Fashy Cuckchaner executes cops

Imageboard-radicals continue to rise up.


As the saying goes, Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is A Pattern. As these Anons continue to emerge, it will become more and more clear that Zig Forums produces more soldiers for RAHOWA warriors than any other place in existence. The dialectic of the red-pill and clown-world creates abject hate and this means that the fun times are about to begin. Buckle up.

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Cool thanks for the update JIDF.

But was he a 4chan GOLD member?


Learn to archive, nigger.


Our day will come.

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In case they finally shut-it-down:


Distributed Plemora (fork of non-pozzed Mastadon)

Cool slide thread, rabbi.

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Oh shit nigger.
Looks like they beat the shit out of him.
Gotta say it was a good day

Semper Fidelis

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One can only wonder how.


Read the article: the "domestic disturbance call" was over him strangling a cop.

A reminder that we are at war in occupied territory where our skin has become our uniform.

Oh jeez, I didn't ask for this. Why is a non-evil government so hard to produce?!

Pure (((Cohen)))cidence of course, Chaim.

Whose creator was a cuck and has many sjw mods. Alt-right alright.

I love how all of these imageboard shooters are pure Aryan phenotype

ITs a Roller coaster Ride BUMPED

Haven't heard that one before.
There it is.

This is strangely worded, especially coming from someone who wrote the rest of the article. You would think that every last juicy detail would be thrown in the reader's face. The language doesn't seem to indicate that he is obfuscating details to protect the woman from victim shaming or some other malarkey. I wonder what the story is.

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Sloppy job mossad..

I hope that's ironic.

I bet the bitch was cheating on him. Why would men strangle most women?

People who read the first paragraph and click X don't realize that the "domestic disturbance call" was actually a female cop who was either his girlfriend or a cop responding to his own phone call (he was prepared). If you wanted to know what happened you could dig into the police report, if you live in Alabama just go to a police station and do a search in their publicly available computers, or, god forbid, just ask the police for more information by calling in or showing up in person claiming to be an associate of his.

It was a female cop.

That's poor grammar.
This woman was found by police at the home.

But why wouldn't the article say girlfriend? Why did he respond to the cops by armoring up? It's a curious situation.

You're reading that incorrectly.

With domestic abuse charges, no matter if he did anything or not, he'd get his guns taken away. With red flag laws in other states, it doesn't even take a charge.
He'd then suffer even further in courts as the woman then steals everything from him while he rots in prison.
How did he not make the right call?

In that case it doesn't sound like he was much of a gentleman, shame on him.

By strangling a woman . . .

The best way to kill police officers is preemptively. Any dead ZOGbot is a positive outcome regardless of the circumstances, but your best opportunity to get away with it and live to do it again is to hit them when they don't know who you are and aren't on their way to find/get you.

Avoid using your own car or even a vehicle in general, as plates are easy to identify and cameras often hard to spot. Obscure your face a bit, fake beard, balaclava if it is cold. Attack the police late at night, often when the patrol cars will be isolated. Suppressors are a must. Bicycles are good choices for transport during the act as long as the markings are removed and acquaintances/neighbors are not aware of what it looks like [in the event descriptions go out over the radio/news].

What if he strangled her after she made the call to ruin his life?

It's possible, strangulation is just too slow though.

Slow, but, if it wasn't premeditated and a reaction to her, it makes sense.

Maybe, but not permanently.

Who the fuck was this woman? I checked out the local news article and it's still vague.

But I thought we're all equal humans? Why should being a woman matter, shitlord?

Based, fry the bacon.

No it doesn't. Hate is an emotion. Emotions are instincts. The truth elicits true feelings.

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No, it doesn't. If the call had already been made then he should have gone for a gun so he could have more time to prepare for the cops. Seems more like he was some fucked up sadist who was acting just on instinct.

Eliminate the first threat before preparing for the next.

Good, I doubt though from the story he intended to but the cops are all white knight faggots interfering in a domestic business which is none of theirs, happens every day. Could care less about a dead zogfag

Was it someone else's woman? If it was his woman, then what is the problem?

That's what I'm saying. Knock her out, slit her throat or shoot her in the head, any of those is quicker than strangulation. For that matter he didn't even get the job done, so he was making mistakes from the start, which suggests this was an idiot acting on instinct rather than some whore screwing over a sensible veteran.

There is no problem, he was just a man keeping order in his house, of course the kikes can't have that though

Hope he's raped by "Niggers" for helping the Jews.

Remember the tranny school shooters? Why isn't their ideology labeled as terrorism?

Beating your wife or girlfriend is a sign of a pathetic person who deserves to get gunned down. It's easy to beat on the weak, it's hard to be gentle when you're strong and want to indulge in petty emotions.

What it suggests is that it was a man taken off-guard by a conniving whore.

No, it doesn't suggest that. He didn't even finish choking her.

Choking a woman is not beating her. And women occasionally require physical correction. If slapping her didn't work, yes you should choke her. Now stop trying to talk to men you dumb whore.

Yeah let's applaud some trashy white nigger who shot at cops to avoid being held responsible probably for beating his baby mama.
Wooooo he also fought for glorious Israel, keep up the good work boys.

Spotted the woman lol, beating a woman is a sign of masculinity. A woman needs a man to keep her in line and sometimes you gotta beat em' to make them remember that. Only a pathetic beta would say otherwise or a woman

Go ahead and put your money where your mouth is, and get have the same thing happened to you. You're just petty as shit and can't beat on other men so you take it out on the only person you think you can get away with hurting.

