Why do the Jews Jew?

Why do the Jews Jew?

We've all discussed what the Jews are up to, but we never discuss why they do the things they do. Why are they subverting society? What is their grand plan? What is the end goal? What caused them to do so in the first place?

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Read the literature, retard, this is JQ 101. There’s either the religious view, that Jews jew due to their religion and the Talmud, which fosters their behavior, or there’s the racial viewpoint that Jews act like this by nature and that it won’t change no matter what religion they are, and that the tendency towards subversion and parasitism is a survival strategy for Jewish dominance in race-struggle

The sooner you stop wondering about the parasite and start killing it is the sooner your life gets better.


If you're so smart how about you actually answer my question instead of using the low-IQ race/Talmud scapegoat.

Why did the Rabbis in the Talmud hate the Gentiles? And why do Jews seek to subvert us? Answer it faggot.

Know your enemy thickwit.

answer lies about 2:40 in


Sounds like you are the real kike if you think either of those are “muh scapegoats”

Not sure if Jew or newfag. Read Culture of Critique

They're rapefugees from Mars
F.d it up in some kind of Hocus pocus that got way out of hand
The survivors (why there are so few of them still) made it here and interbreeded with some of the finer hominids. This was a good thing, balanced both species.
Some stayed as "pure"Jew and they are the derilects we see today obviously inbred and remnants of their alien ways.
There was another cataclysm here who knows prob them Jews again fucking around, wiped everything out, put everyone on the same primitive level again, jews lost their tech/choosen status and now revert to subterfuge and evil

Immense butthurt. The Jews got uppity in 70 AD and got rightfully smacked down by the Romans, so they swore revenge on all of western civilization and made up some crap in their towelmud that the "princes of Rome" were secretly a desert tribe called "Amalek" that had fought against them in Canaan centuries before.

Since one such prince of Rome (Flavius Afranius Syagrius) was an ancestor of Charlemagne, and Charlemagne is an ancestor of just about every European alive today, the Jews believe that their G-d has commanded them to slay every white man, woman and child in existence.

The jews made a pact with muslims, as did the germanics via the templars. They are the true puppetmasters.


jns.org/opinion/the-clash-of-american-liberal-jewry-and-israeli-nationalism/ This is an interesting article by an Israeli broadcaster about why Israeli Jews support Trump, yet Jews in America are so opposed to him. In it, he talks about how Jews in other countries tend to push for liberal ideas of equality and tolerance because the Jewish people have such a long history of being discriminated against. This seems to be the most rational explanation to me.

The only other argument I've heard which makes any sense is that it's something inherent to Judaism (like how they're allowed to cheat and lie to gentiles), but I haven't looked into it enough to say anything meaningful about it.

There's also the argument that it's in their genes, but I have trouble buying that argument. I have yet to see any compelling evidence that race is a more important factor in someone's thought processes than external factors.

Every other argument I've heard is something absurd like "nature sent the Jews to punish us for raping the planet" or some other nonsense like

Their goal is survival. It makes sense for a species to destroy a species that it sees as superior to it because if you look at earth, the species that are superior tend to exterminate and enslave other species. For this reason the jews are pre-emptively trying to destroy the white species, in order to protect their own descendants from ever being under the thumb of the white race. Because for whites to be in control could result in jews being destroyed or enslaved.

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To expand on that, we often hear envy as being a sin. The desire to bring to ruin those who are better. However this desire is in peoples biology because it serves a biological function. Superior species tend to exterminate and enslave inferior ones, and races are separate species. Even social classes are the beginnings of species formation into separate species so war against social classes makes biological sense.

Presumably once the white genocide is complete the jews will implement genetic testing for themselves and their mud horde slaves to cull any "Amalekite" Roman genes.
Fun fact: the Mughal emperors of India were also descendants of Charlemagne. The Jews are gonna have a long (and bloody) task ahead of them.

