I made it to the next level of (((freemasonry))) and learned a truth too disturbing for me to care about anything anymore.
I saw the before/after photos from childhood to adult abomination.
It is a trifecta of intense surgical, chemical and psychological grooming.
The Shakespearean age never ended, it accelerated at a pace we could never imagine.
Every. Single. One.
From the very first (((television program)))
Men play the roles of men and they also play the roles of women.
This extends to every imaginable media outlet.
Sport athletes, reality stars, instagram models, politicians and even courtroom tv judges.
Our women are being groomed through media to act like gay men and our sons tricked into jacking off to trannies posing as female.
I will be suicided because of this, I am okay with that.
I can’t unsee what has been shown to me, I thought I could handle anything in my lust for power.

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This is some next level schizophrenia.

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Oh it’s this fucking guy again. Now he says he’s a mason. Well, that’s it, I guess. Surely you must believe him now? He’s a mason! He’ll be suicided for this!

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Post proof OP.

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Thanks OP, I needed a reminder not to fap to Pelosi.

Dubs confirm I just busted a big fat nut to Nancy's big fat fake old cunt bobs

Nancy Pelosi was born a male.

stop jacking off entirely

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Obviously your mama was too, which explains your retardation. You shouldve been flushed.

This is what the topic of transvestigation is about. There are lots of videos about it on youtube.

In addition to MTFs like "Michelle" Obama, there are also FTMs like Justin Bieber.

You are correct in your evaluation of the problematic of a world where images and substances are at the least perverted from their proper relation, if not out and out inverted. And also of your assertions of the world being an extension of its mercantilist/feudalist/oligarchical (recent) past. That is also true in other areas of the non-Western world, by the way. I once was semi-naively interested in Freemasonry but learned quickly that it was intertwined with world-problems that I had no interest in being entwined. So fortunate was I to find out so much on my own. But then, some of us are just natural hermits. And also, the no-fap principles are an ancient knowledge, so ancient that you might even draw a line from the origin to the pinnacle of human progress in terms of men's ability to sublimate and transcend matters of the visceral body.

The reason you should not jack off is that you are very likely jacking off to a photographic image of a man pretending to play the role of a women.
(((Freemasons))) and (((Kikes))) have kidnapped our beautiful children, injected them with estrogens, prolactins, progesterones, mutilated their precious bodies, warped their fragile little minds and have paraded them on (((television))) and (((social media))) mocking us with their creation.

If her early years pictures are consistently images of "Nancy Pelosi" (not clones, not early-early transsexual elitism, etc), then she was pretty damn attractive in those days. Still wouldn't be a good reason to masturbate "to her". Nor should one "masturbate to" anyone else. Hell, not even to one's own memory of previous conquests.


JB was born male and so was MO.
The sick truth I’m trying to get through to you all is that, they are all born male.
Women are strictly for breeding and sexual servicing.
If you are born female you don’t get to be famous.
Every famous female you see is a (((freemason))) + (((kike))) Frankenstein hack job.

Only the famous ones.
I was told there would be paid opposition and not to let it get to me, but this is ridiculous.

Watch the video of her in white pants dancing with Ellen, unedited from the Ellen channel.

My lust will be killing people seeking power during the happening. I hope we meet.

I know it’s fucked but Ellen Degeneres was also born a man.
“She” is now pretending to play the role of a lesbian, which is easy for “her” because being biologically male, that is what is naturally attractive to “her”

After this I’m done with it all.
Fucking kill me.
I’ve seen the lists.
The photographs.
Female (((Celebrities))) (((Porn Stars))) (((Politicians))) (((Athletes)))
With my own eyes I witnessed their young pre-teen male faces, prior to injections and surgery.
You can still all this time later, the resemblance is still there.
It’s fucking horrific.
Rise up now, what are you waiting for?
Everyday that goes by (((freemasons))) and (((kikes))) are mutilating our lost youth, then mocking us on (((television))) / (((social media)))

>I made it to the next level of (((freemasonry))) and learned a truth too disturbing for me to care about anything anymore.

MFW this (((faggot))) thinks we would ever trust a Freemason.

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I already knew this tho.

Nobody on pol believes me

It's true. All of it.

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It broke me, however my past is unforgivable and I’m not asking for acceptance.
Dig and you will see my words are truth.
Go back from the beginning of (((television))) (((social media)))
Look at the arm lengths, head size, finger ratios, shoulder widths, adams apples, natural confidence and bravado which you do not find in the real world of females

The (((famous))) women are all biologically male.
I’m so sorry, I know it’s too much to bear.

My fetish is consensual missionary to mutual orgasm for the purpose of reproduction.
Not much of that outside of hentai these days.
Amine girls are cuter too.

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No one does

Tell me o no-fap hypocrites, have you ever stopped fapping completely? There are no good women around here. I am going to die a virgin anyway. Some men have such high libido, they cannot control their thoughts without jerking off or having sex from time to time. You aren't going to fool anybody that healthy male can survive mentally without either, even those who go innawoods and forget what humans look like start having disturbing thoughts about animals and carve dildos out of trees.

