Banks and how to fuck them

Central banking, and banking in general, have long plagued western society. One could argue that banks have more political power than politicians. I would like to dedicate a thread to finding ways to "beat the bank" or otherwise undermine the financial system propagating the decline of the west. Pic related is something I found earlier.

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1. Use a Credit Union
2. Join a public "banking" co-op
3. Start your own

Credit unions and single-branch banks are great, especially since they don't get involved in dicey practices such as derivatives. Your money is actually safe with them. Also, apparently starting your own credit union is really difficult. I remember a story about a guy who was trying to start one and all the bureaucratic red tape was insane.

Redeem your pay cheque for lawful money.

Gold and silver are lawful money. Nothing else is money.

Never get into debt, withdraw your savings each month, invest it in silver and gold whenever possible.
Circumventing banks is the best passive thing a single person can do, atleast from what I can think out, but I'm a brainlet anyway.

does this work in the US?

Money is whatever your little brain thinks it is.

Nope. In the USA money=Ag & Au.

what about crypto

If you really want to stick it to the banks, wouldn't it be smarter to get everyone to withdraw money at the same time and cause a huge financial crisis?

You have to remember that "they" can print out as much money as they want, and whenever they want with no limits because all money is based on debt. What this means is that money has no real value, and the truly most high up rich don't actually own any "money" as we do. The only value money has to them is the rest of the worlds (as in the people) belief of value we put into it. They only value the value we have in the fake money. The federal banking cartel isn't even a real part of our own government. How do you think multibillion dollar corporations and other institutions magically get "bailed out" when they run into trouble like it's nothing? How do you think the USA can be so many trillions of dollars in debt and still magically continue to run like it's no big deal in any way? Money is fake. The higher up you go in terms of the powerful bad guys running everything, the more money they have. But then, at some point, all the money stops. It goes away. The richest in the world have no money at all. Screencap this.

The stock market is an even bigger scam because it takes the fake money based on debt and virtualizes it as even faker and more manipulateable numbers floating in cyberspace constantly being modified by supercomputers and other influencers. All the global markets and money numbers and changes in value and inflation are all 100% artificial.
They have it set up so that if they want a certain amount of money injected into the population, it will happen. They have it set up so that if they need a certain amount of money to leave the system and be "burned" so inflation does not occur, it will happen. the system is designed to bleed people dry of money in every which way through more than just double, but even quadruple taxation. The money always finds it's way back "up"

I like this thread. haven't scrolled down yet, I already know its non-kosher. And thats a good thing.

Can you hold it in your hand? Does it withstand a millennia of Mother Nature's wrath? Can you bury it in the backyard? Does it require electricity, and an operational kike grid to exist?
You see where I'm going with this…

convert your monetary wealth into liquid assets as quickly as possible.
focus on things that can allow you to generate your own wealth like land, tools, and training.

Money is what the Levithian says is money. You can't trade one-sixteenth of a silver bar for a pizza party or plane tickets.

What actually has genuine value and the implications of labor as a finite but renewable resource are completely irrelevant. If the system doesn't recognize your "more real" money as money, then it's not real money. A currency you can't exchange for goods and services is just trinkets and paper weights.

Who owns all the gold?

That is brilliant! Thank you! Embed.

I think they would go into quantitative easing stage 4 at this point. Money has become an abstract Financial concept rather than a true exchange of value. You have to understand, banks have no ability to enforce their profitability without the government, just like the government has no ability to enforce it's will without the financial system in place with the banks. It's a system that started off as a parasitic relationship with the bank being the parasite. However, the bank and the government have now become symbiotic. If you kill one you kill the other. That is why they protect each other so much.

Mother Nature, and any fucker who can take it, and hold on to it.
Welcome to Planet Earth.
Get some.

Abstract mathematical concept*

Albanians? Every like I know has a story like the above. They like to brag about jewing.

A fake W-2 works well, but that puts you into fraud territory. The capped method is legal if dishonest.

Not any fucker, no. The ones with the most guns and thugs on their side. Keep guessing.

Bingo. Related to this post
Money only matters to the poor people. This is why the national debt is meaningless.

We tried in 2001 in my country.
The banks simply prevented you from extracting money more than 50 USD, and so one of the most massive redpills came into being in my country.
There were demands, trials, etc etc.
After many months / years, people could slowly recall their money (after it lost value compared to dollar, of course)
t. argentinian

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I am pretty sure the fed would just start shipping banks pallets of cash if this happened.

Or just declare a bank holiday for a week. This has all been done before. Lurking is not a suggestion.

