What is experiment KX-338

1) KX-338 was described as a surgical human experiment conducted by the US
2) it existed on wikipedia prior to being vaporized by a random account that was immediately deleted
3) this random account only ever made 1 edit, which was the removal of a reference to KX-338
i'm looking for the person who added the reference to KX-338

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Is it a Lilo and Stitch monster?

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Would you like to tell us what you know about it to make the thread interesting and keep it alive?

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nvm, thanks

hi, i'm a friend of OP who's investigating this as well (and actually wrote OP's post for him :^)).
so we uncovered this when looking up human experimentation conducted on the CIA, and OP noticed that there was a google auto-suggestion named "KX-338." upon clicking this, we found nothing, so we dug deeper.
i found that this originated from an older version of the wikipedia article on human experimentation. the reference to KX-338 was added in this revision of wikipedia: en.wikipedia [DOT] org/w/index.php?title=Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States&diff=prev&oldid=848256446.

this was added by an anonymous israeli IP, which is rather suspicious. however, it was subsequently removed by a random account in this revision: en.wikipedia [DOT] org/w/index.php?diff=872938377&oldid=872793537&title=Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States

i found this particularly suspicious because this account no longer exists, and this was the only revision ever made by this account prior to being deleted. so i'm still looking for any information on kx-338 because it could possibly be censored information.

Must be serious if OP died and now it's up to his friend.
Tell us moar, Friend of OP.

DDG threw up this page
dunno if there's any mention anywhere

Yeah I could also only find this.
I speculate this must be something from MKULTRA and predecessor programs.
CIA literally burned or shredded most of the files, so it probably survived only as codename for whatever it was.
KX also leads to virology experiments, but it could be a coincidence.
In the Netflix documentary "wormwood" it is revealed the CIA killed the former chief of a biological warfare lab after he became distressed with whatever he saw there.

it says its a surgical experiment but what experiment hmmmm

I searched archive.org
all it gets is generic serial numbers
probably not relevant.

there's a real issue with the internet that the very tools we can use to find something also provide the pathway for malevolent actors to delete shit


Could be anything from brain surgery to biowarfare stuff.
CIA and the KGB were very interested in those things.

A lot of the pages like this that come up are just wikipage clones

Yeah, it seems to be gone completely.
If it was a /x/ boomer conspiracy shit, it would have traces of it around.
Maybe we can try a library?
Probably could be something in a digitized book? Something they haven't looked yet?

OP's friend here. still haven't been vaporized

yeah that's just copied from an older version of the wikipedia page.

i'm still investigating, i just got done with lunch. i found this (see pic related) on archive.org. however, i can't seem to get a hold of the PDF because my internet is god-awful. here's the link if anyone would like to contribute to the continuing search: archive [DOT] org/details/FloodingOfFBIRecords2014?q=kx-338

the fact that it exists in an FBI record lends much more credibility to the fact that it is real. although there is still a possibility this israeli IP is full of shit, i'm going to keep digging and post results of my findings.

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Last case scenario would be opening a FOIA, but I doubt it would work.
Maybe some user has access to a library?

Op here posting latest finding ameblo.jp/akiva/entry-12419114385.html

like KX-338, interrogation and torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children

so its some experiment that involved torturing and drugging kids possibly. we need to dig deeper guys.

OP's friend here again. Help would greatly be appreciated with finding the FBI record on KX-338 though. It definitely exists, but we must know if it's really some insane medical/surgical human experimentation or some random bullshit that some jew put on wikipedia.
I found this mention of KX-338, conveniently in a book about medicine:
books.google [DOT] com/books?id=cDEpAQAAIAAJ&dq=%22kx-338%22&q=%22kx-338%22&redir_esc=y
Thankfully, I do go to UIUC so I can check the book out at my medical college (it has the book) and scan it for more details, though I won't be back until July and I'm somewhat doubtful about KX-338 now because of how little evidence there is other than re-postings of the old wikipedia article. i will keep digging though, it's interesting and has taught me a lot on how to search for hard-to-find information. even if i find nothing i can use these skills later on.

i have access to a library, though the FBI document isn't in there. it's on the governmentattic website. also, a FOIA would get me into deeper political territory that i cannot risk for my future family. however, to be fair, if i find enough evidence to show the KX-338 is actually legit, i might really file one since i know i'm on a watchlist already anyways.

you'd think that the elites would eventually get tired of their annual "rape and ritualistically murder innocent children" deal, but i guess the (((suicide))) of isaac kappy proved us wrong. i certainly wouldn't be surprised if KX-338 was some horrifying program where they dissected children's brains or any other unit731-tier shit. also, i'm totally not including kappy-related images for thread attention :^)

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yeah, no.


Fuck off kike.
We already found mentions of it on several sites and in a scanned book.

yeah, no. i don't worship a dead jew on a stick either, kys you filthy shill

thanks :^). gonna keep diggin. it'll take about 2 hours to download the FBI PDF on gook wifi, but i'll do it for the love of intrigue. i'll return with any info i find on the matter.

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lets find out more

It's possible the iteration of KX-338 in the book is a red herring. When books are digitized for indexing subscript and superscript is indexed as "x". So k^2 would appear as kx in the index, so it's likely that the iteration in that book is simply a mathematical formula of some kind.

Why wouldn't you continue investigating in secret and then reveal your findings if you thought this was going somewhere? Is attention whoring more important than the truth to you? Do you want any potential leads to be covered up?