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From whence came you nigger

how are they making money on porn? mostly buy thirsties handing money over or selling traffic data?


This is retarded. If totally rehabilitating people were that easy, it would be implemented in prison to fix criminals. Quit being imbeciles and learn to think literally: your leaders do, and they literally don’t want to deal with a world of useless criminals.

I shamefully admit that there were times of weakness where I got dangerously close to breaking nofap, but you are better by avoiding self-pleasure and limiting sexual deeds to only those with your wife. You must ask yourself how does masturbation help you because I haven't found a single instance where it was the best course of action.,

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No one is buying it. Doesn't matter how much you push this retardation.

Are you just a fag or something? Why the obsession?

based trannyposter

You give them power

Whats the point for nofap for an user whose given up relationships?
I get religious reasons, but after that, there ain't much
These days you don't even have to use your hands, so that keeps the gay away too

I always see nofappers scream "save it for your woman!!!", but there is no woman, and there never will be, theres just nothing

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No REAL straight white male is jerking off to tranny porn I can assure you, no matter how female they may appear. The truth is they were always fags and degenerates to begin with if they like "traps". Anything with a dick or fake pussy is absolutely repulsive to a real straight white male and an abomination in the eyes of GOD, common sense and decency. Traps are Jewish.

You literally don’t know what God is.

Wanna skip a bunch of steps and go right for the crown of masonry secrets? The few at the top are not smart at all, they just follow one of the easiest paths there can be…flipping the laws of nature for their enemies. Religions were created to hide the natural laws, which then were replaced by the laws of men, which are all the exact opposite of what nature demands, therefore a suicide doctrine carefully pushed forward for the last couple of thousand years. See, now you can quit the masons.

Oh and I'm sure you do right? Please enlighten me about your Jewish non binary genderless god. I'm all ears.

May I? God represents the demand of unquestionable believe, which is against natural law, because nature demands endless adaptation to survive. Nature demands knowledge, religion demands gullible believe…that's suicide.

Go away you delluded trannyposter and stop shitting up the board with your mental excrement.
Your insanity knows no bounds, you belong in a padded cell.

Or they get girlfriends, you repressed fucking weirdo.

It's less about saving it for women and more about respecting yourself. By depriving yourself of the easy gratification, you can rewire your brain and refocus and rededicate yourself towards more productive and less shameful endeavors. Regardless of whether or not you think you can do it, I know you can break yourself of your addiction to masturbation. You must give your wonderful brain a chance to rewire itself and only then will think and act differently and you will have better luck with the fairer sex.

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its about resisting your own lusts. Do you just pound back donut after donut and only stop when your stomach hurts? Or do you know ahead of time not to indulge? Most people would eat one and think no big deal, some would eat all 12 while some fewer would not even touch the first one. There is no "religious" reason to it, it's a spiritual battle between flesh and will, religion by definition is institutional.
And we've all lost that battle, the point is to never give up the war.

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Im pretty sure jidf has desperately started posting schitzo threads to make some of us look more crazy than we are.

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That's so fucking hot. [embed]

My thoughts exactly.

Get reported dumb nigger

We already know about your dumb tranny cult. Fuck off.

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The most difficult redpill to swallow is the final redpill.
And that is…
Sorcerer trannies did 9/11.

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This was never a NoFap post.
Go jack off to a non-famous female if you desire.
What I’m trying to tell you all is that (((television))) and (((social media))) are deeply controlled by high level (((freemason kikes)))
If it “she” is on (((television))) then “she” was born biologically male.


It's like bestiality spam on /b/ tbh.

(((G-D))) is actually a tranny you illiterate ameriburger retard. What do you think (((ANGELS))) and racemixing (((HEAVEN))) and all that other gay kike shit in skykike's faggot book is, nigger?

Purple here.
I've also seen the lists and photographs.
As schizo as it sounds, it's true.
Freemasons and kikes started Hollywood.
Women stars are almost always biologically male.
They have inverted everything for a long time, way before most of you were born even.

Faggot OP should of never became a Mason to begin with and he is indeed a faggot.
To get to the hierarchy he is at, he had to be a daily receiver of sodomy, that I can 100% assure you.

Nonetheless, as unimaginably revolting as it is, it is true.

Faggot op actually did get killed for this.
Not suicide, shit was too sensitive so they did him in same day.
Turned out to be a semi-famous spic.
Full story here:

He died of (((plane crash)))

Attached: Gabriel-Diniz-plane-crash-death.jpg (768x767, 139.78K)

Come on!

freemason 33 dubs confirm

It's all true but why do you care?

Freemasons are hurting for members. You can join just about any of the lodges and they will be happy to take your money and show you a secret handshake.

Victor Pride of did a podcast with this very viewpoint