With #5G über-fast Internet, we will have the avant-garde Meme Weapon

Yes, we are all autistic deplorables, we grew up on the internet, on vidya games and on internet and on Zig Forums.
If we were left alone, we would just have spent our entire life and die playing video games without any worries.
But they didn't left us alone…And then, we got involved in politics.
And then, we got betrayed by this tremendous Kike-loving Orange Fat ass Jewnald Trump.
However, with the arrival of 5G internet, we finally will have the upper hand on this kulturkampf against the Jews.
All the white guys working in the field of IT and computers are people like us, spend all their days on Zig Forums and on computers.

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Even if their field are cucked by Affirmative Action and forced diversity, they are the only competent, talented guys, and they are the guys who do all the hard work behind the scenes, while the Africans, Muslims and women get all the credit for being the good little protected class of the Jews.
I know that because I work on the field, but I can tell you the insurrection of the oppressed Europeans people, who are daemonized because of our origin, because of our skin color and because of our race, in our own lands and in our own countries, that be in our own ancestral European land, or in our own pioneered,established and civilized countries for North America and Australia, will come soon. The return of the oppressed comes with #5G.
We work behind the scenes to create backlogs and secret access so that we can control the #5G antennas and satellites, and we will control and seized the internet and we'll have an upper-hand on this kulturkampf. They can't stop us.
The name for #5G isn't a coincidence too, we meet in lodges and we came up with this subliminal term and symbol.

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#5G, European Supremacy throughout the whole world, always accessible.
We will establish our #5G supremacy in the Five continents of this world.
No souls will be left alones, we will convert them all to the light and we will win, for the sake of our people.

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Thanks to the New Found power of the #5G internet, we will be able to 3D Map and 3D Model every single interiors and surfaces in the whole world IN REAL TIME.
We will spot traitors, we will spot Jewish conspirators, we will spot dissent and we will use that knowledge to our advantage.
No-one will be able to escape this Sonar Surveillance Matrix.

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I wonder how much the Internet (((providers))) will charge for access to the New shiny propaganda brainwave emitter
Seriously though
You can't 5G yourself out of this mess

not even remotely amusing 0/10

Oops, I forgot to put the music for the thread. (.webm related).

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Thanks Corporal Adolf

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I've been perfectly happy using 0G.


Oh wait, you are actually trying to convince cucks to be against 5G because it's a "racist symbol" and thus save us from that Jewish weapon. Please proceed kind sir.

Destroy Cell Towers
Destroy DATA centers
Destroy Computers
Ted was right. And that's because he wasn't an anglo cunt.

Underrated post

With 5G, it will be so fast that it will be as fast than wired ethernet modem. Which means that wired ethernet and physical modem will disappear alltogether in the following 10 years and ww will all be connected to this extremely centralized wireless #5G internet, even on your desktop computer.
Everything will be centralized then, it won't be decentralized the way it is now and then, they all will be fucked,

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With #5G, NO ONE will escape /our/ control.

Checked ted dubs

Low effort, try better.

What movie is this from?

It's not a move, it's a TV Show.
It's called "Person of Interest".
Good show, but a little bit too repetitive and predictable with the 5 whole seasons.

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(((They))) Live.

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Person of Interest was a show made by Jews to condition Americans to see the surveillance state as normal, and to make it feel like its purpose is to actually help people. Kill CBS

5G will kill us all, you dumbasses

It was kind of in-between. But yeah, sometimes, they use this to say "thank God we have this, the 3-Letters agencies stop terrorists attack everyday, even if we never say it to the public"

0G is radiotelephone from the Vietnam Era and before

I get what you're trying to say, faggot. But we can already do what you're claiming with 4G and 3G, and 4G is already bad enough. 5G is emitting constant steady microwave radiation everywhere, which is harming both humans, bugs and animals. It is designed to weaken us, it is designed to be a kill grid, and a control grid. Sure we could wrest control of it, and wreak havoc, but so can the jews, Chinese and other foreign entities.

5G is being forced on us in its primitive volatile state because the transhumanist jews want to institute their proposed singularity emergence as soon as possible, as they believe that is when they will finally attain the ultimate level of control over the human condition that they have striven for ever since Abraham decided to spew his madness.

