Police abuse?

Two police man in Portugal force a prostitute to salute.
The unidentified man use the cars megaphone to instruct the women to salute, then proceed to ask if "the works going fine".
After having their fun they drive away.
Investigation is currently underway to determine who they are and aply punishment.

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I see a bunch of humans, breaking through their jew-suits and realizing theyre each in a situation where theyve chosen a profession which doesnt fulfill them, merely to provide jew-money. And so in a moment of catharsis, they acknowledge that phenomenon by conducting a brief, clown world salute ceremony.

Who is everything about Jews in this place?

Look the fuck areound, dipshit. The jews control everything around you.
"This place" is the last place where you can deign to protest against it without having your entire life destroyed for being an "anti semitic, Racist, Russian, Red-Neck, Nazi Bot, White Supremacist!".
But don't you worry your pretty little head, kike.
We're coming.

Let me guess

I wish the police abuse here were that harmless…

you user, spot on !

(pic related)

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Why indeed?

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They are humiliating her for being a whore and infect the men with her disease so I see nothing wrong with this but personally I think she should be executed on the sight though. Do anyone agree with me that the whores needs to be shoot on the sight?

first post best post

Let me guess

no need to ask this

Single mothers should be aborted along with their bastard children as well.

Fuck off kike.


This is based, police should publicly beat and humiliate criminals and degenerates whenever possible just like in the middle east

hows the weather in tel aviv?

to be honest though, this level of shilling lately is kind of insulting, I thought we were better than this. The FBI agent that came into the chatroom I was in the other day could only spout larp memes to incite violence, it was pathetic.

A black prostitute, how is this possible in current year?

Isn't being a whore a crime?

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You have to look at this clown world sometimes and honk honk, also fuck that show

prostitutes are good informants, thats why they are making her salute. it's just a joke.

The Jews will do everything they can to enable female whoredom. It’s gotten so bad that they are running news segments against light hearted prostitute mocking.

Crazy that we live in such a clown world that they’d even run a news segment on something like this. In the past mocking whores was an ethical normal thing to do. The social shaming and ostracization of whores was a way to ensure that women go down the correct path of becoming wholesome mothers. It was one of the methods how we kept them in place. Hopefully men start realizing the reality of sexual liberation and feminism and see it for what it is. A judiac weapon to destroy the white race.

Get out of here FBI nigger. We are a board of peace. The only things we advocate are done in the fantasy video game world of minecraft.

Lurk the moar for two years.

Prostitutes should be exterminated.

Allowed to remain up for 11 hours.

I have heard about this before, but it is nothing like it is being described. The hooker isn't being forced to do anything, when the cops got there she was trying to play it cool and they went along with it, making small talk and then saying "you can keep saluting it's fine". She might be a bit nervous but that's because she's talking to cops while being a hooker, in the end the cops just drove away and everything was fine, she wasn't even upset.

That "news" channel is known for exaggerating and lying about practically everything they report on, they were lying about the cops forcing the woman to salute.


There we go. Pathetic juden shitthread