SNC-Lavalin scandal will start World War III

The Chinese Communist Party has been fighting the West since 1999 when the People's Liberation Army published their military strategy book Unrestricted Warfare. They've been planning for a global manufacturing takeover with Made in China 2025. China's Ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye recently called it "white supremacy" when Canada called for the release of Canadians detained in response to the arrest of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou who defrauded banks in violation of U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Who wins if the West and China destroy each other? And we will if it comes to that. The US has weapons China cannot even begin to imagine which is why they're trying to obtain control so they can take out their enemies. This is all connected to Project Sidewinder in Canada, the Liberals destroying evidence of Chinese corruption in the Canadian government, ex-CIA agent Kevin Mallory being caught leaking top secret military secrets to China, the SNC-Lavalin scandal with the overthrow Gaddafi in Benghazhi, Trudeau's friend Christopher Charles Ingvaldson being jailed for his involvement in a pedophile ring, NXIVM, and the Clinton Foundation. Sex trafficking and China's involvement in Hollywood has been being used by the CCP to gain control of government officials and manipulate them from the shadows as a smokescreen.

The People's Liberation Army has already declared they will attack the West with kinetic warfare once our will and economies are sufficiently broken, and yet people go on living their lives right now like they're living in peacetime. Meanwhile the CCP has been quietly pumping out professors and researchers worldwide to every university to obtain AI research, push communism, steal intellectual property, develop lethal automated weapons, and take control of all manufacturing and technology.

Remember who owns and controls the media. One side of the media puts people asleep. The other side gets them amped up on fucking nothing.

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Why is China so upset about Meng Wanzhou? Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei is former director of the telecoms research arm of the People's Liberation Army. As well as a former Chinese officer who served during the Cultural Revolution and is currently a high-ranking Communist Party member.

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SNC-Lavalin and China signed agreements for Candu nuclear reactor technology on July 24, 2014

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Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng was also part of a Democratic fund-raising scandal when Bill Clinton was president:

He was convicted in 2017 in a United Nations bribery case:

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For those living under a rock and don't understand the SNC-Lavalin scandal:


Who is the Bronfman family?

Here's where it gets interesting:

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Why does Alex Jones say Hitler invented the idea of the European Union? The global financial system was already conspiring against Germany long before Hitler came along. The Rockefeller Foundation corrupted the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute once they noticed National Socialism was gaining popularity. They must've exploited the German people's hatred of the Jews and radicalized them to turn their internment camps into extermination camps in order to destroy the movement's international reputation. That slave labour was needed for the war machine so why would they even kill them? Do people really think a 1925 Hitler would've made such a blunder when he knew the realities Germany faced? He knew before the war even began that they couldn't survive without co-operation from the rest of Europe. The European Union as it is today goes against everything Hitler fought for to serve the German people.

I found some ramblings of Jon Rappoport on Infowars talking about IG Farben but it makes zero sense and only links to "The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’" written by an Auschwitz prisoner. IG Farben was seized after the war by the Allies and split up and completely reformed, but Alex says Bayer is the big pharma Nazi boogeyman. Paul Joseph Watson's argument is the European Union is evil therefore it must be run by Nazis and that proof of this is a sentence in a 1940 book by Walther Funk: "There must be a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests in certain cases to those of [the European community]." Again, Hitler already knew this in 1925. It was a bitter truth Germany faced. How the hell do these people think the movement could put up any resistance with their backs broken in 33 places after the war? Operation Paperclip took their best minds and scientists and the Nuremberg trials neutered Germany. The descendants of ones who fled to Argentina are spineless.

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The government in China is basically at war with Kikes. To be at war with that thing called "America" is to be at war with the Kikes, the European Manchu.

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It's just kikes wearing the masks of their enemies, when will people learn already. They jew you while using their fake news to shill EU as some kind of NS German project, while it was actually them all along. That way they not only get away for their jewing, but also get the people to hate their enemies.

You didn't even read my posts. I'm saying the Jews are setting us up for war with China and everyone is getting played like a fiddle, including Zig Forums, InfoWars, and Qtards.

Dubs confirm. Yet, I'm just not bothered. Yerro Perrir is bloody sickening. No matter how much japa-doo hapa fantasies get replayed. Chankoro occupation settlements in the core of every Occidental city in every Europid nation. Chock-a-block in all our Universities and Trades, running silent cover for ever more filthy Neanderkike subversion. At least if there was a kike-proxy war against the the chi-comms, the throng of diaspora bananas would have to go back where they belong. Japs ought to man up and rule them – if a gigadeath of chankoro dogs dropped dead tomorrow, the world would instantly be exponentially improved. They could be ground up and fed to the fishes in the sea.

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It's an Helene of troy scenario. That CFO lady is no ordinary lady…. you see she was supposed to climb to the highest rank of the CCP.

We (Canada/US) are holding theirs "Princess) future CCP leader hostage.

Shit is gonna go down! No way in hell the CCP will let be extradited to the US.

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China has been built by jews just like they did to the ussr. Not with direct jewish leadership but via investment. China is the tool that is meant to subdue the USA, that and south america. That probably wont happen until iran. But if they cant get an iran war, they might false flag for china to keep the usa in war and preoccupied, then follow with iran in the process.

Even in cfr circles they discuss china as a matter of thucididies principle, meaning that confilt is inescapable due to competition. The central banks have provided gold to the chinese at much higher rates than can be accounted for with chinas mining capacity and public books.

Red China has been trying to take over Canada for years, which is why I support annexation. Also, the bugmen aren’t too effective in the Canadian wilderness.

USA will annex befor any chink threat. Cap this.

Huawei used quantum entanglement which is uncrackable by (((FEYE))) is the real reason. It’s all so tiresome.

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The International Corporations have sold out to the Chinese. The International Financial institutions want Global Communism so that they can print unlimited money without consequences. The Chinese want to be on top of the Global Ponzi Scheme. The rest of the world will be leached from through fractional reserve lending, and the government will simply bail out the financial institutions when the system comes crashing down.

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