Esoteric Organisational Structuralism

Could the NSDAP have survived the war as an organisation with members, meetings, minutes, etc?
I'd imagine that some of its members would have strongly wished that the organisation could continue to live past 1945, and all that would be organizationally required would be to have a member in some chain of command position call a general meeting and elect new people(just spitballing as I can't find the NSDAP constitution).

The slim possibility that the NSDAP as an organisation survived the end of the war, even if only as an old mans drinking club in Argentina, would be something that is worth investigating.
The same applies to other meme orgs like the SS, and the Vril and Thule Societies.

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The Reich's post war survival plan was the SS Werwolf

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Any loose ends were finished off by mossad or are completely powerless. We have the source material that began the “meme orgs”, we just need to start anew, similar to what Orania has accomplished following the fall of South Africa.

It was the ideology, not the succession that matters. You have most of it laid out, like a blueprint.

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I've always been astounded that the NSDAP did not continue after the war. And maybe they did. Lots of anons make wild claims without evidence that the Nazis are all hiding in a hole in Antarctica or on their moon base waiting for no apparent reason to liberate us from the jew.
However, I am not convinced.

I am frankly astounded that there was no real resistance in Germany. The moment Hitler shot himself, the entire German nation suddenly became weak and surrendered.
And this is one of the reasons why we must be suspicious of dictatorship as a concept. Hitler alone held the German Reich together. The moment he was gone, the entire thing collapsed. He had, in his 15 years in power, not done anything to ensure a transition of power after he died. He failed utterly to find even one person who would carry on resistance to the jew after he died.
What a selfish, short sighted thing to do.
And this is not a phenomenon restricted to Hitler. So many dictatorial leaders (I do not use that term as an insult) fail to ensure thair own legacy after they die. This historical trend has always fascinated and confused me.

A lot of them fled to Antarctica, but there were various parties filled with National Socialists in West Germany after the war like the SRP, which has banned, then the DRP, which eventually merged in the NPD.

The Allied occupation after the war was pretty ruthless. "Denazification" was pretty through, and no doubt, OSS, MI6, and Soviet intelligence niggers were busy sniffing out any possible resistance to Allied occupation.

hundreds setup an org in spain which was attended until the 80s. political resurgence wasn't feasible but, they did manage to keep spain whiter than france for instance

Also, I have to add, pretty sweet rare photograph of what I'm guessing is an NSDAP meeting from the early years?

Lol I had same thought I saved it immediately.

You're talking about CEDADE with Degrelle, right? Yeah, it definitely helped, also Franco allowed ethno-nationalists to largely do their thing. I don't know why people hate on Franco, Spain was much better off during his rule than Spain now.


his non-intervention after the fall of france kept britain dominant in the mediterranean. if franco helped seize gibraltar than germany could literally have taken baku, ussr from iraq/persia

Ah, that was during the "wilderness" years, when the Weimar Republic did well economically after the currency reform (until the crash of 1929, that is). Despite remaining a "fringe" party, Hitler still kept on going.

I imagine that Spain didn't recover fully from their civil war that was less than a decade before then. It wasn't until the 1950s or early 1960s or so I've heard when Spain finally had a growing highly functioning economy.

a year after france/belgium invaded the ruhr and seized the majority of germany's coal stock. it isn't any wonder that industrialists would have sided with the nationalists that wanted to defend rather than submit

True. But didn't Gustav Stresemann eventually work out a deal where the French no longer occupied the Ruhr? Or is that just more (((historical bullshit)))?

it had ended '39 thanks in large part to germany and italy who needed to seal the mediterranean. franco was a whore but, hitler was stupid in not persisting on the issue. nothing could stop the royal navy except cutting their supply.

they withdrew in 28 i think but the german gov sold off all it's coal stocks which caused their collapse along with europe and americas in 29. everyone invested and dumped german capital because they were as industrially advanced as britain and much more exploitable to international speculation

Germany lay in ruins. Millions had died and they were recruiting those previously deemed too young, old or unfit for combat to put up at least some resistance. The allied armies had overrun Germany and they were fucking ruthless. Hitlers suicide was just the final blow to whatever little moral was left in the Germans.

Hess would have been the next leader but was already captured by the brits. And I doubt even if there had been someone who could have replaced Hitler after his death he would be able to turn it around.

