Anti-Israel Thread

So don't forget what the real problem is.

All the rest you know who's posting and why so much crap.

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We are anti-jew, not anti-Israel.

This position is forced by communist plants on this board.

Kill yourself rabbi

Kill yourself, jew.

We would kill all jews, regardless if they are in Israel or not.

Jews and Israel are one and the same problem. All Jews are more loyal to Israel than the host nation.

Israel and jews should provide for themselves all of their own needs, entirely. This would probably lead to extinction. there's nothing wrong with nature

Israel is the jewish state.

Jews refer to all jews, including the jews who hate Israel.

Jews need to die.

Reported for supporting jews. Your spam thread failed.

Israel is the Nucleus of the jews. We need to infect it.

We are not anti-Israel, because WE are Israel. We are anti-Judea, because they are slimey cunts…

No, I'm pretty sure the jew is the nucleus of the jews.

Israel is just a state.

I'm not israel, ya fucking desert git.

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Do you know that jews migrating there are just a cannon fodder to do an oil grab?


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Destroy Isnoteal.
From Iberia to Siberia

Also that symbol is Celtic.
jews stole it.
>The hexagram, in addition to appearing in the Great Seal of Solomon, is also a common symbol in Judaism, as there supposedly was a 6-pointed star on the shield that David carried to battle Goliath. However, despite the popularity of the Star of David, there is no Biblical or historical evidence that connects the hexagram with King David of Israel, although it can be traced to King Solomon when he turned to Celtic/Norse/Germanic/Slavic gods in his later years.
It is Brewer's Star.
Among other things.

Quite the opposite actually.


Remember that isreal is easily the best pathway to attack jews through.
Isreal owns and pushes america into its pointless wars where white men die by thousands for nothing but the rich jews livin it up in their fucking ethnostate.

Israel and conservative, orthodox Jews aren't the problem. If Jews in high places of power followed orthodox Jewish or even remotely Jewish ideals, they would not support degenerate laws and values. Attacking your local synagogue or Israel doesn't do anything to solve the problem. The real problem is extremely liberal, non religious people of often times Jewish descent supporting the degeneration of values in the west.

Ok, is Israel the problem for America supporting it? No, I think these politicians here are the issue. Also Israel is an relatively liberal nation with actual human rights, a stark contrast with the rest of the Middle East, and Israel has similar values and interests to the US, making Israel a valuable ally. We haven't even fought a war for Israel ever and with the incompetence of Arab armies, I don't think we ever will even if 100% of our politicians are Zionists, pushing to defend Israel.

Israel leads the world for biotech. If we live in peace, we can live forever! Listen not to retarded hatemongers!

imagine getting booted out of countless countries for usury

…for jews.

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They are one in the same, gas yourself.

USA and Israel are one and the same problem.

Correct, israel is not the heart of the issue, international jewry, I.E. all jews, are the problem.

Quit about the Jews, there is nothing there. Instead be really superior and effectively criticize religions

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Being against Jews is an insult to right mindedness.

The real problem is JEWS in general. Not just pissrael.

Don't fetishize yourself, shlomo.

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Speaking crap, now also saying crap. That is double crap.

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You sociopaths always believe you're in the right. This is why there is no reasoning with you defective wastes of sentience.

Not at all, also your pic not related to me. At least I do think you are probably going a bit too far in the slavery part.

Jews are obsessed with fellating themselves about feces.

Let's say things would become less superior.

Ok, be honest.

Good thing we're having, more superior = being called a Jew

I have nothing to do with Jews, I know no Jews, they are in Israel somewhere. Some live abroad. Not my business.

JEWS the thought alone.

WARNING for illusionary Jew thread

Seek help Schlomo.

You are typically doing a sociopath thing and being delusionary.

As the Democrats push further left, expect more of these Anti-Israel threads on Zig Forums

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A tribe of eternal hobos, usurers, whores and spies, which always leech and steal from the Gentiles.
Wiped out more than 109 times for 2000 years and still can't build their own country( even Israel is just a welfare nigger who can't survive without US taxpayer money and tech).
Your superiority lies only in your pilpul.
Otherwise, you're absolutely useless for humankind.

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You simply do not want to step out of your delusion. I'm being honest (most of the time), meaning it is also a sign of schizo. Which is degenerate. So please, end to degenerate far right.

Votecuckery doesn't save you.

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This a real and ==acute== disgrace.

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Communist detected.

Commies think it is an apartheid white settler state, which is bad.

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Yeah, fucking facist rule-of-lawcucks, amirite?

Deport all Jews to Isrhell and gas.

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Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel (ES)


Fuck you nigger.

Sure Israel needs to be destroyed.. but we can learn from it before it goes up in flames.

Wouldn't you like to have DNA tests for citizenship just to be sure our immigrants are the right sort of people?

Probably lots of other useful tools and tricks for maintaining an ethnostate out there.

We should thoroughly interrogate those Mossad yids before we put a bullet in'em.

Just a thought.

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The kikes very much want anons to hate the bugs and love the kike on a stick.
Meanwhile, idgaf about the bugs, I just want the kikes to keep their grubby hands off White nations.
Kikes are bolshevik communists and they are simply replaying 1917 here in weimarica.

Actually the nucleus of jews is new York, Hollywood, or possibly Brussels or London.

Sterilize Sociopaths
Start in Israel, all jews die.

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