"ur not really a leftist, ur not involved with any left wing orgs!!!!!!!!!"


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Leftist =/= "left wing"

At least no one can claim that you're not a real faggot.

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Get this idpol shit out of here.

I just get told a lot that im not a "real leftist" because i wont join any american organizations. Im tired of it because if there were an actual good one that wasn't liberal or Cointel, i'd join it.

OP, time for you to start seeing yourself as an agent of the working class, not as someone who must feel super duper revolutionary all the time.
Join DSA, do what you can to radicalize them, don't be a fucking bitch purity spiraling the world into destruction.
I've met so many people like you, refusing to organize because no movement perfectly fits your obscure mongolian throatsinging tactics. Get your head out of your ass. Do something. Stop trying to be the mostest revolutionary. Otherwise, yeah, you're not a communist. Or you might aswell not be.

Start with your community then. Find the workers and talk to them about the material conditions. You don't have to organize, but not you should try to agitate and/or educate.

Shit, just asking retail workers if they are in a union is at least better than nothing.

Legit waste of time/money/energy.

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Of course it is, everything is a waste of time if you just want to virtue signal about how nothing is revolutionary enough for you.

Isn't DSA cointel?

That's what cointelpro wants you to believe.

For real though, I'm sure there are cops in DSA, but there's going to be cops in any org larger than you and your five buddies.
If all they have to do to discourage people from organizing is put a cop in each org, then we already lost.

bordiga was right

Well, tankies are succdems essentially in terms of their ideology.

Stalin was right.

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I thought MLs hated DSA and fuck with PSL, WWP, or that podcast party?

That's a leftcom, the trot flag is a 4.

youtube.com/watch?v=McFFGBaryPA&t Take the blackpill OP

ML no longer really has any connotations towards practical organization, at least not in the first world, it mostly means you wont bend to radlibs calling Stalin an evil anti-communist/red fascist.

Going to post this Marx quote again

"The Communists fight for the attainment of the immediate aims, for the enforcement of the momentary interests of the working class; but in the movement of the present, they also represent and take care of the future of that movement. In France, the Communists ally with the Social-Democrats(1) against the conservative and radical bourgeoisie, reserving, however, the right to take up a critical position in regard to phases and illusions traditionally handed down from the great Revolution.

In Switzerland, they support the Radicals, without losing sight of the fact that this party consists of antagonistic elements, partly of Democratic Socialists, in the French sense, partly of radical bourgeois.

In Poland, they support the party that insists on an agrarian revolution as the prime condition for national emancipation, that party which fomented the insurrection of Cracow in 1846.

In Germany, they fight with the bourgeoisie whenever it acts in a revolutionary way, against the absolute monarchy, the feudal squirearchy, and the petty bourgeoisie.

But they never cease, for a single instant, to instill into the working class the clearest possible recognition of the hostile antagonism between bourgeoisie and proletariat, in order that the German workers may straightway use, as so many weapons against the bourgeoisie, the social and political conditions that the bourgeoisie must necessarily introduce along with its supremacy, and in order that, after the fall of the reactionary classes in Germany, the fight against the bourgeoisie itself may immediately begin."

I listed 3 ML parties in burgerland that self-professed burger MLs belong to or support instead of DSA, which they seem to almost uniformly hate. If these supposed ML orgs aren't practical then that says something about the burger ML milieu putting idealism (in the sense of conforming to ideas and ideology) ahead of the real conditions of burgerland and the burger proles.
This doesn't mean joining organizations, if we're to look at Marx's praxis it supports "supporting progressive forces" but organizing in separate organizations. I'd go so far as to contest the relevance of such a strategy in our present circumstances, which has seen the bourgeoisie and capital achieve supremacy. There's quite a few reasons to join the DSA, if in a dissident caucus like CC or LSC, but Marx saying that opportunistic alliances are ok in the 19th century seems to be a poor justification.

Where did you list them? And yeah you should also be organizing with communist parties, but shrugging off DSA, a brand new left wing born in a country that hasn't had a left wing for many decades, is silly IMO. DSA is where communists should be recruiting from, it's the only mainstream place we can talk about communism without being seen as insane.
Sounds about right. I'm not American, and where I'm from all communist parties "send" their votes in presidential elections to the radical socdems.
Maybe not, but it does mean organizing with them in some manner.
I don't understand why. It's not like DSA is made up of radical bourgeoisie.

Honestly I don't know, I just cringe so hard at supposed left wingers refusing to organize where the radicals are.

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DSA's the urban liberal hipster "I'm not like all those *other* white people" one, right?

DSA is the "cops are comrades" one.


You’re not a real leftist unless you lick the boots of women and brown people all day and ramble incomprehensibly in some arcane Marxist babble from your armchair all day

If anyone says this to you irl you tell them to

No wonder communism is dead, you fucking faggot.

Find me a good left wing org in America like the ones europe has and we will happily join it.

What if you do the opposite but remain armchair and like Karl Marx?

Don't care if there are no perfect orgs, join one and make it better or make one or shut the fuck up, pseudo-revolutionary.

most politicians cuck here and become a succdem, so if Yang Gang wins, I'm funneling that money into my own campaign.

No wonder communism is dead, you fucking faggot.

im not in any orgs but I keyed a mercedes today

This has to be a shitpost.


Maybe Jacques Camette was right and we should be Congo all over?

This is actually true. This argument is mostly used by intersectionalists and idpolers.

leftists claiming there are no good left wing organizations is kinda like one of those kids that claim they were born in the wrong generation and nobody makes good music

usually because if you're unsatisfied with your org you can form a new one

read sorel nigger

implying Stalin was ever a labor organizer, read a book or go back to /r/fullcommunism.

not an argument, nigger.