Were building the ethnostate this summer in Detroit for Whites

We are going heavily armed there is about 20 of us. Niggers that approach the property with threats will be shot on sight.


If you would like to help out direct message me

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Hahaha imagine thinking this was a good idea.
Make sure to livestream it when ya’ll get driveby’d


Do black people in northern states not suffer from vitamin D deficiency?

yea sorry to say but this isn't the best place.

build it in the pacific northwest, like Montana or even Wyoming.

Good idea though.

Like dude detroit is 80% black. what can you do about more than half a million niggers? they'll attack, rob, rape any white family. detroit will only be a good place for whites when you ethnically cleanse the place.

i'm not saying don't do your idea, but maybe you should look elsewhere…

and also when you go through with it you'll be attacked by every Jew in the country. Legally, economically, socially, etc. and unless white couples see the benefits of what you're offering (there's a lot) then they'll just be scared away. I'm not saying don't do it but realize this.

I think its great. Hopefully you are well armed and have early warning techniques and procedures. It isn't like you could fuck anything up worse than it already is.

I think that's the idea. If they're in a heavily black area, and they're legally allowed to shoot trespassers on th eir property, they get to kill niggers as much as they please.


I get that real estate must be cheap as fuck there, but that was not a good choice - are there even jobs around?

People get murdered in detroit all the time. Just be really nice to your immediate community and do community service to improve the area for everyone and when anyone gives you a bad look just murder them where they stand and move on like nothing happened.

What's wrong feds? Did you lose funds from the government shut down?

On gofundme no less, they must be a honeypot or a collective of stupid people.

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Best of luck gents

Nothing wrong with the ethnostate part, Amish do it, and the 1st amendment protects freedom of association so Constitutionally protected to form white ethnostates. That being said however, the people who decided on Nigtroit of all places to build leaves much to be desired in intelligence level.

No, because there's still an industry to supply them skin cream. You ever notice how much of that shit niggers have to slather over their hides?

Godspeed OP. I hope you succeed in establishing a foothold, though if yoy follw through you will definitely succeed in making a statement.

But…a word of warning:

Remember Charlottesville. Our people were attacked by Antifa, and several of them are now in prison for self-defense. That's all it took. The regime hates us, they want us dead. If you guys succeed and this takes off, our dear government will use any and every means to shut you down. eg. Some niggers go apeshit and you fire back in self defense, you end up with life in prison. Or worse.

I don't want to be the blackpill but…be prepared to sacrifice everything. That said, if you follow through you have fucking balls of titanium.

I don't get it, this is like those guys who wanted to start one in africa. It's like they want to be around niggers

We are already here waiting.

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Absolute retards. Hopefully their deaths will wake some people up, though. Who am I kidding?

You'll be heroes. and martyrs

David Lynch

Neither of those states are pnw, which is overrun by spics. Not even jews go to Detroit, which actually makesit a great choice. If they're going strapped, and this is serious, then good job anons. Whether you live or die, you will do your race honor.

I knew a Sikh dude in Canada who was into this big time. He'd buy houses in Detroit for $5000 USD, spend $2500 renovating each of them, (he'd use a black realtor and a black renovation company and a black property management company). Then he'd go to the US govt Sect 8 housing and rent them directly through the government who would direct deposit the $500-$600 a month into his bank account. He had 15 of these houses. Think of the return on investment with that. He was becoming a true slumlord.

I think after all the recent cuckchan and cripplechan shootings. They with their boomer minds think this is where all durr Nazi shooters are. Even though they are half of them lol.

Oh like that ND guy who walked around with a shotgun with a film crew following him around. You could give the non-whites 10 million paradise planets, but if there's a single ethno planet for whites on a planet that gets 200 below during night time, the non whites will be banging at the door to be let in.

Wish you luck…

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Meanwhile, muslims are literally building enclaves in places like hamtramck just outside of detroit. The difference is that they can control a city government instead of just a building. Look it up. First muslim majority city in the usa. It’s spreading from there.

Some of you faggots are even more retarded than niggers. I swear to god.

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Fucking genius, GENIOUS.
Detroit is just one of literally thousands of places in america that have gotten abandoned.