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excellent find on those verses

The fact that there are as many white geniuses as there are jews in the world indicates why white women are encouraged to date stupid men. This probably is connected with worship of athletics too, sports fanaticism artificially raises the value of non-smart men.

Because they are oft-inbred, oft-insane monsters, in service to a dark and malignant deity seeking to wipe away all other forms of worship to corner the market on human-derived 'belief' (a firm of energetic succor for such metaphysical entities), and bred to that purpose through their cultural expression of subservience to this malignancy over several millennia.

You might as well ask why Skavens Skaven, or why Goblins Goblin.
Beyond understanding it in order to combat these venomous fiends, it doesn't fucking matter.

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By the way its important to note that white Americans are the real native Americans, white people named the place America, so its impossible for the mongolians who lived in America to be native Americans because they never called it that.

Checked for you have to go further back to understand just how deeply accurate that argument you made actually was - tens of thousands of years back.
We came from the East long before the mongoloids came from the West.

To put it as simply as possible, the Jews are unique evolutionarily. They survived for 2,000 years by parasitically invading and subverting other nations and peoples, analogous to a virus. They know not what they do, and any metaphysical musings won't change it. Their existence is almost tragic, because it always leads to their own self-destruction, as well. Getting rid of them all is impractical by any means in the post-Holocaust world and they've already done irreparable damage.. The best you can do is not to buy into the propaganda, teach your children better, and have your friends and family do the same.

No, the best you can do is urge others, via various means, toward the most practical of impracticalities, which is removal of the jews and their corrupted systems by brute military force.
This is now an inevitability in our lifetimes.

> therebbeblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/the-sabbatean-frankist-paradigm-is-statistical-certainty/

Someone did his research. It explains why (((the bankers))) all hate Israel and ignore the Thou Shalt Nots. They never got out of their teenage rebellious phase because there's a lot of money in being a traitor if you don't get caught.

To add onto that, basically they hold a massive grudge against what they call "Roman Catholic Culture," which in reality means "white people," even though the Romans who destroyed the second Temple were pagans at that time. Christianity was recently established at this time too, and many Christians further distanced themselves from jews, refusing to fight for them and essentially taking the stance that the Roman destruction of the temple and slaying of the jews was some form of divine retribution for killing and rejecting Christ, adding to the massive butthurt. It's important because this particular war, though it was the first of several, deeply ingrained in the jewish psyche that they are "rebels," and everyone else are the oppressors, and it is their job to wipe out and enslave the European white man, denigrate Christianity, etc. The Talmud is basically one big revenge porn and self aggrandizement wank work that gives you deep insight into the jewish "identity" as they see themselves vs. the rest of humanity.

they killed the messiah

When you read about what the Babylonians did to the supposed 'chosen' of 'the one true divinity' - aka this fucking silver tongued demon - you can kind of see how it set the stage for the whole Roman debacle.

Yeah, that'll do it alright.
I don't care though.
Monstrous deeds upon them made of them monsters to be slain in turn.

Athleticism should be valued and also be part of mate selection, especially in today's era of fat bodied, out of shape, weaklings. Every white man should strive to be as mentally and physically fit as possible. The problem is with the (((entertainment industry))) glorifying athletes along the same lines as actors and other entertainers, making it all about monetizing brands and peddling products rather than an actual appreciation for physical prodigy. Instead of using athleticism as a way to encourage public health and fitness and promote a more idealized model of what a person should be, it's just commodified and marketed like everything else in society.

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To tell you the truth I'm not sure I buy the whole "Babylonian Captivity" narrative. Just like the whole "Flight from Egypt," I suspect it's highly colored by their own agenda. A good chance they were just up to the same MO as always, ingratiate themselves to the upper class, fleece the public with usury and extortionist money lending, and then flee/be driven out when the public and politicians turn on them. Also it's not like they are innocent at all, read the Old Testament. By their own account the only way they took control of the "Promised Land" was just moving in and killing everybody who already lived there and taking over, all because their deity told them it was ok to do, and in fact his command. Pretty hypocritical for the jews to cry about being disowned of their own kingdom for thousands of years when the only reason they even had it in the first place is genocide and hostile takeover.

