White House announces U.S.-Israel-Russia security summit

The White House will hold a summit with his Russian and Israeli counterparts in Jerusalem in June.

Putin and Trump will use the meeting to cooperate on a solution that will push Iranian forces out of Syria and elsewhere.

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There will be so much Jewing, oy vey
Also this thread is for those Russian Faggots who think Putin is based

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Fuck russia pissrael and ziondon

The Ayatollah is a bit isolated.


Tony Blair probably not going to attend?

The Fuck Iran Handshake.

(Earlier this week in Moscow)

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I agree with Andrew Anglin.

Being a closet child-molester is the best most logical, and common, explaination for John Bolton's behavior.

Longest serving Speaker of the House, always making trips to Israel. Yeah, no one suspected. LOL. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Hastert

I"m pretty sure SOTH is the most "in contact with EVERYONE" position in US Govt, even more so than POTUS, who is kinda guarded.

His Venezuela thing didn't really work out.

everyone they've put in power has a controllable secret otherwise they wouldn't be there

He's just representing his people and country, the US of Zog.

Fuck Trump. Fuck Putin. Fuck Israel. Fuck (((Andrew Anglin))). And fuck (((you))).

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Fuck Iran.

They curse America in public, but make deals with it in private.

ok moshe

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yes they all fuck kids.png

Fuck Israel.

They make deals with us in public
and work to destroy the White Race in private.

Why does anglin looks like a heeb?

cos he is

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Shiites are Jews.

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I don't doubt that Bolton likely fucks kids, like all Republikikes, but his agenda is racial first and foremost. Of course, according to Apedre, anyone 1/4 or less, like Tim Wise, isn't really a jew.

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piss off jew

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My sides exploded

Every single jew is going to have to be killed.

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Russian plots, ISIS plots

everybody plots.

nigga please

Especially the Shiites.

back to cuckchan kike

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Lol. In public they threaten, in private they make deals with Israel.

Iran will gas you soon enough chaim

Iran's whole anti-Israel schtick is just a ploy to try convince the Sunnis to not kill them.

In reality they won't fire a single bullet against Israel.

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

I guess only time will tell.

But tell me… If Iranians are kikes… And Israelis are kikes… Why shouldn't I prefer the Iranian kikes over the Israeli kikes, assuming such were to come into conflict!

Guess not.

Okay boys this isn't a doom thread anymore. 8ch has offically declared war on Jewry and ins trying to get Israel nuked in this thread. >8ch.net/pol/res/13304044.html
Now do your part and spam the video to the twitter or we all are going to be enslaved under Communism.

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