Operation "Increase Leftist Schizophrenia"

Fellow Kekistanians. It is time to increase the meme pressure.
The @ symbol is next. @ stands for the first name of a famous person and was in fact invented by himself back during WWII. It has now been revealed that @ is in fact a fascist symbol. Long live Kekistan.

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Fuck off nigger.

Go home Sargon, you are drunk

all sages negated

Holy shit you suck at this.
Where the fick do you think you are, queer?
I bet you smell like an I wiped ass all the time even right after you shower.
I can smell you from here.
Fucking gross.

Is this copypasta?


Hi leftypol. I know you're pissed because you can't meme. But, honestly, this is your best effort to date. Keep it up.

That hashtag meme was super cool blaze it. Remember the meme wars? We're gonna need you to be a sport for us again. Don't demoralize your Kekistanza bros, let's do this together. The gay frogs are with us.

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So technically, in code, what you mean is…

I can see getting behind this.

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Jinx. I swear I made mine (>>13330322
) without seeing yours.

Hail Adolf Hitler

#@#=Hail Adolf Hitler


And lo……it was so

Wouldn't that be…

>@@< = ball busted

Only retards are racist,
but only Geniuses are geneticists.

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is a minimal ascii of pic related too

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Atolf Hitler does sound pretty German tbh.

We should meme user masks into white power symbols.

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Don't stop until every single item, flag, symbol, ect. in existence is deemed fascist by the kikes.


He's doing a Sieg Heil.

We will spread our message of hate to the next generation?

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Notice his white face and defiant white supremacist smile with his white male mustache!

The user mask is OBVIOUSLY a simple of WHITE POWER.

First the OK sign, now the middle finger.

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Do the hammer and sickle next.
Or, the anarchy symbol. Proudhon is redpilled on the Jews.

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We have to wait for the brain washed zombies brains to wash again. We need to wait a week before the next meme wave. It only takes one week for the normies to receive their fresh brain wash.

I'm not sure if kike, plebbit, or leftypol.
Stick to fashtag.

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I'm surprised there hasn't been a serious effort with this one

It the truth.
Faggots like you always smell like dirty butthole.
Most people are too nice or too fussy to say anything when they notice, but I'm not one of those people.
I smell the scent of soiled sphincter.
In other words, you smell like butthole, OP.

Can we make the jerk off gesture into a fascist code?

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Gettin right on that master blaster.

OP is a retard or a shill and only an even bigger retard would think this is a good idea.

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forgot to sage this shitty thread.

I think the American flag is honestly the best symbol to turn. Directly pitting all the patriotards against the marxists.

I think it's time for bed, new friend.

This isn't going away Hillbot.

Nationalism as a whole is already fascist.

Fuck off

So is Bakunin.

On it.

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Black Lives Don't Matter.

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Look at this cryptoNazi using a white power hand sign.

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@dolf #itler reporting in
le kekistan meme is oh so ironic


Got you family, only took 1488 seconds in paint

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This only unironicly.

Now we're cooking with gas!

You have unleashed the beast. Someone somewhere will be triggered by the fucking @ symbol - and its #itlarious.

Godspeed, you glorious autists.

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"Kekistan" go back to Reddit with all the other dead memes you faggot

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too far, keep it simple, one at a time please, Shill OP, Sage.

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Palpatine: "It's ironic. They can censor it, but in the process they have to censor everything they love."

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[email protected] Star wars shill.

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And after this get Trump to tweet about gamergate, right?

kinda cringe bro

The shills are in full force today, bumpity bump.

#@il @dolf #itler
I wish all the letters in hail adolf hilter had symbols to replace the word

wrong, the @ symbol was used medieval times

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