I never said it was wrong, merely that you can see how it happened.
As for the narrative, going from the Babylonian side is undoubtedly the more accurate - and its still quite brutal IIRC.

Why do frogs quack ?

Oh I'm not arguing user, just giving my perspective and 0.02, it's good to have these discussions and get more sources and info going. Always good to study the enemy and history in general to get a better big picture.

Fuck. You fucking newfags. Jews are defined by multiple ways, which is confusing, because this is hasbara. ultimately, anyone who says they identify as a jew, or anyone who serves judaism, although they may hide it (for tactical advantage), is a jew.

Jews follow 613 commandments, known as "mitzvots". The mitzvots are very specific and spell out a lot of domains of conduct including commandments for usury, slavery, as well as genocide of alien races/tribes and conduct of war.

The jews read books. These books provide guidance for behavior. These books include primarily:
Talmud (there are two, but referred as 1)
Mischna torah (rambam)

The jews have gone through many transformations through time. At one time they were polytheistic, they are now monotheistic. Their god is called yaweh. They are not allowed to speak their god's name unceremoniously, outside of the temple, so they use a substitute term "hashem". When they write, they omit letters from "god" and write it in the form of: "g_d". This is because specially responsibility of care is commanded of anything bearing their gods name.

Jews differ from gentiles in that normally in a case where law is just, if a person is to follow a law, but they dont know the law, but their internal-will aligns with the law naturally, than this person is naturally "good".

Judaism is opposite, in jew, if a person is inclined to do other than the law, but their devotion to law guides them to obey the law, despite their own displeasure, then this person is more worthy than those who obey law without critical descision making.

This principle is embodied in the story of abraham. Where he is commanded to kill his own son, by god. This distinction is critical to understand if you want to know the jew.

In the tanakh, there is Deuteronomy. In Deuteronomy, it commands the jews to lend to all the nations of the world and do not borrow, and in this way you will rule over the goyim but they will not rule over you.

The end game is: they are going to build a world temple, and a world court. Both are ready for construction. The problem for them is, theyve done all this before in history. The first time, nebuchadnezzer ii destroyed their temple (Solomons temple), then they rebuilt the temple (herods temple) but it was destroyed by titus of rome because they were launching jewish revolts against rome, and the romans got sick of it. In 807 AD, the muslims, who believe that jesus will return to fight the antichrist from Damascus, built a sacrificial mosque upon the general foundation of their second temple. The jews are very despotic. They cannot rebuild a temple with a mosque there. So they must destroy it. That is the reason the muslims built the mosque there, so it would have to be destroyed to construct the 3rd temple. The jews cant destroy the mosque and build a third temple with all their muslim enemies surrounding them, it would cause a kamikazees attack upon israel, true jihadism. So they created 9/11 and the GWOT.

Once they get their third temple, they will sacrifice animals each day, and have "temple prostitution" which is basically where their preists get sexual rites of your family. After that, their mischief will come, who is an ordinary man, but who will become the king of israel, and launch a campaign to subdue the world. When this is complete, the Sanhedrin will commence, which is full jewish law, at that time, the world will be converted to noahidism, which is a suboordinate caste religion of gentiles. It basically states that all jews can fuck your wife or your infant children, but if discovered, your wife will be executed for tempting the jew. If a gentile has sex with a jew, he is strangled or stoned in certain cases. For all other offences, including theft and idolatry, the noahide is beheaded, this includes Christianity or any sect of religion which has more than one god. The beheading is meant to be enforced by the host nations governments in accordance with the law of the Sanhedrin.

The jews believe that Christianity, islam, and communism were all failed attempts in the past to introduce noahidism upon the world, as each of those things was introduced by jews.

The law of noahide was codified by Maimonides mischna torah under Law of Kings.