There's no need to be condescending and ammo/food is more valuable than gold if we get to the point where gold as money is even up for consideration. You're talking about societal collapse if that is to become a possibility. Gold is shiny and doesn't corrode. That's all it has going for it. Platinum and rhodium at least have industrial uses. Gold is just as worthless as paper the only difference is it's easier to make paper than to mine gold. (There are still only a finite amount of trees to make paper from so it is not infinite either, in case you feel like being pedantic)

Fuck banks. You don't want money, you want investments. Money is subject to inflation and inflation is effectively a tax on everyone that gets redistributed to banks and the federal government. Buy land in cities with a low likelihood of nonwhite migration (northwest? Alaska?) and if you're feeling ballsy you can invest in companies, but avoid anything without practical value like gold (especially with asteroid mining on the horizon). Also there is a regional housing bubble right now, do not buy housing in big cities. In fact, avoid housing in general unless you're flipping since the value of houses goes down over time unlike the land beneath them.

I wonder if this only worked in South Africa because South Africa's bank was Blacked.

Has this worked elsewhere? Because I need to deposit a 10 trillion dollar note into my bank account.

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You can put it in my bank account if you want.

I know, right? I'd like to deposit a promisory note declaring that I'm a god and get all the money I want. I have a nuclear Nautilus to build and an army of incels to equip. It has to be the nigger bank, or its a hoax.

Meme for suckers.

sage for dp but this is still exactly how debt money is made, so its sort of a redpill

I think it's worth going through the steps, getting it notarized and getting the legal procedure/ signatures when you serve it to their bank's HQ legal department and then get the fucking goddamn thing in court if they don't accept it and at least get a nice story arc out of it for the clicks because you recorded the whole process.
Especially if you owe a fucking bank money.

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Just dont pay usury, no loans, credit cards etc. At least on a personal level, any gov debt applies to you too and you pay usury unwillingly, because some jew took a loan in your name from his pals. So criticize anything that has to be bought on a loan, its better to not have stuff than use it.

And most of wealth should be not in money or anything that only exists on a computer screen.


Yes, gold is technically as much fiat currency as paper is, but it's a fiat currency that has been used for thousands of years and is valued by nearly every nation earth. And there are limits to how much of it exist as opposed to something that can be printed off in nearly infinite quantities. This all makes it some what safer to use as base of a nation's wealth.


Anyone who says no is a kid fucking kike

Kikes fucked the people with it, popularising it in media after they got most of it for cheap, so suckers tried to get on the gravy train, not seeing that they're the tube the gravy gets squeezed from. Go ahead, tell the people that bought it at 20k about how much a great investment that was.

What's the last name of these Albanians?

Card millions of bitcoins and resell them on credit cards people can buy by carding.

fuck the jew bank and fuck every fat disgusting goy pos that work for them.


I love gold. It’s so durable. It can be cast and recast repeatedly without loss of quality. It can be alloyed and separated from its alloys. It doesn’t tarnish or otherwise decay over time. Almost all the gold ever mined is still making real present contributions to human wealth. It promotes honest governance, too; printing press money is in part about “scientifically” stealing value from people. The product of that has been a society eventually so much poorer than that of our ancestors that the price of repairing Notre Dame is a mess of bank-breaking billions.

Gold-backed money is a faith worth keeping in the long-run… but everyone is dead in the long-run, so why not rip off the future consuming tomorrow’s wealth today with fake money?

I think radical life extension will eventually help bankers understand that even they should be more honest. Let’s let paper money go on a little longer (“How long can this go on?”) and work towards meatvats for next-gen protein synthesis technologies.

Heh, nothing personnel memecurrency

Normal Albanian names such as;

-Stein,Gold-,-Berg,-Mann,-Witz, Etc.

Just regular Albanians doing what Albanians do, fuck the Albanians I think we should do something to keep them from fucking us over like that. How come they get free money and we don’t? [email protected]@@@@@@@@@

2 words
print money

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kike memecurrency

Bitcoin was subverted by the Blockstream foundation, pushing the lightning network to raise transaction fees substantially.

Besides that it's speculative what background the whales come from, as it's almost safe to say a lot of orgs have been dutiful little errand boys for the elite who openly stated in a Bilderberg meeting a few years back how they basically controlled the cryptosphere. Just looking at pleb site advertisement and even the MSM the past two years clearly shows bitcoin is manipulated by the same people in the stock exchanges who push it up high and sell off. A few lucky bastards got insanely rich from it, and even if the dollar cracks and everybody flips their shit it won't be able to deliver the same TPS as all the legacy systems can provide.

