What Lies Beneath Our Feet?

Where can one find out more about the hollow interior of the Earth? Even if the Earth is not 100% hollow as is shown in this mock-up image with my post, it is very likely that the whole interior of the Earth is honeycombed with massive caverns, tunnels and underground seas, many of which harbor life and Aryan civilization. There are so many accounts of Agartha or Agharti from different sources that there is likely an echo of truth somewhere in there. The original story of course goes that the Agarthans transferred underground and hid from the rest of humanity at the beginning of the Kali Yuga. Are they waiting out the dark age? If they are Aryans they must be sought out for assistance. If there is any truth to Ferdynand Ossenodowski’s account of Agharti, 1890 was said to begin a new age of war, hunger and disease. 2029 will lead to the re-emergence of the subterranean race. Now the question is whether this prophecy will come true.

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Anyone got an archive of the Antarctica threads?
We still need the sub boys, sieg heil Zig Forums KRIEGSMARINE

Somehow I did not know about /sudpol/, thanks for bringing it to my attention. We need more esoteric boards of this kind. It’s sad that /vril/ imploded so fast. The Antarctica thread from a month or so was good, I hope someone archived it.

This is of extreme interest to me

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Someone has the copypasta of a man who once visited the caves, I know it. Probably bullshit but you never can tell

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He went to Antarctica.

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Admiral Byrd?
Not the one, but related.
This was shoahed hard.

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Can you please explain what the 2nd image is said to be depicting? Specifically the dark gray channels/areas.

Your id is legit
Byrd got his ass kicked by the Huanebu

I was expecting that first pic to bullshit but little did I expect that they actually discovered tunnels that big under the ice, wow. With this information and the fact that there are geothermic hot spots under the ice with above-freezing temperatures, I wonder how many National Socialists are still living there today.

Found it on /sudpol/

Given how at the bottom of the continent here we see the german word for New Swabia, I presume NSDAP areas of control or claimed/charted territory after a venture to the south pole. Either that or tunnel routes, but it wouldn't make sense. I'm not yet fluent enough in German to understand what's being said in this image but if I get to that level I'll report back

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Tens of thousands if not more. A decent sized city. 50,000 is my guess

Do we know what year that map was made?

Looking up “Antarctica without ice” seems to just show that it is some topographical information. We know there are tunnels there based on what’s known to the public and the available documents, but I don’t think we have really any good maps of them beyond pic 2 which shows the entrance to Agartha. I really wish these were higher quality images so I could read them. I’ll have to look on /sudpol/.

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Gotta get on the REMA viewer! I am phonefagging now but I will dump when I get home. ALSO. a guy named Agnew is working on a mission to the north pole via massive Russian icebreaker. I'm tellin ya. Get the REMA viewer up and running and play with the filters. You can see the hole and there are hand edits all over. It's CRAZY.

There are ice free warm interior lakes (Bunger Hills) sic., and rocky polar deserts (Schirmacher Oasis) sic.

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A topographical map of the South Pole seems possible. But how do you think they got accurate information of out landscape without ice covering it, without sattelites? Was there ground penetrating radar in the 30's and early 40's?

That’s a good point and I don’t know how to answer thaf

This is the REMA link



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Did you know you can go under with submarine? There is a lot of tunnels under the ice but be careful because not all of the tunnels leads to land. Use the unmanned water drones to map the tunnels is a important idea before you send the men down there.

Amongst many things here that are complete unabadhed fantasy.
The Voynich records are basically just a herbal and recipe book written in a turkik script.


If that is the case then we will find out in time. I am more concerned with how Aryans are doing not some fucking "anti-christ". Shit bores me.

I think they can go down to about 250 meters, if we’re talking about WWII U-Boats

Explanation of why creepy things under the earth suck blood? Axis shifts is trending I see, possible explanation of this CIA document on Adam and Eve archive.org/details/ChanThomasTheAdamAndEveStory/page/n27

Where was op when god was handing out chromosomes?

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My bad for linking halfway through, archive.org/details/ChanThomasTheAdamAndEveStory page one onwards talks about the polar (not magnetic) shifts.


Let’s be honest hollowtard. The earth is fuckn flat as shit.

