How are you holding up boys?

I just graduated college recently and feel kinda empty. What now? Why does it feel so weird getting to this point? I suppose I should be proud of myself right? Idk I guess it's a bit of a quarter life crisis. How are you boys doing mentally?

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28 here, currently in a crisis, my project is ending and I want to find a new job.

I spend most times on vidya.

I wish I had the motivation to play vidya anymore last game I beat all the way through was RE2 Remake

Summon the motivation my friend.

Vidya can give you the motivation to continue life.

Yep, that's how bad modern life is.

I’m ready join a RWDS

39, sometimes I think I'mthe oldest person on this board.

Really feeling stuck in my career lately. Picked some shitty majors in college and ended up in a stagnant field with very few opportunities unless I spend a bunch of time learning online and change career fields which is probably impossible at my age because of the age discrimination in tech.

On the plus side I'm married and have kids so that's nice. Glad to be doing my part for the White race by having 4 kids instead of the traditional 2.15

what did you pick out of curiosity?

Congrats bro and chin up, your opportunity will come.

Liberal arts. English and graphic design. Graduated about 10 years before the tech explosion so nothing I learned is at all relevant to the tech sector or current trends.

Don't get me wrong, I get paid decent and the work isn't hard so I can't complain, I just worry a lot about what will happen if the company I'm at goes under since the job pool for non-tech graphics is shrinking.

I'm in a similar boat. Can't find a decent job for shit. Just doing boring app jobs like uber and such which pay less and less.

At this point I'm just trying to enjoy life. I think things will heat up politically in the 2020 election. But the fact is nothing will change unless we make it change. Best thing we can all do is have white children and run for office.

Not everyone is inclined for business. Some people are inclined for politics. We are on such a board. If you can make good arguments on this board chances are you can absolutely destroy your local elected officials in debates. Run for office, even something small like county treasurer or commissioner.

Would rather buy an ocean kayak and paddle out until I drown.

Yeah, man, you gotta take care of yourselves first in this era of chaos.

I'm having marriage anxiety myself because I still haven't found the right girl and that I think having children in this era means you get more baggage that the enemy can control.

But without children, my line will not continue.

It's a hard question to solve.

Yea dude I didn't really major in something I'm super passionate about personally but the field I chose, database management, seems to be on the incline so hopefully I'll have a job secure for a while until AI collectively fucks the world in the ass

24 yo working 8-5 all my money goes to getting out of debt that I foolishly got my self in from travelling so much using credit cards.

Had a few issues with booze and drugs going into a recovery thing and getting my head sorted out because I have depression or something.

I'm not worried though there is always hope. I'm not gonna waste my life.

It feels weird because you've spent your whole life doing what you're told to do, and now you're at the point where the only people who are going to be willing to hold your hand are the people who want to use you. Your goal should be to turn whatever you enjoy into a career.

You're posting here. You're already wasting your life.

I'm 21, in university, doing okay.I am thinking of joining A.I.M or Patriot Front so I can meet some other National Socialists. It's easy to get blackpilled if you live in Southern California and don't know any other NS guys. I want to start training my own RWDS.

I'm only here cuz my fav 4chan board is down

Have you considered joining a political campaign? Get in on the ground floor of a rising political campaign and you can turn it into a career.

Maybe, but it's worth it. Having kids is the best thing I ever did. It's hard as hell but continuing your lineage is hugely satisfying.

Yeah, my boomer parents fucked me over with that "pick something fun and you'll never work a day in your life" bullshit. Turns out ANYTHING is boring when you have to do it 9am-6pm 5 days a week. But they were both scientists making fat 6-figure incomes so income potential wasn't even something they thought about.


The Square cap means that your mind is not in a box.
You are now a slave to the system.

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*hits blunt* damn bro that's deep af

I'm here hoping the 3 gets isn't DACA related

I'm doing fine and well.
If you feel empty it's because something is missing. And the best thing to do, is to do something about it, instead of waiting for others to do it for you.
Bless your heart user, have a good day
Sage for somewhat irrelevant thread

72 years old here. I moved into government housing a few years ago after winning a competition. I started a new executive job which I thought was going to be really fun, but as it turned out, I don't really have any real control. I spend most of my time shit posting online and watching fox news in my bedroom.

How's it hanging, bros?
no homo

Kill yourself.

*your brain is now in a box

I meant, your brain in now in what ever box that the educators wanted you to be trapped in so that you will permanently be a slave to the system.