Liberal so angry he spontaneous combusts on Whitehouse lawn

liberal so angry he spontaneous combusts on Whitehouse lawn
A spokesman for the Washington Fire Department told CNBC: 'I can confirm that we’ve transported one patient with burns from the Ellipse and we’re now on the scene assisting law enforcement.'
National Park Service police and the U.S. Secret Service officers also assisted at the scene to try and establish what happened in Washington D.C.
White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said he could not immediately comment.
According to his official schedule, Donald Trump was in the Oval Office at the time for a ceremonial swearing-in of the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

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Remember when media documented events?

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No actually

For what? Not being Zionist enough?

must have been seething about the Mueller report, EMS and police were heard asking him before he combusted in flames, what Mueller Report?

This looks like a good trend to promote:

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Shit guys, guess Trump lost. I'm sure this man will forever be remembered.

Who is Trump?


I bet he has HIV or AIDS. The medical staff better be careful

I have first aid training, and the first thing they teach you is to never help someone if you aren't safe to do so. You treat ALL bodily fluids as infected, and you do not handle a bleeding person without sterile gloves if you can help it.

Wait… Is that fucking Dorner?

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Some retard burning himself because Trumps a mega kike jew dick sucker whose doing just as much as obama did you ruin the country and not the White Supremacist he thought he was isn't news. It's all just mentally retarded faggots who think politicians actually give a shit about the people

What exactly does anything you said have to do with what the user you quoted said?


Excellent, TDS is now a fatal disease or at least gives you a very high temperature


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So you're Trumpcucks I take it lol

They see some of the banners at the top that chodemonkey won't get rid of.

I'm surprised he hasn't after the debacle

Yes we already deduced you are confused. Lurk a while more

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This image is an insta-meme

Totally rad

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So this is cuckchan

Just shut up nobody cares

Whoops I left zogbot's face in

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What was his reason? No note? No post on cuckchan? A total wasted effort.

Too bad it wasn't a liberal burning a jew while screaming, "the High Fivers celebrated while Americans were jumping from the towers!"

Yep, it's fucking Dorner. Nigga's been on fire for six years so that's why he doesn't give a fuck.

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No explanations have been given as of late to explain the bizarre behavior. All we know thus far is that the man was wearing a protective suit which is why we can see him walking calmly at first. He is believed to have strolled near the Washington Monument which is less than a mile away from the White House. Fortunately, the authorities were able to handle it before it got real. Furthermore, it is believed that the man suffered burns on approximately 85% of his body and is currently being treated in the hospital for "life-threatening" injuries.

We expect more details on this later.

boomer-tier meme

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I feel bad goys. Maybe if more liberals did this I won't vote trump 2020.

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dope niggers admire niggers who smoke………. hopefully this becomes a treand

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Gotta say I am astounded how he just calmly waltzed around while being on fire.



Don't rush it fags he might be based.
I didn't see anything convincing about his reasons

get off the lawn nigger lel

It was ever since you came here last week, you should go back

sick roast dude

He was wearing some kind of suit which was supposed to give some protection from the fire, he was badly burned anyway.

I don't just vote. I can usually be a state delegate representing a majority of my local counties. So my vote isnt just 1 man one vote. My vote can carry a weight of 500,000 population easy. (Conservative estimate)

True chad voting till you decide to wisen up and kick those out of power. (Hint: the central banks)

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The wall was an esoteric metaphor for the friends you make when you want to work in continental teams. Will Eurasia or Africa defeat America? I think not!

Can't defeat something that no longer exists.

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you're being too kind user

did he died

"I'm the jew now"

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Unapologetic use of Shareblue original meme. Sad

Reminds me of a rage against the machine cover.

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Good to see we've been memeing responsibly.

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The fire rises.

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First day at Langley?

He sure was hot headed

Now imagine more 150 million of these coming from Africa.


When you're so angry, and your argument is so bad, that you literally burst into flames.

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Maximum. Well, done.


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Donnad Trum dun activatud da crazies! Now wywimmin doan wanna fuk me! I go "BICH! MUH DIK!" and they go "gid da fug out ya stinky nigger! blak is wack!" IZ ALL YO FALLD DONNAD TRUM! FUK YOU NIGGA! *strikes lighter*



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fucking kek


Someone should’ve let that hothead just burn himself out.

Solid question: anyone with a quick rundown on whomst be Trump?

the funniest thing is that the guy is too far away with the fire extinguisher.

Oh there are lots of funny things with this to be sure
This is funny as fuck. More dumbasses should do this irl

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we got a name yet? gotta get that facebook/social media archive before they take it down
also, far as protests go, can't help but respect it
you have nogs block the street in protest, but act surprised when they get run over
if you're not willing to get run over for what you believe in, don't protest in the middle of the road

A sign from Mother Nature that USA will be torched with Yellowstone ash to cleanse the degenerates.

he must have been sedated or had fire retardant applied because there are decent shots of him walking
looks bad ass as fuck

just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl year after year

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Who knew crack was explosive?

Yellowstone is sister to Ebola-chan. She is no nigger spic. Her name is hallowed

As long as they're white…

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Glowniggers suck.

In your retarded imagination.


Jewish nigger.


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Checked. Yeah man , that’s why you hit them with your car