Of course, none of this really matters as the jews will be discovered by gentiles of the world and it will likely result in the extinction of humanity. But before then, jews are definitely going to get their shit pushed in.

asians survive by balance and harmony, even at cost of freedom under tyranny and stagnating culture via aversion to truth
africans survive by sensitivity to hostility, which expresses itself as pre-emptive nigger aggression to everyone
gypsies survive by pettiness and being on the move, otherwise they'd just be genocided for the build of their bullshit
jews survive by turning the state against the host, weaponizing feminine survival strategies
whites survive by paying the high cost of truth

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Curt doolittle looks like an idiot for that. First of all, capitalism doesn't appear on the list. Nothing about Marxism has anything to do with pseudoscience.

Meh. Their plans don't seem too insidious. Better than the Soviets.

I think it's better to just join the winning side here, no point in all this conflict.

World domination, you would know this if you "discussed" what the Jews are up to.

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Think of them as the ape-wasp.

Then why do Chinese, for example, not have this animosity towards whites?

There's a big difference between controlling the greatest Empire in Asia for millennia and being a group of wanderers in Egypt, Arabia, Europe, and then America.

It's in their defective DNA, OP. It's why they need to be EXTERMINATED. No reforming the fuckers.

This is my favorite Darwin theory; and it probably is closer to natural reality than his hypothesis about evolution.

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Someone had to play the bad guy in this cosmic giggle.

Talmud and Schizophrenia. Ashkenazi Jews have higher probability of schizophrenia than the rest of population.Combine those and give those factors total power in the world and you get what we have today. Read Talmud if you are curious about their end goal.

It is said Jews came to earth to do something, and that they shall leave when they are done. Its what Jews themselves believe, they will do good and then leave. What we see in reality is that they will create as much mayhem and destruction and possible then leave. Rinse and repeat as they always crush empires when empires are at their peak in history and becomes very advanced and civilized. Jews demolish them into caveman state then we have eternal loop. Read history.

Ashkenazi Jews are carriers of schizophrenia Psychiatric News, published by the American Psychiatric Association. Date of publication: Oct. 25, 1972.


This WAS not on the internet…….

It is NOT posted on the Internet. It's from Psychiatric News, published by the American Psychiatric Association. Date of publication: Oct. 25, 1972. Go to your local library.

Evidence that Jews are carriers of schizophrenia is disclosed in a paper prepared for the American Journal of Psychiatry by Dr. Arnold A. Hutschnecker, the New York psychiatrist who once treated President Nixon.

In a study entitled 'Mental Illness: The Jewish Disease' Dr. Hutschnecker said that although all Jews are not mentally ill, mental illness is highly contagious and Jews are the principal sources of infection.

Dr. Hutschnecker stated that every Jew is born with the seeds of schizophrenia and it is this fact that accounts for the world-wide persecution of Jews.

'The world would be more compassionate toward the Jews if it was generally realized that Jews are not responsible for their condition.' Dr. Hutschnecker said. 'Schizophrenia is the fact that creates in Jews a compulsive desire for persecution.'

Dr. Hutschnecker pointed out that mental illness peculiar to Jews is manifested by their inability to differentiate between right and wrong. He said that, although Jewish canonical law recognizes the virtues of patience, humility and integrity, Jews are aggressive, vindictive and dishonest.


'While Jews attack non-Jewish Americans for racism, Israel is the most racist country in the world,' Dr. Hutschnecker said.

Jews, according to Dr. Hutschnecker, display their mental illness through their paranoia. He explained that the paranoiac not only imagines that he is being persecuted but deliberately creates situations which will make persecution a reality.

Dr. Hutschnecker said that all a person need do to see Jewish paranoia in action is to ride on the New York subway. Nine times out of ten, he said, the one who pushes you out of the way will be a Jew.

'The Jew hopes you will retaliate in kind and when you do he can tell himself you are anti-Semitic.'

During World War II, Dr. Hutschnecker said, Jewish leaders in England and the United States knew about the terrible massacre of the Jews by the Nazis. But, he stated, when State Department officials wanted to speak out against the massacre, they were silenced by organized Jewry. Organized Jewry, he said, wanted the massacre to continue in order to arouse the world's sympathy.

