Wanna make the 'F' letter an alt-right hate symbol?

We all know that left-wing media and figures will throw a hissy fit at the slightest provocation; be it a fucking OK hand sign or 'micro-aggressions'. In the gaming community- which the liberals hate since Gamergate- 'F' is used to show respect. Nothing wrong with that. However, I personally think it would be hilarious if we turned this letter into a symbol of Neo-Nazi hate, just to trigger the libtards. I've included a shitty paint graphic to show how we can construe the letter into the evil hate symbol.

P.S I posted this on 4.chan already. Bunch of niggers there were like "Mossad shill". I don't give a fuck if you believe my sincerity and intentions or not. It's the fucking internet I'm not gonna lose sleep over someone crying Moshe.

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t. cuckchan

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That's me. I have no clue who the fag below is.

We should brainstorm the four Fs:
Fuck Niggers
Fuck Jews
Fuck Muslims
Fuck Communists

I only have special hatred for the Commies and Muslims. Especially Muslims because I grew up in a mudshit household. They fucking told us at the masjid when I was 8 that women who don't cover up will burn in Hell I shit you not.

But I perfectly agree with this. Ironically it will be white liberals who will be most offended by this.

National Socialism isn't about hate. National Socialism isn't Neo-Nazism. Whatcha doin rabbi?

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I heard the letter f is raycist as fuck

No. The hashtag thing is in full-effect. Focus on that.

You think Berkeley Starbucks faggots will care about that distinction?

Oh I don't want this to go viral now. Maybe a month.

nothing wrong in striking while the iron is hot. this'll bring a new meaning to the press F meme.

Oh my god I'm actually gonna be so happy if this goes viral

One at a time boyo

Ffffuck that
Four at a time then more and more at a time

I think the Berkeley Starbucks faggots reject National Socialism because Jews such as yourself have associated NatSoc with "evil hate symbols" and have perverted the very meaning of National Socialism. I think you carry on a long and vibrant history of discrediting National Socialism by associating it with hate, violence, and other undesirable qualities. I think you're a kike.

press F to spit on Muslims

one at a time please, shill OP, sage.

I literally have never discussed National Socialism on the internet in my fucking life.

Mossad shill

Imagine my surprise.

mY nAme iS agEnt bErnSTeiN

i thought self hate was just a jewish thing, god both of you desert dwelling morons are the fucking same

Can't do much about my genes eh?

Fuck non-whites
Fuck kikes
Fuck commies
Fuck faggots

Fuck Liberals
Fuck Faggots
Fuck Muslims
Fuck Communists


Fuck Liberals
Fuck Communists
Fuck Muslims
Fuck Jews

How do you even type like that?

checking your dubs
bbbbbuuuuuutttt liberals and commies are the same. gotta have faggot hate in there at all times.

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cApS lOcK

actually i lied shift key toggling

not bad user

my only critique, the distinction between non-whites and kikes makes it seem like kikes are seen as white, when in fact they are semites

I love the idea of 'Fuck non-Aryans' when done for the purpose of pissing off commies/libs. However I personally think it's more about ideology. It is true that 80% of Middle-Eastern/South-East Asian brownies need to be exterminated, along with a good 50-70% of niggers and spics. This is because of their culture however. If one from a non-Aryan background can purge their cultural inclination, they deserve to live. That's my two cents.

i agree, but you always have to specifically name the jew and we only have 4 slots for many many hated classes lol


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CIA, I'm Dr. Dick.

Let hashtag run it's course or run the quadruple 'F's now?

I thought you were with the MI6 pedophile cover op?

I posted this before and I'll post it again:
Don't stop until EVERYTHING is deemed an alt-right/far-right hate symbol by the kikes.
No exceptions, no excuses.

Jesus, we might as well. They'll believe anything.

Wanna help me spread this shit on Reddit and Twitter? I'll make accounts I swear to god I'm just trying to get general approval from y'all.


No you fucking retarded doubleniggers, the fashtag is the absolute fastest way to remove twitter and other cancerous media in one fell swoop. You need to be shilling fashtag, we can do the F thing later. The fashtag will give them hundreds of hours of work to refit all that code with a new delimiter.

Zig Forums is the board of peace, ur a fag op.

Nah I’ll pass

new symbol (that can use your help)

#@ⓒⓊⓡE! pronounced "a cure!"
"hashtag @ll ⓒunning Ⓤ(es) (aka yews or jews) ⓡequire Extermination!"
"Heil Hitler @ (at) ⓒunning Ⓤ(es)ⓡequire Extermination!"

the purpose of this meme is to take well known symbols in pop culture, the hashtag, the "at" symbol, the kosher certification, the restricted symbol; and the "E" meme or the company E! which have the potential to become "nazi symbols" and combine them to make a new one. Each of these symbols individually represents a disliked part of society, and if successful people will associate the individual symbols as part of the acronym in the future. Each part has more than one meaning for example the # is already ours, the @ symbol in the future, everybody hates the copyright symbol, the U is fundamentally kosher and can therefore be used to identify jews or Jewish things, r is the same as the c everybody hates it, the E is a stale meme we can revive or use to take down that shitty tv channel. finally the acronym is self referencing as "acure" by its meaning implies a solution to the jewish problem.


#(fashtag)F to pay respect (to Hitler)

I don't want to just break Twitter in half. I want every aspect of human society and mother nature to be deemed a hate symbol! Why? Because I want every kike and every faggot that supports what they're doing to become suicidal. I want them to feel like there's no way for them to escape without throwing themselves into the nearest lit oven. Even an empty room with or without windows should be considered a symbol of hate!

F and ꟻ are also Vinca symbols tbh and 卐 ofc is.

fucking is peaceful….




Yes but what about the gwt?

bump for potential future ammo

Mossad shill

Here ya go Schlomo the liar.

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel

boicotisrael.net/ (ES)


How about you kikes quit with the retarded psy-ops seeing as all your doing is getting shit banned and then never having the fucking balls irl to defend it so it stays banned. You fags are just kikes

I see the kikes have returned (or never left)


We're not done with the ###hashtag### yet

Wait until we succeed before moving to the new shit


##MAGAwithDACA ##


there is really no reason to not do this at the same time

I don't know if you noticed, but we don't really have the numbers.

Fuck jews
Fuck jews
Fuck jews
Fuck jews

Why are you here sand nigger? Die.

Exactly. And then when you do you do it is like a kike.


checkin these digits

Don't use the word "fuck". It's immature and easy to turn backwards, i.e. "fucking blacks is good".

It's true though, women thrive and do better when their instincts are suppressed. The only thing that can do that is to have them wear their oppression, because they can't abstract their morals: they have to wear it as a symbol that continuously reminds them. Same reason they can't resist wearing those pink pussy hats.


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then we'll make the letters U, C, K, Y, O and U also fascist symbols, then when liberals will see an ÜberNazi Hashtag #FUCKYOU their heads will explode because it will be 8 signs together and that ist a fascist number?

Still haven't graduated from preschool, I see.

Wanna fucking kill yourself for creating more worthless gayops distractions? Your people are being genocided, and instead of fighting back you're focused on unfunny ineffective memes that do nothing.

F = Fascist
Read "A Squire's Trial"

nah we do, what we don't have is a board without useless spammers like you and this faggot

good point actually. we can change Fuck to Fight.