New gene therapy approved by FDA

A new gene therapy has been given the green light to be used as a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy.

At the moment, the price tag sits firmly around $2 million which is still far cheaper than the sum cost of other treatments required for this disease which result in the children seldom living past early childhood anyway. This represents one step closer to the broader acceptance of human genetic modification.

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A great achievement, but at this price point of course unaffordable for most. Therefore, I don't see it benefitting society that much, at least until it becomes less expensive.

I do agree it's a step in the right direction w.r.t. attitude towards gene editing. This technology has the potential for a big positive impact on humanity.

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Some more or less relevant snippets

DIY gene editing kits

Online tutorials provided

You can learn to do what they charge millions for from your bedroom

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they already have

So the potential upsides include better health, maybe increased cognitive ability to favour higher production.
Potential downsides result from the control over what genes are edited and in what way. It could be used to create obedient humans who serve those in power (those in control of the gene editing).

Could be a similar story to nuclear weapons. Mutual assured destruction can protect us, but if it goes wrong once we're all fucked. With gene editing we could have some nice health benefits for a while, but if it goes wrong once we're fucked. Or maybe increased intelligence through gene editing makes our species more resilient to a major fuck up and sets us up for great success. Could go either way if you ask me.

Are two people both pointing loaded guns at each others' heads truly "safe"?

I guess one potential concern is if the adenovirus used to implant DNA becomes contagious. Not too big a deal if it's something for medicine. But in the future, if it extends to the point where degenerates can give themselves cat ears, swap sexes, etc. we'd have a contagious pathogen turning everyone in its wake into loli catgirls.

Why don't we make an airborne virus that turns everyone into a genius with blonde hair and blue eyes?

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The real point is that the (((vaccines))) are already loaded with shit like this.

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Gene editing doesn't work like that. You need to work on the DNA in a lab. A virus isn't going to do shit except maybe kill the host.

The "worked on" DNA is then implanted in a virus.

Someone never learned to DYOR faggot. The virus implants the DNA. That's how they fucking work.

My primary concern is that think-of-the-children acceptance will more easily lead into a slippery slope with legislation where human genome fuckery is concerned.

So you can tell who has nature on their side. The path you describe will result in a situation tantamount to banging a hottie only to discover the hooked nose after your child is born because the mother had plastic surgery that she failed to disclose.

True, natural "gene therapy" would be:


Right, and when the virus reproduces in the wild, it quickly loses all of the functional changes that made it do that in the first place.

You're probably right, we shouldn't play god.


It’s great work, but we really need optimization advances, too. If we can gene-treat people who believe themselves to be worthless with genes “proven” to be superior at the things they wish to excel at, they’ll pour new efforts into those things, and wearing their new pair of genes might help. Fashion genes now!

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Bioengineering is shilled by subhumans because kikes have offered it to them as "salvation" , but we all know how that ends up.

nigger, the pentagon already completed a "google maps" scale dna collection drive of every u.s. citizen and there european partners have done the same for e.u. countries.
(((they))) already own you at the genetic level and there's nothing you can do about it.
this is all being coordinated with monsantos and their (((gmo))) seed stock.
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so we have to die of treatable illness and be denied access to life extension/age reversal by the same fat fucks who are hoarding the cures/suppressing innumerable forms of medical technology ? Much of this medical technology was developed with tax dollars, but we dont get to use it ? (while THEY seem to have access). Thats eugenics initself surely, population control through withholding key cures/tech.

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Iv watched people rot of cancer and we dont need that shit. I dont want it and i wont impose it on my kids. If you have some romantic idea of whats its like to die naturally then go ahead, but dont impose your warped, cruel ideas on me or my family. I want to spend as much time alive and in good health with the people i care about as possible. So i want to avail of any technology that allows me to do this. If you dont think that the sociopaths who are currently withholding this tech for ethical reasons dont use it themselves then your painfully naive. They use it, youd better believe they use it, they just dont want the unwashed masses to have access (population control).

Im not saying there arnt dangers, but its proven to be effective re most basic procedures, so why shouldnt we have it. Again tho, if you want to let nature take its course and watch your kid die of a terminal illness then fine. Dont tell the rest of us that only schlomo can have access to this tech (which we paid for) tho, because thats beyond cuckery, thats a literal attack on us and our families. When you do that you become one of them, so pontificate all you want, just dont stand in the way. We could solve most of the worlds problems in an instant if certain technology wasnt being actively suppressed

DIY gene editing kits

>(((they))) already own you at the genetic level and there's nothing you can do about it.

Except change your genetics

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The expansion of gene editing does provide pressure for acceleration. The Jew must be ousted from power before they develop the capacity to turn all gentiles into subservient cattle.