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I'm not sure if it's because KX-338 was mentioned in that wikipedia article, but when I search it the top results are two articles entitled "The 30 Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History" (bestpsychologydegrees) "The 6 Most Evil Human Experiments Perpetrated By The U.S." (allthatsinteresting) and "9 Absolutely Evil Medical Experiments" (livescience) none of which actually mention KX-338 at any point in their content, I even checked archives to be sure. The allthatsinteresting article had no surgical experiments. The livescience article had mostly non-surgical experiments such as Nazi experiments, Japan's Unit 731, and surgical experiments done during slavery which wouldn't have been labeled with codenames. The bestpsychologydegrees article also had mostly non-surgical experiments such as experiments on newborns, San Quentin Experiments, the Money sexual reassignment experiment, Human experiments in North Korea, and Willaim Beaumont's study of the stomach which, again, wouldn't have been given a codename. The only experiments which are featured on all three are the two syphilis experiments (Guatemala & Tuskegee) which were, obviously, non-surgical. Coincidentally these three articles were not crawled in the month (December, 2018) that the said wikipedia page was edited to show KX-338 and when the edit was reversed later that month.

Could it be trannies?

sorry for lack of updates y'all. OP's investigator here. i don't see any other choice, so i'm going to download the massive FBI PDF (which will take 2 hours on chink wifi), and see if I have any methods of accessing the record designated as KX-338. make sure to try and find the medical textbook i mentioned earlier if you live near a large university library like UIUC / urban Boston.

yeah, definitely. searching google books for KX-338 brought up mostly scientific literature on maths and engineering. however, this was the non-technical book that appeared in the results (it wasn't too hard to skim through, only about 5 pages of results). that's why the medical book in particular may have some lead. nonetheless, i accept the possibility of a red herring, but it comforts me knowing that this investigation has taught me a lot of skills i can use on other investigations.

help would accelerate the investigation. besides, if it were truly "super-duper ultra classified info" none of it would exist on clearnet anyways, and it certainly wouldn't be easily found by some random loser like me. i think kx-338 is declassified info, but is heavily covered up by (((NGO))) shills, as is most incriminating information on any ZOG government.

thx bb

that's another reason i'm intent on finding it! i'm glad somebody brought this up because it would've been too difficult to explain otherwise. the number of websites that *had* information on KX-338 is substantial (since it was listed in robots.txt that shows up below google search results, and the dumb shills forgot to remove it there as well). it's very cleanly covered up, even more so than the clinton emails/p—-gate.

there's a reason for so much CIA experimentation on gender. trannies and fetishists invert human sexuality into a subversive force against a stable family unit, and dehumanizes people in mutilated flesh dolls. as a result, natural social institutions collapse (i.e. the local community) and interpersonal relations are completely dissolved, where government authority inserts itself as a substitution, thereby controlling the masses.
bezmenov talks about this in his lectures on cultural subversion. think about (((who))) encouraged destruction of the family unit and instituted divorces, divorce attornees, divorce courts, etc. in its place. relating this back to trannies, think about how many families have been torn apart by this and how many local communities have been hurt by gay adoption (aka child sex trafficking, there's a reason russia banned fags in the US from adopting their orphans). then, think about how much money and power the US now has through family courts, family counselors, (((psychiatrists and psychologists))), pharmaceutical companies who make HRT, etc. the existing social institutions of family and community have thus been replaced by government bodies, corporations, and academics.

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Check it out against the (((Monroe Institute)))

Two hours!!! This is taking FOREVER!

unfortunately i am living in a dystopian shithole where anything potentially useful, important, or politically relevant is scrubbed clean and replaced with corporate mind pollution such as anime and video games. downloading files from governmentattic is slow enough as is, imagine doing it on the other side of the planet on an Austrian VPN. on top of that, i'm using bandwidth to do work. if you would like, you can download the FBI file in this thread yourself and help me :^)

sounds like exoteric nonsense made to obscure the truth on esotericism. haven't looked much into it, but these movements are often created just to deliberately make based esotericists like julius evola look retarded (though to be fair some esotericists are insane, especially esoteric hitlerists such as devi who believe hitler was an avatar of vishnu). it's like how flat-earth is a massive psy-op smear campaign to discredit every other political opinion that can be labelled a conspiracy. why do you think celebrities such as shaq pretend to believe in it just so they can be mocked?

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No…I am just afraid that when I wake back up this thread will be deleted like happens so often when something 'controversial' is posted. :(
At least I have a screencap of the address in case something happens, thx.

zigforums [DOT] com/thread/13323618/politics/what-is-experiment-kx-338.html

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ZIG copies everything. It is my backup when something is deleted on Zig Forums and I want to look at it again.

Congratulations, you've just taken the zigpill

tfw newfag
does zig archive 4chan Zig Forums? or just here?

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Only thing I was able to find, archive.is is not working for me.

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No idea, newfag, there are several services that archive everything Zig Forums says BUT only like 25-50 replies. There is one that assigns a random name generator to the comment (which I thought was horrible, since some of the comments can be spicy and there is no reason to get some random unsuspecting person fired or in trouble with the wifey). Go to cuckchan and find a long comment that is original and search the web for it. Should return cuck and any archive service that is mirroring cuck.

KX-338 isn't in the 2016 version of wikipedia fwiw

Is there a specific reason it should be? The only mention of it was in the aforementioned wikipedia article for about 10 days in the month of December 2018.

1. Rule 4.
2. Rule 2. Go to >>>/x/
3. So just repost it, dumbass.