Could Poo's actually be our allies?

Recently in Stockholm, Sweden Poo's held a public Poo festival and took a dump on political correctness by using the WP/OK sign in combination with a character very similar to Pepe as their festival trademark. What are your thoughts on us cooperating with Nationalist Poo's?

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I agree with the notion of working together with our aryan brothers in poo in loo land, but your thread is shit.

Absolutely not. Hindus simply reinforce the existing philosemitic "clash of civilizations" political footing of the current zionist occupied governments of the West. They are reinforcement for the postwar order, not a disruption to it.

The conflict with muslims is solved in a very straightforward way: expel them, stop occupying their countries, eliminate dependence on their one valuable export – oil, and execute every one in the West with a racial/biological/cultural inclination to usurp and subvert Western resources and power for the purposes of furthering conflict with Muslims. That last point means jews, hindus, and capitalists.

Mudslime detected.

The last thing muslims want is to be physically expelled from Western countries and to see the world petroleum trade crumble.

And how in bloody hell do you envision them cooperating with us?

We could return as their gods and use them as an army against the kikes and their Abrahamite filth hordes, those who prove themselves most worthy would get to live in the new world as a model minority, but Dravidians would have to go along with niggers, sandniggers etc.

Pajeet can only be your ally in india or hindustan or whatever the fuck.
Any non-white in europe and america is an invader and an enemy.

no. in america they buy up local infrastructure like hotels, liquor stores, gas stations and restaurant franchises. they take advantage of the 5 year tax free thing foreigners get, then when that expires they "sell" it to someone else in their family. when they have gone through all the family members, they "sell" to another poo family.

gooks do the same thing

this tax break, along with open borders, arrests of militias enforcing the borders, h1b visas, diversity quotas, affirmative action etc etc etc are how you know the US federal government is the main force behind white genocide. it is them which allows and enables everything about our dispossession and planned genocide.

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dumbass. if they were "nationalists" they would reside in their own nation.

I'm trying to figure that out. Their cast system puts lighter skins above darker skins. They have an eternal conflict with Muslims and Islam. They are pro authoritarian right. They reject British/Zio Anglosphere influence because of their history of being subjects to the British/Zio crown. They revere grampy Adolf. They print books for the Western Far-Right than no other publishing house would touch.

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No, kike. We may need to cooperate with them, non-Whites are not our Allies. Besides, dotheads are just as anti-White as other muds and kikes. They vote for nationalism is hindustan but vote for invasion in our Homelands:

Not just that, but they are also prone to criminality as other shitskins (video related):

Of course they are Nationalists, they have no loyalty to Western Civilization.

Too many Zig Forumsacks ask the question; "Could we ally with X?"
Too few ask the much more important question; "What can we do for them, and what can they do for us?"
This is the basis upon which all alliances are based. At least, it is the way they should be based in order to last. Hezbullah is pretty cool but they will never ally with us in our current state because there is absolutely nothing that we can do for them nor they for us. Likewise, right wing Hindus are cool but there is absolutely nothing that we can do for each other to benefit the political goals of either party.
Thus, any talk of "alliances" is just role play and embarrassing role play at that.
Want an example of a real alliance? The PIRA and Hezbullah/HAMAS/PLO worked together to fight their mutual enemy; the current Zionist power structure. Palestinians helped smuggle weapons and explosives to Ireland and in return the Provos applied direct pressure upon one of the centers of world Zionism; London. In addition, the IRA assisted the Palestinian struggle by drawing Western attention to their struggle and thus elevating their international status.
An alliance not based upon mutual benefit is worthless.

Against Islam, as those cunts are going to be gunning (literally) for both of us. After that, separate. A lot of Indians have come west the past five years. Probably more than the previous… fifteen years that was already a lot. Fortunately most are 'professionals' though I highly doubt many of their qualifications. India looks to be a police state now nearly as bad as China so perhaps that's the reason.

I understand the term poo is being used tongue in cheek, but to be serious the people who are the real poos are the white leftists and their jewish masters. Sure we need separation from other racial groups including Indians, but the real trash that needs to be taken care of is the jews and their lackes, mainly the jews.

Spice monkeys are notorious rape demons. Those fuckers got something wrong going on in their heads. I mean can you actually watch a Bollywood movie? I can't stand that shit for more than 5 seconds. It is funny though when you read about lefty commie bitches trying to take a "holiday" in poo to the loo land. They actually get wised up quickly to the fact that white men are the best thing in their lives, not the worst.