New blockchain tech is underway that solves real life problems in the third world tho, as the western legacy financial system has a firm grip of things here anyway. Probably gotta look for third world countries where it's not profitable for the legacy system to deploy itself to.
I foresee a very rapid deployment of case-to-case solutions being hunchbacked on the same interledger protocol system, but it might take a decade or so for everything to work seamlessly and governed fittingly.

Until then there are a few safe tokens that 'solves' real life problems, like Monero with the privacy aspect in it, making it the safest illegal drug trade and black market crypto around. Cryptos like those will probably be around for a long, long time.

I recommend serious research before you bet on any of them. It's DARPA level risky to bet any of them emerging and trying to solve everything a financial system should provide at once. It takes serious work to get shit done in the computer sciences, and you'll spot the super nerds before the hipsters if you're looking for serious projects in that regard. Try looking for some. It might pay off.

I might seem like a reasonably guy so I might already tell you Zcash is Israeli-based, Etherium is broken by cryptokitties, Bitcoin Cash is led by a con man, Ripple is centralized and such not even a crypto and there are a bunch of coins out there on the exchanges with a combined a market cap higher than the BNP of Madagascar based solely on single white papers and a press photo of a diverse, young bunch of caffeine addicts in their 20'ties sitting in a sunny, public place explaining how their social media token can outplay facebook or youtube.

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Barter. Use money sparingly.

that is fucking awesome
I just spent the last hour to search if it was feasible in France, and the answer is maybe, because the subject matter is so obfuscated that it is obvious that many banksters/lawyers have taken great pains to try to hide it
it is likely that this operation is feasible almost anywhere in the world, because it's the way the rothschild system works

website mentioned in the video:
for you meriburgers, he's visiting the usa these days
if you can go to one of his conferences, you can probably also ask some fresh news about south africa

after what I've read, he mentioned in his video that he was surprised that the banker said in court that banks could be paid by promissory notes
that's not surprising: it's in the interest of the bank that the debtor finds a way to allow the bank to get its money back
the promissory note has to be written well enough that another financial institution has no problem buying it from the bank to which the debtor gives it
the trick is to write the "terms and conditions" that would allow you to honestly pay it back in full, but that the bank will compare with the ability to "sell it immediately to someone else like any other financial object", and due to the splendid "whereas such trade shall terminate the obligation therein", you get rid of it as soon as the bank gets rid of your version of unprofitable credit

no you idjit, it doesn't work that way
you use that method to cleanse a debt, because a debt is money that the bank doesn't have, and it is in their interest to fill the hole in their accounts with money that you made
except that instead of "making money" like their slave, you "make" it like another bankster

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Already not true, bitcoin transactions cost cents, right now.

iirc, taking a loan with the intent to file bankruptcy is a serious crime, and what's in pic related is probably RICO-able

No, jew.

Learn what words mean.

Jew puppet.


just don't use them
it's e z
live on your own independent from society and inspire others to be heroes too.
grow food.
buy land.
sell crops and cash that into gold.

If this is all it takes to be a "hero" today it's no wonder why the western world is so fucking cucked. Just bend over, pay your taxes, do some LARPy survivalist shit and hey presto, you're a fucking "hero" what a joke.

Easy way to fuck over banks:

1) Go order a free yearly credit report from all 3 agencies.
2) Systematically contest that every single thing in your report you believe is fraudulent and show you proof that you own the debt or delete what you owe.
3) Debt collectors will either scramble to find the info they don't usually keep, if they ever got it, delete the debt to shut you up… or refuse to change the report within 30 days and you can sue them for "extortion".

Taxes go to the banks retard that's the opposite of removing yourself from them

Impossible. There's no good way of doing that, and even if you do manage at that, you're still just hiding in your cuck shed in the middle of nowhere. So fucking heroic.

This is well known.

Bullets and Food is money. Everything else is jewish.

That image is OK, but:
1) It's Armenians, not Albanians.
2) There is such a thing as civil judgment. If it's big enough, the bank will take you to court over unsecured debt. Then wage garnishment and bank levies are on the table.

It's not quite the perfect crime.

Oy vey, can't have any schmuck running a credit union oy vey! Gotta make sure the (((experts))) manage the money, yesh yes goy.

Is cuckchan down for anyone else? I can bring up threads but attempting to post give a connection error.

self sage for offtopic post

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More like 4 dollars, Chaim. It topped 30 once.

