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Sloppy job, Mossad

Who you calling Mossad? You dirty kike.

Saint Tarrent.

Sloppy job?
He got 50 confirmed kills, you try pulling that off.

I'm doing my part user


actually the song's nice

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oh did he single handedly repel the /muslim invaders/ from /not his country/ with two rifles and a shot gun? literal st. patrick you've got there.
oh ok.

No but he put fear back into the Muzzies. You really think one battle would stop an invasion?

Brenton Tarrant
He's our hero
Taking immigration down to zero

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a hearty kek

A man who loved his people so much, he sacrificed everything. A true hero. Thank you Saint Tarrant, we won't let you down.

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oh ok sure they're all ruffled up with their bags all packed, just one more mass killing will send them all out of the country, prevent them from ever coming back and make sure you heroes get to make babies.

He's a good golem that's for sure.


Save and share these too.

Rifle on his back webm.red/Novd.webm

Ebba webm.red/Pgqw.webm

Oblivion webm.red/qxBy.webm

Down under webm.red/gJZ0.webm

Trap Nation webm.red/rvM3.webm

Queen webm.red/hgHb.webm

Pewdiepie webm.red/KohV.webm

Invaders webm.red/H2Ro.webm

Hard Knock Life webm.red/iX1s.webm

Spurdo webm.red/VgBb.webm

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky webm.red/VbfR.webm

Turbo Killer webm.red/yZTW.webm

Navy Seals webm.red/vQGZ.webm

Doom webm.red/Us8m.webm

Skrra webm.red/sK6R.webm

Pop webm.red/5fj2.webm

TF2 webm.red/YQIu.webm

Deus Ex webm.red/h2BV.webm

Counterstrike webm.red/b402.webm

Friends webm.red/RDQr.webm

GTA webm.red/K1Ab.webm

War - Dance of the Dead webm.red/RfCp.webm

Thomas webm.red/MAL7.webm

John Earnest webm.red/DG7O.webm

Black Ops 3 webm.red/usPZ.webm

To be continued webm.red/bx46.webm

Yep, that's me webm.red/OGMV.webm

Fire webm.red/UEj6.webm

Not to spoil your kike party, shlomo & co but (((tarrant))) was a mossad asset and a false flag hoaxer.

fug off jidf

Muslim shill detected.

Fish in a barrel, but Stephen Paddock was the biggest fail. He should have had hundreds before swat came.

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LMAO. This thread is probably going to get shoah'd, but nice song.

The biggest fail for Stephen Paddock was that he was killing whites.

Paddock didn't do anything (except run drugs out of Afghanistan; and weapons out of Israel), he was the patsy for Kosher Nostra.

Don't forget shooting up a country music concert.

I still think some patriotic tunes like Kebab Removal 2.2 should be blared over loudspeaker into the lads cell. He did good

do you think we could somehow get this song to him? i think he would like it user

Yes. Zig Forums can do anything
Tornado siren mounted on a big fucking truck of peace driving by. He couldn’t hep but hear it. Entire towns can hear those things they’re fuckin loud

how many people do you think Saint Tarrant has redpilled
the most prolific 15minute facebooklive

Anyone else in the states awake when he went live? I watched it in amazement, enjoying every pew pew pew, and I'm not even one of you cool glow nigger/kike slayers. I just thought of the 36 hours I volunteered on 9/12/01 digging in the rubble of the trade center. I laughed as each dress-wearing rag-head bit the shit. But I only laugh about it in private with my woman. We're happy to bystand and live for ourselves in greedy America. Bills payed, house owned, kids thru college. I did prison time for that…that was fun -=]
We root for the demise of society worldwide and the day anarchy rises. It's the only way forward. Anyhow, forge on boys and girls. NYC Hardcore Punk Nihilist OG old fuck - out

May the Saints smile upon you.

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Train in secret for that day. Master the secrets of land, sea and air. Know the mindset of the warrior.

He didn't mention the (((THEM))) at all which, makes you wonder.

did you read the fucking manifesto?

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I was awoken by Tarrant.

We already have the memetic warfare general going on its eleventh iteration. This thread is redundant. Go there.

Honk Honk.

1 Honk for Ebba.

1 Honk for our Boi.

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Yeah he's legit. His plan and actions seem so logical. Let's kill the small fries, not the yids not the politicians, not the traitors, just some random mudcunts to enforce gun control. Then write in your kekistani* manifesto how the main problem is goatfuckers entering the country and not the yids and traitors that enable the goatfuckers to move in those countries by ruining their countries and blaming euros and merrycunts for ruining their shithole countries so that they can come to those countries and leech as revenge.


as far as i understand he wanted to create a chain reaction that would lead to open violence and civil war


OK we get it.
JIDF loves Brenton.
He was good for the jews, bla bla bla
Hurry up white people! Do more mass shootings!
Uh Oh! Tor poster! 00000 ID OMG

A true hero is one that kills the people responsible for allowing such massive levels of refugee settlement, open borders and illegal immigration.
It's almost as if he did nothing.

How can a gunless society have a civil war?

With knives and crossbows.

Reminder that Tarrant's primary motivation was vengeance.

