Why do lefties worship Stalin?

Why do lefties worship Stalin?

They go on about him modernizing his country, yet he killed 20 million innocents, sent millions more to the gulag, let his own son die, drove his wife to commit suicide and didn't even attend her funeral, fucked Molotov's wife and sent her to Siberia, and even planned to genocide the Jews just days before his death.

Stalin once went to Dmitri Shostakovich's play Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk. He thought the music was too loud. He had the conductor along with all of Shostakovich's family and friends executed.

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They fetishize power, and Stalin had absolute power within his country. What you have to understand is that very few leftists actually believe their own dogma. Whether they're aware of it or not, they just see it as a way to overthrow existing political systems and replace them with ones that they can control. It's the main idea behind (((Conflict Theory))): destroy everything, create a power vacuum, and manipulate the gullible masses to gain power. The ideology is just a tool, and end goal is power.

It's funny in a way- these people think that they will be reward with positions of party leadership or wealth in the event of a revolution, but Marxists have a long and colorful history of purging their own.

is right. Power. Slaying your enemies. Striking terror in people's hearts at the very mention of your name. These are things people respect, and for good reason. It's satisfying to see someone you consider to be on your side exercising that kind of power and getting that kind of respect.
It also doesn't hurt that he led Russia to victory in the biggest and baddest war of all time.

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Stalin dropped all the pretenses of communism and brutally repressed the people and murdered millions of them.

Commies were getting mad that Zig Forums has Hitler and they wanted to have someone edgy to make jokes about.

That's why they like him. Plus he helped Amerikwa and Cuck Island destroy Europe in WW2.

Not really.

Doctor's plot.

No, they don't like him,they like Trotsky. They don't care if Stalin was a monster, they hate Stalin because Trotsky & Jews like him wasn't at top of the food chain.

Pol Pot is where it’s really at


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Based and Khmer Rouge-pilled. I can tell you browse /fascist/

They don't. The amount of people in North America who 'like' Stalin is just a tiny fraction of the people who call themselves Marxists. Of those that will say anything positive about him, only an even smaller fraction take anything seriously. They're pro-Stalin because they sucked into one of the few 'Left' cults that don't badmouth him constantly.
Numbers are made up, this has been known since the 1980s.
The US imprisons more of their own people than any country on Earth ever has, and has the old USSR beat by a considerable margin.
You mean he didn't negotiate a prisoner exchange for a low-ranking soldier for a high level generals. Pretty commendable, actually.
No real evidence for this one.
This one is false. To quote Montefiore:
Never even heard this one. Care to provide a source?
Um, no. Shostakovich lived until 1975, and nothing ever happened to him, despite been out of favor with the government on two different occasions..

How I despise western pigs and their sick utopian fetishes.

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No u: The post.

Also, Shostakovich wasn't the conductor dumbass.

If he hadn't been backed by both the chinks and the CIA he would have earned my respect,as it stands i only seem as a puppet.


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I like it , decent sentience for a bug

Stalin's rule did see the fastest doubling of life expectancy in history and he successfully killed off the (((Old Bolsheviks))) and formed an alliance with Hitler. However, he also appointed Jews to positions of authority so they could commit genocide in Ukraine and completely take control of Poland after WW2. He's an enigma.

Leftists only pretend to be against power because they want to be in power themselves, that's why any time anyone to the right of them are against something of their viewpoint, they'll scream any sort of ridicule, slander, anything that they can muster at that point in time to get you to kneel before them, it's their power fantasy at play. They never wanted you to have freedom of association from them, only freedom of association from you. List goes on.
It's all about pretending to be against power but in truth it is, and always will be a game to force anyone that's not of their hivemind to cave into their demands.

All of you should fuck off.

Empowerment fantasy.

They worship him because he killed his enemies and potential future rivals in an extremely brutal fashion. They wish they could have the balls that he did but they are ultimately too mentally weak to commit murder and instead worship someone who is able to do so.

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> It's the main idea behind (((Conflict Theory))): destroy everything, create a power vacuum, and manipulate the gullible masses to gain power.
So accelerationism.

They're not the only ones…

The answer is here. Now fuck off


Breivik, Tarrant, Bowers, Earnest, McVey, Robert J. Mathews and many others have all sacrificied their freedom or even lives against ZOG

They probably believe he had a huge dick and leftpol fags love deepthroating huge dicks and taking huge dicks in their faggot asses.

Stalin's USSR was basically a national-socialist experiment and enterprise. I never understood why leftists 'like' Stalin; their ilk was what Stalin tried to exterminate.

Why do dumb kikes like shooting down topics that are rarely understood, let alone answered?

You're like the idiots on 4chan that call everyone faggots just because "that's what you do."

Excellent taste.

Why is it only Stalin is ever brought up in relation to commie-ism?

Because Lenin was a jew and they don't the goyim to know.

By the way if you bring this up on leftypol the mod says Lenin wasn't a jew and insta bans your IP.


Leftypol does not approve of this thread.

Comrades, bring me the forms I need to fill out to have OP gulaged!

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1) because they're programmed to hate nazis
2) because he purged some jews at the end of his reign because they loved Israel more than the USSR, so he's their version of sanitized commie Hitler

Any infographs on demographic figures?

That wasn't a planned genocide, that was him planning to kill of pro-Israel jews, aka the nationalists who no longer had loyalty to globalist communism.


They don't.

Stalin wasn't Communist to them, and he deported the Jews.

Leftism is all about destruction and killing people until everyone is equal.
The final form of leftism is killing everyone because otherwise nobody is equal.
Everyone Must Starve

And leftypol swears commie-ism wasn't Jewish and it was a completely fair and classless system. Chosen-ness is why it failed.

