European people march

Do you hear the people sing? A march of European people


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unless they start killing journalists, politicians, cops and degenerates this is just a white trash mob COPE

i do not support violence in any form

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They fear what the people will do

what will they do? they never did shit, never will

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The people of the city because of the decay of weapons with which slowly and usually enemies and bought or completed in the same location. The light of weapons is like keeping it fast and easier. In most cases, the light-water weapons have gone mad. This includes many removes the weapon as an automatic and pulled a gun on the rebel pyre in the city. For us, the disadvantage with any weapon is that it is difficult to control, it may be something that can lead to the loss of the weapon only one purpose and the firepower must abort. People around a little.
To turn a gun on the bullet out. The mistake said over the rebel rifle in the city light machine gun.
This means that, besides a powerful and fight where easy is this, this is very cleverly animal. The rebels need to know about machine guns, both fluently and accurately is also important for the west side of the city of Ecuador.

Ideal machine gun on the shape of the city or only in the INA. Under caliber 45. Other types of machine guns differ in caliber and can also be used to understand the problem of ammunition. As a result, university fees for civilian terrorists have been optimized and increased cannon areas and the use of firearms should therefore be regulated. The crew of the guerillas shootings must have a machine gun of one of the best shooters. The other members of the group must bring it. 38 revolvers, we're against guns. 32 is also useful for people who want to participate. But .38 is desirable, because the pitcher is usually provided by Elijah.

Grenades and smoke bomb craters can be considered as light weapons and shield strength support and involvement.

The length of the pipe is difficult to transport city partisan and because of their size large attention.
The length of the pipe is weapons, Mauser rifles or shotguns, Winchester, and so guns also helps in using Blokantu close and his favourite. They are very useful at night light that bad, especially if the accuracy is not clear. Gun pressure can be used for shooting training.
Launcher rockets do's and Don'ts can also be used to operate, but the conditions of its use must be developed and those who use weapons and moral needs to be trained.

It should not taste the guerrillas of the city to create the basis for activities based on the use of heavy weapons, which are more susceptible to various military programs, in order to ensure that hand movements.

Domestic weapons are often as effective as the best weapons produced in conventional factories, and the sawed shotgun is a weapon for the urban guerrilla fighter.

The role of the city of Guayaquil, as a way of expertise, is very important. As a weapon in principle, manipulating weapons and knowing how to return, and in many cases a small business cellphone and production of powerful materials can be created.
When working with metallurgy and mechanical milk is an important understanding, it would also partisans their cities to design the production of home building materials. And learning in ruins and sabotage should be arranged. The primary tool to test this course was adopted in the morning to prevent unsuccessful disciplines or leave room for experimentation.

Molotov cocktails, then, opposite as catapaults and measured friction for the combustion of explosives, pipe and tin smoke bombs, grenades, mines, explosives such as dynamite and potassium hypochlorite, plastic explosives, capsules for gelatine and ammunition of all kinds necessary for the success of the guerrilla.

Must be catered to acquiring supplies or weapons for them, or the power and rights of the substance and the guerrillas in the city. And if you're not careful you don't like trash and other items, you can be an accident abroad, but they are trying to use them in the end.

Not cool bro.

Where are the guns. Sage.

They were taken away

And no one did a thing about it. Thread's pointless.

Guns are sort of pointless, look at America.

They're being conquered and they just sit at home and eat burgers all day long.

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OP has a point here.

This is why nu-right is so shit.
I know it is a good song but it is not for us. The same reason Red Army choir's music isn't for Nationalism, you fucking retards.

marine le pen and all the shabbos politicians ruin it

Good vid. We need more positivity around here, especially since there has been a noticeable rise in blackpill shills recently.

Слава Європі!

Do you have a better song?
Also, I like the idea of fighting for the people. That's what I believe I am doing.

Singing isn't enough.

This is a battle that will take thousands of years to unfold: The battle of genetic mixing.

Europeans have fought incredibly hard to ensure that their genes were pure, and that their eyes would shine with color. It is not the skin that defines us.

It is our colored eyes. Brown eyes mixing with colored eyes muddy our descendant's eyes for eternity. We cannot mix with brown eyed animals.

Only colored eyes are pure. They are not pure for their color, but for what they represent: Unmuddied genetic code, purified by the northern winter. Do not filthy yourself with a brown-eyed whore. Only people with colored eyes are human.

True humanity has eyes that shine with colorful light.