Will 5G make Sanic real?

We should start making and buying military grade radio-jammers

are you trying to meme the "5G" symbol as a hate speech and try to embarrass the MSM once more ?

Worth reading:


If a bunch of chantards convince the world 5g is a nazi spy tool, does that mean they will stop it?

We aren't deplorable video game zealots.

And 5G is a weaponizable high frequency microwave system designed to be capable of cooking the coverage area with only a high power klystron like the ones the army carries on the back of hum-vees.

No this thread is about meming stupidity FTW, probably as poisoning the punch bowl.

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> Microwave auditory effect (Frey effect)

They won't, but if they are stupid enough, they will rename and rebrand the 5G name and costing them a lot of money.

You niggers won't be producing anything. You'll be waiting for us actual meme masters to create for you.


Then quit stealing me shit and work you dumb nigger.

I'd prefer to have an uncooked brain rather than faster internet.

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Not only make transmission jammers, but annons can make their on transmitters for world wide private natsoc networks. Anons can build transmitters in their own backyard and start their own mesh networks. It's coming..

On the contrary most of the big tech elites are insane lefties brainwashed by the universities.

This based and checked user is picking up what OP is laying down.
I've been watching the Huawei struggle since the allegations first were made (by Israelis) against Supermicro last year. The news had that cianigger stink all over it.


The decision by President Donald Trump to bar American companies from doing business with Huawei is leaving the country’s allies caught between a rock and a hard place as the president’s rationale for the ban shifts, according to a former U.S. ambassador to Canada.

>Bruce Heyman said he was concerned the changing explanation for the decision by the Trump administration makes it harder for U.S. allies to justify following suit.

>Earlier this year, an Israeli cybersecurity specialist revealed made still-unsubstantiated accusations that a Chinese telecom company had been secretly diverting Canadian internet traffic to China, and warned it would be “too dangerous” to let Huawei into the 5G network.

And who will take their place in the brave new world of 5G? Our greatest ally thank Jehova!!

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All you retards afraid of 5G you realize whites are the least urban ethnic group in the US. If 5G was really bad it would be negativity effecting Jew's and niggers the most. You all fell for an Alex Jones meme and are now counter signaling something that would help you, rural Chinese have faster internet access than then the US.

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Yes goy 5G isn't a jewish weapon, it's our savior!

And a high speed train network too, Its interesting how they manged to build a lot of the things the US is supposedly "too big" for when they are both over 9.5 million sq km.

Most blatant glow-nigger psyop on the catalog ATM.
Sasuga, agent Jerry.



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Tell me what are VPNs already?
Several users share the same VPNs over and over again.

Global report.

Confirmed. Denounce 5G at all costs.

what the fuck?
Speak for yourself dude.
I swear that JIDF posts these
We're all losers threads….Pretty pathetic really.

wow what an epik btfo!

you fucking idiot.


Why is only being put into urban areas than


You're not even trying.

I will not spell it out for you user, in case jews other than (you) are lurking.

You were banned for a reason.

So they are testing this supposedly deadly technology in places like Miami and DC which have some of the largest Jewish communities in the world, really makes you think

Yes, the places with the largest goyim population. Try again on a different website. You're not going to fool anyone here.

Washington DC has a 38 percent white population lol

Reported for not even trying now.

lol report away, Im going be buying stock in Verizon to say thanks for posing so many niggers and jews

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It's not. My state is writing bills, plural, to "ensure da po pepo an duh cuntray foke gets duh intewebz" and are straight pretending they don't have a fucking computer in every pocket already. Nobody is deprived of access to the internet in the US, only speed, and 5g doesn't directly affect speed. The jews that run my state want 5G in rural areas to control non-jews that they see as "beasts" (goyim) and treat as "cattle" to be farmed. My state is run from "Israel Road" with addresses like 1111.

Nobody is banned.
Fuck off back to meguca jewpolkanon.

