Why haven't you moved to the Whitest country in the world?

Why haven't you moved to Belarus, the whitests country in the world, user? Belarus is 99% White Slavic, finding a black, arab or brown is just as rare as finding gold. The country is more homogeneous than South Korea or Japan, there's no multiculturalism, even the country's name Belarus (White Rus) means that is a white country.

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Because they're a bunch of drunks who inhabit a Russian puppets state. And I mean it about the drunks. I went there on vacation 2 years back, and the sheer amount of alcohol they drink to blot out the fact that they live in decaying soviet-era apartment dumpsters is alarming. And that's saying something, seeing as how I've visited Finland as well. t. Czech

Do not even think about moving to Belarus because it should remain 99% white Slavic.

because I am poor and do not speak belarussian

But that can't be, user. Whities are perfect, how can they succumb to degeneracy like alchoholism?

I don't mind that at all.
Infact, Russia and Germany should reunite to form a communist coalition so the democratic side won't be a puppet state of Turkey.

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Jews. Some user posted sources for them being literally responsible for ex-Soviet alcoholism epidemic lel

Please spoonfeed me.

Check the thread about how the Jews ruined China, I think it was posted there

wasn't ireland the whistest country in 2017 or something?

What no, Ireland has a lot of blacks, and there's a growing muslim population thanks to all the libtards there>>13334423

You answered your own question, booze nigger.

So what? As long as you are white, you will be welcomed in Belarus

sounds like shit tbh I’ll be sure to not visit there ever thank you sir

Because I can get all the white girls I want right here?

Honestly I think the Slavic and other European races should remain seperate. Send all of the white mutts to Canada, Australia and USA.

Because i don't run from my problems and will take a stand.

just wait for the first synagogue to be established

i'd rather they just get sent to israel

You're a faggot, that's why.

Czechia is pretty nice.


Also this :-(


Mongols by the one drop rule. That makes them shitskins.

Yes go to that america if you want to race mix.the white race in Amerika is already race mixed with other white races.

Hungolian here, can confirm. They drink like Russians, they aren't enjoying themselves, they're just trying to die faster.

t. mutt

thank g-d and thank you goy for letting us know of a spot that we missed
signed: jew world order

meant for

belarus will inherit europe t. pole

based and redpilled

What a shock.

Pic related

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Kamaedzitsa is a very based band.

cause i'm not a coward faggot who abandons my homeland lmao

it is the kikes trying to move their 'cash cattle' to eastern europe again so that they can continue poisoning, slaughtering and chemically castrating us while they parasite off Europeans. same ol, same ol

Look on the bright side.. the Catholic/Protestant conflict is over.. They have niggers and muslims to hate now.. Yay.. progress.

this is how russian girls act because their men arent soft. they embrace their born role of cumdumps.

The white mutts belongs in the white penal colony so go away. White mutts shouldn’t be made to suffer under the jews. KYS.

If we all give up and flee to Belarus, they will come for Belarus next. We need to hold our ground. If anything we should be importing white Belarusians to rebuild the white population in nations where it is dropping. They are the kind of legal immigrants we want. Deport 10 spics and 10 nigs and import 1 Belarusian: success.

Also I don't speak the language and don't know if I could make a living there or get on welfare there.

Economic conditions in that part of the world are rough.

I've lived in Estonia and Russia and the women are indeed top shelf. Here is the problem. Despite being a Western Man looking for a legitimate relationship/marriage, you always run the risk of finding gold diggers. There's got to be a way to filter them out.

No, sadly it seems all women are gold diggers. Maybe if they're independently wealthy it wouldn't be an issue but otherwise you have to feign near poverty to ascertain her true "feelings" for you. Good luck.

Are Hungarians even white? Weren't Magyars nomadic horsepeople just like the Turkic and Mongolic peoples? Allegedly Hungarians are related to the Xiongnu.

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Slavs are an inferior underclass.

They only ever became civilized because the Rus tribe Scandinavians invaded and civilized them, then the Germans stole the throne from them. There's a reason Russia kept Feudalism into the 20th century.

Eww no, Fascism or nothing faggot.

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exotic for 5% true nazis
they speak russian

not works today because of genetic researches



There are not words to describe how stupid I think you are.

because slavs are untermensch

Slavs beated the shit out of scandinavian invaders.
And even raided some parts of scandinavia.

Because it isn't my homeland, I am an Australian, "bred of all the finest peoples of Europe." A unique race who shares the same outlook, the same values, the same heritage as eachother.
I do not belong to their culture. The Belarusian people deserve their own homeland free from immigrants who can't integrate.

Stay in your own land and improve it, you negro

You will live to see niggers and muslims join the IRA.

зайди в печку, жид

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the biggest piece of shit I knew growing was from Belarus when I was a teenager. He was a national kickboxing champion and only trained so he could pick fights with drunk retards downtown. I deleted Faceberg years ago so we lost touch but also Belarus has a dumb flag.

England is a white country! How is that racist? Why you calling me racist for saying England is a white country?

Jews will just ruin it too. The parasites will seek fresh blood. We can't keep running away and avoiding the problem, we need to execute the remedy.

White = Racist! Calling England an English country is racist!

Ecuador is whiter

I don't think my kayak will take me that far.

I don't have citations but the long and short of it is that jews bought up cheap land in soviet bloc countries, grew potatoes or whatever vodka is made out of, turned it into vodka, and flooded the soviets with an ocean of booze which they eagerly consumed to forget they were living in a communist paradise.

