"Netflix Drops Australian Comedian Who Joked About Nazi Gas Chambers"

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Camp Counselor Hitler
Auschwitz was just a summer camp tbh.

Based Beard Man is right.


this has to be butchered out of context otherwise the jews wouldn't be upset
it can't be funny on it's own unless you're claiming that the holocaust was real, a tragedy, and the twist was that the germans are all psychos like every nazi joke in existence and classic bait n switch comedy

You can tell this guy is one of us.

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Of course it's a fucking Aussie too

At least he's not a cuck on the holohoax while the bull fucks his wife.

Its going to be fucking hilarious when we can make real deep fakes of everyone we hate doing Nazi jokes, or whatever thing the left at that moment is freaking on about.

The future is going to be fun fun fun.

Now it's 8 gorillion Jews. They can't even keep their story straight.

Turns out a country founded by criminals is far less likely to take shit than your average country. Who'd've thunk?

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They even gave up their guns so they could repurchase them illegally.

His hair looks pretty normal. Would you prefer cornrows nigger?

am i gon die

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All these people be like hes our guy

Isaak Butterfield.
Doesn't sound even remotely jewish.
Nope. Not the slightest.
I mean why would a jew even do that? Go out and manufacture some outrage by cracking a few harmless holohoax jokes?
No fucking way.
That hey rabbi meme is just an antisemitic trope.

Butterfield sounds about as Anglo as you can get.

Could it be that the jews themselves are the biggest anti-semites of all…?