While the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend, a temporary alliance can be useful. Don't cuck out with a bunch of "based curryniggers" shit, but they're ok for the time being.

Doubtful. there is too many Dravidians. Might as well ally with spics or niggers. The amount of Aryan DNA still left there is extinction levels low.

You should already know the answer to this. Indians in OUR countries are part of the problem. Indians in India should embrace Hindutva though

Take the Dharma-pill but reject everything else Indian (them included)

Vast majority of pajeets are street shitters because they are such low IQ subhumans that they have trouble rubbing enough braincells together to look forward several seconds into the future, let alone handling long-term planning and laboring. Hence why they continue to shit everywhere, pollute every river they can with human waste and literal garbage, and frequently resort to rioting and nigger-tier violence and crime. The caste system stratified their whole gene pool, giving some of them with average intelligence, but leaving most of them retarded nigger brains. To make matters worse, they aren't that far removed from their supposed glory days, so many pajeets have an undeserved sense of superiority and pride that makes the "WE WUZ KANGZ" meme look tame and reasonable by comparison.

What about the food. I'm addicted to naan and curry

We’ll just steal their recipes and improve them

One saving grace about Hindus is white women find them disgusting.
Degenerate white women fuck black men.
Some spics are attractive enough to entice whites of both genders.
Passive white men actively seek out Asian women.
But nobody wants to fuck a hindu except other Hindus. No matter how many invade our countries, race mixing won't be an issue.

Fuck off

My sister fears them; they have evil flashing eyes. Something is wrong with those fuckers.

Yeah, one thing that is of concern is their predatory nature. If allowed to reach critical mass, their population will become kinda rapey. It's a mostly harmless group unless you lose control of them.

It´s not happening, fren.

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/all "ally" threads

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yeah go fuck yourself commie

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Get the fuck out here greedy kike. And take your homoglobal dildos with you

Poos are the only brown people I can stand, at least the older ones. I dislike all brown people of my own generation. Young poos fell for Americanism, so they get the rope too. Their parents can keep the hotel though. Poos used to distrust abrahamists, but Modi is close to Bibi these days, which will be their undoing.

Keep the hotel indeed.

About 40 years ago Citibank (City Of London Bank that is) offered huge super low interest loans to any former officer in India's military. This invariably meant they were Sikhs. Suddenly all the dump truck owner operators were Sikhs. Then the 7-11's, then the motels, then all the gas bars..they bring in the entire families to run it. Want one of those loans so you can do the same thing? You're not a Sikh army officer? Fuggeddaboudit.

Poo's are the highest income earners in the U.S after the Noses. It's only a matter of time until they will get their income and privileged status forcefully redistributed to lesser third-worlders like Blacks and Mexicans for reasons of "diversity". We all know East Asians are already facing discrimination in university campuses because they perform better on average and as a result they are more open to us than any other non-white ethnic group. Silicon Valley is full of Poo's, they mainly work as software engineers and as manual censors from back home for all the big Social Media companies.

If we can win them over by say advocating for meritocratic values in recruiting they might actually look the other way or might even be inclined to leak information that we can use against these Jewish controlled corporations. I don't have any delusions of cooperation with non-whites. But I do recognize all people are motivated by self interest and this is something we can use to our advantage.

Exactly why your dumb ideas were BTFO as soon as your thread was made.

Considering that PM Modi just named a chain of islands after a WWII National Socialist hero, probably.

No shit. Male streetshitters are depraved raping animals. Gang raped are quite common and rarely if ever prosecuted unless they're so heinous they make headlines in the rest of the world. One famous case was in 2012 in which a woman was gang raped to death with metal rods:

Then virtually the same scenario happened AGAIN last year:

This lady ended up living, however.

So no, I don't fancy any kind of brotherly alliance with streetshitting turban niggers. I do like that they admire The Führer and the fact as another user mentioned that they do print many radical right wing books etc. for english speaking western audiences that no (((publisher))) in the West would touch. And I find some one the fusions of Hindu myths and beliefs with esoteric Hitlerism as advanced by Savitri Devi (who was Greek/French herself but married to a Brahmin and a practicing Hindu) but that is about all I like


Well done my friend

Bigoted lunacy. Learn to overcome the enslavement of hatred with the joy of honest kindness.