He was the perfect communist according to tankies.

he was based for hating cities but other than that I don't know anything about him.

Yeah but leftypol also bans you for bringing up jews. Go over there and try to explain the verifiable fact that kikes are behind the NWO and see how long it takes them to ban you. Even jews admit that communism is pure judaism, leftypol's disinfo memes about it are ridiculous and fake and gay.

Because he destroyed your precious aristocracy, and you can larp as one only in your dreams.

Because they are impressionable bugmen who fall for 80 year old propaganda that moreover offers them a fatherfigure that most of them lack. Thats why Corbyn is so popular; he is like a grandfather to those pathetic accidents.
It also lets them project powerphantasies on him, it lets them idalize an authority that in their mind goes against everything they hate and removes it i.e. fascism. They fail to see that under Stalin EVERYBODY was under constant threat of torture and gulag, they have been conditioned to block out these unconfortable facts in favor of an idealized worldview.
We have the same here with dumbass Hitler worshippers. Not that I dont like Hitler, but he wasnt a flawless god.

See, the Soviet Union was run by a new quasi aristocracy yet this fucktard believes in some communist farytale.
You know, Stalin was pretty based, he sent more commies to do slave labor than Hitler ever could. I think we should start worshipping Stalin for massacring those old guard commie fucks, then you will see how fast these commie fucks drop their own.

Ouch, that's harsh. Some sexy Russian women could pass for Nobles.

And this fucktard repeats whatever red scare war propaganda he remebers, what is happening, the pitchforks are coming and you're scared?

no one cares leftypol, you dumb trannies are gonna join the 40% soon enough

I can make one if you want. The "MUH THREE GORILLION" is a scam though, just know that and look at pics related. If the PRK (Vietnamese puppet government) claimed three million people died, which was nearly HALF of the 1975 population of when Pol Pot came to power, how did post-DK estimates by both the Cambodian government and various international agencies show 7.2 million people in Cambodia after 1979, not to mention those who had fled abroad into Thailand (a half million or more). You can’t have it both ways. The puppet government claimed three million dead and 7 million still alive from the 7 million before 1975….


These are Vickery’s claims in the book from the Marxist Regimes series (1986). Even the World Bank’s population data from Cambodia refutes the “genocide” narrative and largely supports Vickery’s data. There was NO genocide, there may have been overreaches by the DK government in some places but remember the war and turbulence at the time. Also, it would be retarded to claim that all 750,000 people who died during the time Cambodia was DK were deaths directly caused by Pol Pot alone because he was just evil or crazy. As I’ve said, DK was at war with Jew-controlled Vietnam, being bombed by America, you name it.

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Trips confirm, Pol Pot did nothing wrong

Because everyone else hated him.

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This one too.

I tried my best to compile it into an infograph. It's not the best and a little wordy but I think it gets the point across

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So that Cambodian girl in my class room was lying about the genocide her parents fled from in Cambodia?

Next you'll me the holocaust actually happened.

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If they had the means to escape in the first place they were probably urban scum who resented having to actually labor and face hardship for once. All true nationalist revolutions are slandered as senseless mass-killings, funny how it’s always fake when you look at the data

They don't. They worship Trotsky usually and talk about how everything would have been better if Trotsky had won instead.

what the fuck is it with this post?

They try to say Trotsky was the "good communist" despite the fact that Trotsky was just as brutal during the Lenin years, and basically wanted to declare war on the entire world and have "permanent revolution" rather than the "socialism in one country" of Stalin.
I kinda think things would be better if Trostky had won too - he was fucking crazy and wouldn't have been able to hold it together.

did the Holdomor really happen or did the kulaks burn their own crops and slay their stock to spite the soviets only for the drouight to fuck them over?
have we been jewded like the holohoax?

if we correct for population projections that number would be closer to 1,200,000k
the loss of life was countered by the demographic expansion

Liberals tend to lie.


It's strange that the only holocaust allowed is the Jewish one. All others are dismissed as western propaganda.

Thats not true, it originates from the west that attacked everything left.

They don't have a coherent view on politics. They have never read Plato's republic, and if they did they believe the exact opposite will happen at every turn. Lets take socialist uprising for instance, it promises that once the bourgeoise class has been overthrown that the workers will own the means of production and govern themselves in a sense of endless liberty and freedom. The reality is that the workers demands on each other will lead to a complete anarchy and chaos and create a large power vacuum in the process. A tyrant will always need to take the reins in hand to lead the country. Communist uprisings usually struggled to give form to workers getting means of production and realized this thinking in utopia's is unrealistic and always skipped very quickly to tyranny. They don't really enter a democratic phase since the winning party has already been determined when the uprising started.

Socialist uprisings will always lead to a direct tyranny where the tyrant and his underlings will have direct control over anything. The class collaboration that fascism promotes is often preferable to what socialists want. They claim to want liberty and workers rights but what they preach is straight tyranny because only tyranny can come forth out of the way a supposed communist system would be implemented.

It's what communism has always been. There are countless examples of it being implemented in Africa and, despite it obviously being niggers, the pattern for their society didn't differ much from any other socialist uprising. It's always the same that happens.

Tyranny is the only system that can exist regardless of your preferred form of government be you a Fascist, Communist or Democrat.Communists just think they're liberating us from it because they have idealistic childlike minds. The Fascist admits it openly and insists upon a form of totalitarianism to comprise a guiding set of civics for his society. And I haven't met a real Democrat in over a decade so I'm not even sure it's worth mentioning.