haven't done anything either.

Reminder that the paid shills can't refute a single fucking word of this thread.

Fake news.
There isn't a rise in anti-Semitism, there's a huge rise in Jews making false claims of anti-Semitism.
Due to social media sites and the public airing their opinions, and the fact that Jews rarely have opinions that are the same as non-Jews, and the fact that most Jews are intolerant and smear any non Jew with a different opinion to them as an anti-Semite, this has created a rise in fake claims of anti-Semitism.

Death to jews

Yes us Europeans have a Mudslim problem but don't think you Amerikikes are any better with your jewed Goverment. We don't see you lot doing anything about it apart from sitting back and taking it in the ass so don't go talking down our countries until you sort your own one out first.

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cries the 56% amerimutt
It's totally ridiculous.Mutts have never been Europe's friend, ever since we kicked out all the refuse that went and made up your country.
The sooner the Jewnited States, the better, because it will finally mean freedom from the ZOG's boot.
You go deal with your own shit in your own country, and leave our countries be, then we can be friends.

Goddamn amerifats, perpetually deluded they are the good guys.
You do see that the USA's influence on the world has been nothing but detrimental to white people ever since at least WW1?

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Antisemites are bad for science. Can you imagine a scientist ranting about evil Jews ruling the world?


Not over basically nothing. It's about the mutts trying to tell us yuropoors how our countries work while barely being able to find our continent on a map.

Of course, the jew is everybody's biggest enemy, but that doesn't make us friends.
Much the same as the fucking muslims aren't our friends, even if they hate the jew as much as any white man oughtta.

Excellent, jew-throttling intensifies

Trump is probably actually legitimately smarter and more grounded in perceiving a long term mental standing and methodology of retaining the country than literally this entire Board combined with a fucking oracle. And I'll fucking VPN spam this comment. because its Literally true. Fuck yourselves. This literally has fuck all do with sided anything, but to do with the sheer fact that this board remains cohesively bankrupt for 20 hours out of the day. running around in fucking circles. You fucking Clogged mess

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Instead of removing them you try to profit from them.

If only people owned the means of production…

dont hit yumi you nigger of europe

It sounds like your brother has really disturbed you, sis, and you're having a hard time "being equal" and spying on his "secret board" so you can "feel safe".

This is a Jewish "dog whistle" or for a call to total war with the goyim.

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You're going to swing from a lamp post either way. Save us the trouble.

And here's the video you need. You can see feel normal again after letting Jews = English, and you join the UKIP to fight desert dweller semite-filled\anti-semitic EU.

If any of that kvetching were true, you wouldn't feel the need to be here, bitch.
Thank you for the confirmation that this board, and the noble men behind it, scare the shit out of all of you.
I'm smiling right now.

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Some heated redpills in this as well, in case some female detractors will see reason.



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