Fashtag meme going viral

Meme creator here (yes, Australian; yes, NatSoc). The media kikes are already shitting themselves.


This Zig Forums-born meme is going super viral. I've never seen one get so big so quickly. Anyway, you know what to do, Anons – shill this shit harder. We've got these kikes terrified. They know the internet is in trouble if the symbol becomes a fascist symbol – and it is becoming one, quite fast. All we need to do is ensure we claim it through the force of memeing. Let's fuck the internet right up.

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I can't believe this shit is working.

This is an origami instruction forum for >120 IQ political dissidents. We can do anything, n igger.

Well, brace for the incoming shills and (((tarrant))) posters.

>Calling Tarrant (((Tarrant))).

Jew detected.

heres the first one.

fucking idiots, thats too much of a stretch. Say its the symbol of the iron guard, which it literally is and explain the symbol.

>Well, brace for the incoming shills and (((tarrant))) posters.
I've been monitoring 4cuck because that's where the main action is for this meme and they're getting smashed by memeflag kike shills. It's obvious they've already hired Tel Aviv shekelbergs to try and shut this down.

Can't smash the hash.

By your standards, the OK symbol should have been too much of stretch, too – but it wasn't. People have been getting fired over that shit. This will work, too.


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Seig #

have some OC, user.

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I usually don't support these 4cuck tier meme campaigns but this one is definitely worthy and spreading quickly. I have done my part by spreading the meme on kikebook nationalist groups. Godspeed anons #

Thanks for the effort, cunt.

keep it up idolatrofag

You can't stop the hate train, Moshe – it's too late!


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How the fuck do all you niggers still have social media?
I started getting outright deleted nearly two years ago in the beginning of this shit. I can't even get near to Twitter, or youtube, even with new IPs.
What the fuck is your secret?
Not that I'm interested in going back, but I want in on these meme wars again, dammit!
What's the point of saving these le ebic memes if I can't use them?

This meme is worth shilling. It's gonna destroy social media … you know what to do, user. Get to work.

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Anyone else think this is suspicious? This entire campaign seems like astroturfing.
you sound like a complete fag, like an outsider trying to ape Zig Forums rhetoric. "We've got these kikes terrified." – oh, sure. I bet they're absolutely quacking over this. By next morning, most will have liquidated their assets and high-tailed it back to Israel on the next El Al flight.

Been here for five years, kike. Cry harder.

This is such a fucking hoax.

Begone boomer

We are dealing with retards.
Niggers, low T feminine leftists, women, boomers.
Jews are the actual threat, and their useful idiot golems can be used against them.

You'd think that after all this time, and all these false flag psyops by us, they'd begin to actually try to decipher what is a real symbol we've made and what is a fictional one. Remember Milk? Remember the OK symbol? It's all silly nonsense. Yet they still report. They still put it into their databases. They are not propagandists, they are retards who are hired to be puppets because they are retards.

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Do you know how cringeworthy you are?

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The harder you try, Rabbi

Is that real? Link?

if it becomes a fascist symbol, no one can use # without possibly being accused of being nazi. it'll also act as an accelerationist tool by getting fags like spencer banned.

so many (1) and dones in here.

imagine believing this is just a "harmless joke"

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I believe it's real. Was in my Plemora feed. I can't find it on their site.

What on earth is that?

The mainstream media could be amplifying this early before it gains enough momentum to sustain itself, which they are hoping will cause us to abandon it and move on.

Don't fall for their tricks, this operation should last for months (unless they do a false flag or something which we need to focus on countering.)

Them covering it will only soliudify its Zatzee status. All we have to do is use it unironically to counter claims of the op being a troll. If they can't ban it, they'll be forced to allow NatSocs on their platforms.

Plemora is a fork of GNU Social after Mastadon killed it.


Sage for off topic

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GNU Social frontend, basically twitter or gab but without the kikes.

Might get it for my Lubuntu.

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###### #
# #
# #
# ######

Because they're playing Zig Forums, not the other way around. It is a psyop. Its no different from the mockingbird judenpresse starting threads about killing niggers to have a story the next day. Its phony and you lap it up.

Because it isn't "working".
You think the coverage is organic?
You think the jew would actually give publicity to something it wanted to keep suppressed?

This is just more orchestrated fake news to provide more basis for tighter Internet censorship, and anyone spreading this is part of that.
They're literally being remote controlled by jews, to weave the rope that will be used to hang them.
>n…no, the news is real


You started that shit too, no thanks.

But the psyop is built to rely on the ego of the believers.
As usual, the jews' greater knowledge of the minds of young White men, than those men possess themselves, allows them to remote control the goyim to do their bidding, and think it was their own idea.

Glad some people get it.

the idea is organic

but… this user is correct.

They come here for stories now, we are the boogeymen.

What possible benefit could the kikes have for wanting to taint their hashtag system?

>>>Zig Forums

found the boomer

They publish these articles because they are talentless hacks. Just think what kind of journalist gets paid to write about 4chan. They're Buzzfeed tier losers.>>13324067
No, he isn't.

HAAAHA!! Glowing bitches.
Even if you cunts were right, it still works to our favor in the end. Every authoritarian action by these assholes wakes another hundred thousand Aryans up around the world.
You're either retarded, or your (((ignoring))) the obvious.
You are so frightened.

Imagine thinking a literally Buzzfeed tier article about 4cuck is a secret psyop. Complete mental retardation.

Yeah right.

They're retards writing clickbait. It's that simple.


It's like Kang Nigger didn't exist to you

It isn't one article, it is coordinated coverage between multiple jew platforms.

