Julian Assange reported as 'gravely ill' - moved to prison hospital

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inb4 Assange suddenly "dies" before anyone gets to see him in person

Thanks to Zig Forums for helping (((Qanon))) convince the masses to

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Sloppy job mossad. They had the body double hold a Gore Vidal book to make it seem more real.

Reminder that Edgar J. Steele developed (((health complications))) after going to jail for (((attempting to kill his wife))) (who personally led a campaign to get him out of jail because she knew he didn’t do it). Reminder that he died of (((kidney failure✡ after a (((routine operation))).

Also reminder that there is no dead man’s switch, never has been, and that Wikileaks has been compromised for at least 3 years.

Damn autocorrect.

Why do you rape your spacebar like that?

Sounds like what the skripals got but real

I knew he would get poisoned.

Leftists don't even care, I know a guy that said he was anarchist and this is the shit he doesn't follow up on

I knew they were going to kill him, but I didn't think it would be this soon.

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What a shocker, they're gonna kill him.

The Milosevic treatment, poisoning and deny medical care. Autopsy will be carried out in the UK despite requests from his family.

As predicted, they are going to kill him. Podesta won.

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he died back in 2016 after he was tortured into providing information that would lead to leaker seth rich. he costed powerful entities billions in damage.

Im quite sure that podesta has some hit markers on his back as well.

at this point, it would be trivial for the Glow Niggers to polonium-novichok-heart-attack-gun assassinate Assange. i consider him already a dead man, because i know the CIA has zero intention of going through the multi-year risk fraught complicated saga of extraditing him to Virginia, then being destroyed themselves by the Wikileaks Insurance keys being dumped on Zig Forums, then putting him on trial, then risking botching his trial, then openly threatening our simulation of Free Speech in America by implicitly threatening the Jew York Times and BezPo and all the other fake news houses of propaganda with also violating the Espionage Act, for being co-conspirators with Assange by publishing his top secret material, and then risking Trump doing something unpredictable like saying he will pardon Assange.

the CIA won't jump through those hoops for one second. the CIA will take the quickest and easiest path of least resistance and just whack Assange in British custody. that will send the message to all future Wikileaks clones and anyone who would follow in Assange's footsteps: if you fuck with us, we are above the law, and you are a dead man.

i am at peace with the CIANSAFBI assassinating Assange. because i am going to swear an blood oath and dedicate the rest of my life to killing as many of TS//SI//NOFORN Cleared Deep State spooks as possible, in the most elaborate ways, like the motherfucking Biblical Angel of Death beholden with Beautiful Armaments, in the greatest act of relentless vengeance the likes of which no intelligence agency has ever before witnessed.

your move Glow in the Darks. go ahead, make my day.

I'm sure there are plenty of people on all sorts of lists all over the place. No one here was born yesterday. Let me be the first to welcome you to reality, where Assange dies and Podesta doesn't.

Here's the archives.

thank you

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John "my password is "password" Podesta?
Mr. Skuppy "leaving my Pizza Maps in public for the normalfags to find" Podesta?
If you were his boss, would you let him live after being such a massive embarrassment?

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Ahaha, they're pulling an "Otto Warmbier" actor retirement.
He deserves his retirement though, kept you suckers strung along for nearly two decades.

Diesel powered dildo execution machine?

>make 6 million phone calls until your Ecuadorian dogs are making up repreating clearly Jewish lies about him smearing feces
>when the cattle of the field still lack the approved opinion, float a trial balloon about him getting really sick from. . . er, self-inflicted poop injections? Random case of walking sleeping sickness? A psychotic disorder that makes him throw himself down several flights of stairs over and over?

I'd like to see a violently insane overreaction to this news. Just, like, go full Yellow Vest and put white people on the street to smash the fuck out of everything in Chicago for a weekend. See whether Assange undergoes a miraculous recovery and isn't sick anymore. It's not that I really give a fuck about Assange; I just think it would be a neat way to gauge how frightened the goylords are of us.

I realize we aren't niggers though, which means the cops will have live ammo and a media mandate to cut us down like animals.

This is a bad thing.
We need a real Pirate Party or something but that isn't called that, (and is actually well known) to rage about this sort of stuff!

I was thinking more like a robot brain-basher running Google AI (got to have that tech angle), followed by his skin being made into a lampshade.

They’re probably trying to destroy him and break him just like they did with Bradley Manning

Unironically THIS
Nothing ever changed as a result of the leaks.
No one was prosecuted.
The pedos are still running the world without a sign of a crack in their armor.
The only difference now is that it has all been rubbed in our faces and we're left with the absolute realization that we have no power to do a goddamn thing about it.
It has all been Marxist style demoralization a la Yuri Bemezov…(sp?)

I like it Satan

Also a pressure valve tactic a la "Dirty Harry" / "Death Wish" movies.

fucking checked

more like shinning a light on retards we didn't need

This person is a mentally ill chick who claims to be his wife through occult shit…

Once the mirror is cracked, people can't see their reflection anymore.