Dr. Hutschnecker likened the Jewish need to be persecuted to the kind of insanity where the afflicted person mutilates himself. He said that those who mutilate themselves do so because they want sympathy for themselves. But, he added, such persons reveal their insanity by disfiguring themselves in such a way as to arouse revulsion rather than sympathy.

Dr. Hutschnecker noted that the incidence of mental illness has increased in the United States in direct proportion to the increase in the

Every time Satan's ass warts pop, a disgusting jewfag slithers out. It's almost like trying to figure out why a rapist rapes or a nigger nigs.

It's in their nature dummie, they literally can't help themselves


Fug, slipped.
Incest ties in heavily with #2, they're like 40% more likely to have paranoid disorders and mental ailments. Even before they were getting kicked out, "everyone was out to get them"
Find some post 2000s jew medical journals, they're only now just realising how irreparable their genes are, no matter the amount of shiksa they "shtup"
AKA what and

I suspect just as much self hatred over these generational failings are at work as


The diversity push and crap comes from the victim complex they obtained during holocaust. With diversity and smelly niggers everywhere they find themselves assured they don't get crushed again.

Most Jews today don't even know much about the Talmud if anything at all, those are mostly the very religious whose influence is limited.

That's a good post. Current strategy of jews is basically sinking the entire ship of civilization, most are probably unaware of it. They won't really become masters of some new kind of civilization as they hope to. Even now they're mostly successful in pushing degeneracy upon gentiles since the governmental system coupled with societal values enable this to be easy. They won't really convince them to adopt or live according to their religious values or prophecies. The end result of their grand plan will be having a bunch of smelly negroids and other inferiors that are so shit and inept, the Jews probably don't even want to rule over them. I wonder how much they whipped their negroid slaves in the centuries where slavery was popular since it's very hard to get a nigger to perform any kind of work.

You are asking what is probably the most important question in social science.

First of all, let us define which population we are talking about. The actual ancient Jews were just violent and stupid Semitic tribespeople, and middle-eastern Jews remain so to this day. The population of interest are the Ashkenazi Jews. From the standpoint of human-biodiversity, Ashkenazim are the most fascinating, bizarre and dangerous population of humans to have ever evolved. I am of partial Ashkenazi ancestry and have done extensive research on this profoundly important topic. In this post I will outline what I have learned.

Genetic studies suggest that Ashkenazim are descended from near-eastern men who intermarried with Italian women during the early Roman imperial period. Modern Ashkenazim are about 60% European in terms of autosomal DNA. This new hybrid population was subjected to unique selective pressures for 2000 years, creating the population which now rules all of our societies.

Christian Europeans are a proselytizing and welcoming people, combined with the fact that the Ashkenazi root population was partially European probably resulted in massive bleed-off into the general European population through intermarriage and conversion. Through most of their history it is known that Ashkenazim specialized in mercantile trades, but it is likely that they had a much more natural population structure in the beginning. All of the stem-Ashkenazim who lived and worked around Europeans eventually converted and intermarried. This process also resulted in breeding for higher IQ, as all Ashkenazim who couldn't make the cut in the mercantile niche would be encouraged to leave the Jewish community.

Increased intelligence alone cannot explain the bizarre Ashkenazi behavioral patterns which we have all observed. Even a wealthy and smart stem-Ashkenazi was still half-European and might be tempted to integrate into European Christian society, and no doubt many did so in every generation. The very openness of European society resulted in a perverse selective pressure. Those Ashkenazim who had an affinity for European culture, aesthetics and morality were more likely to chose to integrate with Europeans over the millenia, disproportionately leaving in the Ashkenazi gene-pool those individuals with an innate genetic aversion to all things European; their culture, aesthetics, morality and physical appearance.