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Hi JIDF. Run out of IPs?

i guess he wanted that the whites get under pressure between the oppression government and the attacking Muslims

can we have a version with this music: youtube.com/watch?v=V7YAXcOkWFc

Why would anyone expect those who voluntarily give up their guns to revolt against their government?

Except, he didn't

You sure about that?
What evidence is there that he isn't the Las Vegas shooter? I thought it was well known that he was.

What evidence is there that YOU aren't the vegas shooter?

Meant for

I only have this as my evidence that I am not the Las Vegas shooter.
google.com/search?q=stephen paddock&rlz=1C1CHZL_enUS702US702&oq=Stephen Paddock&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j0l5.3320j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

It was planned out in advance. Part of an operation by Adelson and the Vegas mafia.

Not very convincing, that could be you.

I guess you're right, it is confirmed that I am the Las Vegas shooter, all the evidence clearly points to me.

A billionaire kike paid good money for that turkey shoot.
I think a bored billionaire paid a shitload of money to have a fun night since maybe nothing else is thrilling enough.
Security was called off / confused.
Multiple random reports of other shooters to throw off the scent.
Blackwater-type commandos caught on camera with their own helicopter in an alley.
Coordinated camera blackouts with hardly any footage of him.
Almost had a full hour of fun.
Paddock was probably just a supplier.
They needed a body to close the case.
Nice, convenient human safari package for the ultra rich.

Vegas is what is called a 'high incidence project' meaning that multiple shooters are involved and it is a coordinated terrorist attack again Americans by the kikes and the US Military for political gain.

I'm just using your own logic to throw the accusation right back at you. Hopefully you can see now why that line of argumentation is completely retarded.

Nah it was all just me,
layed out all of the evidence.

I don't know anything about the conspiracy end of it, in regards to that specific case all I knew was what was blasted all over the media about the incident, I guess it was another case of media lying, wouldn't be the first time.


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You are arguing against your own logic. Please continue.

Oh for fuck's sake what's wrong with me, meant for;

Well, maybe there's something to it after all.
I learned something new about this.

Stop not making sense.

He didn't you retard.

Sincere apologies, I'm sick as a fucking dog right now and apparently I can't concentrate enough to reply to the right people

Wanna see the vans? Here they are. Not what you expected is it? But they appeared on Video as well during the shooting. There were three of them, black, Army military vans all parked side by side. The whole thing was an Adelson/kike operation and they didn't care how many people they killed to get backscatter EVERYWHERE. Turns out backscatter machines can selectively unzip your DNA and sip it right back up into something different. Do something the government doesn't approve of? Pass through a backscatter machine and you are FUCKING DEAD WITH THE WORST FORM OF CANCER YOU CAN IMAGINE.

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Saint Tarrant🔥🔥🔥

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Well, I see a truck in that image, no vans though. I'm satisfied with the evidence presented though.

Wasn't about who you were or weren't replying to, your comment was nonsensical and pointless to begin with, that's why I told you to stop not making sense.

Okay retard, I'll remind you once again that all I did was use your own logic against you. That's what I mean when I say you're arguing with yourself.

Damn it Zig Forums won't let me load my Adelson video…man, the kikes hate that video. There are van in the videos.

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Is that Eminem in the middle?

It's McVeigh

You didn't though, you just said retarded things nobody else agreed with and looked stupid.

Meanwhile, other people actually made points and showed evidence for the claim.

McVeigh doesn't look anything like Eminem. ;^/

And that's when you started arguing with yourself, retard.

>Black Ops 3 webm.red/usPZ.webm

The BO3/Paint it Black one is legit badass.

You're neither making sense, nor saying anything relevant. You're like a bad attempt at shitposting.

No retard.

Yes retard.


beautifully done

What was his name again?
Tie Reed?

There was this other thread about tarrant that is now deleted. 8ch.net/pol/res/13325777.html#13325813

I think I could have offended the wrong people there. Which I don't like. I'm not sure yet. Because of what it said exactly, could be it is.

I noticed some remarkable things which is clown-like. I'm not saying anything against clown. And now someone said it. And maybe again. This can influence use of it.

But I mean to think…
Someone here makes a thread like this 8ch.net/pol/res/13330691.html

I'm not saying anything bad about it, More as it does itself, In any thinkable way. But what does this say in a way?

And now this thread is deleted, so there was something wrong.

It couldn't have been something else. And replies to it.

So I simply say: something is odd. And it seems I did not offend the wrong people. Or at least that was not the time. Can be never. So it can be taken as something to defeat evil.

I think who made me do that is something else as it looks like. Which is in fact the ``complete`` definition of fake shitstain nigger on the bloody white race.

But what I was saying and then this guy said something.

Superiority Now

Great motivation what Tarrant did.

I posted something about biodynamics, organic on this board. Which has local as an important principle. Not the eco threads posted before that. As I saw.

Or I said this oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/pol/res/13291556.html#q13320711 oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/pol/res/13291556.html#q13320738 and other things with this ID 22551e

And more.

But it would have to be looked into. And it can be like someone has his hand on the light switch in a way.