20 white guys in short shorts or a city of niggers?

There's a lot to be said for what these guys are doing. Basically, they're setting up an Alamo situation. And how did that turn out for the spics?

It reminds me of this famous event;


A dozen off-duty soldiers from Fort Lewis engaged in a 30-minute gun battle last weekend against a group of alleged drug dealers.

Hundreds of rounds from handguns, shotguns and semiautomatic weapons were fired, witnesses said, but no one was hurt. When the police arrived in the drug-ridden neighborhood, they arrested two young men suspected of being crack dealers and took the soldiers' weapons, which were privately owned.

The gunfight involved members of the Army Rangers, an elite force of light infantry, and it happened Saturday night outside the home of one of them, Sgt. Bill Foulk. The next day, scuffles broke out among several Ranger supporters and opponents, who said they were being falsely accused of selling drugs. Again no serious injuries were reported. Filming Leads to Threats

Aligned against the Rangers in the shooting were 15 to 20 people described by the police as members of a gang, the Hilltop Crips, which has been implicated in drug dealing.

Sergeant Foulk, 32 years old, said the gang members had become upset earlier Saturday that he was filming, from his second-floor window, the comings and goings at a yellow bungalow that has a reputation of being a crack house. He said they had threatened him and he had called fellow Rangers for help. The shooting began soon after the soldiers arrived.


Summer had turned to fall when the shooting happened. The night was September 23, 1989, and like the famous Wild West shootout and the O.K. Corral, it was over in minutes. A resident along the Hilltop’s Ash Street had gotten into a heated chat with gang members about him video recording the gang activity along his street from a camera he installed in an upper-room window of his house. Not wanting their activities recorded, the group threw rotting pears that had fallen from a nearby tree and reportedly tried to shoot out the camera before disappearing into the night.

Rather than abandon his crime-fighting efforts, the resident called for backup to help him protect his family and the neighborhood from the escalating threats of violence. He was, after all, a sergeant of the Second Ranger Battalion at nearby Fort Lewis. Off-duty soldiers arrived and started a barbeque. Their personal firearms were at the ready.

The combat veteran confronted the residents of a suspected drug house nearby with a suggestion that they stop shooting at his house, stop dealing drugs and turn their lives around. The residents retorted that the Ranger would be wise to mind his own business and respect their authority over the streets. Tension mounted. More Rangers arrived to the gathering that numbered more than a dozen. They took up a defensive stance and vowed to not shoot first and immediately stand down when, or if, police arrived if something went down.

A car drove by. A shot rang out as dusk turned to night. The house went dark while the Rangers stood their ground to protect the house for what they most certainly knew was coming.

A pop came from across the street. Then another and another shortly after 9:00 p.m. The Rangers returned fire. Windows shattered. Bullets whizzed through the autumn air and punched into walls. The gunfight lasted about 10 minutes and involved hundreds of rounds of ammunition from pistols, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. A call to 911 went out and resulted in police cruisers swarming the area with lights flashing as the shots continued. The gang members fled.

Just one of the gang members was ever charged in the case. The military officially considered it a matter of self-defense for the off-duty Rangers. No one was killed let alone injured in the shootout that involved 300 bullets fired in the dark.

Doug Sutherland, who was mayor at the time, pondered a declaration of a city-wide version of martial law to combat the gang violence that immediately drew national attention. City purse strings opened to find the dollars to add police officers to the department. Then-Gov. Booth Gardner even considered sending in the National Guard.

Tacomans had enough. They formed Safe Streets that organizes block watches to this day. In a statement of how much Ash Street, and Tacoma in general, has changed, the house that sheltered the Rangers that night was valued at $15,000 in 1989. Market analysis by RedFin.com lists it as being worth $330,000, double from just five years ago. Crime statistics show that the neighborhood is among the safest in the city.

cool post. but if it were white nationalists and not rangers, then the outcome would definitely be different. I think they would need white nationalists to back them up in the police department or the city government, and even then who knows…

it'd definitely be close

At first I thought you were a glownigger but surely not even them are this fucking stupid and cringey.