Additionally, the Ashkenazim were bred for an extremely high level of in-group cohesion and coordination. Their group loyalty is fanatical. Most of the Ashkenazim that could be bribed or co-opted by our leaders have been removed from their gene-pool over the last two thousand years. They Ashkenazim operate in a solid front, divided only in tactical disagreements over "What is best for Jews".
(Part 1of2)

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To put it all together; Europeans have bred for themselves the ultimate parasite. European openness to outsiders allowed the Ashkenazi breeding pool to shed their community members of typical intelligence into the host population, allowing them to create a specialized highly-intelligent mercantile clan. Even worse, this openness filtered the Ashkenazim of all genes which might predispose them to have a positive disposition towards European people. The Ashkenazim that remained in the clan for over 2000 years were selected for a general malevolence towards Europeans, a rejection of all things European. Combine this with their extraordinary cohesion, it is fair to say that the Ashkenazim were bred to be the ultimate anti-Europeans, our civlizational super-parasite.

This in itself would be bad enough, basically condemning European peoples to extermination by this malevolent merchant clan, but the situation may be even worse. Ashkenazi genetic malevolence is particularly targeted at Europeans, but extends to all humanity. It is known that Ashkenazim played a disproportionate role in the development of atomic weapons, well above that of their proportion of physicists. Many European physicists were reluctant to participate in the development of such a weapon, a trait which was not shared by Ashkenazim. I believe that in the case that Ashkenazim are ever struck a blow which might challenge their supremacy, they may unleash a Samson doomsday weapon which will kill all life on earth, in fact I think it likely that they have already developed such weapons in order to blackmail our leaders. They are god's chosen people after all, and all this earth and everything on it exists only to serve them.

Fermi's paradox led to speculation about a "Great Filter", some unknown mechanism which destroys civilizations before they reach a certain level of development, explaining why the universe appears so empty. The evolution of an intelligent and highly malevolent parasitic population such as Ashkenazim may be a candidate for the Great Filter. Every time an advanced civilization rises up against their parasitic highly-coordinated merchant clan which invariably rises to rule them, the merchants Samson the whole thing rather permit their hosts to go free.
(Part 2of2)

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Rule 4.

You see that's how I know you're a monotheist. It's not european openness that has caused this. The root cause for that is christianity that has given these idiots special people status.

Why do White Nationalists serve Jews?

Millions of Whites are suffering from poverty, unemployment, sickness, homelessness, dispair and agony.

They have no where to go, no one to help them as Whites have no one representing them. The State tells them to fuck off because they are White. I see this first hand daily in real life.

You did this White Nationalists/Alt Right

A nation without a history is like a person with Alzheimer's. A nation which fervently (more literally: religiously) studies 4000 years of history is like a person who can remember his past lives. The Jews know that people are stupid and self destructive, and their adaptation to this fact is to have become the ultimate lefty-weasels. Rather than try to halt the grinding wheel of human folly, they ride atop it via their mastery of deception and unscrupulousness. This is my interpretation of "the Synagogue of Satan". They killed the Logos and, in refusing to admit their mistake, will continue to live on as an image of Satan/Deceit until they're stopped.

tl;dr: they know how stupid niggercattle humans are and they know that the niggercattle tend to outbreed and win in the end. Rather than try to stop the insanity, they decided to become the ultimate niggercattle ranchers.

Heh, art imitates life. The episode of ST Voyager on the electric jew was talking about "The Trabe." Neelix pretty much laying out the JQ.


Racist hatred against white people for causing the holocaust. They blame all of us because we have the same color of skin who can explain how the minds of racist extremist Jewish marxists works.

Lurk until you die.

I'm almost entirely certain it's caused by the Jewish circumcision (snipping way too much for even snipping) which causes permanent brain damage and everything else then just cascades as that trauma then creates what effectively is a transgenerational memory of that trauma (the jewish religion, mysticism, child sacrifice, etc.).

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I have a feeling this post is just fishing i don't really that is something anyone would ask we all know each in his own way.