Funny that the cheering about "great success in spreading" suddenly becomes "a literally Buzzfeed tier article" of irrelevance, when the truth is pointed out.

Where is the other coverage? You can't tell me because you're full of shit, you lying kike.

You suck at your job.

They literally spread our memes, if you cant accept that its done with bad intentions to give (((ADL))) another notch on the post to get legislation passed idk what to tell you.

I also know that whatever they do is meaningless to us, we are beyond laws or voting but the suppression is real and this is how they justify it. Its meme war man.

You overestimate the competence of your average kike.

No, retard. The article is proof that the meme is becoming viral which is good. The rticle, however, is buzzfeed tier and I'm pretty sure the site is too but that doesn't matter. There is no contradiction there. So much for high Jewish IQ. Fuck off.

Nice ip hopping. You just told me to go to qlarp and leftylarp. It must scare you being cornered without an argument. Your tricks are transparent, moishe.

I don't see any reason to think any part of this was organic, or what possible value believing has. I know the twitter wars are very important, but /ourgirl/ was killed this week in SA for exposing white genocide. A fucking hashtag isn't helping anybody.

It is. Its for braindead seat warmers.

It's almost like you choose to be retarded

HA! Yeah, that's the fucking point, nigger!
What you fucking incessantly whining, spineless cucks fail to grasp is, they are frantically slamming everything down out of desperation for losing control on MANY fronts! Not because they're at the top tier of their slowly encroaching, sophisticated, tyranny machine game!
It's falling apart at the seams! It was always shit and destined to fail anyway. KIKES, MAN!
What you are either (((ignoring))) on purpose, or are too retarded to understand is, it doesn't matter either way!
I'll explain one more time before you force me to believe you are here for ill intentions.
This goes especially in the U.S. Every time they desperately attack another civil liberty, or coerce more rapid authoritarian change onto the public, or forcefully pimp some social degeneracy, people wake the fuck up. And everyone who ever glanced in the direction of one of our memes, or heard someone like my rant at a BBQ, thinks, "Holy shit! That guy was right!".
And as you were once a pre programmed NPC who found the rabbit hole, so will they.
Every time these CIA idiots stick habitually to their tired, tattered Commie playbook, we win. Even if it gets uncomfortable for a while.
Tighten your belt, and ride it out. You should have been training for the hard times coming.
They're here.
We're fucking armed. VERY armed in this country.
They aren't gonna do shit on that front, or they would have already.
And in the meantime we just keep on pissing them off, and waking the world up.
…with memes.


You sound like a glowing retard trying way too hard to fit in.

Why do I feel that you are a boomer who suddenly discovered that Israel is our enemy?

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Oh look. Not arguments.
So, you ARE kikes, here with ill intent then?
Got it.
You are dismissed.

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Oh ok, just an obvious teenage reddit faggot then. Thanks for clarifying.

I was surprised to hear my normie friends talking about this. Definitely shines a spotlight on how deranged the media is.

You are dismissed.

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St. Tarrant did nothing wrong.

Not to mention it risks harming Twitter as creating a subconscious association of # with white supremacy, risks reinforcing the meme constantly. It's not hard to sustain such a reaction either; especially if enough fanatical SJWs buy into it. They'll be more than glad to get outraged at every "suspicious" hashtag they see. If that happens the storm of paranoid outrage would gradually spook investors and advertisers. Bet the journalists feel like retards when they realize that.

That's what I was looking for. We are assblasting the minds of the morons, and we're weaponizing THEIR media to do it!
Ever been in a prank war? Keeps your dumbass on edge. Can't trust your toothbrush, and shit. Nerve wracking. The NPCs are already fundamentally sociopathic. They can't handle any more of this shit. HAAHAHA!!
I don't know about you, but I'm having a blast, and after 30+ years of trying desperately to wake fuckers up, and loving this timeline! I also know what comes next.
Enjoy these good times while they last, anons.
It's all coming down.

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Zig Forums isn't the audience for this little drama. Zig Forums is what's being trotted out as the monster the audience should be afraid of.

The co-opted OK hand symbol proves you all wrong.

You really overestimate the intelligence of CIAniggers, glowniggers and kikes who are in a constant state of overreaching. These peoples power is as fragile as the wizard of oz behind the curtain and they know it and are living in fear of right wing populism. So go take your doomer shit elsewhere faggots.

Except not kill any muzzies.


Use the rest of your brain, nigger.
How the fuck are they going to ban the god damn hashtag?! It's an integral part of their entire social media communication system.
How the fuck do you nigger get so retarded? This level of idiocy spreads, you know?
Stop posting until you learn to think like a White Man, nigger.

It's literally not. At least look it up before posting.

# is not le hate symbol. Yet. Once they start banning people for using it, the whole normie internet falls apart. Inb4 major tech companies spend billions of dollars to replace it everywhere, even in coding, to fight rayciseem. kek

It could be an attempt by kikes to make Zig Forums stop using swastikas and other NS symbols, but they should know it won't work on any of us.

Yes, like not doing anything will stop internet censorship.

kill yourself faggot

Kill yourself.

Retarded jew.


They are not white men, shit-for-brains. Learn to recognize kike shills when you see them.

I'm a fellow goy, just like you, goy.



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Underated OC

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Sam Hyde is responsible for this right?

twitter is secretly a nazi organization, but don't tell anyone

This is my OC niggers. Will do more on the weekend.

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so this is literally the sign language symbol for a hashtag

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the inserted face is really out of place, but I see why one would do it like that.