Kikes started the vodka industries long before communism.

No they won't. Because Belarusians have found out about the stone slab.

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No one here is going to click that, kike, fuck off with your bullshit.

I dunno m8, I'm a american slav, but assuming it was part of the soviet cum dump, you can assume many of those white slavs are genetic offspring of jewish rapists.

May or may not be living there at this time, the vast majority of the population are addicted to booze and smokes. There is a meme about the people that deep down they're friendly to foreigners but from experience (and I'm not a nigger), it's not the case at all. There are parts of Minsk that are being flooded with chinks, I've seen many 10/10 belarussian women with chink husbands simply because they have money. The president is clinging on to a rotting post-soviet bureacracy and the KGB still exists, using pretty similar techniques as the soviet era. The WW2 myth that Germans destroyed the country is pushed every second, on television every morning before the news will be short footage of a random 'hero' that valiantly destroyed the evil Germans. I can't not recommend it enough, it's decadent capitalism mixed with post soviet bureaucracy in the worst way possible. Bonus points for amount of Turkish and Turkmen students single handedly keeping the government owned cigarette businesses afloat.

If you're even remotely consternated by being called racist, you don't belong here.

Fuck you rabbi, we are defending our home countries. We will not run away to another country and weaken it by immigration. (Setting a trend of immigration weakens the defence against black immigration = "We are a nation of immigrants anyway")

True! God lives in our aryan DNA!

Jewish tactics:


You sir are a prophet.

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Because I don't want to be russia's bitch. Also I hate communism and its apologists,

There have already been IRA Muslims decades ago, though as far as I'm aware they were converts.

Also the first Black IRA member was Tim Brannigan, he wrote the book "Where Are You Really From?". His White mother cheated on her White husband with a Ghanaian doctor, she hid her pregnancy from her family and after the birth put the kid at a local Nun Orphanage where she'd visit often. After a year at the Orphanage she brought Tim home, stating it was an adoption.

It’s a shame that beautiful Slavic women don’t age so well. I wonder why they age so terribly? Bad diet? Bad genetic?

Because I'm not a jew like you, OP.

Learn the language and you'll fit right in.


This is the religion we need to create and use laws around freedom of religion to prevent miscegenation

It's the only flag that seamlessly doubles as a tapestry.

and allow you a beachhead?… fuck no.

Ah yes, the cucks and retards of eastslavia. Potatoeloving dictatorial alcoholic shithole. A complete pushover both as a people and as a state.


White men don't need to meditate.

That was meant for

A complete pushover that has maintained it's culture and white demographic. They are so retarded! Don't be like them!

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You are ever the retard, ever the craven, ever the coward.

Also, forgot to add that you boast about the ethnic homogeneity of the country while advertising and suggest diluting it.

YOU fail the one drop rule. Someone, somewhere, in your lineage fucked someone who was not 100% white.
Even the Nazis didn't follow the one drop rule.

By your logic at some point in your life you're going to fist your own asshole, simply by the fact that it is possible and others have done it.
Retard. Don't project your impurity onto others.

That's not even remotely the same logic. More than likely, one of your ancestors wasn't 100% white. I know I'm not 100% white purely because I'm a direct decedent of Daniel Boone. If you actually looked back on your ancestry, you'd find someone who isn't white.

I have, and you're wrong. I also forgot to add that I don't agree with the user you replied to before, slavs are "white" though they certainly are not the same people as germanics and meds.
I will agree that most people to some extent have some inter-european admixture, however the "non-white" mixing is extremely small. Most miscegenating is recent.

Bullshit. Whites interbred with with Amerindians since the discovery of the American continents. Hence why basically every white American is part Cherokee/Blackfoot/etc.

Fucking goof fucking luck dude.
Even if you look like an arno breker statue ur still probs not 100%

Just eat my boogers

You're fucking retarded, and I'm afraid I can't simply attribute it to your miniscule percentage of feather spic

Should I mention the Muslim invasions of Europe dating back to the 7th century?

You could, but that would only play into the post of the user who said slavs aren't white. Aswell as meds not being white. You've a lot to learn, the dunning krüger effect and all that. Lurk more, for your own sake.

It wasn't debunked, though. The whole "debunking" argument centers around the fact that genes don't split perfectly 50/50 between parents and most of those who's great great grandparent happened to be Cherokee didn't necessarily have 1/16th Cherokee DNA. This actually throws another wrench in the one drop rule and further confirms my point.

Are you saying Slavs didn't interbreed with central Europeans?

No, certainly happened in rare cases, at a miniscule and insignificant scale. Either you lack understanding or - just as you are trying to argue that everyone is impure to trivialize your own impurity - are indulging in a perverted and gross anachronism.
You don't even see what you're doing, do you.

I'm only projecting as far as the reality around me reflects. Nobody's 100% whatever the fuck they are. As I said, even Nazi Germany didn't follow the one drop rule. And that was for good reason.
Even if this Slavic interbreeding was rare, the fact that multiple generations have gone by since the 7th century lends credence to the fact that most Europeans are probably not 100% white. Those rare examples of mixed offspring bred with those of pure white decent leading to the impurity of their whole lineage. Even those who appear purely European carry a drop of shitskin DNA. And that spread through the entire population.

if all of white europe moved to belarus you'd no longer have homogeneity, you'd have a weird multicultural hodgepodge.

Protect whats pure, sure I'll stand by that. But dont go sticking your grubby feet where they dont belong, pal-o-mine