Biden can't even control his subconscious pedoness. I hope Biden wins the nomination because the memes will be epic.

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Video because OP is a faggot who can't into imageboards.

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I couldn't get the video to dl with my usual sites. What did you use to get the video downloaded?

OC from video

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Not even the same video either. You missed the bit of him asking for her address so he can tell all the things he wants to do

replace youtube with hooktube

That is the same video. Watch it nigger

your mp4 is taking forever to load.

Biden's not getting to the convention even. It's going to be the Return of Hilllary. People don't realize this yet but it's already a done deal.

Hooktube's functionality got shoa'd, use

I hate Zion Don as much as the next guy, but does anyone TRULY believe a Democraf is going to win in 2020, their whole field is a joke

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It's going to be Biden/Harris, Status/Token Nigger Woman

Status Quo*


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I thought this was clownworld? Or has that injoke expired now?


very creepy. she's not even good looking.

He has no control. I bet if you sent little girls at him you could end his career in hours.

Fucking retard.

10 year olds have looks? I don't notice until they have breasts and hips.

At this point he's just throwing it in people's faces. The left is so powerfully brainwashed that they giggle and clap as they watch him creeping on a little girl. At this point it's clear he's giving us the middle finger.

He probably had a little girl tonight. So what effect does it have? Nothing. There's no way to try and set him up. He's probably got a bevy of little girls that he can choose from whose parents/ keepers have been handsomely paid off and they've all signed the very, very serious NDAs.

This is a retarded non-story aimed at riling up Fox News watching parents.
When did putting your hands on a little girl’s shoulders at a public event where the point is for the public to interact with you, become a sin? The girl looks bashful, but Biden didn’t do anything wrong. You guys love to argue, He said a ten-year-old girl looks good, derr derr, he’s probably a PEDOPHILE RAPIST too! No proof needed lol! Overactive imaginations. Might be a funny way to troll supporters with a bogus narrative, but seriously, it just shows he’s an extrovert, and it has to be okay to say a child looks good in an innocuous way.

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If it's got a bony bum for whatever reason;

1. too young
2. really old
3. chronic illness
4. a junkie

My little wee wee will not get stiff.

Hitler didn't grope women and take deep breathes of their hair

I was thinking, "it can't be that hard to remember to rephrase it to suggest she'll grow up to be really pretty" but remembered they are pedophiles and prefer them as they are now.

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The woman posting this is a journalist, probably looking to make a story out of anything a presidential candidate does. Biden put his hands on a child's shoulders, gotta turn it into a story about groping and personal space.

5. A dude
Anyhoo, my modest member won't either.

Anyone other than Creepy Uncle Joe & you would be correct.

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inb4 that girl is a boy

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It just shows that, given the opportunity, pedos can't control themselves

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It's only a problem when the guy doing it is a pedo. Biden said he could control his urges to fondle little girls. He can't. So, we have a problem


I guess you have been living on another planet or something. But this stuff stopped being OK in the 90s.
In the 70s a 40 year old pop star would take a 14 year old girl out to dinner and nobody would bat an eyelid. Now his career would be over.

Times and attitudes change even if theres no logical reason why. Biden is very autistic if he doesnt realize this.

Found the leftist trying to kike knight for a pedophile.

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nomination != presidency you low IQ nigger

And yes, Trump vs a pedophile is the most entertaining option, and since Trump is a kike puppet and we're all just waiting for the happening to start, the only objective is maximizing entertainment until then.

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Lolis for everyone! Finally a fucking white male I can vote for.

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It's too easy, but meh

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Tulsi Gabbard would destroy Trump, but she'll never, ever get the nomination.

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Devour all the poison, schlomo

If they run Biden it's because they want to lose

Same reason they ran Killdog

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Biden is a pedo you retarded kike. They all are. If anyone else had said it, no one would think anything of it. But due to Biden's history of invading the personal space of little girls, it isn't innocuous. But you know this. You're just trying to seed doubt in the minds of newfags since that's your job.

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Biden is a pedophile though. Please don't compare a pedophile spiritual jew race traitor to Hitler ever again, kike. Go and stay go.

Trump cucked out to his jewish masters. Pretty sure most here are going to make sure they do win. Honestly or not. Best prepare yourself to be the hitler you want to see, because most of us are tired of half measures that don't even materialize.

What if I told you all our presidents since Woodrow Wilson were women, with the exceptions of JFK and Dick Nixon?

You'd be on par with the retards who claim all women are men. The free-mason judeo-retardation hermaphrodite worship jig is up. An endless stupid constantly shilled red herring. It's effective because you can claim anyone is a different gender, but you can never truly prove it unless of course you had a sample of their tissue and a laboratory in which to produce test results that could confirm your assertions. And even if you did, how would we know the results weren't doctored.

Fuck off nigger. Real results. Real solutions. End multiculturalism. End race-mixing. Enforce segregation.

Even without the pictures, I can tell you're that faggot trannyposter trying to meme their fetish into reality.

That is not der Führer's hand on the little girl. Do you even perspective you lame ass commie perv

All this stuff about biden is just trying to castrate white men from being able to express affection, its an attack on white male sexuality and as such its an attack on white male reproduction.

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My online extremism has been disrupted. Extra bonus for you, Joan.

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its almost like every damn top official is a child molester that SOMEONE has the goods on.

Sweet. I’m with hurrrrrr

Fat joan fat fat fat fat
I bet it farts from the triple “chin”

those two words aren't etymologically related. weird picture. makes me uncomfortable.

One good thing about living in Clown World, I get lots of practice using GIMP

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