This process started in pagan Rome, and Christianity has been extremely harsh on the Jews until quite recently. There is no evidence that Jews had it worse in Pagan societies, Romans settled Jews all over their empire. In fact, Christianity increased European cohesion and fecundity, allowing European to better compete with Semites.

This is all beside the point. Ashkenazim already exist, they have evolved a terrifying set of weapons, and they are absolutely determined to exterminate every last European from the face of the earth, a directive which has been etched into their psyches by nature itself.

Ashkenazi hatred of the Europeans well predates the holocaust, the Germans didn't just decide to combat Jews for no reason, and Jews don't even believe in the holocaust, it is just another blatant Jewish swindle. Here is a good recent essay by libertarian Jewish tech millionaire and journalist Ron Unz detailing the hoax:

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Because not all biological organisms are acting according to the same instincts, just because an instinct is sensible doesn't mean every organism is using it as a strategy

that's an interesting theory, time will tell what happens

Absolutely this. Had two shitlib but subversively placed (catholic and oregon hipster) aquaintence take dna test and come out as 30% jewish. Genetic determinism is real and jewish traits express even when minority admixture. Theyre pathetic vacciliating obscene and opportunistic. They hoard social credit and praise while privately being degenerate and selfish. Theyre pre eminent posers.

Oh you want to study them and find out what makes them tick? For what fucking purpose? Just annihilate them and be done with it. Why would a wolf concern itself with the mentality of a flee? It wouldn't. It would simply scratch the filth from its body.

Darwin May have got this exactly backwards

Religious and cultural reasons aside where it is most obvious why they Jew what they Jew.
Science says it is because Jews are fucked in the head






www jewishencyclopedia com/articles/8123-insanity



We never ask this because once you know the JQ that's just implied. You don't even have to ask it, you'll be allowing yourself to see the world clearly and if you have an understanding of history then you have an understanding of the Jew.

You have to go back

As the scorpion said to the frog, it is in my nature.

Jews, Canaanites that they are, are servants of servants to us, even when they are trying to do evil. Read Eustace Mullins, the Curse of Canaan to learn more.

Curse of Canaan is available as a pdf and as a youtube video. Enjoy

You're either a jew or incredibly ignorant. Understanding the motivations of your enemy is half the battle, if not more.

Only through this can you know what moves he might make next. Do you not think knowing the strengths and flaws of your enemy is useful?

Where have you been nigger? We KNOW what their motivations are. Its time to act in what we know.

Because they are racist antigentites.


Israel owes the us 500 billion.
The US is not a victim but a python who strangles all.
We are the best.

Whilst all interesting points that likely added to their hatred; these posts do not take into account the fact that the jews were jewing long before this. The first 'jew', Judah, sold his own brother Joseph into slavery for some shekels. The Bible goes on to recount the myriad perversions of these people which ranged from impiety and sexual perversion to widespread deceit and manipulation to the ritual murder of the young. This was so bad that the Old Testament documents, time and again, how God would punish them and attempt to lead them back onto the right path; only to have them forsake Him again and return to their evil and depravity. This ends firstly with the destruction of Israel, and then the promised destruction of Judea should they not accept Christ; something which happened.

The evil of huge swathes of the Hebrew people was always there, and this is according to their own scriptures. It was so bad that God punished and destroyed them using these examples which many of you have asserted are the 'cause' of the evil. No, the evil was there before; and then God punished them through destruction by the Assyrians, Babylonians and - in line with Christ's prophecies though taking place shortly after the timeline of the Bible - the Romans.

They are the children of the devil, and whilst spiritual evil and corruption uses as its tools men from many nations; the jews are clearly one of their most favoured.

The problem is the original jews were all wiped out through God's will for their sins by the Romans after the fall of the second temple. Here's what we're dealing with now





Even the small Near East DNA part of them is nowhere near Israel. Same goes for Shepardi and other Jews. The only people who seem to have continual lineage in Israel are ironically the Palestinians


We're dealing with some highly mentally ill inbred literal those who call themselves jews but are not here as Jesus Christ warned.