Calm down schizonigger.

So many retards saying assange is dead and wikileaks compromised

You are all fucking gullible retards or paid shills trying to distract from blatant facts

Watch him go to sweden and clear his name

Statute of limitations on espionage act is 10yr u retards. Do the math


Why would you believe anything that's so tightly intermeshed with hollywood?

I dont im trying to at least give some proof to indicate that assange is not dead, being that Pamela Anderson visited him in prison

Were you there to witness that?
Or do you believe anything a jew tells you?

>(((pamela anderson)))

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even united nation special investigator on torture has visited him

I dont believe anything i constantly weigh facts. And it looks very clear that he is alive. The evidence for the contrary does not exist except for a bunch of anons talking nonsense on image boards with nothing to back,it,up

Did they take him to Bethseda naval hospital yet?
Poor guy…

>the (((UN))), the most jewish organization on the planet.
Must be true.

Did u really cite a daily beast article?

pamela anderson seems ok to me. Plus i used to jerk off to baywatch. She can eat dinner and say whatever she wants but its her support of julian that stands out the most to me


Considering i spent 3 months volunteering with the UNHRC for Syrian refugees in Palestine , Israel and Kingdom of Jordan , i dont really know what youre talking about.

Pamela Anderson is Jewish. You glow.


If there is one organization that will be behind Julian is the UN for sure. If julian assange is anything at all, he is the goldenboy Poster child for Human Rights. the man basically was exiled for 9 years and this case would be a perfect opportunity to exert their influence


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Assange died already, but they want to "keep him alive" because if we all found out the truth that he was actually dead he would immediately become a martyr. They don't want Assange to become a martyr. They will only announce his death long after the people have become pacified to the point where he's no longer in the zeitgeist.

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but wheres the proof? Jewornotjew.com says shes not a jew. i have fucked plenty of israeli chix so maybe my cock glows but thats about it

ok cianigger.

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Nobody will do anything until the shelves are empty and they are going hungry.

Most people would willingly worship Satan if doing otherwise meant death.
Welcome to reality.
Most people are garbage who only think about their next meal, and will work for Schlomo Shekelstein until they die of old age to hopefully get it.
And if Schlomo Shekelstein demands their children as child sex slaves, and demands they sacrifice infants and circumcise themselves - it all seems worth the pain for goyim.

Jewish elites only need to make sure their human cattle are fed and maybe kept alive for 70 or 80 years.
Almost anything they desire can be accomplished as long as the goyim have food and work.
It's just that easy.
Centuries ago when famines hit, the peasants revolted.
Now the famine will never come and neither will revolution or effective civil unrest.
Generation Z won't save us, they aren't white enough, and if young white males start posing a threat the ZOG will wipe them out with biological weapons like a revived Spanish Flu.
The boomers continue to serve their purpose and will be kept alive for 40 more years.

So i guess Julians Mother and Father are jewish too and are in on the whole thing. Wow Julians probably a jew too named JewLion and his penis is,uncircumsized. Damn i never thought about it that way thanks for all the wonderful proof jew all provide, none of it is circumstantial whatsoever.

Israel aint shit, they cant even land on the moon.


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Oh, and if something like a mass movement against ZOG begins, people like this CIA agent will show up and support controlled opposition figures to subvert the movement and drain it's monetary, psychic and social reservoirs.
If one or a few controlled opposition figures don't take off, they have immense resources to keep fabricating them until a few stick.
Trump was successful controlled opposition, Assange was, and many more especially in the aut kike.
Oh and Trump will win 2020 because the election will be rigged in his favor with CIA psyops just like 2016.

By 2030 or 2040 most people will have mind control microchips.

When last I checked (at the time of the release of the Panama Papers) the banker/security state elite were keeping $30 Trillion off shore in nameless trusts.

Watch this vid;

Now it's $50 Trillion. They're sucking all the liquidity out of the west's economy. It's getting worse not better. Their strategems are becoming more arcane and convoluted every day.

They're far more agile. We move like tree sloths. They move like panthers in the dark.

Obviously. That's why underground groups like the VC kill collaborators. The idea is to confront peasants with an immediate choice between supporting the rebels and running a hypothetical risk of getting caught, or having their arms and legs broken right now.

So the real question is: What are we doing to accelerate the pressure so that normalfaggots have to fight right away, before the white share of the population drops below recoverable levels?

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Proving that killing opositors works. Do the same, or you lose.


The crew I run with has been breaking the arms and legs of men and women in our area of operation.
Flyers and posters were issued first stating the rules: at least one child by 21, and at least 2 by 25.
We check passports to establish the age, and any White who has neglected his or her duty to the race has their limbs broken on the spot.
There is medical exemption for those with fertility issues, but couples with only one infertile mate must divorce within 3 months.
It seems to be working.

wikileaks waiting for assange to die to release something?

