I am a jew. Come and get me

I am a Jew. you fags talk a lot of shit about killing jews and all that so here is an open invitation to come and try. You're all some incel pussies so im not worried at all. I'll even give my address to anyone who wants to come and try and kill me. If you want my address, email me at [email protected] (my real email) and i will gladly give it to you. You are all some pussies, come and get me. Im waiting.

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Nice try rabbi.

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Larping faggot. Sage.

I'm a Jeiwsish paerson as well. Shallhom

Who the fuck cares?Your peoples history is as interesting as a cheap whore

Is your real name Yeshua?

stop bumping your own thread

Not your fucking temple blog. Kill your own self instead of trying to weasel gentiles to do it for you like everything else. What an unbelievable little sissy, do you really think yahwey would be impressed? (Hes not) (he thinks youre gay and will send attendants of dumah to clense your soul, post your address publicly)

No thanks. Just fuck off to wherever you're from and shut up.

Convert or get in the oven.

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Dox yourself OR shut your Jewish mouth

My name is Ethan Rubinson. I am from Oakland california. I am an israeli Jew. 21 years old, currently living in haifa, israel. u want my address? email me. hows that for doxxing myself

Just kill yourself jew.

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you're an anonymous pussy who is hiding behind your computer, terrified of jews like me who dont care that you hate me. i honestly revel in the hate. whether it stems from jealousy or xenophobia, i still love it. I am a proud jew. you worst enemy. now how about you dox yourself or email me at [email protected]

Show your face.

My name is Levi, I'm 25, I live in Oklahoma and my penis is cut, for I am a rat. Pls don't bully me because I am Jew! PEw PEW! PEW PEW!

The enemy people known as Semites shouldn't be allowed in, under any circumstances.

Sup faggot. here's my face.
come and do something about me pussy

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You look like you would enjoy some lovely cheese.

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And you call yourself a playboy? How pathetic.

Kill yourself you subhuman trashpile.

34 hillel, Haifa, Israel.
Apartment 3.
fuck you come and get me

youre literally all the biggest pussies on the planet it's pathetic and hilarious.

That's gonna be a yikes from me, Moishe.