It's amazing that retards on this thread don't realize that OP is trying to meme 5G has a hate symbol just like "#" fashtag

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lucky you, I had to move to city of ~75k to even get a semi usable connection

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The Five Great Races

The US has jew structure. Common to have 50 down 10 up with the fastest areas having 150 down and 10 up. This is "fast" in the US. You can get more with "business" plans but fuck them all I just dress as a clown and shitpost from the library in the next town. Only the mexican diners and indian reservation gas stations have cameras where I am. Everywhere else there still exists trust, because 90+% European.

Hail the Five Gods of Asgard
Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr, and Týr.

Reminder the Pharisees NEED to regain control of the flow of information before too many goyim are roused from their slumber by rebellious aryans. It is their only hope
Supplying the hardware used by 5G will assist them in this effort.

I'm fucking spelling it out brother because this place is so jewed up that a subtle message which might normally rise to the fore in user's mind is quickly subverted and buried again in their subconscious

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The first image literally just shows that your head got warm from holding your warm phone to your head. Don't post that image it makes you sound like a female "science journalist." Your other points are fine though.

Also people will probably gather together in their communities and start cutting down all the nearby cell towers, which means they will no longer be poisoned but they don't have internet either. Going to need to come up with a substitute form of communication quick.

these desperate, hamfisted attempts to shill 5G will only have the reverse effect.


You were banned for a reason.

You skins need to lurk moar.

Don't try bringing up science in a Luddite thread


Huawei stole quantum entanglement from Nortel (remember them?)

Really? IT has basically become the 21St century version of meatpacking I'm surprised there are any Jew's working it still.

Qualcomm is crying that the Chinese stole the code for the backend of Wechat from them. In starting to think Jew's just like to complain

Same here user. Thank the Lord they haven't fucked the demographic in all the states. #ail #itler


I honestly have no idea what you are even trying to say

People keep making the stupid claim that non-ionizing radiation does not cause cancer. They say that the cellular and WiFi networks fall into this category of radiation. Well, riddle me this: Why did the FCC illegegalize use of several specific channels in the 5GHz WiFi band citing the reason it is Cancer-Causing?

that didn't happen


It was the old 2.4 Band. My apologies.

This article doesn't mention the cancer, but the Comptia A+ Certification study material does. Though Comptia is a global scam that somehow got accredited, probably through bribe

I've seen in other places the explanation that channels 11-14 being made illegal due to radiation causing cancer.

Besides this, you must also realize that this 5G will increase the subliminal hypnosis of the Goyim by thousands of percents. Please read montalk.net/conspiracy/55/how-to-block-microwave-mind-programming-signals

Francis E. DEC, Esq. was unironically right. It's well known that this technology is not only theoretically possible but in-fact was publically patented. Only the perceived crazy truly knew. Now the next generation of areal brainwashing is here. It is the Gangster Computer God Worldwide [5G] Worldwide Secret Containment Policy [Project COUNTINTEL|Solid-Snake Simulation] made possible by Worldwide Secret Frankenstein Controls [Five Eyes distributed computer network].

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Speak for yourself. Seeing my Homeland Ukraine get the hillary/onigger treatment turned me libshit to natsoc in quite a short period. And even then I was sick of vidya

Sometimes I wonder if Atlantis got so advanced, they stopped doing any physical records, then as they collapsed, they went full retard into monoliths with inscriptions so future generations could learn something

Your such a fucking lying kike. I have studied this quite in depth and have found no compelling evidence that power concentrations actually in use around people on any frequency lower than UV has a meaningful impact on cancer.

You can get localized heating in tissues at tens of watts on some high end transmitting gear that can cause things like cataracts after repeated exposure but that is heat stress not direct dna damage.

I am no kike. I hate the Semetic Race to no end. But I too have made this an issue of personal study and have come to the conclusion I stated. You ignore my second point of the worldwide subliminal conditioning via the various wave transmissions and inaudible conditioning constantly being broadcast on a frequency inaudible by the human ear (but received by the mind) when you are outside. Along with the subliminals via almost all IoT devices, television and radio receivers, and the Telecommunications network itself (which is wired, not wireless). It is a mesh of Audio-Visual signals combined with certain radiowave frequencies designed to provoke a brainwave response (Similar to binural entrainment except inaudible, direct electromagnetic wave.

How ironic it is that once we hold revolution we will take what was once designed to destroy and change the messages so we may create and prosper.

And cancer.