While previous poster campaigns that played into racial identity politics may have been useful in making some normalcattle aware of the establishments blatant hatred of whites, I believe it would be more useful at this time to attack base foundation of their underlying ideology itself: That diversity is somehow a strengthening agent to society.

All of the same places that the IOTBW campaign targeted (Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Lamp posts, Telephone poles, Media company buildings, Political party headquarters, etc) could be ideal at making some normals aware of the lie they've been fed the whole time, as well as sending our enemies into an even bigger mouth-frothing rage than last time.


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I think you should stop making these threads twice a day.
Go out, hang up some. Observe reactions. Only post if it is national news.

I do not recall seeing a thread like this here before, so I decided to make one.
I've been lurking since 2014.

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I don't like this whole 'post a flier to trig the libtards' approach. It worked for IOTBW because it was tailored to a media backlash scenario. Nevertheless, the fact that many HS students have read 1984 enhances the memetic potential of 'war is peace; freedom is slavery; diversity is strength'. How about spreading it around the interwebs in the usual places instead of wasting time with posters? Also helps if you put it by images that would anger normal folks by emphasizing that their people are on the decline as diversity increases. The next step is of course the other mantra like redpills: Diversity means fewer white people and so on.

Bump because the catalog is full of 4tard shit.

Images like this pretty much add empirical proof to the widespread sense that we are being invaded from the south.

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Already posted to voat and pleroma.
What are some other good places to spread they abin maymay online if not with physical posters?

Saved, will spread as much as I can within my own online circles.

Where people frequent and are receptive to controversial political thought. Try Youtube comments under Fox News clips about Trump administration and immigration or on certain right-leaning subreddits or on Twitter. It's only nine words so really it could go anywhere. You could put it on a small sticker and slap them on the walls next to gloryholes at Interstate rest stops for all I care. I would suggest even posting something like it on Zig Forums to induce cognitive dissonance, but their entire political worldview is oriented around a particularly virulent kind of cognitive dissonance so maybe not.

I also recommend putting our views, which are entirely rational and sensible, into the mouths of nonwhites to exploit that whole cognitive dissonance factor. Here's the Dalai Lama talking about the Tibetan genocide, which is an example of a 'quiet' genocide that occurs slowly over time, just like the one waged by the Jew.

Another is to point out the fact that 'diversity' in the Third World is called 'colonialism' and it's super bad and wrong, but in the First World is called 'multiculturalism' and it's fucking dandy!

In the end, if logical argument doesn't work, you could appeal to pathos and ethos by shaming centrist men for being cowards who refusing to speak out against a blatant invasion and destruction of their people (use a neutral term, like people or nation, and avoid 'race' which is a trigger word for normies); shame the women for being disloyal to their own tribe.

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Here is one last point I will make, and I will make it with redtext bc it is that important

Just like Joe Six-pack wants to kick his feet up and down a beer before the tv at the end of the day, we all desire a release from the stresses of life. Whether or not whites are aware of it—from all sides of the spectrum, including the most rabidly antiwhite leftists, apathetic and apolitical centrists, conservacucks and civnats—they are being stressed by diversity. The very presence of diversity is stressful. I am not talking about blacks acting uppity or Mexicans taking cheap labor positions, I mean even well behaved Asians and even whites of other ethnicities. The presence of foreigners is immediately recognized by the brain subconsciously as a potential threat, this is why cosmopolitan cities are rife with mental health problems—their fight/flight/fright sensors are being trigger almost daily. Even if consciously they claim to adhere to the globohomo dogma on diversity, they all know deep down that being in a homogenous town where they only have to interact with members of their own tribe, is a more pleasant experience than becoming a foreigner in your hometown. The press is abuzz about the 'rise xenophobia' and suchlike, and it's true, because when people are stressed, they seek catharsis, and our political views provide the means to that catharsis. If you took the most cucked of Boomer conservatives and asked him if he wants to live in a Detroit like place, he'll talk about how the Dems are the real racists and they are the ones making nigs nog. In truth, these types wouldn't say a word if the blacks of their town were being put on ships to Liberia, because they would know that a life for their descendants in homogenous white towns is a better life than having to deal with 'diversity' in your own town.

The most prevalent form of racism in the world in 2019 is antiwhite racism, and that means that all whites will begin reciprocating this racism in due time. It is more or less an inevitability, so long as we keep provoking racial tensions with class

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Tibet is an ally of the Aryan race nya~

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That gave me an idea, too bad it's what leftists actually believe.

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Bump. OP's original post is the most succinct. Took me a second to realize it wasn't the original from 1984.

Rescue bump.

There is no phase two.

This doesn't have the strong impact as IOTBW had. Most people wouldn't even bat an eye at this. You'd have to think deeper at the meaning to really understand the problem with this, and the fact is, no normal person will stop and read and continue thinking about this after they've seen it.
I have no ideas to improve it, I'm just giving my opinion on this.