Flat Earth is a psyop to hide hollow Earth

The hollow earth is obviously some jewery cooked up by Mossad to hide the reptilian alien INVASION faggot.

It’s been proven for years that all of the UFO sightings following WWII were German flying-disks operating out of Antarctica. There is no “reptilians” or “aliens”

could someone with knowledge of cartography be so kind and translate those two maps into something a bit more simple, like put it on a globe, or make just one map out of it? i can't imagine how it would all look like in 3D.

Will S.W. Carey's Expanding Earth Theory compliment any of this research?

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Fuck I hope this is true. Even if the world goes to shit at least I can die in peace knowing there is aryan Germans traveling the cosmos. I just wished they’d save us from the Jews but I have a feeling that they want us to free ourselves. We are not worthy unless we can do what they did in the 30s I imagine.

ive heard space nazi scenarios where kikes are holding the whole world hostage with nukes

We can’t expect god and find Antarctic nazis to do everything.


It is true, there are likely thousands of Germans living in the massive ice tunnels below Antarctica as well as in the Earth itself. The 1938/1939 expeditions to New Swabia, the wartime activity of the British in and around Antarctica, the strange movement of U-Boats for months after the war (some of which surrended months after in Argentina), rampant press speculation of Hitler’s survival and escape to Antarctica or South America, Operation Highjump and its subsequent failure and the later 1958 nuclear “tests” (Operation Argus) all attest to the presence of a German colony in New Swabia and Agartha and the continuation of WWII until at least the late 1950s. Operation Highjump was successfully repelled, who knows what the nuclear attacks did to them though. The tunnels likely provided safe harbor, and of course the nukes would have no effects on those who have moved in further to Agartha / Shambhala.

It’s been seventy four years since the was has ended and the situation in Germany, not to mention in the rest of the West, has only gotten worse and worse. One would think that since they, even in 1945, possessed superior technology (Miethe Disk/V-7, the stuff Rudolf Schriever described, Foo fighters, etc) that taking on Jewry would be pretty easy. There must be thousands of Germans down there now in the tunnels if not within the Earth, but who knows what their mentality is, especially with the second and third generations. It is likely a siege-mentality and wary of the degeneration outside of their domain. Who knows why they are holding back.

Agartha is a real place and Germans exist still in Antarctica. This is real politics.

Fuck off CIA kike faggot. No one is stupid enough for this honeypot

no, but Growing Earth is the correct theory of Earth.
hollow and flat earth are kikery, along with plate tectonics


I'm with you, brother

Thanks for the link. I have already watched this and integrated up into S.W.Carey's original Expanding Earth Theory. Neal Adams is a kike driving unnecessary semitic semantic spin across S.W.Carey's work. Expanding Earth and the Birkeland currents of the Electric Universe Theory are the two major organized force arrays that could be used to interpret any possible hollow earth reality.

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It's all fire and molten iron you stupid cunt

just like (((science))) told you

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Can you provide a cite/link for this. I enjoy Hollow Earth mythos but never heard of a date they would come to the surface.


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I found this to be pretty convincing.

Now I’m intrigued. Better go watch

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Reptilians, flat-earth, all Jewish poisoning the well tactics. Lurk more, faggot.

Zig Forums expedition when?

It's been in the works for a few years.

/sudpol/ welcomes you

The fuck is that ?


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nothing lies beneath our feet you kike'n cow'.

The story of an ancient African girl's journey to America is fascinating, a little more complicated than the narrative we are told.

The story of how a girl from an impoverished African village was able to travel to the land of freedom in the early 1800's is a classic tale of survival, with remarkable elements that we could use to show some of the reasons so many people have fallen so far behind.

To begin with, the African tribes never believed in any sort of supernatural or magic power.

The story we are told of the girl's miraculous journey goes as follows. The villagers in the area of the African village were all very poor, having to rely solely on what they could produce.

This made living in poverty a common practice among rural people. The only person in the village whom you might not think of as poor was the girl himself.

That makes her the most likely person to have encountered anything supernatural, or magical. This simple fact leads us to find one of history's greatest myths. As if on cue, the African village chief's wife, Anja, suddenly shows up the next day. She has been kidnapped at gunpoint by an evil force, who have taken advantage of the poor farming village.

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