White people you should feel guilty about the aboriginals

White people you should feel guilty about the aboriginals.
It is YOUR fault that a tiny community of abos consumes 4 million cans of beer a year paid for entirely by subsidy. They can't take responsibility for that. Their ancestors suffered.
And it is definitely your fault if they get so drunk they end up raping their own daughters. White people, do you ever feel guilty for all you've done?

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Aus should still let you buy hunting permits for abos, or ideally not even require permits.

Honestly this thread is better than half of what's up right now.
I'd be surprised if they delete this thread but keep up the r9k thread about not being able to make friends, or the "anime turns people into trannies" thread which is thriving.

What the fuck.

Oh look, submen (abos/indios etc.) tend to end up addicts. Shocking news.

Keep watching.
There's a part where an abo elder insults Donald Trump and says their community needs more money and her kids need food because they're hungry, and they zoom in on her overweight children who look fine and healthy.

It's better to exterminate or expel the natives than to get them hooked on intoxicants. Sounds like a real trashy kike thing to do

I feel guilty if I see cuntony mundine… His farther should of belted him more.

there is no evolution without extinction

Cuckchan mods have been banning anons en masse so thats why you're seeing more shitposting.

t.permabanned from cuckchan for shitposting.

Yeah, some white dudes selling alcohol and the indians buying it. It's totally not the fault of the indians buying said alcohol and drinking it like water

It kinda is, dips. Consider: if these people attended operas on a regular basis, would they be allowed to spend their evenings drunk? No, they’d be dressed up for the opera. But are YOU going to fund the Abo-pera with fat singing Abo and the Abo-pera fashionistas to invent all the new culturally sophisticated Abo-pera clothings? No, obviously not. These things that historically actually did uplift a lot of white people out of being absolute slovens are now forgotten by poor and regressed white cultures that can’t afford constructions their ancestors found cheap enough for every halfway wealthy merch-ass to build two of.

Oh look it's the double space jew.

Hey yank, do you know which thread you are in, do you know that 95% of the population of the world lives outside the US?
You people have a systemic brain disease from birth to be stupid fucking retards.

Don't be rama rama

I refuse to call them otherwise because it pisses them of. You're prove of that.

This could be us if we don't do what's necessary.

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They're doing the same thing to the white youth with the nigger music tho. Have you ever seen a middle school or high school kid that hasn't been told that the dopers are cool, that the people who fill their bodies with psychedelics are in touch with the universe, and that drinking alcohol isn't a defeatist addiction, but actually turning up and a cool guy fun time?

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This goy thinks he will actually have a segregated white reservation. HA HA HA.

There will no be such thing for you, cause that would be apartheid and whites arent allowed that anymore.

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Replace the alcohol with porn, the Indians with Whites, the Whites with Jews, and you've got our situation. It's an interesting perspective from which to judge the situation; you may find yourself thinking like a jew.

The white man isn't asking for reparations.

The kike appears in the video at 4:35
Paul is probably a great job or place, never heard of it before.

And you shouldn't give alcohol to apes.

Apes still live.

This. No one would protect us.

What about their genocide of the Solutreans?

Quite a few ape species are already extinct, more will go extinct soon. Its all a question of who can survive? Who wants to survive?

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I knew a boong that got adopted as nit by the highest in the land. Was shocking drunk, died of hep c.

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You mean those apes which get eaten by niggers?
There are apes all over asia and there doing fine.


>thinking that psychedelics are poison and aren't ingrained with white aryan culture and because (((they))) want to protect you; there's such extreme punishments for benign substances vs the societal glorification for actual toxins like alcohol and promiscuity.

Moderation is key but don't let a literal jew tell you what substances are and aren't good for you. stay the fuck away from manufactured drugs like LSD tho, only natural ones check ancient greek mushroom usage

For the retard known as OP;
When you prefix a word with, "ab", it negates what follows. As such, 'aboriginal' means, NOT the original people.

For the retard who sage replied:


Imagine being such a brainlet that you can't google a word to understand its' meaning but feel smug enough to insult me. Oh you don't have to imagine, you're the retard who posted that.