They can't let him testify in an open court, he knows too much. I just hope that the mythical dead-man's switch is true and on his death Pandora's box is opened and our worst fears are confirmed. Let chaos then reign.

The Negro race is a very big threat to the white race. All people are afraid of Negroes, except right-wing extremists, Chinese and Arabs.
The white race has become the saddest and weakest race ever. if the ancestors would see this, they would burst into tears.shame me deeply for what you are,shame.the white race made it all happen.women's rights and nigger's rights.One woman (feminist) only tries to give more power to women, which is disastrous, and continuously insults the white man. the negro is also constantly trying to feel good by accusing whites of racism, so that they can humiliate a white man again. what was written, namely the threat of negroes, has really come true.
Negroes are the best in the world in the dominant culture, and don't you think so, are you seen as a racist, in a negative way.
It is absolutely embarrassing how the white race stands.
And when you finally stand up for your race, and call for terrorism, the post will be removed. that is the white race in 2019. everyone who is not a right-wing extremist, doesn't care about his race and is afraid of negroes.
Eternal victory and honour for the right-wing extremists, especially the anti-woman and anti-negro, the best kind of man in the world.
Muslims don't have that betrayal yet, and they really laugh at us.
Arabs are the new people of God.

I don't say do something.but WHAT then ? Still wait until the race war begins?
Still doing nothing,even when it can now ,not every body have a gun.still posting nonsens?
does it really don't care any more? Or are there really hero's?
It is very sad.there is no hope.

The world don't meer

The world don't need you.you are more important, and will be a hero,and God will be proude ,and come to the valhalla.if you do now where the world is asking to you.it is the time to take action.
the stars in the world will now it.
and it happend,like it never happend.it are spirits.the negro ,know that.there are to much of then.

Nobody will do something.and it also don't care any more.nobody also have to do anything.it is how it is,The white race is weak,accept that.so hopeless is that.

How can we save Assange? Where is he being held?

This is theater. He’s dead and they’re announcing this now so they can say something like -“dang , sorry world I guess he just didn’t survive his sickness. Too bad” or some other kiked shit

Probably not even sick.

I'm rather upset about all of this.

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This is what I don’t no about Julian Assange:
Is he alive?
If he’s dead where and when did he die?
Where is he now?
Where is he going?
What’s going to happen to him once he gets there?
And where’s the cat?

Things I’m sure about:
Seth Rich stole the DNC emails sent them Wikileaks and got killed for it.
Pizzagate is real.
And Hillary Clinton is psychopath.

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you glow, nigger.

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It's not even trending on Reddit or Twitter, they're completely suppressing it. Not that it matter now that they've turned normalfags on both the left AND the right against him.

>"The elections have neither been rigged, nor have voters been intimidated or deceived by misinformation," (((Pamela Anderson))) the former "Baywatch" star writes in a Daily Beast op-ed published Thursday. "The only thing that happened is that the disclosure of true information about a candidate‘s character and conduct hurt her campaign and may well have caused her defeat. So what? That’s democracy," writes Anderson, in reference to 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign. "Stop whining and grow up!"


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The book he was carrying is shilly as fuck. Never names the Jew just rich people

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Anyone still have the insurance file?

this thread isnt bumping yet it's not officially anchored.


There is no insurance.

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they're hitting him with DEWs -=- not even joking

Bump. I've experienced the "Deep Hum" myself. It's extremely disturbing.

Let's hope China does what needs to be done. While cucked citizens march and sing and stuff.

Why is it a secret of what he's ill from? What the fuck is wrong with him?

In English?

I have no idea why Assange didn't kill himself after he saw how the jews made mince meat of Trump. They turned a billionaire into the most disgraceful person to hold the title of commander-in-chief. The only good thing Trump did is let other rich people who took flights on Epstein airlines know that they shouldn't run for potus. Whatever you did up there, the jews have videos of it and will control you with it. Assange must have had faith in "the people" who in America are majority subhuman or drug-addicted. Very naive. He did it to himself.

lol imagine falling for the media this hard


He trusted brown people to keep him secure.

His lawyer is a nigger loving gay jew(why are there so many of these.)

FlowersByIrene refers to them as HERFs – High Energy Radio Frequency Weapons

Technically, HERF is better than DEW, since when ppl say DEW they always mean RF, but DEWs can be plasma, etc

you haven't got shit yet. It can be extremely painful, cause temp/permanent vision issues, and with high enough energy can make you pee brown and green. i can't remember what the name for that is, but it really sucks

bc its fucking HERFs/DEWs, dude. I'm telling you. its not a joke

"The Brown Note"

Wrong. People will see their reflection hundred times fold with every shard that flies back at them.

Panama Papers was a limited hangout.

Guernsey and Jersey, user.

He was charged within the window. Retard.

You wish, kike.

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I'm still a party member mostly for reasons like

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Aw, he has a crew!

I hear you pedofaggots have a bit of a fire problem these days, Mr. Tough Guy.