As a news story it will present some interesting outcomes though. We here all know of the damned if you do damned if you don't aspect of black white relations. If you flee a neighborhood turning black you're a racist. If you move into a black neighborhood and gentrify it then you're driving out poor blacks.
There's a lot of potential here; if the nigs come out against them full force and it turns into a gun battle, it's the nigs that are racists. If they succeed in recovering what was once a nice neighborhood then they pose the implicit question; why do nigs have this reverse midas touch?

These guys are crazies, but no more so than guys who use jets skis to surf giant megawaves off Portugal or climb el Capitain or Mt Mckinley in May, or telemark to the south pole. You can see they're all adventurers that revel in danger.

I'm going to enjoy this.

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North Dakota best state for whites.

yea for sure. gangs of young men are what form nations.

If you guys actually go through with this, be sure to get some sweet footage.

Why did you pick one of the hardest places to do this?

You guys did know that pretty close to detroit there's already white sub-urbs due to white flight not wanting to live with nigger scum, riiiiight?

This is an interesting post, thanks user.

Detroit is nothing like Chiraq and Baltimore. There are no people and it is three times the size in area.

Zig Forums couldn't even organize a white boarding house for neets, let alone a whiteethnostate.

People have the attention span of a gnat, the this is a replay of what the feds did years ago.

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Doing community service, or offering to help the neighbors is a good idea. The random murder not so much.

I think the point is for them to gain media attention as “gentrifiers” and use that attention to broadcast the violent crime inflicted on them by the detriotian ghetto hoards, effectively showing the chimp puts to centrist unpicked whites. Though I could be wrong

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i'm a fan of stand your ground. niggers won't fuck with whitey if they know he'll cap them for tresspassing. better have fencing, cameras, and patrolling in place. an entire neighborhood renovation would require some pretty heavy security. twice as likely to get burglarized than brutalized in the hood.

Where the White Women at?

that's not how castle doctrine works which Michigan doesn't have by the way. In so many words, even if a bluegum were to throw a brick or molotov cocktail through your window, you can NOT shoot them unlike in other states like Florida or Texas.

This whole idea is really stupid. It's one thing to move into a bad neighborhood low-key and stocking shit, it's something entirely different to announce it via any part of the media so that you become a target as either a laughing stock or for arson.

that's not how it works moron. Operation Eland was meticulously planned and there was a specific goal in mind oh, and they didn't announce what they were doing. Furthermore, after there operation was complete, they slinked back to their country. What you're suggesting is as moronic as OP's cocksucking skills are gay.

This is just fake spam orchestrated from a dead chan desperate for more posters.

Nobody cares about that, its all shit. Its all lost. Assuming its true, then these are actual men in the ruins. They need to dig in. If its legit, I'd even join them.

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This isn't reddit no one cares sperg

Terrorism is a law and often involves a large destructive force that can commit to no substitute damage to a place or institution of fire bombs.
Do you want to be smart enough to know how terrorists are guerrilla intelligent and how to handle explosives?
In training and terrorist acts, simple relationships are possible, there is no difference between other cultures and with successful guerrillas depend on planning and determination.
It's important that the bird breeds the greatest compass and determination. Although terrorism has been made, it must return to training and executions, such as the systematic burning of real estate, property, farms, etc. To refer to ideas, lights and burning devices like gas bombs in terrorist nature gangs. The other thing is that the students raised urban gangs who convinced people that they were hungry and greedy at the time because they caused the scarcity because of major commercial interests. Terrorism is a weapon that revolutionaries never surrender.

bad idea to build anything there, you will need to find a way to have clean water, total contamination of water in the entire state of Michigan


The shill (Mayor of MGTOWN) who was in the same social network as a lot of 'alt-right' e-celebs set up a patreon to fund purchase of the land.
Then was never heard of again.

Might even be the same guy.

Oh and
I'm not a "mgtow" but I became aware of the overlap between that group and "alt-right" while I was doing some network mapping.

Best possible way to put it.

worth the try i suppose its better than the nw front shit in fuck all nowhere

Dont listen to this guy. If OP can create an athno community in an all black area that will give hope to tohers. And when they see him taking them on it will give them strength. OP don't let your forefathers down.