Emotional appeals only work in person where your pathetic crying noises can trigger protective instincts. Online you have to actually make an argument. So stop trying to talk to men and go bake something you stupid whore.

Of course!

Imagine thinking MIGAtards defending them selves from (((antifa))) is right wing terrorism/extremism

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Why do you think there was a cop at his house in the first place?

shame he didn't punched the cunt in the face.

Honorable White men don't beat their women National Socialshits.

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Here's your White Knight, babe.

Enjoy this faggot.

This doest say he strangled a female cop.
He just strangled a female that police later found in the house.

Slippery slope

It wasn't a female cop, it was a female that the police discovered later. just a female, nothing else.

Yea. Jews

Maybe you Stormfags should join Islam.

OP is a faggot.

This shit happened last Sunday. Domestic disturbance. Then guy got rigged up and shot some cops. I know it happened in my town. Heard it on the scanner. Then dude takes off innawoods for a bit. But eventually just turns himself in–who shoots three cops (killed one) in their body armor with a rifle then just gives up? What a cuck. Did he not realize his life was over? That hell awaits him. Also–the DA said that his wounds were from "spending a night in the woods." top kek.

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Wow, islamophobic much?

Not all women need to be hit. Some know their place naturally. Some challenge men, only correct in rare circumstances, and some women just like to get hit and seek situations that will lead to male anger.
The latter of the three will not fuck men who will not hit them first. They think those men are weak and move on to a man who will.

Most instances of domestic abuse are women seeking revenge for petty shit or men that have been trained so weakly rebelling in the worst way.

Fucking wew. And that guy who was slaughtered by cops for a false domestic abuse charge was "suicide".

So this means a board of peas is to blame not zog?

Might as well be suicide by cop, we can't judge the police as a whole. Some of those boys could have been sleepers for White nationalism, killing cops is bad news. Cops are racist as fuck, but there is plenty of SJW gayshit.

Fuck, rememberd my shit wrong. Meant the one where cops were called about drugs then cops went in guns ablazing only to find no drugs and everyone, even the fuckers family saying "cops did the right thing". Bullshit they should have been canned.

It's actually pretty common in these situations. Guy kills a cop (or whomever), runs off innawoods, and comes out shortly thereafter just because they're cold, hungry, tired, and realize there's no way out. I agree that it's pointless to give up after you've already sealed your fate, might as well go for the gold, but in reality a lot of these guys just "give up" once they start feeling physically wiped out and know they're screwed no matter what. I'm just disappointed there was only one fatality, could have done so much more and now his life is over.

From article;

Despite much of the mythology surrounding black protests of police mishandling of minority populations, Black Lives Matter has never advocated violence in any fashion or permitted it within its ranks—though one black man, Micah Xavier Johnson, who killed six Dallas police officers in 2016, used rhetoric similar to BLM’s, he had never been a member or participant.
That nigger was one of the top guys of nigger lives…

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Wow, thats damage control.

Imagine thinking natsoc has anything to do with republicanism or even conservatism.

Precisely. In most places, one count of murder gives you life, so you may as well kill as many as possible. That's why we shit on people who don't get high scores.

A man has the right to discipline his wife if she gets manic

read the article. They call out sovereign citizens movements a Zig Forums or plebbit ideal with 16 ZOGbot murders in 9 years. While claiming that the 16 number is more than killed by blacks. While also implying that it's 4chan doing it, which implies this is getting tiresome it's Zig Forums - randomly attaching the proud boys to the article ** which also implies Zig Forums has anything to do with proud boys.

unless you're a nigger. Then you get 6 years probation with time served.
Happened 90 minutes away from me 2 years ago.

Of course. Laws for whites are different than laws for nonwhites, especially jews.
Reminds me of that chinese story about that general in an oppressive regime. How did it end again?

Oh and the pack of 5 niggers who drugged and gang raped an underage white girl and they got between 9 and 16 years. She ended up committing suicide and they didn't get charged with murder. Had it been white men… you know how it would go down.

He strangled a cop. He doesn't look like white trash either. You fail to realize that red pilled whites are becoming so angry that they're killing people. The great white chimpout is coming.

Shooting down cops

Whats a good mastodon client for android?

Why are we ignoring the fact that a woman was behind this?


Kill yourself


I think the bitch was out to ruin his life, he choked her in response to her call, the cops came, he got into a firefight then ran. The beating either came from fighting with the woman or with the cops, probably the latter.

Well players or the propaganda arm.

He strangled the woman there before the cops showed. They just had poor grammar.

I'd bet everything I own that bitch is what drove him over the edge.

More like they kicked the shit out of him after arresting him.
t. been on the wrong side of the law.

Yeah that makes sense. I wasn't thinking about when he was arrested later.
Fixed my earlier guess at the timeline.

He's not even a cuckchanner at all. He just reposted viral memes on FB.

Many women today absolutely need to be hit. Anyone who says this has never had a girlfriend in 2019 and had to put up with her shit. Jews have fucked women's heads so badly. I don't agree with hitting women but I've also dated bitches who fucking tried to kill me, hit me, attack me with shit. Virgin fags have no idea how crazy these thots are.


Overgrown, psychotic/cluster B children raised to believe the entire world revolves around their vaginas.

uh… no?
I have a triple felony count of substantial battery due with dropped charges of strangulation. If you do it right the person is out in