Sure thing.

Technically what they're doing is fraud and they could be prosecuted, but they probably aren't because it costs the bank more to deal with the courts than to just write off $10k

Here are some scams I've seen jews in LA perpetrating.

This is why most places will only ship to your billing address.

This is why most banks will require a principal to personally cosign.

Cops and insurers are generally on to this, so they have to be convincing that they were actually robbed.

This you can only do a few times a year otherwise you'll get too many chargebacks and lose your merchant account. Alternate version is to "accidentally" set the CCs to monthly recurring billing instead of single charge.

This is my personal favorite, gotta admit it was clever. It's 100% legal and these kikes stole 10s of millions from tax payers. And these people wonder why they are hated.

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Get a fucking load of this guy

Damn whoever made that image needs to learn how to drop shadow that text…

It doesn't cleanse your debt, it's a promise to pay at specific intervals. Admittedly the banks might be too lazy to actually collect on it but it's still a valid and legal way to pay off a debt.

All the donor class does. This is a problem of democracy and republics since forever.

Start your own deposit and withdrawal only automated online pirate peer to peer bank with no physical offices.

yes, it is, but follow what happens with this promissory note:

When the bank recieves it, it checks that it is a valid "commercial effect" (meaning: "a legitimate financial object that can be bought or sold") determined by the formalism of the document
as soon as they determined it is valid, it is used to extinguish the debt for which you emitted it.
Then, they have the choice to either refuse the terms you've decided to set up for payment of this promissory note, or accept them. Note that if they refuse and sue you over it, the debt is paid anyway: for the litigation to be able to be initiated against this document, it has to "exist juridically" which means they have to admit the reality of its existence, and the debt is paid by it, and they have to initiate a new judicial action against this document
Now, beside the fact that it costs time and money to go to court, the best they can hope for is getting the document invalidated as a commercial effect, which means you and they are back at the point of unpaid debt just before you wrote it.
That's very not interesting for the bank


They can read it and see that you promise to pay in full, but at insufferable conditions of having to sent some shmuck in your house at bumfuck-nowhere to take 500bux at a time every month over decades, which might tend to be unprofitable…
but then they can read the document and see that you give them the right to sell it.

It's a legitimate sellable asset: with edition number, amount of money, place to redeem it and authenticated signature, it has all the characteristics required to be a Bank Note.
You've made a legal bill of authentically non-counterfeited money worth the amount of jewbucks you decided to write on it.
And if the bank sell it in a portfolio of other bonds, debts, obligations, whatever, they get at once the exact amount of money they want to plug the debt hole in their books, so it's in their absolute best interest to sell it, most likely by including it in bank-to-bank transactions over deals of financial instruments. A bank manager would get yelled at by his bosses if he didn't sell it.
And for the new buyer, it's exactly as reliable as any other bill, they can't collect on it in exactly the same way that they don't collect on land or gold when they get FED-USD treasury bonds, because you wrote as a final term "whereas such trade shall terminate the obligation therein". This promissory note is destined to be just a number in an electronic ledger, and the paper to sleep forever (or until the next global catastrophe) in a safe somewhere, probably belonging to the rothschilds

You've just increased the inflation of your country and the world by an infinitesimal amount, but colossally less than the $Trillions worth of fake money generated by the elites, and you "made money" like a bankster

What would happen if people starting burning their local big banks to the ground?

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womb access is money

Most consumer banks (including CitiBank) have built-in maximum daily withdrawal limits. Imagine that: they literally won't let you have your money all at once. THEY manage your money. It's such an overt scam, man…

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that only works on white men because white men are the only ones who work and albanians and armenians aren't white.


Well I am very tempted to try this I doubt anyone in the bank would know anything about anything enough to accept this and theyd probably just kick me out of the bank.



watch the video/read the website
you don't go to your local branch and ask a random teller
you go to the direction, you dress like an accountant or lawyer, you are perfectly polite at all time, and you ask to go to the reciever office to deliver a document
once there you salute the lawyer, you follow the procedure about the stamps you need to get on the originals letter and bill and their copies, you have the enveloppe ready, and you thank him and say goodbye afterwards with the secret handshakes
in this game, you're larping as an agent of elites and/or banksters, if you fail to be believable at a game you were never trained to play, there's no telling what your fate may be

How does one go about getting these credit cards if one has no credit score? Also after 7 years, does the debt just go away? What about your score?

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Believe it or not, women in India are the largest owners of elemental gold in the world.

This seems too good to be true. You can pay off a mortgage like this?