Into the 60s some SS Veterans trained Neo Nazis in West Germany in Guerrilla warfare supported by the CIA.
There also were regular meets ups of SS Veterans in West Germany, but they didn't formed any organization.
Most Nazis with a bad records disappeared into South America like Mengele which later visited Colonia Dignidad to help the Chilean Secret Service.

What a dope name. Fits quite well.

Anons forget, looking back with the present as their focus, that Hitler and NSDAP were the successors. They were the post-war, esoteric structure our race needed. That's gone now, all that's left is revenge.

They inherited a flame that went back centuries. Who even know if that flame still burns, and who guards it.


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I just don't see it.

Certainly not. Not in a conventional war. The chance to win that war had already sailed. However guerrilla warfare plays by different rules. The way to win is to play the long game. The German leadership chose the easy path instead.

There are werwolves all over the world. Find the manual preferably an irl copy, educate yourself, and await the hunt.

I'll read it and work on cursing as many Americans with lycanthropy as possible.

I also want to form a right wing movement using illegal immigrants.

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The fact is its well known now the bunker story was made up by the British Intelligence service at the end of the war. Stalin, Churchill and Eisenhower openly stated they didn't buy the story. There was a passage to the underground tunnel system in Hitler's bunker which people used to get around the allied bombing raids over the city. The fact is many people recall witness flying disk craft coming in low at the end of the war to make pick up's of people.

Hitler did escape with other leading Nazi's who were also spiritually advanced. They created a network to continue to fight for global Gentile liberation against the Jewish globalist agenda to create a global communist slave state of the Goyim. People report at the ending of the war flying saucers were flying into the last remaining free German cities. This was evacuation to fall back positions. Something to note the Tibetans that came back with the German's to Berlin their leading monk knew the entrance to Shambala. The Egyptians stated at Abydos their ancestors who came from the east lived in underground cities to survive the cataclysm events on the surface of the earth around ten thousand years ago. People in Tibet the Lama's report Shambala exists and they have been in contact with them for thousands of years.

OP here.

I've had a busy couple of weeks but am still looking into this with some German guys who might know. Will post results when I have them.
Still, keep this idea in your collective minds for later.
We're searching for that golden, living, link to the past.
This is a meme war, how much bigger of a meme is a living link to the NSDAP?

The title is a meme, but It's an apt description you doublenigger

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*might know something
The chance of this whole thing bearing fruit in any way is pretty slim
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No, we will never believe you. Neo-Nazis aren’t national socialists, and we don’t support them.

The proof is all over the place for many National Socialists having escaped to Antarctica.

First we have the 1938–1938 German expedition to New Swabia, authorized by Goering as part of the 4-year plan. During the war itself the British were known to have been active in and around Antarctica (Operation Tabarin, etc). Then, after the war in the summer of 1945 the U-boat U-530 surrendered in Argentina. Newspapers at the time were filled with speculation that Hitler was still alive and had escaped to Antarctica. Right after the war the classified Operation Highjump commenced under Admiral Byrd in 1946-1947. The operation was cancelled due to difficulties and the loss of men and airplanes around Antarctica. The whole fleet left. Following 1947 the Germans remained in control of Antarctica fairly unmolested until 1958, when three nuclear weapons were exploded near New Swabia by the US as part of Operation Argus. So its clear that the war did not end in 1945 and that the German base was likely operation until the late fifties at latest.

If we combine this with the fact that there are massive ice-tunnels taller than the Eiffel Tower in Antarctica, geothermal areas above freezing and with the numerous UFO sightings immediately following the war (look into Foo fighters, Rudolf Schriever, the Miethe disk, etc), it is clear that the Last Battalion is / was no meme. New Swabia could be teeming with Germans to this day, provided they haven’t journeyed further into the Earth.

Paperwork and meeting minutes and the scope of this thread, not Zig Forums's attempt at an antarctic expedition which would be cool though

Translating german documents without knowing the language sucks edition

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Including esoteric immigrants?

Hallo, which documents?

I wouldn't even try if you don't know the grammar. honestly. There's all sorts of word-order fuckery and noun genders

Word order fuckery is not a problem

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The Vril was arrested and ran to England. The Thule was shut down. And the SS being "occultists" was invented by Hollywood-history to scare christcucks.
All the so called "occult symbolism" in NatSoc Germany is actually historical symbolism of our people that was common to Germany at the time (even the Swastika was in Hitler's boyhood church).

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