How did the juice get in Europe

It doesn't seem like anyone reeeally knows how the fuck the joose got to Europe. Given they have a tight-knit culture and all these offshoot religions, you would think there would be personal accounts, (((ledgers))), genealogies, etc.

Is this some sort of cover-up? Were they already scheming so early on and have something to hide?

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Oh jeez. This is a long, long story that stretches back to pre-history. Even the Greeks had to deal with the jews.
Though prepare for a lot of baseless, wild claims ITT. There is a lot of disinformation circulating about the jew.

Jews are just normal people like you and me so they got in by perfectly normal means, of course.

They followed the trade routes. It is generally believed that the first groups went up through Rome and Italy, and most of the rest across North Africa and up through Spain. The word "Ashkenaz" was traced to a group of towns on a trade route in eastern Turkey, and Greece played a role because their translations of the Jewish books were so influential that everyone calls them by their Greek names and not the Hebrew ones.

Interesting query, user. Of all the shit, I've never thought about this. I've come across info on the very ancient, neanderthal links getting booted out by Cro Magnon, but never (((their))) return. I look forward to this thread.
Bump for unique interest.

Jewish merchants were roaming in the Mediterean due to the influence of the egyptian, and later the greeks and the romans.

Then with the burst of Christianity, jews have an excuse to go everywhere due to their relationship with Christian mythos.

Jews are orginally niggers from Khazaria that converted to judaism

So far I'm hearing they were living in Israel, (((Christ))) supposedly dies, and they use (((Christianity))) as a vehicle to enter Europe through Greece. Is this accurate? Do we have a timetable?

In general, they were brought in by European monarchs to manage the nation's banks and loans. The largest point of entry was under Oliver Cromwell.

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The Spanish Inquisition is also vilified as a Catholic War Crime, but it was pretty limited in scope to culling Jews who converted to Christianity to save their hides instead when they didn't want to leave behind all their shekels after the reconquista. Which of course the Jews were responsible for letting the Berbers get a foothold on the Peninsula to begin with in the 700s.

They walked

It's such a complex question because the serpent shapeshifts through time while keeping its nature. To me the struggle itself of Rome with Carthage was the first, at least of the historical record, major struggle against the (((punic merchant))), who had already taken parts of Iberia and Italian islands with them in their merchantile empire. Rome came closer than anyone else to solving the problem but I guess at the same time it fell pray to its influence, and after scattering the roaches instead of finally destroying the nest, it became a merchantile power itself. That's where they probably started again to build their networks in Europe, establishing a semi permanent presence or bases of operations especially in the late dying stages of the Empire with the christianization of the Empire and the Codex Theodosianus allowing them to do their thing.
The feeble response of medieval christians during the middle ages with their foolish hope they would just eventually convert them only managed to establish a permanent carcinome even more to the north, even if there were periodic local expulsions and persecutions by the local population(not so much by the church authorities themselves, see sicut judaeis).

By subverting, lying and bitching about their own victimhood status as poor refugees fleeing from slavery in middle east/ khazar land.


Logic tells me their degenerate, perverse nature made them perfect scavengers of war. They probably followed ancient armies around, then snuck onto the battlefield at night to loot the dead, and sell the shit back and forth to enemy soldiers. Including bodies and parts for ritual ceremonies.
Simply think of the most heinous shit you could do, and you'll find a kike has beat you to it.

The Roman Empire (Globalism 1.0) enabled them to move all around the Mediterranean.
Then Charlemagne let them into western Europe to do his financial fuckery.
When they got expelled, they went to Poland/Russia.
Come on, this is basic stuff.

Most jews today are europeans who first converted as jews fled Islami conquest.

Nice try, Schlomo.

Wrong Kikes are just a bunch of mongrelized semites and are butthurt that Whites are the actual chosen race by God. Looking at the success of Europeans specifically Anglo-Saxons shows that we have far superior culture and history than the Kikes could ever had. Literally Kike culture is just a mutt culture like Latin America or the Caribbean and stole customs from other tribes be it the Greeks, Persians, Turkic tribes, Slavs, Germanics, Arabs, Assyrians, Ancient Egyptians, and other groups they encountered along their travels.
That's the main reason why Kikes have a grudge against humanity because they're cultureless mutts and its nothing more than petty jealousy.

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Thanks. Looking into the ethnic provenance of the alphabet. Popular sources show the Greek following from the Phonecian; yet they are semitic by language, while Europid in character with shipbuilding, seafaring, adventure and stable trade. A few make the point that even if Phonecian were a semitic language, in the same way that Hungarians and Finns speak Uralic languages, the Phonecians may have been European in the ethnic genetic frame. In an aside, blehgs like to claim they were Phonecian kangs, but this is nonsense.

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But its true, its like with christians in Europe - they converted into religion. But only dumb jewish converts will pretend they're semitic, which is as stupid as any christian telling he is semitic. Only religious connection there.

We need paganism in Europe

Don't forget the massive Khazarian Jewish population that Russia inherited from the Rus conquest of Khazaria.

Depends on whether you consider Khazarian invaders from Central Asia "European".

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1. Jew in Antiquity weren't monotheistic, like the Jews we know today. Jewish monotheism is largely a development of the early medieval period.
Before that there were many accounts of jews making sacrifices to pagan gods and the roman emperors.

2. The jewisch Nickname of "merchant" isn't just a meme, jewish merchants were all over the Roman Empire trading with other people.

3. When Christianity began to spread in the Roman Empire, the jewish Merchants could reinforce their trade network as the only other religion tolerated besides Christianity.
Of course this pissed off the common people, who had to give up their native religion for Christianity. This is the reason why Antisemitism is always a grassroots movement.

Jew conquered Rome via Christcuckery nya~

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OOO thanks for posting that nya~

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This, even the star of david isn't theirs they saw it being used by neolithic groups and just started using it long after. Kikes are the original mutts.

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They were male traders who inter-married with Eurosluts.

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Thule teleporters?