False-subhumans have dark, soulless eyes that lack color or brightness. They are degenerate.

K. And? Thread is spam.

They will really sing after the kill all the White Nationalists who have served the Jews for decades.

So much for Christians being cucks.


You sound and talk like a faggot

Those who rally around churches will be absorbed into the cult, and their children brainwashed. Churches will ring their bell to call in the Nationalists, and then they will say what the people want to be told.

Then they will brainwash the children of the Nationalists into submissiveness and degeneracy. This battle is fought upon the timeline of centuries. Anyone who forgets that is a fool and my enemy.

Churches are only 2000 years old or less. Liars live in churches because there is no god. Everything they speak is a lie.

I rally around something significantly older and more pure:
Genetic code. It cannot be falsified.

cuckchan tier thread, OP. Do better.

Uh oh. Looks like someone forgot their meds again. Tell us about the crab people from space you can hear


They will be useful when the collapse comes

I can confirm.


Burgerstan has the guns, Euros have the volkish and white people. We need to combines these two things. You can trade me a diet, I can trade you funs.

I'm an American and I own 5 guns, m'kay?
However there is a point to be made here in OP's unpleasant analysis. That point is that despite their disarmed status, Europeans have had far more powerful and effective anti-establishment insurgent organizations than America has had. Particularly nationalists. And despite all our guns, America has yet to produce one insurgent organization with the possible exception of the KKK of the 19th century. But certainly nothing in recent years.
Europeans, despite their lack of guns, can sustain serious asymmetric war against an industrialized state for decades while most American "insurgent" organizations are either literally one fucking guy or implode after only a few months.

That's the painful truth. If I had a button that could somehow trade away all our guns for the infrastructure of revolution as exists in Europe, I'd press it. Guns can be bought. This experience in sustaining a war against the government is more precious than gold.


Europa nazione

I've never really liked that song. It sounds way too echo-y and less like a song and more like a prolonged moan. It's also dreary as fuck.
Besides, I don't speak Italian.

The old jewish switcheroo. Drive the goys to hate one side, then sell them the other. After that side viciously betrays them too, they will go right back to the first traitors. Meanwhile the savage nigger beasts and radicalized Muslim fundamentalists coming in daily, organizing, polishing the Mossad weapon deliveries, taking over landmarks and politics, and spread the terror further. And when the goy finally wakes up, he can only run into his own death by fighting endless amounts of replaceable 3rd world trash, while the jew is watching from afar.

Wake up you fucking sheep. Salvini is keeping Italy clean to make room for the Chinese invasion by water, Orban has a sweetheart deal for Hungary with his butt buddy Soros, and Le Pen is there to give her zionist partner Macron his well earned retirement into greener pastures. If you don't have the balls to go after the jews head on, then at least go all out in attacking the rich, the media, the politics, the banks, the insurance and real estate companies, and capitalism itself. Time is running out, Russia and China are getting ready for their masters big surprise.

to valhell

Let us know how that works out when the government decides to turn their guns on you. At least the founding fathers were smart enough to put an insurance policy into the Constitution.

more deaths than births. preference of immigration rather than subsidization native pronatalism.
only war songs now
A lot more groovy, if you like that.

Thanks for the music

post tits or get out slut

No, because I don't give random spamming assholes jewtube clicks.

Why not?

I don't support COPING in any form.

Check this one out

As opposed to not having them so you can't do shit? What kind of retard logic is this? OH WAIT It's the fag yuropoor logic

If its retard logic' it is probably kike logic.
LMAO…kikes think they are 'European' because they were born in the national boundaries of European nations…

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Way too chaotic and noisy. You can't understand the lyrics. Not a great song.

Trash, my video is 10x better

What fucking stupidity is this? I have never seen this level.

Webster Tarpley was asked what he thought of the 2nd Amendment.

"Guns are a nice hobby".

Without the white race the whole world would be a thirds worlds globe. The Jews wouldnt even be able to rule the world without the existance of whites.

9:44 min mark

Things will get worse before it gets better.
But every day we grow stronger and bolder.

Called an obvious hating Jew a Jew to his face. He flinched.

What does that have to do with this thread?

Sterilize everyone, replace reproduction with exowombs. Bam. No more familial immigrants, no need to even close the border. Locals can still have children by buying them to-spec.

The people who don't have them are doing more shit than the people who do.

Jews are not afraid of singers. The great kosher niggering will continue.

This song should be the Zig Forums anthem


this YT channel is run by a subversive nord faggot.