Good article

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Not all jews were wiped out then. Many had already been spread around the Roman Empire, they had bases in Rome, Alexandria and all the big cities. Prior to this many had been spread out in Babylon, and further afield after their resettlement after the Assyrian conquest. You also have local populations in Judea, Syria, Arabia and the like. These people got around. There were even synagogues throughout Anatolia.

It is foolish to think that they ceased to exist after the destruction of the Temple. What the destruction of the Temple did was forced ALL Hebrew sects to become either Christian or Pharisee, the Pharisees being the Hebrew sect that followed the Oral Torah, which is today the Talmud.

I'm not trying to discredit anything about Ashknenazis or how certain jews intermarried with Europeans or anything like that. I just think its important to dispell any rumours of 'good jews/hebrews'. The Bible is very clear that the original Israelites and Judeans, with some obvious exceptions, were generally a perverse people. It is of course good to look into the origins of the Ashkenazi, I've just seen a lot of people harp on about the 'fake jew' stuff and then claim that there are real jews that are innocent; the Bible is pretty clear that they are all, aside from the exceptions of course, serving the devil.

Jewdar justt went plaid.
Your post just says, don't worry just stay our cattle goyim.

Barbara Spectre

Basically, what you're saying is that Jews, well the people they originated from, were Schizos.

We have human brains due to human genes.
Not mouse or dog brains but human.
Likewise you and I have different brains due to our genes.

Races, including the mongrelized hybrids of Jewish descent , have certain brain features that are shared in their population groups and much more common than other humans.

Athleticism is far harder to discern in potential mares than intelligence and empathy.

Don’t breed with non Europeans. Preferably our own nation only.

Ironically, you can't say this, its anti Semitic.

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even worse, it celebrates genetic outliers. These niggers in the NBA can get away with eating junk food because they are well proportioned and coordinated at 6 foot 10. They literally compete against 20 other people with similar qualities.

Their single survival strategy is nepotism.

Because Jews are an international genetic mafia who cloak their criminality using their "religion."

Come again, kike?

Their religion and culture is entirely built around ingraining all the worst aspects of humanity in these people. The talmud has been described as 1/4 telling you what god's laws are and 3/4 the mental gymnastics of getting around them. This is pilplul, literally jewing god.

They tell themselves that they are the chosen ones and all non-jews are subhumans. They set up different rules for jews and non-jews. You can lie to non-jews, you can kill them, you can rape them, it doesn't matter because they aren't people.

They also see it as a religious imperative to make lots of money. Just being in a good paying job isn't enough, you must become rich. It's also require that they use part of that wealth to support kike only causes like AIPAC and ADL.

At the same time they lie to themselves and say they've been persecuted for 2000 years by literally everyone for absolutely no reason. They actually believe this, it's not just a cynical con. They use this imagined persecution to demand that all fellow jews stick together and always take the side of other jews over goyim, even those who are clearly in the wrong. Much like how niggers chimp out when another nigger points a gun at a white cop and gets instant justice.

So their culture is built around being persecuted, while justifying all sorts of activity that makes everyone hate them. It requires them to become rich, while making it acceptable to scam the goyim. It makes them hate all non-jews and see them as persecutors even when they arent at the same time as justifying and celebrating the murder and betrayal of goyim.

Much in the way that niggers are surrounded by niggers who are selling drugs and doing petty crime, jews are surrounded by jews doing insurance fraud and other scams. In both cases it's very natural that they fall into these activities themselves the way that whites might fall into watching sportsball because their family does. They often complain that jewish culture is very oppressive, other jews are constantly demanding they be a "good jew" which translates to being a shit person.

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They inadvertently mention demons all the time. And they closely guard any info regarding their kabbalah demonic practices and blood rituals.

However the Hindu idea that body and mind are connected and that early childhood trauma like say… circumcision can cause sociopathy is a more evidence based route. Pit bulls were bred to be attack dogs over something like 1500 years, Jews have been sucking and cutting baby cock for 1500 years. It's probably a lot of that.