Actually disposing of twenty corpses a minute

So we all know that the holocaust never happened and that jerking jews off to death is inefficient.

If you did have to kill a whole bunch of them and dispose of the corpses with as little fuss as possible what is the actual efficient way to do it?

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industrial scale composting

Send them to Jerusalem and nuke it.

OP is in a heap of trouble

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger

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industrial shredder on a ship, just mince them straight into the ocean. 20 per minute would be easy.

This is the kind of response I was expecting out of this board.

Convince what you're doing is right to this man right here.

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There isn't. That's the whole point. Killing or destroying the bodies with chemicals or gas gets ludicrously expensive and exponentially more difficult as you add more bodies to the pile. The "best" way to do this is the way the Soviets managed it: either shoot all the dissidents or create a man-made famine and starve them all to death, then chuck them into a mass grave somewhere and fill it in. That's it. That's your "best" and "most efficient" way. Bullets or starvation and then a mass grave.

This is the single biggest reason the Holocaust cannot possibly have happened, and it's the one thing the Holocaust asserters can never provide an answer to. There simply is no way of killing that many people and leaving no footprint or paper trail or remains. You CANNOT just 'disappear' that many corpses, it simply cannot be done. You can vanish one person like that, sure, or even a few dozen. Serial killers and organized crime managed it all the time and still manage it today. But tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions? Absolutely not.

They show you a giant pile of shoes in Holocaust museums because a giant pile of ratty old shoes is all they've got. There are fields in Eastern Europe where human teeth still float to the surface during heavy rains because of all the mass graves beneath them. Where are all the Jew teeth? Where are all the remains?

Beyond the logistics of the fuel and industry you would actually need to cremate this many people, beyond the physical realities and limitations of cremation itself, there simply is no answer to your question, and that's the biggest proof of all that the Holocaust did not happen.

130,000 people died of Typhus in labor camps due to allied bombing cutting off the supplies for the German hospitals that were keeping them alive. Anything beyond that is Jewish fairy tales.

this tbh


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For real? Dig a very very large hole. Fill the hole half way with bodies. Then fill it the rest of the way with dirt. Repeat as needed. This would be quite easy with industrial equipment.

Is that FDR?


So in Europe this is a jail sentence? How long for those word in that order?

What happens if an American denies the Holocaust in one of those countries?

Mass graves just like how the NSDAP handled it.


You'd contaminate the oceans with kike blood. No.

Cripple is a literal kike. Feed Brennan is Jewish user. His mother is Jewish
Hence he is Jewish

The bottom and filter feeders purify the water.

Couldn’t be do it in the poos ocean? It’s already contaminated anyways

Don't dispose of them OP, just stick them on pikes along every major highway, so that any other sneaky ratlike subversive ethnoreligious group that might arise on the planet knows not to fuck with you.

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Using chemical weapons on large groups of people. Something more effective than delousing pellets.

In the midst of a war yeah right

spinning dreidel of death.

This. You could even feed sharks and whales in areas where they suffer from overfishing and help them to regrow their population.

the moment the order is made, send out an order for an immediate,
simultaneous raid of all known jewish residences or gathering places,
and kill them where they stand. no time to react, to run, or to hide.
once the deed is done, pile them into flatbeds, drive them to a tank range,
dump them in deep, pre-dug mass graves,
and burn them until they cannot be recognized as corpses.
refill the graves with the nearby dirt pile,
utilizing the backhoes that were left on standby after they had dug the graves.
you could to this in an afternoon.

Just dump them in the ocean

You use them as landfil, just like in every real genocide. Well, since the environment is important to national socialism, toss some wood ash or lime over the bodies before filling in the ditch.

Get ahold of this kike shill. They actually believe in the holohoax!

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